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On today's Podcast Jacquelynn speaks to Aubrey Thomas about what it's like stepping into the next level of yourself. They discuss many different topics from shadow work, mindset, intuition, what it's like being a Reflector in Human Design to travel and health. This is a raw conversation of both Jacquelynn and Aubrey speaking to each other from their hearts!  You don't want to miss it! Connect with Aubrey:Website Next Level YOU PodcastInstagram Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite 
In this episode Jacquelynn connects with Susanne Reinelt, a human design expert. They chat all about human design on a deeper level and how to utilize your unique Human Design in your business. Connect with Susanne:InstagramFacebookFree Masterclass on Niching by Design Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie discusses what it means to have an "aligned business" and how there are energy centers (similar to chakras) that help your business run smoothly and scale massively.!Jacquelynn also gives listeners a little insider update on her new rebrand and services launching soon! Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn interviews a dear friend and master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) trainer Kat Arapis. They discuss the basics of what NLP is, what it's used for, and how to use it to shift your limiting beliefs. Kat also walks the listeners through a few NLP techniques to help shift the way they think, believe, and act.Connect with Kat Arapis:InstagramWebsiteConnect with Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite 
In this episode, Jacquelynn talks about 2020's election and things to keep in mind. She discusses how to stay strong whether your 'side' wins or loses and drops some serious truths around 'censorship', 'politics', and 'this new age' we are entering. Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn talks all about branding. Branding has become a buzz word that many people don't fully understand. If you've been drawn to branding make sure you don't miss out on this episode. Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie connects with Em Scimeca an animal communicator / psychic. Due to the recent loss of Jacquelynn's furry best friend she was able to connect with Em through a mutual friend.Em and Jacquelynn discuss what is 'animal communication', what it's like to be an animal communicator, how to connect deeper with your animals on the other side, and how to communicate with your animals who are still with us. Connect with Em: WebsiteInstagram Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie talks about manifestation. She touches on the 'old' way of manifestation through 'positive thinking', 'love and light', 'vibrations', etc. and how that type of manifestation just doesn't work in today's world. She goes in-depth on how to utilize this new paradigm of manifestation, what it looks and why it is needed more than ever in today's world. You don't want to miss out on this episode!Connect with Jacquelynn MarieInstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, we welcome Jennifer Donovan on the podcast. Jennifer is a Psychic Money Success Coach who helps spiritual entrepreneurs activate and ascend to higher levels of wealth. We talk about all things psychic/spiritual abilities and how they can help activate you to a new level of wealth.  Enjoy listening to this raw episode with Jacquelynn Marie and Jennifer Donovan.Connect with Jennifer DonovanFacebook GroupInstagramWebsiteFreebie Connect with Jacquelynn MarieInstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie shares what she has learned over the last 8 years of her life. As her 28th year around the sun was coming near she started to look back on her 20's and knew she had to share her journey.She talks about all the experiences she had from changing careers 3 times, traveling to 14 countries, and dives into the depth of healing that the last 3 years have brought her. Connect with Jacquelynn MarieInstagramFacebookWebsite
This week on the podcast Jacquelynn Marie is interviewing "Queen of Sales" Stephanie Anne Hughson or better known by her IG name @xogingy. In this episode, we talk all about sales, Instagram sales, and what means to be 'courageously confident'. To skip Jacquelynn's weekly update and skip straight to the interview skip to 08:13 Connect with Stephanie Anne HughsonFacebook GroupInstagram Connect with Jacquelynn MarieInstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie welcomes Kelly Dawn onto the podcast. We talk about all things Magik... from stepping through fear to fully own your authentic gifts, understanding what Kelly's spiritual practice looks like, and all things spiritual.  This episode has some serious 'taboo' topics from channeling lucifer, sex magik, blood magik and so much more! This episode will seriously satisfy your inner witch!Connect with Kelly Dawn:IG: @iamkellydawn Web: Podcast: The Kelly Dawn Show Connect with Jacquelynn Marie:IG: @xojacquelynnmarieFB: @jacquelynnmariexoNew website coming soon...Preinterview show notes:Dr. Dennis Thomas Holistic Veterinarian 
The podcast has changed!! Jacquelynn is so excited to announce the name of her new brand and podcast "The House of Intention Podcast". In this episode, Jacquelynn talks about the changes that are coming with this rebrand, the story behind why she went this direction, and oh, so many juicy details!  Connect with Jacquelynn Instagram: (new website coming soon)
Due to that state of our world during the BLM / BIPOC fight for equality, Jacquelynn wanted to ensure her listeners are taking care of their emotions, mental and energetic health during this time. Because fo this Jacquelynn Marie has decided to not post a normal podcast episode this week. Instead, releasing her energy clearing and recentering meditation. This is the meditation Jacquelynn Marie does whenever she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders or when her mind is racing.For best results, do this meditation in a quiet place, cover your eyes with an eye mask or cloth, and listen with your headphones.Connect With Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite 
Description: In this episode Jacquelynn Marie shares her experiences with clients who have turned out to be nightmares! She talks about an experience with a loyal client turning bad and another experience where she had to take legal action.She shares:The energetics behind attracting clientsThings to look out for when taking on new clientsHow to have your bases covered in your contract and business to protect you in case of difficult clientsResources discussed in this podcast:Organic OliviaLegal ShieldConnect With Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite
In this episode, Jacquelynn speaks about the experiences she has had through quarantine! She shares:> How she has grown spiritually throughout 2 months in quarantine > How she realized she wasn't living in alignment> A little intro to human design and how it relates it to alignment > How easily it is to shift back into alignment  To connect further with Jacquelynn you can find her:FB Group:
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie talks about her fresh perspective when it comes to marketing. She talks about how relationship building is the new direction for marketing.Connect with JacquelynnFB: Group: 
In this episode, Jacquelynn speaks about her experiences of people copying her work and accusations of her copying other work. She brings a new perspective on this subject for the new paradigm of business. She shares:> Being accused of copying another coaches program name> Her experience of someone plagiarizing her work> Techniques to view things differently if you are experiencing someone plagiarizing your work> A fresh perspective on how competition doesn't exist for her in the coaching industry. To connect further with Jacquelynn you can find her:FB Group: 
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie talks about what selfishness really is and how we all need to be more selfish in our lives and why it's for our highest good! She also goes into the new astrology season of Taurus and what that means for us this month. In the spirit of astrology the related topic, she gives a quick Astrology 101 intro for those who have been wanting to learn more about astrology.Connect with Jacquelynn Further:Join the Facebook Group - - - -
In this episode, Jacquelynn Maries goes into depth on how to shift your limiting beliefs. She will walk you through her unique process on how she shifts her limiting beliefs.  Connect with Jacquelynn MarieFacebook:
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