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As the country enters into an unofficial period of post-Covid reflection, we ask ourselves what needs to be done to educate Canadians on the rights and freedoms that were so cavalierly dismissed over the last two years. Then, John goes over a couple of new Charter cases the Justice Centre is taking on, both of which involve politicians and municipal governments.Justice Centre, Sep 27, 2022: Justice Centre legal action will continue against ArriveCANCanadian Covid Care Alliance: A Citizens' HearingLicia Corbella in The Calgary Herald, Jun 30, 2020: Alberta man died from the lockdown, not COVID-19Viva Frei on Youtube, Sep 30, 2022: FULL INTERVIEW! Keith Wilson, Talking Hon. Brian Peckford's Trudeau Charter Challenge!National Post, Sep 27, 2022: 'Completely unjustifiable': Feds paid out $190 million in bonuses to public servantsCanLII, Mar 9, 1989: Borowski v. Canada (Attorney General), 1989 SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police by Vox DayJustice Centre, Sep 26, 2022: Municipal Councillor Punished For Attending Ottawa Protest Challenges DecisionJustice Centre, Sep 26, 2022: Municipal councillor fights suspension for refusing to disclose Covid vax statusJustice Centre, Sep 26, 2022: Crown drops Covid charges against Derek Sloan, Randy Hillier, and other protestorsCBC, Jun 3, 2022: Conservative MP removed from Parliament Hill over vaccination statusPeter Stockland in The Epoch Times via NTD, Jun 5, 2022: The Abhorrent Treatment of MP Wagantall and Our Apathy in Not Even Asking ‘Why’Epoch Times via NTD, Jun 7, 2022: MP Wagantall ‘Blown Away by Incredible Response’ After Being Removed From Parliament Hill for Not Revealing Vaccination StatusTrue North, Sep 29, 2022: Justice Centre wants Trudeau government to drop all ArriveCan finesGlobal News, May 7, 2020: Coronavirus: Doug Ford visited cottage despite pleas for Ontario residents to stay homeTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Kevin is joined this week by Saskatchewan-based Justice Centre lawyer Andre Memauri. They discuss the sad news from last week about Carol Pearce, a Saskatoon woman who died in a Shoppers Drug Mart seven minutes after receiving a Covid booster. Andre then gives his perspective on a few of his cases; the Seneca College vaccine mandate challenge, the lawsuit of Dr. Francis Christian, and the case against Saskatchewan's limits on public gatherings during the pandemic.The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition - Canadian National DivisionIllinois College of Law: Francis BoyleJustice Centre, Dec 17, 2021: NB Government and farmer’s market back down on mandating vaccines for grocery shoppingSasktoday, Sep 22, 2022: Sask. woman dies allegedly after COVID booster: Daughter in shockCKOM, Sep 21, 2022: Saskatchewan still recording no deaths related to COVID vaccineJustice Centre, Sep 12, 2022: Court denies students’ request to block Seneca’s vaccine mandateWestern Gazette, Sep 19, 2022: Western vaccine lawsuit heard before London court, students aim to destroy vax recordsThe Canadian Press via CBC, Mar 2, 2022: Ontario judge rules mother doesn't have to vaccinate her children against COVID-19CTV, Jun 24, 2022: TTC facing nearly $3M in lawsuits filed by former employees over vaccine policiesJustice Centre, Jun 27, 2022: Dr. Francis Christian v. Saskatchewan Health Authority, the College of Medicine, et. al.Justice Centre, Sep 20, 2022: Saskatchewan Court rules government 10-person outdoor protest limit justifiableThe Post Millennial, Jul 22, 2022: Pastor Artur Pawlowski wins appeal against Alberta Health ServicesTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We go through a Toronto Star article about a federal government leak (or trial balloon) about possibly ending the Covid mandates and testing at the border. Then we discuss a victory for Canadian workers who were refused EI when they declined the Covid jab. We also take a few moments--with the Bernier et al trial in Saskatchewan as the backdrop--to remind everyone about the summer of 2020 when the powers that be gave some protestors a pass when it came to following the law, while they nailed others with fines and charges.Toronto Star, Sep 16, 2022: Trudeau government considering end to COVID-19 vaccination mandate at border and random testing: sourcesGrand Forks Herald, Sep 10, 2022: Will Canada soon lift its ArriveCan requirement? UND expert says he thinks soJustice Centre, Aug 10, 2022: Canada’s Road to BeijingSmall Dead Animals, Sep 16, 2022: Pierre Poilievre Gets ResultsJustice Centre, Aug 24, 2022: Justice Centre brings legal challenge against ArriveCAN and quarantine measuresDanish Health Authority: Vaccination against covid-19The Counter Signal, Sep 14, 2022: Denmark ends COVID jab for people under 50The Counter Signal, Sep 9, 2022: UK ends vaccine for kids under 12SSRN, Sep 12, 2022: COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at UniversitiesJustice Centre, Sep 12, 2022: Ontario Superior Court upholds Seneca College’s mandatory vaccination policyJustice Centre, Sep 16, 2022: Federal tribunal rules in favour of fired employee denied EI for not taking COVID shotsJustice Centre, Sep 12, 2022: Two-week trial underway today in Saskatoon against Maxime Bernier and dozens of other protestors for peaceful protestsCNN, Jun 5, 2020: Over 1,000 health professionals sign a letter saying, Don’t shut down protests using coronavirus concerns as an excuseCTV, Jun 12, 2020: 'Let’s all work together': Saskatoon mayor urges COVID-19 safety during BLM ralliesTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We start with some thoughts on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Then we discuss the notion, circulating among some MSM opinion writers, that the Charter will become "less relevant" if the CAQ is re-elected in Quebec because Legault will continue to invoke the notwithstanding clause. Where have they been for the last two-and-a-half years while the Charter has been trampled by federal and provincial governments with their Covid responses? John then analyzes PM Trudeau's threats that more lockdowns are coming this winter if Canadians don't get the booster.Daily Mail, Sep 8, 2022: How news of the Queen's death was revealed on TVCHEK News, Apr 17, 2022: Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms signed 40 years agoCTV, Jun 15, 2015: Queen Elizabeth marks Magna Carta anniversaryThe Canadian Press via Toronto Sun, Aug 20, 2022: Convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber face trial in September 2023CanLII: Roncarelli v. Duplessis, 1959 CanLII 50 (SCC)CTV, Sep 6, 2022: 'Charter may quickly become less relevant': Why Canadians outside of Quebec should care about the provincial electionRowan Czech-Maurice in The Counter Signal, Sep 7, 2022: I crossed the border using Trudeau’s Blackface PhotosCBC, Sep 12, 2018: Doug Ford's use of notwithstanding clause sparks fears it will embolden others to invoke itTrue North, Sep 5, 2022: Trudeau says Covid is not done with Canada, urges 80-90% of Canadians to get booster shotYahoo News, Dec 17, 2021: Joe Biden warns of ‘winter of death’ for the unvaccinated, with Omicron ‘here now and spreading’CanLII: Chaoulli v. Quebec (Attorney General), 2005 SCC 35 Vancouver Province, Sep 9, 2022: About half of Canadians either can't find a family doctor or wait longer than a week for an appointment: pollEvening Standard via MSN, Sep 8, 2022: Number of patients in England waiting for hospital treatment rises to record 6.8 millionBrendan O'Neill in Spiked, Sep 7, 2022: The ideology of lockdown is a menace to societyTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We begin by asking if Canadians have any protection against governments outsourcing rights violations to private companies. In the second half, John gives us a preview of an upcoming Justice Centre report which highlights the recent data on excess deaths and vaccination side effects, exposing that the Government responses to Covid caused more harm than good.Toronto Sun, Sep 1, 2022: Airlines coached to deny vaccine waivers on religious groundsCitizen Free Press, Sep 2, 2022: Biden Regime held weekly censorship meetings with Facebook…Posobiec on Twitter, Sep 2, 2022: "Facebook was censoring people who were sharing their own stories of firsthand experiences of severe vaccine side effects"New York Post, Aug 26, 2022: Zuckerberg says Facebook censored The Post’s Hunter Biden stories because FBI warned of Russian misinfo ‘dump’Supreme Court of Canada, Jan 27, 1959: Roncarelli v. DuplessisCanLII, Jun 30, 2004: Syndicat Northcrest v. Amselem, 2004 SCC 47CBC, Jan 23, 2017: Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: ReportThe Counter Signal, Aug 26, 2022: Pakistani government threatens to block digital IDs to shut down access to bank accountsCBC, Sep 2, 2022: Many Americans still aren't coming to Canada. Is the ArriveCAN app to blame?Brownstone Institute, Aug 24, 2022: The Mystery of Unaccounted Excess Deaths in the USLife Site, Nov 11, 2021: Excess deaths unrelated to COVID soar passed 65,000: UK reportFox News, Aug 31, 2022: Trudeau slammed after blaming ‘anxiety over climate change’ for ‘rise in threats' to politiciansCBC, Aug 24, 2022: 'Horrifying' that Veterans Affairs worker raised assisted suicide with troubled veteran, group saysABC (Aussie) News, Aug 31, 2022: Japan endures its worst COVID-19 wave, as strict entry rules deter touristsReuters via National Post, Sep 2, 2022: U.S. study shows alarming dip in 9-year-olds' reading and math skills during pandemicTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
The Crown stayed 49 charges against seven Freedom Convoy protestors represented by the Justice Centre, but the reason they gave seems a bit strange; they couldn't produce the notes of the arresting officers. Also, we discuss the new Charter challenge against the ArriveCAN app, and the recent application to get Deena Hinshaw back in the witness chair in the Alberta lockdown case.Justice Centre, Aug 18, 2022: Crown drops charges against seven Freedom Convoy protestorsJustice Centre, July 5, 2022: Tamara Lich bail decision expected on Friday after all-day hearingJustice Centre, Jun 29, 2022: Justice Centre granted full participatory standing at Emergencies Act inquiryJustice Centre, Aug 24, 2022: Justice Centre brings legal challenge against ArriveCAN and quarantine measuresJustice Centre, Aug 10, 2022: Canada’s Road to Beijing: The digital threat to the Charter rights and freedoms of CanadiansToronto Star, Aug 29, 2022: ‘There’s a lot of ageist presumptions.’ ArriveCAN app leaves some seniors feeling unfairly restrictedChris Selley in the National Post, Jul 19, 2022: Problems with ArriveCAN are as perplexing as its purposeYahoo News, Jul 22, 2022: 'ArriveCan isn't saving's causing havoc': Problematic app sparks travel delays, privacy issues but isn’t going anywhereGlobal News, Aug 19, 2022: ‘No evidence’ ArriveCAN app causing ‘any problems’ at borders: transport ministerGlobal News, Aug 22, 2022: U.S. lawmakers, advocates urge Ottawa to scrap ArriveCAN, open Nexus officesRussell Brand on Youtube, Aug 22, 2022: It’s Happening--Amazon’s new palm payment system has been installed in 65+ Whole Food Stores across CaliforniaJustice Centre, Aug 22, 2022: Workshop: The growing threat of Digital ID technologies in Canada (on Monday, Sep 12, 2022)John Carpay in The Post Millennial, Aug 25, 2022: The dangers of centralized digital ID: Why government has no business knowing so much about usThe London Free Press, Aug 24, 2022: Student backlash builds over Western University mask, vaccine mandateJustice Centre, Aug 23, 2022: New court application alleges Dr. Deena Hinshaw withheld informationTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Justice Centre lawyer Eva Chipiuk joins Kevin to describe some of the more interesting points in the case challenging the federal vaccine travel mandates. This is a consolidation of four different cases, and after an intense few months of questioning witnesses and experts, the lawyers have just filed 14,000 pages of testimony and evidence.Justice Centre, Aug 9, 2022: Travel Ban legal argument (PDF)Justice Centre, Aug 18, 2022: Justice Centre Federal Vaccine Travel Ban EvidenceJustice Centre, Jan 28, 2022: Honourable Brian Peckford, Nikkanen, Baigent et al. vs. Minister of Transport and CanadaJustice Centre, Jun 3, 2022: Maxime Bernier v. CanadaTransport Canada, Jun 14, 2022: Suspension of the mandatory vaccination requirement for domestic travellers and federally regulated transportation workersBrian Lilley in the Calgary Sun, Aug 10, 2022: Court records show Trudeau brought in vaccine mandates for travel purely based on politicsgoc411 - Employee Directory: Lisa Waddell, Senior Epidemiologist for Public Health Agency of CanadaTrue North, Jan 20, 2022: The UK has dropped all COVID-19 restrictions – will Canada ever follow suit? Celia Lourenco, Director General of Health CanadaMcMaster University: Dawn Bowdish , PhD, Pathology and Molecular MedicineUniversity of Montreal: Katherine PéloquinCTV Windsor, Mar 11, 2022: 'Data is power': Experts weigh-in on court-ordered release of Pfizer vaccine documentsDaily Clout, Apr 5, 2022: Secret Documents: How Pfizer Covered Up a Flood of Adverse EventsFortune, Jul 5, 2022: ‘We will never be fully vaccinated against COVID’: Canadians may be required to get booster shot every 9 monthsDr. Byram W. Bridle SubstackTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Kevin opens with his impressions of the Justice Centre's George Jonas Freedom Award dinner in Calgary on Aug 11, and then John gives his views on the same event, from a different angle, as host and someone who attended all three award dinners this year, in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Then we have a discussion of some of the main points made in Brian Peckford's keynote address at that dinner, which dovetails into a talk about the status of his court case against the travel bans. And all this, of course, leads to our final topic, the issue of digital IDs.Western Standard, Aug 12, 2022: Lich honoured with Justice Centre’s George Jonas Freedom Award in Calgary.Note: Speech from Toronto dinnerThat's Facts on Youtube, Jun 19, 2022: Tamara Lich Delivers a Speech for the AgesJustice Centre Video, Aug 15, 2022: The Convoy that United the CountryEvidence Not Fear: Dr. Roger Hodkinson ArchivesDrew Barnes MLA Cypress Medicine HatTrue North, Jul 16, 2022: PECKFORD: A Magna Carta for CanadaJustice Centre: George Jonas Freedom Award (scroll down to find links to past speeches and videos)Justice Centre, Aug 9, 2022: Justice Centre files response to Fed’s request that Court throw out travel ban lawsuitJudi McLeod in Canada Free Press, Aug 4, 2022: No Science, Only Spite Behind Trudeau’s Travel BanJustice Centre, Jul 18, 2022: Workshop: The growing threat of Digital ID technologies in CanadaJustice Centre, Aug 10, 2022: New Justice Centre Report on dangers of digital ID in CanadaCounter Signal, Aug 11, 2022: Trudeau is implementing a federal “Digital Identity Program”Axios, Aug 11, 2022: CDC loosens guidance on quarantining, social distancing for COVID-19Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
After John gives us an update on the Aug 11 Justice Centre Award dinner in Calgary (99% chance Tamara Lich will attend), we key off a Rupa Subramanya article--about the government having no science to support their travel bans--to discuss some of the procedural issues in the Covid court challenges. This includes attempts by governments to have cases declared "moot." John then turns his attention to the University of Toronto which is reinstating a vaccine mandate. We "follow the science" the UofT links to in support of their mandate, a website called "This is our shot, Canada."Rupa Subramanya in Common Sense, Aug 2, 2022: Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific BasisJustice Centre, Jul 7, 2022: Hearing on federal government travel vaccine ban postponedJustice Centre, Jul 27, 2022: Hearing for Ontario vaccine passports postponedBennett Jones Blog, Nov 2, 2021: Court of Appeal Clarifies When Cross-Examination on Affidavits May Be Permitted in Pre-Trial ApplicationsNote: The problem was noticed a while agoGlobal News, Sep 28, 2016: Judge shortage means some trials taking 2.5 years to be heardVancouver Sun, Jul 20, 2022: Support for vaccine passport and mask mandates waning in CanadaUniversity of Toronto, July 28, 2022: COVID-19 vaccinationsThis is Our Shot #TogetherAgainAlliance for Science, Apr 20, 2020: COVID: Top 10 current conspiracy theoriesLos Angeles Times, May 12, 2021: How vaccine ‘passports’ became a battle cry for COVID-19 conspiracies, ‘anti-vaxx’ forcesTrue North, Oct 14, 2021: Vaccine passports were a conspiracy theory — now they’re the new normalReuters, Jul 13, 2022: Fact Check-Israeli study finds drop in sperm count after Pfizer vaccine is temporary, no sign of sperm damageAFLOS Frontline News, Aug 3, 2022: Fauci admits to 'the menstrual thing'The Counter Signal, Jul 5, 2022: Why did birth rates suddenly drop?Daily Clout, Aug 1, 2022: Pfizer Used Dangerous Assumptions, Rather than Research, to Guess at OutcomesThalidomide Victims Association of Canada: The Tragedy of Thalidomide in CanadaTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
John reads (without commentary) sections of the recent court ruling ordering Tamara Lich released from jail (where she has spent a total of seven weeks), overturning a poorly reasoned ruling by a Justice of the Peace. Then we talk about an upcoming Justice Centre report--working title "Canada's Road to Beijing"--about the horrors of China's social credit system and efforts to introduce far more government surveillance control in Canada.Justice Centre: Tamara Lich Bail Review Decision (PDF)CBC, Dec 10, 2018: Pilot sentenced to 7 years for causing major power outage in southern QuebecGlobal News, Jul 7, 2022: ArriveCAN 2.0: Ottawa confirms controversial app will outlast pandemicToronto Star, Jul 6, 2022: Ditch the ArriveCan app and let the tourists flow in, travel industry urgesRupa Subramanya in Common Sense, Aug 2, 2022: Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific BasisWindsor Star via MSN, Jul 21, 2022: CBSA union president calling for review of ArriveCan appLifeSite News, Apr 5, 2022: Saskatchewan pauses rollout of digital ID system after public backlashGlobal News, Feb 15, 2022: Quebec to end COVID-19 vaccine passport system on March 14Vancouver Sun, Jul 20, 2022: Support for vaccine passport and mask mandates waning in CanadaWired, Jul 6, 2019: The complicated truth about China's social credit systemDaily Mail, Jul 27, 2022: Joe Rogan blasts TikTok over 'crazy' privacy terms and warns that 'China will have all your data' - as he warns users that Beijing 'can see everything you type'ANI via Big News Network, Jul 31, 2022: Henan protest exposes China's 'biggest bank scam'CBC, Feb 17, 2022: Banks have started to freeze accounts linked to the protests, Freeland saysThe Canadian Press via Kenora Online, Jul 15, 2022: Canada bringing back mandatory random testing of travellers arriving at main airportsUniversity of Toronto, July 28, 2022: COVID-19 vaccinationsTalkTV on Twitter, Aug 1, 2022: Ex police officer Harry Miller slams the police for arresting an elderly veteran for "causing anxiety" over a tweetTheme music "Carpay Diem" bSupport the show
After we say a few brief words about the Dutch Farmers' Protest, we move on to a story about New Zealand suffering high numbers of Covid infections; it appears that some of the harshest lockdowns in the world only managed to postpone (and not prevent) Covid deaths. Then John takes us through the recent Alberta Appeals Court ruling that struck down the conviction of Pastor Art Pawlowski who had been improperly arrested, confined and fined by authorities misusing a court injunction.The Counter Signal, Jul 23, 2022: Canadians stage nationwide protests to support Dutch farmersThe Counter Signal, Jul 23, 2022: Trudeau moves forward with fertilizer reduction climate policyDaily Mail, Jul 22, 2022: New Zealand Covid deaths soar to RECORD high as Omicron wreaks havocThe Western Journal, Nov 9, 2021: Stats: Sweden Said No to COVID LockdownsWindsor Star, Jul 11, 2022: As Canada's health system burns, Trudeau and the provinces debate the firehoseResearch Square, Jul 1, 2022: Association between School Mask Mandates and SARS-CoV-2 Student InfectionsCalgary Herald, May 20, 2022: Judge says Hinshaw must release documents on decision to end school masking Sheila Gun Reid on Rebel News, Jul 22, 2022:  Pastor Art Pawlowksi’s contempt conviction set aside on appealRebel News on Youtube, Jun 15, 2021: Pastor Tim Stephens arrested on new charges after 'underground' church servicesTrue North, Jul 23, 2022: BC woman died on stretcher after being in waiting room for two daysTimes Colonist, Jul 15, 2022: B.C. Court of Appeal rejects private health care, says Charter breach OKBrian Peckford in True North: A Magna Carta for CanadaRupa Subramanya in True North, Jul 19, 2022: 'Tamara Lich is an enemy of the state' (feat. Ari Goldkind)CBC, Jul 22, 2022: This family doctor is leaving B.C. Other physicians are among her 'orphaned' patientsThe Counter Signal, Jul 18, 2022: 57% of Canadians with 1 or 2 shots will not get a boosterCanadian Lawyer, Jul 19, 2022: Alberta Health Services drops vaccine mandate for employeesTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Kevin opens the show with a column about Tamara Lich, written by Karen Selick.  We then discuss a disturbing Alberta court ruling that patients can be denied life-saving medical treatment if they refuse to take the Covid vaccine.Karen Selick in the Western Standard, Jul 12, 2022: Tamara Lich decision undermines confidence in justice systemJustice Centre, Jul 12, 2022: Judge rules doctors can require patient to receive Covid shot before life-saving transplantJCCF (PDF): Lewis v Alberta Health Services, 2022 ABQB 479, Reasons for Decision of the Honourable Justice R. Paul Belzil The Canadian Press via Winnipeg Sun, Jul 13, 2022: It's unanimous: Canada's health care is crumbling, frustrated premiers agreeOutspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf, May 29, 2022: Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a GenocideSteve Kirsch's Newsletter, Jul 15, 2022: The UK government's official data shows they are killing their childrenJustice Centre, Nov 17, 2021: Hoffe vs. BC College of Physicians and SurgeonsWBTV, Jul 14, 2022: ‘Ninja variant’ of Omicron blamed for rise in COVID-19 cases across Charlotte, N.C.Phil Kerpen on Twitter, Jul 16, 2022: LAC+USC full July 14 vid: "Only 10% of our COVID positive admissions are admitted due to COVID. Virtually none of them go to the ICU...Newsweek, May 20, 2022: Monkeypox Cases in Belgium May Be Linked to Fetish Festival: OrganizersNew York Post Editorial, Jul 16, 2022: Monkeypox 'panic' is overblown and failingLifeSite News, Oct 6, 2021: Doctor ordered to leave hospital with ‘15-minute notice’ for treating COVID patients with IvermectinBIV, Apr 18, 2022: 'A big crisis': How B.C.'s family doctor shortage is spreadingDaily Wire, May 10, 2022: Fauci, Collins Shared In ‘Secret’ NIH ‘Royalties’ Totaling $350M: Watchdog ReportThe Gray Zone, Jun 19, 2022: Pfizer reportedly sponsored Miami yacht party for failed Colombian presidential contender Rodolfo HernándezTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Lawyer Samuel Bachand joins Kevin for a discussion about Justice Centre activity in Quebec. Sam started with the Justice Centre as primary counsel in the middle of the Freedom Convoy; so he hit the ground running and there's a lot to talk about. We discuss Tamara Lich's unjust rearrest and Samuel gives his perspective on how Quebecers differ from the ROC (Rest of Canada) regarding rights and freedoms, and what they share.Justice Centre Bio: Mtre Samuel Bachand – Primary Counsel, QuébecWestern Standard, Jun 29, 2022: Justice Centre and Citizens for Freedom have a seat at the Emergencies Act inquiryTrue North, Jun 28, 2022: The persecution continues: Tamara Lich re-arrested in AlbertaViva Frei on Youtube, Jun 28, 2022: Tamara Lich Arrested AGAIN! Canada Day Criminalized AND MORE!Cory Morgan in Epoch Times, Jun 28, 2022: Lich’s Real Crime Is That She Embarrasses the GovernmentJustice Centre, Feb 1, 2022: Victory for Charter rights and freedoms as Québec scraps punitive tax against vaccine-freeJustice Centre, Feb 5, 2022: The Justice Centre witnesses the march of thousands of protesters near the Québec National AssemblyJustice Centre, Feb 10, 2022: Justice Centre launches legal action on behalf of Maxime Bernier against Feds’ vaccine mandatesJustice Centre, Mar 3, 2022: Québec church files legal action against vaccine passportThe Canadian Encyclopedia: (Quebec) Charter of Human Rights and FreedomsCanLII, Mar 21, 2022: Civil Code of Québec, CQLR c CCQ-1991Bartley Law Office: How does common law differ from roman lawIan MacLeod in the National Post, Feb 5, 2016: That time late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia brought the originalism debate to CanadaRussell Brand on Youtube, Jul 1, 2022: What, Really?!CanLII, Jul 10, 2009: Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority v. Canadian Federation of Students — British Columbia Component, 2009 SCC 31Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
S03E25 Dobbs v. Roe

S03E25 Dobbs v. Roe


John takes a look at the US Supreme Court's Dobbs decision which struck down Roe v. Wade. It has some interesting sections on 'stare decisis' (precedent), judicial hubris, and what is referred to in the judgment as "raw judicial power." We then comment on a couple of Justice Centre cases out of Saskatchewan; one in which a complaint against a law student for holding incorrect opinions is withdrawn, and another in which a doctor is suing for wrongful dismissal for expressing incorrect opinions about vaccines for children.Cornell Law School LLI: Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health OrganizationCornell Law School LLI: Stare decisisYahoo News, Jun 24, 2022: World leaders decry the Supreme Court's 'horrific' decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying 'abortion is a fundamental right'National Catholic Register, May 5, 2022: The Dobbs Decision Leaked: What Does It Mean?Daily Signal, Jan 18, 2018: 3 Reasons Why Pro-Life Young Adults Like Me Are DangerousDaily Signal, Jan 17, 2017: How Ultrasounds Inspired the Pro-Life CauseCBC, Jun 24, 2022: U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion rights up to statesJustia, US Supreme Court: Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992)NPR, Dec 19, 2012: Robert Bork's Supreme Court Nomination 'Changed Everything, Maybe Forever'CanLII: R. v. Morgentaler, 1988 CanLII 90 (SCC), [1988] 1 SCR 30CBC, Apr 20, 2022: Budget puts abortion access on the table in future health funding talks with provincesCanLII: Trinity Western University v. Law Society of Upper Canada, 2018 SCC 33 (CanLII), [2018] 2 SCR 453Justice Centre, Jun 23, 2022: Complaint withdrawn against U of S law student who was forced to defend his opinions on racism in a classroom forumJustice Centre, Jun 24, 2022: Saskatchewan surgeon sues Health Authority and College of Medicine after being terminated and defamed for questioning covid vaccines for childrenTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
S03E24 Keeping the Heat On

S03E24 Keeping the Heat On


The federal government has merely suspended its vaccine mandates for travelers, and these measures can be re-imposed at any time without warning. John explains why the Justice Centre will press on with court challenges against these mandates. He then describes the good time he had at the Justice Centre's George Jonas Freedom Award dinner in Toronto on June 16th. And we discuss two new court cases; one in which a retired teacher was kicked out of a public school board meeting for raising concerns about inappropriate sexual material aimed at children, and another where EI benefits are being denied to those who lost their jobs over refusing to take the Covid shots.Toronto City News, Jun 20, 2022: Vaccine mandates lift for Canadian travellers, federal workersJustice Centre, Jun 14, 2022: Justice Centre Statement on the suspension of vaccine travel mandatesGlobal News, Jun 14, 2022: Canada to update its 'fully-vaccinated' definitionRebel News, Jun 15, 2022: Top Public Health epidemiologist says vaccine mandates were 'never recommended' for air travelTrue North, Jun 17, 2022: Lawyer challenging mandates says government must be held accountableLarry Brock on Youtube, Jun 20, 2022: MP Brock questioning Deputy Prime Minister Freeland about the emergency declarationCTV, Jun 9, 2022: How delays at Pearson Airport got so bad: Aviation experts weigh inCTV News, Jun 13, 2022: Timeline unclear as to when passport delays could be resolved: ministerJustice Centre: The 2022 George Jonas Freedom AwardLive From The Shed on Youtube, Jun 20, 2022: Tamara Lich Delivers a Speech for the Ages - Freedom AwardJustice Centre, Jun 20, 2022: Legal action filed against school board that expelled teacher criticizing age-appropriateness of classroom booksJustice with John Carpay, May 21, 2020: Ep. 20 What is "Conversion Therapy"?Justice Centre, Jun 14, 2022: Justice Centre warns federal government it is illegally denying EI benefits based on vaccine statusThe Province, Jun 19, 2022: Strokes, blood clots, wheelchairs: B.C. patients describe rare reactions to COVID vaccinesYahoo News, Jun 13, 2022: Canadian PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID a second timeTheme Music "CarpaSupport the show
We discuss the politicization of the judicial system in light of recent remarks regarding judicial independence by Canada Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Wagner. This is followed by a closer examination of two recent Supreme Court rulings, one regarding concurrent sentences for multiple murders, and another about diminished capacity for violent crimes. National Post, Jun 7, 2022: Supreme Court doesn’t want your political criticism (even if they keep doing political things)Bruce Pardy in the National Post via MSN, Jun 1, 2022: Supreme Court undermined by chief justice condemning freedom convoyJustice Centre, May 20, 2019: 2019 Judicial Freedom IndexSupreme Court of Canada Decisions, May 27, 2022: R. v. BissonnetteSupreme Court of Canada Decisions,  May 13, 2022: R. v. BrownCanLII, Sep 30, 1993: Rodriguez v. British Columbia (Attorney General)Supreme Court of Canada Decisions, Feb 6, 2015: Carter v. Canada (Attorney General)CTV News, Mar 9, 2019: 'Knees together' judge resigns from federal courtCanadian Judicial Council: Review Procedures ("Complaints: Depending on the matter, the Council can recommend that the judge be removed from office.")Supreme Court of Canada Decisions, Jan 28, 1988: R. v. MorgentalerMcMillan Law, Municipal Law and Litigation Bulletin, Sep 2018: Ontario Premier to Set Precedent Invoking Notwithstanding ClauseCBC, Nov 8, 2017: Sask. government invokes notwithstanding clause over Catholic school rulingCBC, Jun 7, 2022: Elections watchdog says it should be illegal to spread misinformation about votingPanot Book, Apr 18, 2022: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl (PDF download link at bottom of page)Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
The Justice Centre has filed a brief with the Quebec government in support of Bill 32, which will require universities to respect academic freedom. John refutes the arguments made by academics who oppose the legislation. We then discuss the June 6 and 7 appeal in B.C.'s "smudging" case concerning children who were forced by their public school to undergo a religious ceremony in the classroom.Justice Centre, Jun 2, 2022: The Justice Centre files brief in support of Québec’s academic freedom billRobert Leckey and Sarah Ghabrial in CTV News, Apr 27, 2022: Is Bill 32 the real threat to academic freedom? 130 Quebec professors speak out in open letterPeter Ives and Eve Haque in The Conversation, Jun 1, 2022: What is Québec’s Bill 32 on academic freedom, and why does it matter? Indexed As: Pridgen v. University of Calgary 2010 (PDF)Ontario Gov. News Release, Aug 30, 2018: Ontario Protects Free Speech on CampusesNational Post, Mar 7, 2018: Christian couple that lost foster children for refusing to lie about Easter Bunny vindicated by Ontario courtJustice Centre, Our Cases, 2016: UAlberta Pro-Life v. University of AlbertaInside Higher Ed, Dec 21, 2018: In Defense of the Chicago PrinciplesJustice Centre, Jun 5, 2022: BC Public school smudging case returns to courtCTV, Jun 1, 2022: 'We're still in a pandemic': PM defends extension of travel restrictions as industry groups demand reliefJustice Centre, May 13, 2022: September court date set for Maxime Bernier’s travel lawsuitTrue North, Jun 1, 2022: Westjet and travel & tourism leaders tell Trudeau to end travel restrictionsTrue North, Jun 1, 2022: Toronto Police revokes vaccine mandate for serving membersJust the News, Jun 1, 2022: Canadian service members, legal 'Samurai for hire' go to court to stop military COVID vax mandateFox News Video, Jun 2, 2022: NHL legend: We're seeing the insane run the asylumTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We give an update on Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich's bail hearing by diving into the judge's ruling, which John sees as a mixed bag of victories and defeats. We then turn to John's latest column in The Post Millennial on Bill C-11, an Epoch Times story on Canada's PM calling on security agencies to tackle "extremism" (free speech) on the internet (to keep us safe, of course). Finally we discuss the potential expansion of the World Health Organization's pandemic powers.Justice Centre, May 25, 2022: Tamara Lich can now travel to Ontario, and "courts are not thought police"John Carpay in The Post Millennial, May 21, 2022: Canada is one step closer to the demise of free speech with Bill C-11Epoch Times, May 26, 2022: New Tools Being Provided to Security Agencies to Counter 'Extremist Ideology' and 'Misinformation,' Says TrudeauTerry Glavin in The National Post, May 26, 2022: The year of the graves: How the world's media got it wrong on residential school gravesNew York Post, May 27, 2022: 'Biggest fake news story in Canada': Kamloops mass grave debunked by academicsCTV, Feb 20, 2022: So far, no link to existing protests found in Coastal GasLink attack investigation, RCMP sayTrue North's Fake News Friday, May 27, 2022: Legacy media pushes fake news claiming Trudeau was a victim of "racist slurs"Epoch Times via ZeroHedge, May 28, 2022: International Opposition Grows To Biden Granting WHO Pandemic The WHO Pandemic Treaty and our Health Care SovereigntyBrownstone Institute, May 24, 2022: The WHO Treaty Is Tied to a Global Digital Passport and ID SystemThe Counter Signal, Apr 14, 2022: Canada is a partner in WEF's program to bring digital ID to travelThe Canadian Bar Review, Mar 1, 1983: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Public International Law (PDF)CBC The National on Youtube, May 26, 2022: Canada confirms more monkeypox cases, sends vaccines to QuebecWatch Out for the Croc Pox!!BlogTO, May 26, 2022: Toronto woman describes nightmare experience landing at Pearson airportTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We discuss Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich's recent bail hearing in which the federal crown accused her of violating her bail conditions by agreeing to accept the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award. John then goes through his recent presentation to a federal committee examining the proposed law to criminalize Holocaust denial.CBC via Yahoo News, May 19, 2022: Tamara Lich admits accepting award is related to Freedom Convoy in fiery day in courtCBC, May 20, 2022: Lich to find out Wednesday if she's returning to jailThe Canadian Press via The Toronto Star, May 19, 2022: Jail ‘Freedom Convoy’ organizer Tamara Lich again, Crown argues in heated hearingTrue North, May 17, 2022: Nine times Liberal claims about the Freedom Convoy were officially disputedLifesite News, Feb 4, 2022: Debunking the top 10 media lies told about Canada’s Freedom ConvoyJustice Centre, Feb 24, 2022: Pastor James Coates to appeal bail condition preventing him from holding regular church servicesJustice Centre, Mar 7, 2022: Court ruling vindicates couple who lost foster girls over refusal to say Easter Bunny is realJustice Centre, Jun 20, 2019: Simcoe Muskoka Child Services sued for rejecting foster parents based on religionB.C. Law Society, Dec 13, 2021: Citation issued: December 13, 2021--William Carey LindeToronto Globe and Mail via Chicago Tribune, Jul 16, 1988: Sleepwalking Canadian Walks on Murder ChargeCBC, May 18, 2022: Ottawa's interim police chief didn't ask for Emergencies Act during Freedom ConvoyLorne Gunter in the Toronto Sun, May 21, 2022: The persecution of Tamara Lich and the gross overreaction to the convoyTrucking for FreedomJustice Centre Report, May 18, 2022: Government has no place in determining the truth for all (PDF)Canada, Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Bill C-19, LCJC meeting no. 13 Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We take a look at some of the recent recommendations from an expert panel that is now advising the federal government on how to craft legislation to regulate the internet. Then John brings us up to date on many of the Justice Centre's current cases including; dropped tickets in excess of $100,000 in B.C., a new lawsuit against the military's vaccine mandate, and a student filing a human rights complaint against his polytechnic for their refusal to recognize his vaccine religious exemption.CTV, May 11, 2022: Advisory panel calls for Liberals' online hate law to cover Airbnb, video gamesThe Post Millennial, Mar 30, 2022: Trudeau Liberals' 'expert advisory group on online safety' includes known misinformation spreader Bernie FarberCBC, Dec 24, 2019: Revenge porn and sext crimes: Canada sees more than 5,000 police cases as law marks 5 yearsCTV, May 12, 2022: 'Anger that I haven't seen before': Singh harassment incident puts renewed spotlight on politicians' securityThe Canadian Press via MSN, May 2, 2022: Hate-motivated crimes up 22 per cent annually in Toronto, police sayCBC via MSN, May 4, 2022: A spike in hate-motivated crimes in Edmonton has police urging people to report all instances of hateJustice Centre, May 3, 2022: Mandatory vaccine policy creates shortage of volunteer firefightersJustice Centre, May 4, 2022: Justice Centre retains prominent trial lawyer to defend soldiers who refuse Covid vaccineJustice Centre, May 5, 2022: Crown drops ticket against woman who refused PCR test due to medical conditionJustice Centre, May 9, 2022: Student expelled for declining Covid injection, files human rights complaint against NAITJustice Centre, May 10, 2022: Alberta Court rules protests were never banned by Public Health OrdersJustice Centre, May 11, 2022: Crown drops another 24 tickets against three BC pastors who refused to shutter churchesJustice Centre, May 12, 2022: Date set for Federal Court to hear challenge to travel ban in SeptemberTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
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There will be a permanent loss of rights in Alberta if the people continue to be sheep... #masksdontwork #Alberta #masks #lockdowns

Oct 27th

EPYX whiterook

Great dis ussion about the media and alberta misinformation, the mask farce, lockdown measures etc. #msm #Alberta #lies

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