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Author: Jacquelynn Marie

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This is the show where we talk about inner limiting beliefs, fear patterns and all the things that limit you from success in your business.
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Due to that state of our world during the BLM / BIPOC fight for equality, Jacquelynn wanted to ensure her listeners are taking care of their emotions, mental and energetic health during this time. Because fo this Jacquelynn Marie has decided to not post a normal podcast episode this week. Instead, releasing her energy clearing and recentering meditation. This is the meditation Jacquelynn Marie does whenever she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders or when her mind is racing.For best results, do this meditation in a quiet place, cover your eyes with an eye mask or cloth, and listen with your headphones.Connect With Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite 
Description: In this episode Jacquelynn Marie shares her experiences with clients who have turned out to be nightmares! She talks about an experience with a loyal client turning bad and another experience where she had to take legal action.She shares:The energetics behind attracting clientsThings to look out for when taking on new clientsHow to have your bases covered in your contract and business to protect you in case of difficult clientsResources discussed in this podcast:Organic OliviaLegal ShieldConnect With Jacquelynn Marie:InstagramFacebookWebsite 
In this episode, Jacquelynn speaks about the experiences she has had through quarantine! She shares:> How she has grown spiritually throughout 2 months in quarantine > How she realized she wasn't living in alignment> A little intro to human design and how it relates it to alignment > How easily it is to shift back into alignment  To connect further with Jacquelynn you can find her:FB Group:
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie talks about her fresh perspective when it comes to marketing. She talks about how relationship building is the new direction for marketing.Connect with JacquelynnFB: Group: 
In this episode, Jacquelynn speaks about her experiences of people copying her work and accusations of her copying other work. She brings a new perspective on this subject for the new paradigm of business. She shares:> Being accused of copying another coaches program name> Her experience of someone plagiarizing her work> Techniques to view things differently if you are experiencing someone plagiarizing your work> A fresh perspective on how competition doesn't exist for her in the coaching industry. To connect further with Jacquelynn you can find her:FB Group: 
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie talks about what selfishness really is and how we all need to be more selfish in our lives and why it's for our highest good! She also goes into the new astrology season of Taurus and what that means for us this month. In the spirit of astrology the related topic, she gives a quick Astrology 101 intro for those who have been wanting to learn more about astrology.Connect with Jacquelynn Further:Join the Facebook Group - - - -
In this episode, Jacquelynn Maries goes into depth on how to shift your limiting beliefs. She will walk you through her unique process on how she shifts her limiting beliefs.  Connect with Jacquelynn MarieFacebook Group:
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie talks all about her mindset behind investing in her high-level mentor before she was ready! Get all the tips behind what mindset shifts and mentality she had making this decision during the difficult time the world is facing with COVID. Connect with Jacquelynn MarieFacebook Group: 
In this episode, Jacquelynn Marie interviews Content + Copy Writer Sarah Blake. Sarah gives her insider tips on how to write compelling copy, how to get out of writer's block, tips on writing any posts, touches on the importance of brand values and so much more! Connect with Sarah:Website: www.sarahblakecreative.comIG: Resource: " COMPELLING HOMEPAGE GUIDE with Jacquelynn Marie:Website: https://www.jacquelynnmarie.comIG:  
In this podcast, Jacquelynn Marie talks all about money mindset and how to shift yours to be able to attract more money into your business.IG: 
In this episode, I have Sydney Resner on talking all about her story in owning her intuitive/spiritual gifts and stepping out as an intuitive coach. In this episode, we get raw and vulnerable on what it's like to step out of the "spiritual" and "coaching" closet.Connect with Connect with Jacquelynn 
In this episode, I have Naturopathic Doctor "Cassandra Wilder" talking all about women's cycles and how to utilize them for your business!Ways to connect with Cassandrawww.cassandrawilder.comwww.goddessceremony.comIG - @menstruationqueen Download Cassandra's Free Guide "Cyclical Business - the guidebook to working WITH your cycle in your biz". Connect with Jacquelynn 
In this episode, I walk you through important topics you should review when building an online course! Resources: Blog Post - CLICK HERE Website: www.jacquelynnmarie.comIG: 
In this episode, I interview Kate Decker AKA The Sparkle Bomb Coach! Where we talk about how Pinterest can really excel your business. References:Tailwind: Pinterest Scheduling PlatformKate Decker CoachingSparkle Society FB Group: Instagram: Personal Facebook: Business Facebook: Pinterest FREE Masterclass: More information on the Pinterest Perfect Program DM Kate Decker on FB!
In the episode, I give my top 4 tips for new women in business! If you like this episode please leave a review below! Follow me on social mediaIG: xojacquelynnmarieFB: xojacquelynnmarieWebsite: https://www.jacquelynnmarie.comReferencesClient Management Software: Dubsado & HoneyBookAll in one Course Platform: KajabiEmail Marketing: Mailchimp
In this episode, I talk all about what is really holding your success back! And it's not a marketing strategy! Listen in to this episode to learn how your beliefs really shape your reality and some in-depth tools for you to start shifting your beliefs.Subscribe to stay up to date on all things mindset, branding, and strategy! Website: www.jacquelynnmarie.comIG: 
In this episode, I was motivated to dive into my Money Mindset Journey. This was because I signed up for Amanda Frances's Money Mentality Make Over Course to further dive in deeper to shift my money mindset towards abundance instead of lack.I talk about the story that led me to where I am today! Experiencing 10k dollar weeks and months. This is a raw episode where I talk about some things I haven't told very many people about my relationship with money and my story! You will hear how I went from working 12 hour days to traveling to 14 different countries to ending up broke and homeless in a foreign country to build a business that is thriving!RESOURCES MENTIONED IN EPISODE:Nancy Levins - Worthy - Grow Your Self Worth to Grow Your NetworthTo Be Magnetic - Manifestation / reprogramming your subconscious learning platformDon't forget to subscribe and share this podcast on IG by tagging me at xojacquelynnmarie Website: www.jacquelynnmarie.comIG:
In this episode, I talk aboutWhat this podcast will be all aboutMindset patternsAligned marketingBrand ClarityAnd so much moreDon't forget to subscribe and share this podcast on IG by tagging me at xojacquelynnmarie Website: www.jacquelynnmarie.comIG:
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