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How do we, as parents, instil in our kids the things that are the most important to us? And what about the things that we don't necessarily mean to pass on as values or ways of being, but do? Now those are the ones we get to feel really guilty about, right? Find out more here:
How do you retain your identity when by default, you need to step in to be your children's voice of reason, their educator, their conscience and in doing so, you can easily forget who you are and what you want. Find out more here:
Why is it that even when our brains experience a massive trauma, they can relearn how to do everything they did before. However, at the same time, massive trauma to the brain can also lead to a change in personality. Find out more and connect with us:
When people say, "This is my God-given right" or "This is my right as the individual", they're using that as a get out of jail free card to do whatever they want, which means the consequences of their actions shouldn't affect them. Find out more here:
We’ve all been talked over, ignored, sidestepped or ridiculed when we’ve tried to point out the flaws in the logic of a person who’s wrapped up in and inflamed by conspiracy theories. This is why. Connect with us here:
Most women are used to the fact that once a month they - or someone they know - is incapacitated for a few days because of the "discomfort", it's "normal", "all part of being a woman", "just the way things are. Unfortunately, it's not. We shouldn't be allowing ourselves, our daughters and friends to struggle with monthly pain because the pain is very likely to be a symptom of something much more serious than "monthly problems" Find out more here:
When Jo-Anne Bowyer and Lauren Lakin took stock of their lives, they realised that they were way too dependant on alcohol to "relax" and "wind down" and made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. But they quickly realised that there was nothing drinkable to replace their beloved cocktails, so they set about creating their own, the fabulously irreverent Smug AF Cocktails. Find out more here:
If you've thought you need to cut down the alcohol or even give up altogether for a while, you need to listen to this. Alcohol coach, Rachael Layton, explains why it's a good idea to cut down and how to do it  in the face of no agreement. Find out more here:
Think strengthening your pelvic floor is just about incontinence and prolapses? Did you know that a weak pelvic floor can have a seriously negative impact on your ability to have and enjoy sex? In both men and women. Find out more here:
There's a tiny gap between allowing people to fully express themselves and not making it mean anything and feeling like you're being a door mat. Find out how to stop taking responsibility for other people's stuff. Find out more here:  
It seems that so many people and teachings tell us that if our lives were perfect, we'd be happy all the time and that is what we should aim for. How would life be different if we stopped making 'negative' feelings such as anger or sadness wrong and instead accepted them as a necessary part of our existence? Join us for this deep dive into stress, trauma and how positivity is toxic. Find out more here:
If a man is forthright and takes charge of a situation, he's called a leader. If a woman does the same thing, she's called bossy at best or something like "a b*ll breaker" at worst. In this episode, I find out about some of these Violent Femmes, these women "who were brave, bold, and ingenious, yet are mostly remembered for their brutality or villainy, if at all." Find out more here:
What we call "core" classes are generally about getting a flat stomach or ripped abs, they're not actually exercising our true core muscles, partly because we don't know how to recognise or connect to them. Physiotherapist Angela James, explains the implications of this. Find out more here:
'Women are in pain, all through their bodies; they're in pain with their periods, and while having sex… And many are so, so tired … But women's pain is all too often dismissed, their illnesses misdiagnosed or ignored.' Guardian journalist, Gabrielle Jackson, talks to us about her research into, and personal experience of, Endometriosis. Find out more here:
Sarah Thomson had painful periods as soon as she began menstruating and it only got worse over the years. Join us as she shares her story, the problems she had with the medical system, being ignored as well as getting a diagnosis, plus surgeries gone wrong, and how having endometriosis impacts her life. 1 in 10 women suffers with Endometriosis yet it takes on average more than 6 years to be diagnosed and costs every woman with the disease approximately $30,000 a year* in lost wages and medical fees Find out more here: * Endometriosis Australia -
More than 60 million women in the US alone suffer from bladder leakage problems... and they're just the ones who admit to having a problem... We talk about the latest research and a new solution to this huge problem. Find out more here: 
Do you ever wonder why some people seem to get their own way all the time and win every argument? Find out why and also how easy it is to do when you know how. Find out more here:
The difference between supporting someone and gaslighting them. Louise Pieri explains the dark side of "Everything always works out for the best" and the toxic positivity that can go with always looking on the bright side of things. Find out more and read Lousie's article here:
Nikki Jevtovic has two absolute pearls of wisdom regarding separation and divorce to share in this podcast: 1. MEDIATE! TALK! DON'T COMMUNICATE THROUGH LAWYERS' LETTERS, and 2. Get legal advice BEFORE you start to go down ANY legal path, divorce or otherwise. Find out why. Connect with us here:
If someone asked us to put in writing the most profound moments of our life or a story we want to share with our grandchildren, most of us would look at the blank piece of paper or blank screen and never manage to write a thing. Find out how to move beyond that. Find out more here:
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