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Writing Horror Fiction

Writing Horror Fiction


Today I chat to Marissa Noelle about Writing Horror Fiction
Today I am chatting to Racheal Watson who is taking TikTok by storm and growing followers at a phenomenal rate. She shares her hints and tips for using TikTok effectively as an author.
Entering Literary Awards

Entering Literary Awards


Today I chat to Peter Burnett, CEO of Leamington Books, an Edinburgh based publisher house. One of the books he publishes has been long listed for the McIlvaney Prize, a major literary award for crime writers. What does this mean to both the publisher and the writer? 
Writing Portal Fantasy

Writing Portal Fantasy


Today I'm chatting to Stephanie DosSantos about Writing Portal Fantasy. Maybe it's time to explore a different genre. 
Today I chat to Scottish author, Val Penny, about the why and how of changing publishers.
I've now been on TikTok for six months, so today I talk about what I've learned in that time. Trust me it's a lot. There have been a lot of changes even in the short time I've been there. is it worth doing? heck yes. Listen to find out why I think so and to find out the best ways to use TikTok
Today I chat to award winning children's writer and illustrator, Sylva Fae about writing amd marketing children's books. Find out more about SylvaAmazon @sylvafae54Instagram @sylvafae
This week I chat to Marisa Noelle to get her unique perspective on working with a literary agent. We discuss the highs and lows as well as the real time benefits of working with a literary agent. You  can find her at
Today I talk to Caroline Dunford about her experience of working with a literary agent. You can find out more about Caroline atWebsite: https://caroline-dunford.squarespace.comTwitter: @verdandiweaves
Following last week's excellent episode about working with a literary Agent I wanted to give my persecutive of working with an agent. What are the author's responsibilities and what do they need to think about before signing with an agent?
Today I am chatting to Amy Collins a literary agent from Talcott Notch Literary Services about working with an agent. We find out where they fit into the publishing ecosystem, what they do and don't do for authors and how authors and agents can work most effectively together. You can learn more about Amy at
Do you find that time just seems to fly past and there never seems to be a minute in the day. If so, this episode is for you. It's jam packed with tips to help you manage your writing career more effectively and get more out of every day.
I've learned so much on my trip to Antigua but one thing I have learned overall is that you should expect the unexpected and embrace it. It will make your final manuscript so much richer and bring it to life. 
What is it like leading the laptop lifestyle and writing from anywhere in the world? Can you do it? Today's episode outlines how easy it could be and the steps you can take. 
Today's episode talks about using Newspaper Archives and the way these can help with research. 
TikTok Shops

TikTok Shops


TikTok Shops are being trialled in the UK and I am hundred to be in at the beta stage of the journey. At the time of recording they have only been going a week and my shop si set up and I'm using it. Find out all about it in Today's episode. 
Sisters in Crime

Sisters in Crime


Today I continue with my series on Organisations which help writers speaking with Melissa Williams Pope. This isn't just for published crime writers but for all readers, librarians and unpublished authors. 
Have you ever considered doing an author tour abroad? Today's show takes you through the steps you need to take to organise such a tour. There's also some exciting personal news. 
What is Kindle Vella and why is it important to us as authors? Todays podcast will answer these questions and many more as I chat to author Emily Shore who is a Top Ten Fave on Kindle Vella. 
Historical mysteries are an enduring part of the crime writing landscape with millions of readers worldwide. Today I talk to Historical Dagger Finalist, Fiona Veitch Smith, in an episode jam packed with advice, hints and tips. 
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