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John Carpay, founder and president of The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, talks about the issues--legal, political and cultural--that concern him most. The Justice Centre (website has been going strong for ten years, so there is a lot to discuss. With facilitator and producer Kevin Steel, each week John will bring you up to date on the latest, as well as provide insights about the law and the fight for freedom.

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Lawyer Marty Moore takes us through some of the latest cases at the Justice Centre, starting with a victory in court for peaceful protestor Evan Blackman who was arrested in Ottawa Feb 18, 2022, and facing criminal charges. We discuss the lack of disclosure and ubiquity of redactions from the Crown in other cases, especially when these manoeuvres drag out court proceedings.Justice Centre, Oct 24. 2023: All charges dismissed against Ottawa protestorLifeSite News, Oct 25, 2023: Charges dropped against Freedom Convoy protester based on lack of evidence and cop’s ‘poor memory’Justice Centre, Apr 3, 2023: Ontario Court of Justice Ruling Acquits Woman of all ChargesiHeartRADIO, May 3, 2023: Former Niagara councillor facing four charges following last year's 'Freedom Convoy' protestJustice Centre on YouTube: POEC Day 31 - Kittredge cross-examines TrudeauThe Canadian Press via iHeartRADIO, Nov 3, 2023: Judge rules some redacted police docs to be made evidence in 'Freedom Convoy' trialCBC via MSN, Nov 2, 2023: Protesters weren't attracted to convoy protest by Lich or Barber, officer tells trialJustice Centre, Sep 12, 2023: British Columbia Public Health Officer preferred some faith groups over othersThe Globe and Mail, Jun 9, 2023: How Canada’s FOI system broke under its own weightJustice Centre, Oct 10, 2023: Saskatchewan nurse faces disciplinary proceedings over expressing her opinionsJustice Centre, Oct 23, 2023: BC nurse Amy Hamm’s prosecution continuesJustice Centre, Nov 1, 2023: Court hearing today for Canadian denied EI benefits because of vax statusJustice Centre, Jun 1, 2023: Windsor Constable appealing conviction for Freedom Convoy donation: Brisco v. The Windsor Police ServiceJustice Centre, Aug 8, 2023: Update on Anti-SLAPP Motion in Class Action Lawsuit against Freedom Convoy ParticipantsTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
In a follow up to our January 16 podcast (S04E02 Another Institution Captured?), lawyer Glenn Blackett goes over the latest from the Law Society of Alberta, a Professional Development Profile. It is, he says, full of "woke" concepts that threaten to undermine the rule of law. This past summer, an informal group of lawyers sent an open letter to Alberta Premier Danielle Smith to alert the government about the situation.Justice with John Carpay Podcast, Jan 16, 2023: S04E02 Another Institution Captured?Law Society of Alberta: Professional Development ProfileGlenn Blackett in The Western Standard, Jul 17, 2023: Justice under threat as Alberta Law Society seeks to enforce Petition, Jul 13, 2023 (includes a link to the Letter to Premier Danielle Smith): Rule of Law and the Law Society of AlbertaLaw Society of Alberta: Indigenous Cultural Competency Education (The Path)Calgary Herald, Mar 30, 2022: Alberta introduces legislation mandating sexual assault law education for potential provincial judgesBBC, Sep 11, 2023: Israel judicial reform explained: What is the crisis about?CanLII, Mar 30, 2017: Green v. Law Society of Manitoba, 2017 SCC 20 (CanLII), [2017] 1 SCR 360Richard Hanania in Quillette, Sep 22, 2023: Where Does 'Wokeness' Come From?The European Conservative, Jan 30, 2023: The Great Reset, 'Wokeness,' and the Long March Through the Institutions: An Interview with Michael RectenwaldTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
John talks about his recent column in The Epoch Times in which he applauds the Saskatchewan government for invoking the notwithstanding clause on the parental rights issue. We then discuss the case of Saskatchewan nurse Leah McInnes who’s being targeted by her professional college, and the parallels with her case to others across the country. At about the halfway point we get to our main topic; the danger to free expression from the CRTC as it requires online streaming services to register with the government. John Carpay in The Epoch Times, Oct 14, 2023: Claiming That Children Have Adult Rights Is a Perversion of the Canadian Charter The Canadian Press via National Newswatch, Oct 12, 2023: Saskatchewan government tables school pronoun bill, invokes notwithstanding clause Barbara Kay in the National Post, Oct 8, 2023: The movement to oppose gender activism in schools is growing — and science is on its side Scott Moe on X, Aug 28, 2023: A new poll from Angus Reid Institute shows strong support in SK and across Canada for Parental Inclusion and Consent in education with 86%... Justice Centre, Oct 10, 2023: Saskatchewan nurse faces disciplinary proceedings over expressing her opinions CanLII, Oct 6, 2020: Strom v Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association Showpass: Tickets for George Jonas Freedom Award Dinner in Vancouver Nov 22 Pipeline Online, Oct 13, 2023: Reaction to Supreme Court ruling “No More Pipelines” Bill C-69 largely unconstitutional Toronto Sun, Oct 7, 2023: Trudeau 'trying to crush free speech' with new podcast rules, Musk says Yahoo News, Oct 4, 2023: New CRTC rules: 'Potentially ruinous consequences to all podcasting in Canada,' Jesse Brown warns Brian Lilley in The Province, Oct 2, 2023: Brian Lilley: Yes, the CRTC's podcast registry could lead to censorship CBC, Jun 22, 2023: Canadians will no longer have access to news content on Facebook and Instagram, Meta says Tech Crunch, Oct 10, 2023: EU fires urgent warning at Elon Musk’s X over illegal content and disinformation following Hamas attacks Blacklock's Reporter, Oct 13, 2023: Gov’t Concealed RCMP Probe  Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Rav Arora join John Carpay on stage for a fireside chat during the George Jonas Freedom Award dinner in Calgary on September 28. They discuss the free speech lawsuit that involves Dr. Bhattacharya, Missouri v. Biden. They also talk about the failure of the Canadian government bills C18 and C10, and the fall of the mainstream media with the corresponding rise of new media.The Illusion of ConsensusJustice Centre, Jun 23, 2021: Lockdowns and the Science of Covid, Dr. Jay BhattacharyaGreat Barrington DeclarationEvent Tickets: Ben Shapiro Calgary, AB - Grey Eagle Resort & CasinoJustin Hart in the Wall Street Journal, Dec 9, 2022: The Twitter Blacklisting of Jay BhattacharyaThe New York Post, Dec 12, 2022: Elon Musk invites blacklisted Stanford professor to Twitter headquartersThe Hill, Sep 13, 2023: Missouri v. Biden and the crossroads of politics, censorship and free speechWAFB Dec 5, 2022: Louisiana, Missouri Release Full Fauci Deposition TranscriptJustice Centre, Aug 31, 2021: Student reinstated after University of Winnipeg had kicked her out for attending peaceful outdoor protestTablet, Jan 10, 2023: How Stanford Failed the Academic Freedom TestAmerican Pediatric Society, Sep 9, 2020: Open Letter from Stanford University Regarding Dr. Scott AtlasCalgary Herald, Sep 24, 2021: Alberta Children's Hospital doctors face criticism for letters opposing vaccine mandateJustice Centre, Sep 27, 2021: Justice Centre will defend physicians threatened by Alberta College of Physicians and SurgeonsNational Post, Sep 21, 2023: Canada launches UN declaration pledging measures on online disinformationTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Lawyer James Manson takes us through the case of Constable Michael Brisco, who was found guilty of Discreditable Conduct by the Windsor Police Service after making a $50 donation to the Freedom Convoy in 2022. The Justice Centre is funding Brisco's appeal, and the Appellant's Factum was filed just last week.Justice Centre, Jun 1, 2023: Windsor Constable appealing conviction for Freedom Convoy donation: Brisco v. The Windsor Police ServiceConstable Michael Brisco's Notice of Appeal, Jun 14, 2023 (PDF)The National Post, Feb 17, 2022: American billionaire, Canadian civil servants among donors leaked in GiveSendGo hackThe Washington Post, Feb 14, 2022: ‘We are in a battle’: Crowdfunding site for Canadian truckers promises aggressive response to hackThe Globe and Mail, Feb 15, 2022: Data leak reveals Canadians, Americans donated millions to fund trucker convoy protestsCBC, Mar 2, 2022: Police grappling with members who allegedly donated to 'Freedom Convoy'CBC, Mar 27, 2022: Windsor police officer who donated to Ottawa convoy will learn his penalty in MayThe Epoch Times, May 5, 2023: Windsor Police Officer Must Work Unpaid Hours as Penalty for Donating $50 to Freedom ConvoyG. L. Peiris, Ottawa Law Review (PDF): The Admissibility of Evidence Obtained Illegally: A Comparative Analysis The Criminal Law Notebook: Abuse of ProcessGlobal News, Feb 11, 2022: 46% of Canadians sympathize with trucker convoy, but many disagree with their tactics: pollThe National Post, Oct 19, 2022: OPP saw no evidence Freedom Convoy posed direct threat to national security: intelligence officerTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
John gives us an update on his recent trip to British Columbia to meet with Justice Centre supporters there. Then we give a shout-out to Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill; the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has dropped their disciplinary proceedings against her, a victory for medical freedom. This leads to a discussion about Canada's Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) Theresa Tam and her recent press conference urging more masking and more vaccinations.Justice Centre, Sep 12, 2023: British Columbia Public Health Officer preferred some faith groups over othersJustice Centre Weekly: On challenging BC church gathering restrictions, with Marty Moore - S01E23True North, Sep 15, 2023: Medical college drops case against doctor who spoke out against lockdownsThe National Post, Nov 3, 2023: Vaccine-doubting doctor ordered to pay $1M in legal costs after her libel suit quashedThe Canadian Press via The National Post, Sep 13, 2023: Theresa Tam recommends masks and updated COVID vaccines this fallChris Selley in The National Post, Sep 15, 2023: Public health officers are still oblivious to their self-destructed COVID credibilityMichelle Rempel Garner's Substack, Sep 14, 2023: The Public Health Agency of Canada has a trust deficit, and it could be deadly.The Brownstone Institute, Sep 14, 2023: The Religion of Masking Steve Kirsch Newsletter, Sep 16, 2023: Even more evidence that nobody should wear a face maskCTV News, Apr 14, 2021: Canada's vaccine hoarding will prolong the pandemic globally, experts sayGlobal News, Dec 9, 2022: With millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses wasted, has Canada kept its donation promises?The Epoch Times, Sep 7, 2023: Pfizer, J&J Pressured South Africa Into Shielding Companies From COVID Vaccine Injury Claims: DocumentsCounter Signal, Sep 15, 2023: National Citizens’ Inquiry calls for judicial investigation into Health Canada, potential criminal liabilityNational Citizens Inquiry, Sep 14, 2023 (PDF): In the Public Interest: An Interim Report on the Covid-19 Vaccine Authorization ProcessBlacklock's Reporter, Sep 12, 2023: Vaccine “Events” UnreportedTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We begin by going through a recent John Carpay column in The Epoch Times: "The Danger of Intellectual Laziness: How Albert Speer Became a Nazi." Then we examine the originating application in the Egale lawsuit against the Saskatchewan government over parental notification for gender transitions in children under 16. Finally, we discuss the trial of Chris Barber and Tamara Lich.John Carpay in The Epoch Times, Sep  9, 2023: The Danger of Intellectual Laziness: How Albert Speer Became a Inside the Third Reich by Albert SpeerEgale's Google Drive documents page (including Originating Application)Egale: UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity v. Government of Saskatchewan et al.Justice Centre, Oct 12, 2019: PT et al v. AlbertaCalgary Sun, Sep 6, 2023: 2023: Teacher's sex-assault trial delayed by closed-door applicationTrue North, Sep 9, 2023: “We are not backing down”: Scott Moe commits to parental rights billSimon Fraser University: Ann TraversCanLII, Jan 30, 2004: Canadian Foundation for Children, Youth and the Law v. Canada (Attorney General), 2004Carson Jerema, Sep 5, 2023: Tamara Lich exposed the incompetence of the Canadian stateThe Canadian Press via Edmonton Journal, Sep 8, 2023: Freedom Convoy lawyers to argue admissibility of Facebook evidenceThe Canadian Press via Edmonton Journal, Sep 4, 2023: 'Hold the line:' 'Freedom Convoy' organizers' criminal trial begins TuesdayGov. of Canada, Justice Laws Website: Criminal CodeJustice Centre, Sep 8, 2023: Charges against couple who refused to quarantine withdrawnTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
S04E34 So Much Winning

S04E34 So Much Winning


John tells us about the recent Justice Centre victories. Then we comment on this year's George Jonas Freedom Award winner Jordan Peterson and his recent loss in an Ontario court. He's being ordered to attend social media thought control classes. Finally, we revisit the Egale lawsuit against the Saskatchewan government for making it mandatory to inform parents if their children chose to undergo gender transition.John Carpay in the Western Standard via The Justice Centre, Aug 2, 2023: A win on a technicality, but still a winJustice Centre, Aug 30, 2023: Pastor James Coates and GraceLife Church acquitted following Ingram decisionJustice Centre, Aug 31, 2023: Mischief charges against documenter of Freedom Convoy dismissedJustice Centre, Aug 31, 2023: Judicial Stay of Proceedings for Ty NorthcottCBC, Aug 28, 2023: New justice minister appoints more than a dozen judges in effort to address vacanciesThe Canadian Press via rdnewsNOW, Aug 30, 2023: ‘Freedom Convoy’ leaders’ criminal trial goes beyond mischief chargesThe Democracy FundJustice Centre, Feb 16, 2023: $300-million class action against Freedom Convoy participants: Zexi Li et al v. Chris Barber et alJohn Carpay in The Epoch Times via The Justice Centre, Aug 25, 2023: Canada’s Regulatory Colleges Have No Business Monitoring SpeechDaily Caller, Aug 30, 2023: ‘Absolutely Necessary’: Jordan Peterson Reveals ‘Plan’ To Expose Court-Ordered Media Sensitivity TrainingDecision posted on Jordan Peterson's site (PDF): Peterson v. College of Psychologists of Ontario, 2023 ONSC 4685CBC, Aug 31, 2023: Legal action filed against Sask. government over new school pronoun rulesThe National Post, Aug 30, 2023: Canadian politicians stampeding away from policy of concealing gender transitions from parentsJustice Centre, Oct 12, 2019: PT et al v. AlbertaJohn Carpay in the Western Standard, Aug 31, 2023: Parents have more love for their own children than sexual minority activists have for other people’s childrenTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We look at recent research showing that a majority of judges who donated to political parties, prior to their appointment, directed their money to the Liberal Party of Canada. We then discuss a column in The National Post by Jay Bhattacharya and Leighton Grey commenting on Alberta's Ingram decision, in which they level some pointed criticism at the judge.Kate Schneider and Christopher Nardi in The National Post, Aug 9, 2023: Trudeau's law society: Exclusive data analysis reveals Liberals appoint judges who are party donorsJamie Sarkonak in The National Post, Aug 20, 2023: Trudeau's 'nonpartisan' Supreme Court advisory panel skews leftTrue North, Aug 11, 2023: Outrage over Trudeau's appointment of judges who donated to LiberalsCBC, Jun 10, 2021: Federal government stops using Liberal Party database to vet would-be judgesThe Canadian Press via National Newswatch, Aug 11, 2023: Former Prince Edward Island premier tapped to help pick next Supreme Court JusticeJustice Centre, May 27, 2019: Supreme Court Justices divided on Charter freedoms, reports 2019 Judicial Freedom IndexJay Bhattacharya and Leighton Grey, Special to The National Post, Aug 18, 2023: Canadian courts complicit in failed lockdowns that violated rightsJustice Centre, July 31, 2023 (PDF): Ingram v Alberta (Chief Medical Officer of Health), 2023 ABKB 453Justice Centre, Jun 23, 2021: Lockdowns and the Science of Covid, Dr. Jay BhattacharyaJustice Centre, May 11, 2021: Manitoba Chief Microbiologist and Laboratory Specialist: 56% of positive "cases" are not infectiousStatista, Jul 6, 2023: Global health care systems comparison - Statistics & Facts(South Africa) Cape Times via MSN, Aug 18, 2023: Access to Covid vaccine contracts a major victory for transparencyTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Lawyer James Manson describes and explains the issues in the Robin Francis EI case, now headed to the Federal Court of Appeal. Mr. Francis was fired after he refused to follow his employer's vaccine mandate and was then denied Employment Insurance benefits, like so many other Canadians who asserted their Charter rights.Justice Centre, Mar 27, 2023: Francis v. Canada (AG)Justice Centre, Mar 27, 2023: Ontario father takes denial of EI benefits for not taking Covid-19 vaccine to Federal Court of AppealThe Ontario Human Rights Your guide to the Employment Standards ActJustice Centre, Nov 8, 2022: Tribunal Ordered to Reconsider “Misconduct” Denial of EI Benefits to Unvaccinated EmployeeLondon Free Press, Mar 28, 2023: Longtime hospital worker denied EI after being fired over COVID vaccineRebel News, Mar 29, 2023: Unvaccinated engineer appeals decision to deny him EI benefitsCornell Law School: contra proferentemCBC, Oct 21, 2023: Don't expect EI if you lose your job for not being vaccinated, minister saysGov't of Canada, Justice Laws Website: Employment Insurance Act (S.C. 1996, c. 23)CanLII, Mar 22, 2012: Doré v. Barreau du Québec, 2012 SCC 12 (CanLII), [2012] 1 SCR 395Human Rights Law Centre: What is the standard of review to determine whether a public authority has acted compatibly with human rightsEdward J. Cottrill in Alberta Law Review Society via CanLII, 2018: Novel Uses of the Charter Following Doré and LoyolaJustice Centre, Jun 8, 2023: Supreme Court of Canada declines to hear challenge to Covid-19 vaccine mandate for transplant candidatesTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Lawyer James Manson takes us through an anti-SLAPP motion he filed in the $300 million lawsuit against Freedom Convoy protestors and donors. He explains why in this instance--a class action nuisance lawsuit--an anti-SLAPP motion is unique. But it fits here because the case involves free expression on issues of public policy. And it was for cases of free expression on issues of public policy that anti-SLAPP legislation was written.Justice Centre, Feb 16, 2023: Zexi Li et al v. Chris Barber et alCBC, Jul 29, 2023: Convoy organizers try to quash $300-million lawsuitOsler, Sep 14, 2020: Supreme Court rearticulates test under Ontario “anti-SLAPP” legislationNiemanLab, Oct 27, 2021: SLAPP lawsuits are a growing tool for stopping investigative journalism around the worldGlobe and Mail, Mar 1, 2023: Law meant to protect free speech from abusive libel suits is misused, says Ontario Court of AppealJustice Centre POEC video, Oct 14, 2022: Day 2 - Miller crosses De La Ronde and LiOttawa Citizen, Mar 15, 2023: Convoy protest class action lawsuit adds to list of defendants, expands roster of included residentsOttawa Convoy Class Action websiteOntario: Civil case managementCanLII: Rules of Civil Procedure Chapters, Particular Proceedings, Rule 77 - Civil Case Management, 1st ed, 2021Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
John takes us through a new Justice Centre case that's being filed on behalf of Prof. Frances Widdowson against the University of Lethbridge. Last winter the institution shut down one of her lectures. This is an example of how wokeism damages not only the reputation of the cancelled target, but of the institution itself because their action contradicts their stated principles of academic freedom and free inquiry. An interesting footnote; cancel culture in academia was the subject of Widdowson's cancelled lecture.Justice Centre, Aug 1, 2023: University of Lethbridge sued over cancelling Dr. Frances Widdowson speaking eventThe University of Chicago: Free ExpressionGlobal News, Feb 2, 2023: Hundreds of protesters drown out speaker Frances Widdowson at University of LethbridgeJustice Centre, Sep 24, 2020: Campus Freedom Index – Universities choose ideological advocacy over free expressionHayden Cook in Alberta Law Review via CanLII (PDF): Charter Applicability to Universities and the Regulation of On-Campus ExpressionC2C, Oct 2020: “The Truth as I See It” – In Conversation with Frances WiddowsonCTV News, Jan 5, 2022: Fired Mount Royal University professor says she plans to Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation by Frances Widdowson – Oct. 24 Separate but Unequal: How Parallelist Ideology Conceals Indigenous Dependency by Frances Widdowson – Nov. 5 2019The Society for Academic Freedom and Petition, Jan 26, 2023: Stop Frances Widdowson from Speaking at University of LethbridgeJustice Centre, Oct 15, 2019: Nicholas Mcleod v. Mount Royal UniversityLinkedIn: Paul Viminitz--Professor at University of LethbridgeCanLII, Oct 9, 1997: Eldridge v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 1997 CanLII 327 (SCC), [1997] 3 SCR 624Inside Higher Ed, Mar 20, 2017: 'Hijacking a Fundamental Right'Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We discuss the Coutts Four who have spent over 500 days in jail without bail awaiting trial on conspiracy to murder and weapons charges after the Coutts border protest last year. Some are now calling them political prisoners. Then we dive into the debate over the potential criminalization of Residential School "denialism." And we end with an examination of remarks made by a judge while convicting a man of not wearing a mask on a plane during the Covid panic.Gord MaGill in Newsweek, Jul 13, 2023: Justin Trudeau's Political PrisonersCBC, Sep 7, 2022: Alberta men accused in plot to murder Mounties saw undercover cops as 'girls' who could help: court recordsOttawa Citizen, Jul 27, 2022: 'Take those shackles off': Tamara Lich released on bail, againRebel News, Jul 19, 2023: Four men who were charged with conspiracy at the Coutts Blockade will be back in court on July 25Senate of Canada: Honouring the Children Who Never Came Home: Truth, Education and ReconciliationCBC, May 10, 2022: Why Canada's plan to criminalize Holocaust denial could be unconstitutional — and redundantHymie Rubenstein in True North, Jun 22, 2023: Criminalizing Indian Residential School “Denialism”Rebel News, Aug 31, 2022: Kamloops: The Buried Truth documentaryCBC, May 27, 2021: Remains of 215 children found buried at former B.C. residential school, First Nation saysThe Dorchester Review, Jun 23, 2023: The Kamloops ‘Discovery’: A Fact-Check Two Years LaterIndian Residential Schools Research GroupMichelle Stirling on Mediumn, Jul 10, 2023: Indian Residential Schools — The Untold Story of A Lifeboat for the Least of SocietyKevin Martin in The Calgary Sun, Jul 20, 2023: Judge reminds anti-masker of responsibility to fellow citizensCochrane Library, Jan 30, 2023: Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory virusesHot Air, Jul 18, 2923: NYT casually drops a truth bomb: about 30% of "COVID deaths" weren't from COVIDBBC, Jan 10, 2023: Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 yearsTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
In what might be called US Supreme Court decisions Part 2, lawyer Marty Moore follows last week's episode on the Creative LLC USSC ruling with a review of the affirmative action ruling issued at roughly the same time. The case itself will have little impact on Canada because we have embedded affirmative action in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Supreme Court of the United States: Opinions of the CourtSupreme Court of the United States, Jun 29, 2023: Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard CollegeStudents for Fair AdmissionsJustice Laws Website: Canadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsRobert Barnes in The Washington Post, Jun 29, 2023: Supreme Court rejects race-based affirmative action in college admissionsUSA Today via MSN, Jul 6, 2023: After Supreme Court's affirmative action ruling, race-based scholarships under scrutinyConstitution Annotated: Fourteenth AmendmentBritannica: Jim Crow law, United States [1877-1954]National Archives: Brown v. Board of Education (1954)Britannica: Bakke decision (from Jun 28, 1978)Reason, May 12, 2020: An Interesting Historical Note About the Bakke CaseBritannica: Bollinger decisions (from Jun 23, 2003)Spencer Brown in Townhall, Jun 29, 2023: Clarence Thomas' Concurring Opinion on Affirmative Action Is IncredibleThe Christian Science Monitor, Jun 29, 2023: With affirmative action gone, California shows what may come nextBBC, Jun 14, 2023: Starbucks ordered to pay $25m to ex-employee in racial discrimination caseTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Lawyer Marty Moore explores the US Supreme Court's reasoning in the Creative LLC versus Colorado decision. Is it, as the mainstream media claimed, a blow against gay rights? Is it a victory for freedom of expression? Marty also draws an interesting parallel between this current US ruling and a Canadian case from over 20 years ago.Supreme Court of the United States: Opinions of the CourtSupreme Court of the United States, Jun 30, 2023 (PDF):  303 Creative LLC et al v. Elenis et al. Justice Centre, Dec 3, 2018: Bill 24 legal challenge heard by Court of Appeal in Calgary todayThe Guardian, Jun 29, 2023: Key document may be fake in LGBTQ+ rights case before US supreme courtAP, Jun 30, 2023: The man named in the Supreme Court’s gay rights ruling says he didn’t request a wedding websiteNBC, Jun 4, 2018: In narrow ruling, Supreme Court gives victory to baker who refused to make cake for gay weddingChristian Post, Jun 30, 2023: Supreme Court vacates ruling against Christian bakers punished for not making lesbian wedding cakeJustice Centre, Jun 29, 2021: Court rules against federal government on denial of Canada Summer Jobs FundingChristine Van Geyn in The National Post, Jun 26, 2023: College of Psychologists attacks Jordan Peterson in courtPaula Simons in The Edmonton Journal, May 2, 2018: Eighty years ago, the Edmonton Journal won a Pulitzer Prize. Let's remember whyCanLII, Jun 17, 2002: Brockie v. Brillinger (No. 2), 2002LifeSite News, Apr 15, 2004: Scott Brockie Loses Decision at Court of Appeals, On the Hook for $40,000Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Marty Moore discusses a parent's right to know what is happening to their child in school. This follows a story out of Lumsden, Saskatchewan, which resulted in the education minister suspending Planned Parenthood from giving sex ed presentations in schools. Marty reads from anonymized affidavits of girls and boys, filed in Alberta's Bill 24 case from a few years ago. These are quite relevant today in the debate about sexual education, gender identity and parental rights.SaskToday, Jun 22, 2023: Duncan suspends Planned Parenthood from presenting in schoolsRegina Leader-Post, Jun 27, 2023: Education minister stands behind Planned Parenthood suspensionJustice Centre PDF: Affidavit of Theresa Ng, Sworn Apr 5, 2018Justice Centre, Sep 20, 2019: Constitutional challenge to Bill 24 discontinued following repeal of School ActJustice Centre PDF: Affidavit of A.A., Sworn Jan 18, 2019Justice Centre PDF: Affidavit of J.P., Sworn May 23, 2018Daily Caller, Aug 11, 2022: 1,000 Families To Sue World’s Largest Pediatric Gender Clinic, Lawyer SaysNew York Post, Jan 24, 2022: California mother claims teachers manipulated her daughter to change her gender identityJustice Centre PDF: Affidavit of J.J., Sworn Jun 26, 2019Justice Centre PDF: Affidavit of K.K. (parent of J. J.), Sworn Jun 26, 2019Justice Centre PDF: Affidavit of B.B., Sworn Jan 18, 2019The Post Millennial, Jun 27, 2023: Adults expose themselves to children at Toronto Pride ParadeMichael Higgins in The National Post, Jun 13, 2023: Justin Trudeau dismisses parental rights as 'far rightCBC via MSN, Jun 27, 2023: Poilievre tells Trudeau to 'butt out' of New Brunswick's policy on LGBTQ studentsCBC, Jun 29, 2023: Political revolt amid LGBTQ changes in New BrunswickTrue North, Jun 30, 2023: N.B. PC Party executives say “silent majority” supports Higgs amid push for leadership reviewTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We look at the circumstances surrounding the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Russell Brown, who stepped down at the beginning of June to end a Canadian Judicial Council investigation. John says the loss of this judge will negatively impact the country's top court. And we also discuss Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Wagner's recent complaint that the media is showing very much interest in the courts these days.Leonid Sirota in The National Post, Jun 21, 2023: Image-conscious Supreme Court Chief Justice failed Russell BrownBrian Greenspan and Julianna Greenspan in The National Post, Mar 26, 2023: Supreme Court Justice Russell Brown a victim of social media manipulationCTV News, Jun 12, 2023: Supreme Court Justice Russell Brown retires, ending judicial reviewJamie Sarkonak in The National Post, Jun 12, 2023: Russell Brown quits, condemning Canada to Trudeau's activist Supreme CourtToronto Star, Jun 22, 2018: Canada’s top judge says Supreme Court should provide leadership at a time when fundamental values are being undermined in the worldHeather Mallick in the Toronto Star, Mar 15, 2023: From rigid and rule-bound to roguish and free-range (original title "From skunks to judges — when did the rules change?")Justice Centre, Jun 15, 2018: Freedom of association rejected by Supreme Court of Canada in Trinity Western rulingJustice Centre, May 20, 2019: 2019 Judicial Freedom IndexSupreme Court of Canada, Dec 13, 1990: R. v. KeegstraSupreme Court of Canada, May 18, 2005: Harper v. Canada (Attorney General)National Post Editorial via MSN, Jun 18, 2023: Russell Brown's departure leaves Supreme Court free to trample on libertiesCanadian Lawyer Magazine, Jun 22, 2023: Chief Justice of Canada Richard Wagner notes decline in press coverage of courts at CBA forumBruce Pardy in The National Post, Jun 2, 2022: Supreme Court undermined by chief justice condemning freedom convoyTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
Lawyer Marty Moore outlines an important hate speech case going before the Ontario Court of Appeal on June 21. The Crown is arguing that the trial judge, who acquitted protestor Bill Whatcott, makes it too hard to convict Canadians who express their opinions about sexual behaviour they disagree with. The Justice Centre represents an intervenor who argues that criticizing sexual behaviour is not the same as advocating for genocide.Justice Centre, May 15, 2023: Advocacy against gay sex equated to seeking eradication of gay men in hate speech case at Ontario Court of AppealJustice Centre Document (PDF): Whatcott v The King, Appellant's FactumFree to CareBBC Ethics Guide: Religions and circumcisionCanLII, Dec 18, 1950:  Boucher v. The KingNew York Post, Jun 13, 2023: John Hopkins University refers to lesbians as ‘non-men attracted to non-men’ in new LGBTQ glossaryDaily Mail, Jun 13, 2023: 'Non-man (formerly known as woman)': JK Rowling hits out at US university after it declared a lesbian as 'a non-man who is attracted to a non-man'FEE, Jan 14, 2023: Hate Speech Laws: The Best Arguments for Them—and Against ThemAIER, Dec 6, 2019: The Link Between Prosperity and Freedom Is Even Stronger than You ThinkTheme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
John talks about some concerns he has about an action committee established back in May 2020 to assist Canada's court systems with health and safety. We then tackle other issues like the sad case of Sheila Lewis, a study on the negative impacts of lockdowns, a column about equating speech with violence, and Tucker Carlson's new media show on Twitter.Western Standard, Jun 8, 2023: Canada’s top judge and federal justice minister co-chaired COVID committee for yearsCanadian Lawyer Magazine, May 12, 2020: Action committee to boost court operations amid COVID-19 launchedJustice Centre, Jun 8, 2023: Supreme Court of Canada declines to hear challenge to Covid-19 vaccine mandate for transplant candidatesTelegraph, Jun 4, 2023: Lockdown benefits ‘a drop in the bucket compared to the costs’, landmark study findsInstitute of Economic Affairs, Jun 5, 2023: Did lockdowns work? The verdict on Covid restrictionsJustice Centre: George Jonas Freedom AwardBrian Lilley in the Toronto Sun, Jun 7, 2023: Lack of judges may see man accused of molesting daughter walkLe Monde, Apr 22, 2023: Canadian public servants strike for right to work from homeLetter from Dr. Eric Payne to CPSAC, Sep 14, 2021 (PDF): RE: Mandatory mRNA vaccine mandate for Alberta physiciansHolly Doan on Twitter, Jun 6, 2023: "DOCUMENTS: @Safety_Canada on 1st day of #FreedomConvoy issued false bulletin that truckers ransacked federal offices... Rebel News, Jun 6, 2023: Ottawa released a 'fake' security bulletin against Freedom Convoy, refuses to disclose sourceCTV, Oct 31, 2022: Texts give insight into feds' communications strategy before 'Freedom Convoy' arrivalJonathan Turley, Jun 5, 2023: "Your Speech Is Violence": How The Mob Is Using A New Mantra To Justify Campus ViolenceDaily Mail, Jun 7, 2023: Tucker Carlson 'broke the media matrix' with his first Twitter broadcast...Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
We open with the case of Constable Michael Brisco of the Windsor Police Service. With the help of the Justice Centre, he is appealing his conviction for Discreditable Conduct resulting from his donation to the Freedom Convoy. There follows a discussion about free speech and the elites, and a review of the Canada Day fireworks controversies in cities across the country. We finish by parsing a recent column and court case that suggest the era of the courts reading new rights into the Charter is over.Justice Centre, Jun 1, 2023: Windsor Officer Appealing his Conviction for Making a $50 Donation to the Freedom ConvoySupreme Court of Canada, May 18, 2004: Harper v. Canada (Attorney General)CBC, Feb 7, 2022: Court grants injunction to silence honking in downtown Ottawa for 10 daysDavid Kupelian in WND, May 29, 2023: Why today's elites literally can't stand free speechDaniel Klein in the Brownstone Institute, May 31, 2023: Misinformation Is a Word We Use to Shut You UpGlobal News, May 22, 2023: Calgary’s Canada Day fireworks pilot not a council decision: councillorCityNews, May 24, 2023: Criticism continues over Calgary's choice to can Canada Day fireworksTrue North, May 25, 2023: City of Calgary folds, reinstates firework show following outrageCTV News, May 25, 2023: Vancouver mayor 'incredibly disappointed' in port authority's decision to cancel Canada Day fireworksCTV News, May 23, 2023: Canada Day celebrations cancelled at Nathan Phillips Square this year. Here's whyCTV News, May 26, 2023: 'A fractious history': Planning of Canada Day festivities sparks controversyJohn Ivison in The National Post, Jun 2, 2023: A harsh rebuke from the bench for a Supreme Court on the 'loose'CanLII, Jan 20, 2023: Boloh 1(A) v. Canada, 2023 FC 98 (CanLII)Supreme Court of Canada, Nov 5, 2020: Quebec (Attorney General) v. 9147-0732 Québec inc.Supreme Court of Canada, Apr 24, 1985: R. v. Big M Drug Mart Ltd.Justice Centre, Aug 11, 2020: Baker et. al. v. Canada (Passports)Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave StevensSupport the show
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EPYX whiterook

There will be a permanent loss of rights in Alberta if the people continue to be sheep... #masksdontwork #Alberta #masks #lockdowns

Oct 27th

EPYX whiterook

Great dis ussion about the media and alberta misinformation, the mask farce, lockdown measures etc. #msm #Alberta #lies

Oct 27th
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