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Is That Even Legal?

Author: Attorney Robert Sewell

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The law impacts almost everything we do, several times a day. Sometimes we break the law and don't even know it! Attorney Bob Sewell explores what is legal in today's society by asking experts the age old question - Is That Even Legal? And getting the answers in plain language...while having a bit of fun.
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You can be silenced. You can Be Censored. Is That Even Legal?In this episode, Bob is joined by 1st Amendment expert and Constitutional Scholar Eugene Volokh, the Gary T. Schwartz Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law and co-founder of the Volokh Conspiracy blog, hosted at as Bob and Volokh discuss censorship on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, where many, from Trump to regular citizens, are being banned.Are social media outlets the modern public square?  As private entities can they determine who has a voice and what gets said?You hear a lot that “changing Section 230,” will stop censorship. Will it? And, What is Section 230?Should the government impose rules?  Constitutionally, can they?Is social media more like a telephone company, or  more like a newspaper or a magazine?  The answer may determine the future of censorship. Listen Now!
According to a recent report, 27 percent of Americans have had an office romance...and a quarter of those romances were with their boss. This despite heightened public scrutiny following a litany of high-profile sexual misconduct cases. Is that even legal? Bob chats with a company workplace attorney Emma Chalverus to find out what's legal
These days you can be sued for almost anything. In order to protect their hard earned wealth, a lot of people use some kind of asset protection. What is it?  Who does it? Who should do it and how? Is it legal?Bob talks with attorney and entrepreneur John Skableund to get the deets.
You see something in your news feed. Someone does something. You contemplate doing something. Then it hits you. Is That Even Legal?  Welcome to the podcast that answers that question for every aspect of your life!
Recent surveys conducted by TrustArc and other companies show that:92% of consumers are concerned about online privacy;84% of consumers want more control over how their data is used;89% of consumers avoid companies that do not protect their privacy; and32% of consumers are not only willing to but have actually changed companies or providers over data-sharing policies.Yet despite this ubiquitous concern for online privacy, a recent state Supreme Court ruling in Arizona held that in today's world, there is "no reasonable expectation," of online privacy. IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?  How much privacy do we actually have?Your host, Bob Sewell, interviews K. Royal, Associate General Counsel of TrustArc., a professor of privacy law and the co-host of the popular "Serious Privacy," Podcast
Our first season was a HUGE success because of your support and interest! Now, if you are a law school student in the U.S., you can earn some scholarship money by helping us program for 2021!OFFICIAL CONTEST RULESsee: Win a $1,500 Scholarship from the Is That Even Legal Podcast 1.       No purchase or entry fee is necessary to enter or win.       2.     Entry is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., who are age 18 or older as of date of entry, and who are enrolled students, administrative staff, or faculty at any ABA accredited law school in the United States. Employees of the Is That Even Legal Podcast (“Sponsor”) and its affiliated companies and agencies, along with the members of the immediate families or households, whether or not related, of any of the above, regardless of where they reside, are not eligible to enter or win.3.     Contest begins at 7:00 a.m. Mountain Time (MT) on January 15, 2021 and ends at 11:59 p.m. MT on February 28, 2021 (the “Contest Period”).  Please allow for the time difference, if any, from your local time zone.  Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  Void wherever prohibited or restricted by law. 4.     To enter, submit an interesting and timely legal question – together with the name and current contact information for a suggested guest to appear on the Is That Even Legal Podcast to discuss your legal question or topic. You must email us at with your legal question and suggested guest information during the Contest Period.  See full set of rules here.
In this episode Bob intereviews defense lawyer Russ Richelsoph about the myths and misconceptions of self defense, stand your ground and what's legal!
Lets talk about: COVID and the law - restrictionsthe toll on inmatesthe changing courtsCriminal Justice Reform - is real change going to happen?Marijuana Law…and what’s ahead for 2021 DON't miss this special episode with Lauren Castle, Criminal Justice Reporter for the Arizona Republic, a U.S.A. Today Affiliate.  She has her finger on the pulse of these issues where it counts...with the people impacted,  and the policy makers.
It's estimated that business and personal bankruptcies will be up close to 50 percent this year.  2021 could bring an even bigger wave, regardless of the election outcome or future stimulus from the government.Some restaurants and retailers are going under, commercial and residential mortgage defaults are up significantly, in many areas of the country. Chances are, you or someone you know is impacted.For many businesses and individuals who never considered it before, bankruptcy presents a way to survive financially.New rules can help your company or your household emerge stronger even in the wake of a global health and financial pandemic.  Bob interviews Certified Bankruptcy Specialist Pernell McGuire a lawyer and law firm Managing Partner who offers hope and insight for those caught in the wake of this financial storm.McGuire is helping companies continue to operate and families continue to function, even as they manage their debt.
How many times, on all sides of the political spectrum, do you hear someone say... "IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?" ... when it comes to immigration law?Is it simple? Is it complicated? Whatever you think of immigration law, it impacts real human beings in many ways throughout society.In this episode, Bob talks with immigration lawyer Joshua Deere about what he sees on the front lines of immigration law every day. Some of the stories will sadden you. Some will inspire you.
The TRICKS and TREATS of an "Incentive Trust"It's Halloween season. It is the perfect time to talk about hauntings, messages and control from beyond the grave!  OOOOOOOOH!One method of control by the unliving over we mortals can be found in the tricks and treats of an estate planning tool called an incentive trust. The use of incentive trusts became fashionable, according to experts, in the early 1990s. Today, they are as popular peanut butter cups in late October. What is an incentive trust all about? Simply put, an incentive trust makes it so beneficiaries only get an inheritance by following the orders of their dead relatives.Is That Even Legal?Meet our guest, trust guru Sarah Clifford (480-733-4800; as she tells the story of Tommy Manville, who tried to outsmart the dead. Did he succeed? Can you use estate planning to "build character?" Can the dead control the living?  Come with us to the great beyond...and find out. You can also watch this episode!
Dying can be enormously complicated. Not only can death bring sorrow, but it can also create years of confusion, cost and stress for surviving loved ones. The state controls what happens to your estate unless you take control while you can.Probate guru and  lovable host Bob Sewell becomes the guest in this episode, as attorney David Williams asks him what is EVEN LEGAL in probate.
You've been working from home...what's deductible?  You withdrew some or borrowed from your IRA...will that cost you and how much?Lets face it. There is a LOT we'd all like to "write off," about 2020. But with all the changing rules and orders and challenges, how should your tax filing change? It might seem a little early to be thinking about it, but Bob has done some digging and found out now is a very good time to ask Is That Even Legal? As you plan your tax strategy. Bob's guest is Kelly White, she's a lawyer and has a specialized law degree (LLM) in taxation. 
What you think about DUI law is probably wrong. Meet the guy who knows. Americans, after being cooped up for months are increasingly starting to take to the roads again, and with Labor Day weekend approaching, you need to listen to Bob's interview with criminal defense attorney Russ Richelsoph for some sobering truths about what's legal!
He's the lead lawyer for futuristic self-driving vehicle company Cruise. He was President Obama's lawyer BEFORE and after the 2008 election. He foresaw the access to justice crisis. He built technology to consensus check fake news. He directs a Centre in Australia (where he was the U.S. Ambassador by the way) helping create the legal framework for societies to cope with the technology revolution we are living through and which could engulf us.Come along for the ride as Bob and Jeff explore Will That Even be Legal in 100 years?As you venture into that future in a self-driving's some reasons why you want to ride with Mr. Bleich:getcruise.commetafact.ioJeff-Bleich-CentreA2J
In one U.S. city, there is a 14 -point test to see if you violate the noise ordinance.  You might be doing so, just by having a conversation! You would literally need a decibel meter to know if you're noise compliant. What do you do if your neighbor WON'T Stop Making Noise?  Is that Even Legal? Bob gets the band together with attorneys Marshall Hunt, Sarah Clifford and Russell Richelsoph who share their thoughts on NOISE, and how the law applies.
The stories will shock you. Laws meant to get back ill-gotten goodies from the crimes of pirates and drug lords are now used to take property from common citizens, even from those who are not charged with crimes! To the tune of $4.5 billion annually. Through civil asset forfeiture, federal and state-level law enforcement seize private property from owners they merely suspect are related to some criminal activity and sometimes from owners who are not suspected of criminal activity. Examples of seized property include cash, vehicles, and even homes. No charges or convictions are required for police to confiscate this property - Is That Even Legal?  Bob Interviews Paul Avelar, Managing Attorney of the Institute for Justice Arizona Office about the crazy case of an elderly couple, their son...and their car. 
In this episode Bob puts on the tool belt to talk with attorney David Williams. Many of us have had the experience of hiring a contractor who didn't do the job right. Maybe they abandoned the job altogether. Is that EVEN LEGAL? On the other side of the equation, almost every contractor has had that one customer from HECK, who held them hostage in a sea of unfair and unwarranted complaints. When it comes to the law and contractors...don't DIY.! Listen in.
If there is one thing that has been brought into focus recently is that everyone needs and deserves access to justice. One of the biggest barriers to that access is cost. Some state bar associations are exploring expanded roles for non-lawyers to lower costs, and increase access, but it's unclear how and whether that will work. Jeff Bell's company, LegalShield has a different approach to bringing down costs and increasing access, and it is now is use by nearly two million people.
Divorce is messy, emotional and traumatic. Even more so when children - including future children are involved. Just ask Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, who faced a lawsuit from her own embryos. In an Arizona Supreme Court Case this year, Terrell v. Torres, the Supreme Court directed the donation of cryopreserved embryos to another couple following the parties' divorce per their contract with the fertility clinic. Is that even legal? What does it mean for future babies? Bob gets to the bottom of it with family law lawyer Spencer Schiefer.
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