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As we reach the end of a new year, it's time to take stock of what we ahve done and where we are going in the next year. 
If you re thinking of changing careers as a writer and want to know how to do it, then today's episode with Former Whitehouse Correspondent, John DeDakis, is jam packed with hints and advice. 
Writing For Wellbeing

Writing For Wellbeing


In today's stress filled climate this topic has never been so important, not only for writers but for everyone. Join me as I chat to Sandra Ireland, who gives us tips on how writing can help with our wellbeing. 
Flash NaNoWriMo

Flash NaNoWriMo


We all know what NaNoWriMo is but what is Flash NaNoWriMo? Find out in today's chat with award winning flash fiction writer,  Allison Symes. 
NaNoWriMo A to Z

NaNoWriMo A to Z


As I record this it is the first day of NaNoWriMo 2022. For those who haven't heard of it. it is National Novel Writing Month. Today I talk about the ins and outs of NaNoWriMo and how it can help move your writing forward
There have never been so many opportunities to write for anthologies and to get paid for doing what you love. Today I talk to award winning authors Vonnie Winslow Christ and Kelly A. Harmon about the how's and why's of writing for anthologies. You can find out more about them below.Pole to Pole PublishingVonnie Winslow CristKelly A. Harmon
When we think of books with characters who are in the military or emergency services, most of us think of war books. Yet, it is so much more than that. How do we get the characters correct when we write such characters? Today, I talk to Dani Pettrey about writing realistic military characters. 
Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design


Today I am chatting to award winning Cover Designer, Jessica Bell about the process of designing books and how the cover designer and author can work together. 
Sometimes we need to just take stock of what we are doing and ignorer to do that we need to step back a little. So, today's episode is dedicated to just that. 
Moderating a conference panel can be a way of getting onto panels and to building up your professional reputation as a conference speaker. Today's show is jam packed with hints and tips on moderating panels.
Having just been to a writing conference ad looking at four more in the next four weeks I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about the benefits and value of writing conferences. Today I'm chatting to Susan McVey about her experiences as a writer attending them and I give my perspective on attending as a speaker. 
TikTok Changes

TikTok Changes


TikTok have recently made several changes. Fond out how these effects you as an author and how you can use these to support your book marketing.
How dependent are we on technology as writers and how can we prepare for times when technology may not be available. Future planning for our author business. 
Self-editing is such an important part of the writing process and yet, many of us shy away from it. Today I talk to professional editor, Helen Sedgwick, about the steps involved in self-editing to publishing standard. 
Writing on the Move

Writing on the Move


I am currently on a 2 month book, speaking and research tour of the USA. Therefore, I'm bouncing in and out of states and cities and have no clue where I am or what I am doing. It is important for me to keep writing, so todays show has hints and tips for keeping your author career moving forward whilst on the move. 
Writing Horror Fiction

Writing Horror Fiction


Today I chat to Marissa Noelle about Writing Horror Fiction
Today I am chatting to Racheal Watson who is taking TikTok by storm and growing followers at a phenomenal rate. She shares her hints and tips for using TikTok effectively as an author.
Entering Literary Awards

Entering Literary Awards


Today I chat to Peter Burnett, CEO of Leamington Books, an Edinburgh based publisher house. One of the books he publishes has been long listed for the McIlvaney Prize, a major literary award for crime writers. What does this mean to both the publisher and the writer? 
Writing Portal Fantasy

Writing Portal Fantasy


Today I'm chatting to Stephanie DosSantos about Writing Portal Fantasy. Maybe it's time to explore a different genre. 
Today I chat to Scottish author, Val Penny, about the why and how of changing publishers.
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