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Author: Karn Malhotra

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Join us as we explore the impact of Ai on Music, Art, Design, Video, Image, Conversation and various other creative pursuits.
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Music creation, especially classical music, requires a serious amount of passion and technical know-how. Till now the domain of someone pursuing a PHD in Music (two of the Spliqs founding team fit this bill) – is democratizing music creation really possible? And what impact does this have on musicians; both professional and novice? How do you transfer the experience of creating music on an instrument to doing the same on your phone? All this was made possible through Ai. What about other aspects of Ai like ‘Bias’? Or it’s political implications? Or Ai & Tik Tok?
You’re on the 18th slide of the presentation. Almost done. And then you realize you’ve missed a category – which means you have to redesign 70% of what you’ve already finished. We’ve all been there. Fortunately – leveraging automation & Ai,’s presentation engine solves this exact problem. Engineers simplify creativity. And what’s next beyond this? Will engineers start learning more design, and vice-versa? What about staffing at agencies, how will that change in the age of Ai? What does more time on content and context allow designers to do?
In a world where ‘data’ is akin to ‘gold’ today, will not knowing how to code be the designers’ kryptonite? Or is the knowledge designers have in their experience in itself the superpower that they just need to leverage differently in this ‘data age’? Jenna talks you through her journey from being a developer to then going into design to her work with Ai + design. How different is a Ai + Design project from a regular design project? Her ‘Ai Creativity Model’ gives you a clear framework to adapt to your design business while her optimism about tech cycles and the net zero of job loss vs. job gain because of Ai gives you enough ammunition to be charged going into the year ahead!
What is happening in the ‘voice tech’ space? What has lead to Siri, Cortana, Google Home, Alexa becoming so integral to peoples’ lives today? The team at Spext actually came up with the idea of the product almost 3 years before pushing the product out – simply because ‘voice data sets’ didn’t exist at the scale needed to create the Ai tech. Now, with the all pervasiveness of Alexa and GoogleHome, ‘voice’ products are hot property. But with a product like Spext democratizing voice content editing and publishing – what does this mean for sound engineers and editors? What are the ‘How To’s’ of podcasting? What are the upcoming trends in the ‘voice ai’ space?
You visit a typical e-commerce or travel site and choose not to finish a transaction. Soon you start seeing banners of that flight, product, destination on other sites; the accuracy of which seems surprising at times. How does this happen? We know that our ‘social logins’ opt us in to being followed around online. Where and what kind of a role does Ai & Automation play here? How do companies ‘brand for trust’ in this ‘data economy’ of today? What is ‘designing for diversity’ when a product deals with vast amounts of data?
Two of the most exciting young artists exploring the marry of Ai & Tech + Art on the Indian Art landscape, both Harshit & Sahej have had a unique journey thus far. Having said that – the clichés of being an artist are still universal – the question of ‘making money through art’ being an ongoing one. A free flowing conversation about everything from ‘who is the author when there’s a tech component playing a key role in the art creation process?’ – to exploring the seeming discomfort traditional artists have with Ai/Tech derived art to just exploring the medium for the love of expression while quoting a series of other artists in the space. Find a warm cuppa and tune in.
The chat window that pops up when you’re on a website – how sure are you that you’re chatting with a human or an Ai Bot? If you knew incorporating an Ai chatbot will increase sales by 30% - would you replace part of your customer support team? What then will you train this team to do? How does a chatbot mimic human empathy? Is Conversational Ai relevant for some industries more than others?
There is a lot of talk about Ai with everything – but maybe there’s just as much that can be achieved purely through simple automation? But does automating a creative task devalue it? How do you create hundreds of thousands of customized videos and images in an hour? What does this mean for film makers, video editors and content creators? Hear Satej talk you through his entrepreneurial journey and what he sees as opportunities and the future of Ai & Automation in this video and image space, including deep fakes and developing a ‘growth mindset’.
Don’t know anything about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning? Start here. In this conversation, Alan talks to you about the broad landscape of Artificial Intelligence. How has it evolved? Why is everyone talking about it today? Will it really replace everyone? How soon? A published author with his latest book : “Practical Artificial Intelligence – An Enterprise Playbook”, Alan has seen the changing of guard between multiple technologies over the last 25+ years. So what’s similar or different between technology cycles over time? How do you know if a piece of tech is infact ‘Ai’ enabled? What is ‘explainable Ai’? Why is awareness about ‘bias’ in Ai datasets so important?
A short ‘context creator’ for the series. Karn’s awareness about Ai’s impact on the creative industries has come through wanting to answer this question : “How can we automate design? In a way where there is no dependency on complex design tools and you go to the designer only for a high value task.” And if other people have asked similar questions in other ‘human creator first’ fields – why not chat with them and share these conversations?
Kicking off the next season through this fantastic chat with Katja Forbes, Managing Director of Designit, about Ai & Design. Should we be worried? What is the role of the designer now and in time to come? We discuss the Augmented Services Canvas that has data at the heart of it as also some data projects that Katja has been personally involved in. Designit clients include Cisco, BMW, DuPont, Lloyds Bank, Nasa, Qantas Airlines & Visa amongst a host of global brands. Katja was recognised as one of the Top 10 Australian Women Entrepreneurs 2018 by My Entrepreneur Magazine and named one of the 100 Women of Influence by Westpac and the Australian Financial Review in 2016.
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