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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
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Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Author: Karen O'Connor

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Inspiration, love and laughter. Listen to the stories of how - and why - ordinary women do extraordinary things.
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Elizabeth Ann Walker ended up in a wheelchair after a series of bungled operations. A few years later, she's out of the wheelchair - permanently - and she's transformed a popular personal development tool - Neuro Linguistic Programming - into something completely new and much more appealing to the feminine half of the population. Join our Facebook group to find out more about Elizabeth: And check out the webpage for more information:
It's not always easy to spot a toxic coach, whether that's a life coach or a sports coach, but when you do spot it and you realise the extent of the toxicity, it can be pretty heartbreaking.Find out more here:
Chiara is a professional Success & Mindset Coach as a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and specialises in Energy Healing, Vibrational Alignment, Essential Oils education, Meditation & Leadership Development.  She is Co-Founder of Joy In The Workplace.Find out more here:
Feng Shui isn't a kind of interior design and it can make a huge difference to people's lives. If you're looking to change direction or even find a new direction for your life, then starting with a bit of Feng Shui could be exactly the thing you're looking for. Find out why.
In 2015, my eldest daughter was thrown from two different horses in the space of three weeks. After spending months trying to convince doctors that she was sick, a neurologist finally confirmed that she had a Traumatic Brain Injury. Five years later, we've realised that the damage is permanent.Find out more here:
Join me in conversation with Karly Nimmo, podcaster extraordinaire and all round amazing person, for a fabulous conversation about how to believe you're a pretty awesome person and what kind of a difference it can make in your life.Find out more here:
For eight years, Ryan tried to communicate something to his mother, but she didn't hear it. Whilst it was nothing terrible, even as a grown man, he's still left feeling like he doesn't matter.Actually, for the most part, he's happy and remembers his childhood with nicely tinted rosy glasses, but there's still an impact.Get heaps more info here:
I don't know about you, but by the time I reached my fifties, I was an absolute Master at feeling guilty and being sad about what I'd lost and would never have again. Find out: How we can recognise what's going on at any moment, how we undervalue ourselves and how to allow ourselves the freedom to do things we enjoy and not do things we think we OUGHT to do. Don't forget to subscribe!More info here: 
When one of your four children wants to know which child you prefer, how do you answer? Because, let's face facts, saying "I love you all the same" is an outright lie and every child knows that. I invited my three oldest children to ask me whatever they wanted to know about their upbringing and my parenting. Which of my children I liked the most and found easiest to bring up is what my eldest son wanted to know...Read More Here...
👩‍👧💖Have you ever wondered what your children REALLY think of your parenting style (but you’re too afraid to ask)💖👩‍👧I had this great idea: why not ask my kids their opinions on what did and didn't work for them as they were growing up, particularly in their teenage years. I don't know whether I'm really brave, really stupid or just a glutton for punishment. In this second of the series, my 20-year old daughter came armed with a list of questions... and I wasn't prepared for some of them...Listen to the podcast then find out more here:
How do you pull a teenager out of their avid and dramatic introspection ("the whole world is against me, no one understands me!") and into understanding their place in the world, their impact on others and what's really going on is just inside their own heads. And yes, other people actually do understand them because anyone older than them has been through the whole teenage thing themselves.So, I thought I'd ask one of my kids how, despite many setbacks and much yelling, I got that through to them and how our relationship survived their teenage years.
Connections seems a strange description given what's happening in the world right now but somehow it seems appropriate.I want to get honest, vulnerable and open in my connections with people. And it's not always easy... 
I did a degree in construction back in the 80's and experienced little sex discrimination, but over the last few years, I've been getting more and more uncomfortable about things and I have this gnawing suspicion that we haven't come as far as we think we have.Check out the show notes here, along with links to the books I mention:
Why Boys Need Rules

Why Boys Need Rules


I'm going to go out on a limb here and go against current beliefs on child rearing because I believe that boys need rules. And consequences. I don't think they need conversations, though they do need to understand and be understood. To me, the "modern" way of child rearing seems to be geared more towards girls than boys and it's putting boys at a big disadvantage.Read more and get links to the books I mentioned here:
When I had my first child, I thought that having an assisted birth would be better than a Caesarean. 25 years later, I'm finding out just how wrong I was. A few years ago, the damage caused by the forceps was repaired using a pelvic mesh. Unfortunately, the mesh is eroded and corrupted and is massively impacting my quality of life, so it has to be removed. This is important for all women to know.Read more here:
It's one of a parent's worst nightmares: your child gets diagnosed with a terminal illness. What happens as your child goes through chemotherapy and all the struggles? How do you, as carer, deal with it? Joanna Dolan talks about the process of having a child die of cancer, how it impacts the whole family, the general lack of support available for carers in this situation and how she's helping families uncover their real medical history.Find out more here  
It’s well known that insomnia can lead to depression and anxiety and vice versa, but there are a few things about sleep that I’ve discovered recently, along with the impact that social isolation can have on our mental & emotional state.Click here to get more information and access to resources: with me on Facebook: me on Pinterest:
I got asked an interesting question: would I expect to parent my partner? I have strong opinions about this aspect of Australian culture that's always been a source of irritation for me.Plus Part 2 of my experience during the Persistent Pain Management Program and the precursor to the upcoming operation to remove the painful pelvic mesh. 
Persistent and chronic pain is something that a large number of women live with from a variety of causes: migraines, fibromyalgia (Lady Gaga is a sufferer), cancer, arthritis, or, in my case, pelvic mesh that has gone horribly wrong. Persistent pain is a hidden disease, mostly because the sufferers look okay physically. We've all been told that it's all in our heads and we ought to get over it, and science is now showing that it is in fact, all in our heads, and is caused by a nervous system malfunction.
Meet my wonderfully over-achieving friend, Stephanie C Stevenson, who can't sit still for five minutes, always seems to be happy and has managed to raise five gorgeous children... as a single parent, while holding down a high level job. And then, just because she didn't have enough to do, she took on a role as executive producer on a movie!Find out more including all links to connect with Stephanie at with Stephanie here: sure you subscribe so you don't miss an episode
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