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When Darren gets sucked into his old college lifestyle, his inner frat boy spills over onto Alane, forcing her to confront some difficult truths about the choices she has made. 
Episode 9: Chapter 11

Episode 9: Chapter 11


Darren discovers microbrewing. Alane starts to realize their diverging interests and changing tolerances.
Episode 8: Chapter 10

Episode 8: Chapter 10


Darren and Alane struggle to find their place after their escape from Pittsburgh. Time, money, and certainty start slowly slipping away as the pressures of married life and professional ambitions build. Alane has trouble dealing with the stress of history repeating.
Episode 7: Chapter 9

Episode 7: Chapter 9


In this brief interlude, Alane talks about her early experience with religion and the paranormal parts of her romance with Darren.
Episode 6: Chapter 8

Episode 6: Chapter 8


Alane assesses her situation and finally makes a decision as Charlene forces Darren’s hand. 
Episode 5: Chapter 7

Episode 5: Chapter 7


Alane and Darren return to Pittsburgh to smooth things over with Charlene. Alane confronts the consequences of living with her in-laws, sees signs of Darren’s shifting loyalties, and contemplates the pros and cons of adopting a zombie lifestyle.
After their wedding, life goes on. Alane and Darren plan out their future and decide where to go after graduation. Alane makes a deal with Charlene, seals her fate, and then struggles to cope with the consequences. 
Episode 3: Chapter 4

Episode 3: Chapter 4


Not every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding, but it’s easy for anybody to get caught up in the moment. Alane and Darren plan their wedding from a distance, the families finally meet, and the fateful vow is uttered.
Meet Alane's future husband, Darren Danky, and experience her first Danky Family Christmas. There's no place like the Burgh for the holidays or for a heartfelt engagement announcement. 
Meet Alane Gray. Her marriage was a train wreck, and it’s finally over. Now she has to figure out when and why it went so wrong. In this episode, Alane sets the stage for the wild ride to come.
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Loved this lady's telling of her horrible marriage. She never let the crazy husband or his family rub off on her. So strong. Where can I find the telling of the rest of the story?

Nov 22nd
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