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Author: Wendy H. Jones

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This is the writing and marketing show with Wendy H. Jones, It does what it says on the tin. Everything you need to find your way around the business of being a writer.
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Today on the show I am talking about developing historical characters that ring true for their time and how their environment can be used to help shape characters who are believable, interesting, and of their time. 
If you are looking for a literary agent, are wondering why you should have them, or even what they do, then today's show is perfect. Join me as I chat to Literary Agent Tony Collins about the World of Literary Agents
Editing For Writers

Editing For Writers


Editing is one of the most crucial parts of the writing process and professional editing can be key to ensuring your. book is as good as it can be. Today I talk to professional editor Ian Skewis about the editing process and working with an editor as well as getting some hints and tips for self editing. 
Today I'm talking to bookshop manager Andrew Lacey about how Bookshops and Authors can work together to ensure that books get into the hands of the right readers. This is a fascinating insight into how bookshops are run and how this understanding can deepen the relationship with bookshops.
Biblical fiction seems to be becoming increasingly popular and more writers are turning to this genre. Today I discuss the why and how fo writing biblical fiction with best selling author, Amanda Bedzrah. 
Self Care for Writers

Self Care for Writers


This weeks show is a little different as I look at the pandemic one user in and talk about caring for yourself as a writer. There is no doubt life has completely changed and many of us may be more stressed or worried than we realise. It's important to be kind to yourself and to look after yourself so I would urge you to listen to this weeks show, one which is important for every writer. 
This week I am talking to award winning author, Marni Graff about writing characters that endure and continue to be believable throughout a series. 
Today I am talking about developing believable historical characters. have you ever wondered how you can get inside the mind of someone from another era? Today's show is full of actionable tips that will get you started. 
Today on the show I do an episode myself on what I have found out about undertaking historical research and why each piece of documentary evidence is important. It takes thing deeper and I share what I have found out about the process. I share lots of tips and ways you can do this research for yourself, applying it to your own topic. 
From Book to Audiobook

From Book to Audiobook


Today I'm chatting to audio and media expert, David White about the process of moving your book to an audio book. Why and how should you do this? Now is your chance to find out. 
Today Chris Longmuir and I are discussing the enduring love readers have for historical fiction and why we writers should consider writing it. 
Today I'm talking about finding your inner motivation with award winning author and motivational coach, Paul Vann. 
In todays' show I chat to Izolda Trakhtenberg about how to develop your skills as an effective public speaker. Izolda has travelled the world as a NASA Master Trainer so she knows the subject from every conceivable angle. Jam packed with hints, tips and advice, you cannot afford to miss this one. 
As writers we are all storytellers but how can we develop our storytelling to make us better writers? Today I'nm chatting to Brian Fox Ellis about this very subject. Jam packed full of helpful hints and tips for every writer. 
Today I chat to award winning author and newspaper columnist,  Allison Symes, about writing a weekly column for a newspaper or magazine and how you can get interviewed by those columnists. 
Should authors stick with writing in one genre or should they be exploring writing in multiple genres. Join me, Wendy H. Jones as I interview Sharon CasssanoLochman  who gives us hints and tips as to how we can widen our creative offering. 
As writers we often think we shouldn't have to bother with something like money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Join me as I interview Money Coach, Dawn Kennedy, who gives a lot of top notch advice when it comes to managing your money as a writer.
Today, on the podcast I.m talking about how you can up your game with writing during lockdown. Well worth listening to improve your writing while we are all staying indoors. 
In this episode I discuss different aspects of the writing and publishing business. It's been a strange year, so there has been a lot of pivoting and change. Take a look at the year gone past and motivate and prepare yourself for the year ahead. Make a difference in 2021
Today I chat to Monique Blokzyl about gaining visibility and standing out as an author. Jam packed with golden nuggets of wisdom this is not an episode any author should miss.
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