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Author: Mitch Ware

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Everyone's end of life journey should be comfortable, peaceful and dignified. In every episode, Mitch Ware, long time Hospice Bedside volunteer and former Hospice client, will share his experiences and knowledge to show others how they can achieve the best palliative care available through Hospice. And, he will take your questions and answer them on future episodes as well. If you are considering end of life care, this podcast is for you!
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Grief is a long process to endure when you lose someone you love.  In Living With Hospice's fourth grief-centric episode, Mitch addresses the topic of grief triggers and how they can bring up that pain of loss and other emotions,  sometimes even years later.  While some may be very obvious and predictable, like anniversaries and such, others can hit you out of left field and leave you feeling sad all over again.  Mitch provides strategies on what to do when this happens and how to continue to heal through the grief journey.  
Mitch sends his sincere gratitude to listeners and readers as Living With Hospice surpasses 5000 podcast downloads!  Truly blessed to be able to continue bringing this message of strength, hope and experience, Mitch shares his expectations from when we first started the podcast and some appreciation, support and encouragement we've received from our subscribers.  
Have you heard stories about people that are on their deathbed but seem to linger on, as if they're waiting for something or someone before they crossover? Whether they are worried about family, money, finances or just fearful of leaving this earth, it is sometimes a struggle for our loved ones to be at peace with leaving this world.  In this episode, Mitch shares his experiences with this end of life situation and provides guidance on how we can prepare ourselves to help our loved ones become OK with letting go.  
When someone is feeling a call to volunteer, hospice organizations are not typically on the top of many  lists because people are uncomfortable being exposed to death and dying.   In this episode, Mitch offers a very different perspective of why people volunteer for hospice and how being there for people on an end of life journey can be a very rewarding blessing.    Also - Mitch tells us the several different ways you can volunteer and give back through a hospice organization that doesn't require one on one experiences with the patient.  
Death is something that we all, sooner or later, have to face - especially when we or a loved one are on an end of life journey.  To some extent, we are all scared of death – whether it be the thought of our own death or the fear that someone we love might pass away.  But how do we respond to this fear of the inevitable? Why are some of us more afraid than others? And what is it, exactly, that scares us about death?  In this episode, Mitch discusses the anxiety we have related to death and provides suggestions on how to address it.  
As the New Year begins, people are often filled with renewed energy and hope.  It's a time of new resolutions, new promise, new adventures, and boundless opportunities. However, when you're on an end of life journey with someone, the world around you never quite feels like that.  In this episode, Mitch discusses how to manage when you are in a world that doesn't change, or seem to move forward, with the rest of the world.  Mitch provides insight on how to handle holidays and special events that you aren't able to participate in, as Caregivers, and reminds us of the importance on taking care of ourselves during this stressful time.  
Holidays are often difficult for anyone who has experienced or is facing the death of someone they love.   Instead of being a time of tradition, family togetherness, sharing and giving thanks for blessings, this time of year can bring feelings of sadness, loss and emptiness.  What do we do when we are feeling pressure to engage in the "holiday spirit", but we are triggered by memories of earlier times with a loved one who is now facing a terminal diagnosis?  While no simple guidelines exist that will take away the hurt,  Mitch discusses how to acknowledge and deal with these very normal feelings, and provides some alternative suggestions for keeping traditions and celebrating with a loved one who is in Hospice.
The last few episodes have explored the grief process as it is a common feeling before, during and after we lose our loved one. In this episode, Mitch discusses another common emotion that happens after our loved one has passed - guilt.   It's normal to ask ourselves, "Could I have done more?" and  "Did I do enough?" but it's also very easy to get bogged down in our guilt and the 'What ifs'.  Mitch shares his own experiences about this process and provides information on how to manage, and eventually move past, this phase in the end of life process.
Revisiting this complex topic for a third time, Mitch Ware takes a deeper look into the seven stages of grief and explores how we cycle through them.  From shock and denial to rebuilding and acceptance, the journey through these phases can be exceptionally difficult to experience. Relating his personal experiences, Mitch offers insight into how to manage our lives while going through this process.  
Many people suffering with one of the many forms of dementia, experience a strange restlessness around mid to late afternoon. This restlessness usually carries on into the night adversely affecting sleep. This phenomenon is called Sundowning. In this short 7 minutes, Mitch Ware gives us the whole scoop on how we can manage Sundown Syndrome. 
All of us find ourselves on an emotional roller-coaster as we deal with a friend's or loved ones illness. It really can get intense as that persons condition changes. Add in the crazy world events around us, and it can be over whelming. In this episode, Mitch Ware explains what is causing these overwhelming feelings, and gives us some tips on how to manage them.
In this 7-Minute Scoop, Mitch discusses the often debated DNR, or Do Not Resuscitate, order.  He explains what it really means to sign a DNR, and what it doesn't mean.   
We all have times when we encounter a family member or friend who is suffering from loss.  Their grief is legitimate and serious. So, what do you say to them? We all feel the need to say something that will help them feel better. In this episode, Mitch Ware explains the emotional dynamics involved in layman's terms. This episode boasts 8 tips to help you when you  find yourself in this situation!
There are no perfect families, and as the old saying goes; weddings and funerals either bring out the best or the worst in us! Words can hit harder than fists. In times of crisis, personal emotions often rule the day. Things are said that leave wounds for a lifetime. In this episode, Mitch Ware discusses family dynamics and how to avoid the big family blowup!   
In this 7-Minute Scoop, Mitch discusses the phenomenon of "Terminal Lucidity" also known as the 'last minute rally'. Many people who are in their 11th hour, have a sudden unexpected return of mental and physical ability that occurs before death.  He explains what can happen when this occurs, and relates his own personal experience with this and how this is a remarkable gift.    
Dying is a tough thing to even think about, let alone talk about. And when you find yourself pondering this situation with a loved one’s final weeks, days and hours, it can be very scary. That’s okay you are not alone; those feelings are very common.   In this episode, Mitch Ware is going to share with you what the transition process is, how it works, and how peaceful death can be. 
Living With Hospice is launching a bonus feature for our listeners, by answering a listeners question in a special bonus episode entitled "The 7 Minute Scoop." In this 7 Minute Scoop, Mitch Ware discusses the often asked question, 'Is there Hospice for kids??'  And he ends the episode with a touching story. 7 Minutes, and you have the whole scoop!
In this episode, Mitch Ware talks about the difficult task of sharing with close friends and family that they cannot come over and visit the person in Hospice Care due to colds and flu. Depending on family dynamics, it can be very challenging. Mitch also offers options to consider in place of an in-person visit.  Mitch also explains how germs are everywhere, like our paper money, debit/credit cards as well as door knobs and light switches. Mitch ends the episode with a touching story about Great Grandpa Joe. 
In this episode, Mitch shares a few stories about different Hospice organizations that are deservedly (and some that are undeservedly) getting a really bad reputation. From the lips of some families, Our Hospice SUCKS!! See what's going on, and discover some solutions!
One of the most difficult things in life can be talking to a friend or loved on who is terminally ill. In this episode, Mitch Ware discusses the awkwardness and how to avoid it! And as usual, he ends the episode with a wonderful story of bro-love. 
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