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The conversation around consent and sexual assault is a big elephant in the room, but in this panel discussion it was grace and ease. This is an important conversation and one I invite you to listen to as we speak about- 1. Our journey with sexual assault. 2. How we can inflict our trauma and pain on all those around us. 3. That natural biology of teenage boys. 4. Female’s feeling safe in their bodies. 5. How consent is more than words and fluid. 6. The conversation we need to be having with our children. … And how pleasure and taking the time to know each other’s pleasure will change sexual assault and the stats forever. So good! Immense gratitude to Eleni Pappas, Jess Newing and Karen Swainson for being a part of this conversation.
How to resolve inner and outer conflict, extreme behavior and the affect it has on people, trauma response and healthy reconciliation. 
Personal and spiritual growth can cause upheaval in relationships if one is committed to growth and the other isn't. Here are some tips on staying connected and committed without growing apart. Enjoy. 
This is one of the most misunderstood kinks and kink archetypes so it was fab to delve into this one. 
Inside the rigger and the rope bunny archetype.  To learn more about my work please visit
Kink archetypes have a profound ability to show us who we really are, to harness their power and know their false power we create a new reality and relationship with ourselves and others. There are multiple sides this the Experimentalist Kink Archetype and this show gives you deep insight into it.  To learn more about my work please visit
This is a cracker! It's true, I am obsessed with Kink Archetypes! They teach us SO MUCH about ourselves and this one is huge. VANILLA... some people loathe it and some attach to it like a Mumma's milk. Either way,  there is SO MUCH to learn about it.  Kink and BDSM are so much more than we believe, when we understand them from an archetypal perspective we met ourselves on a whole new level.     To learn more about my work please visit
I  am beyond excited to give you a little look inside the Temple as we spoke about the VOYEUR Archetype. The full episode is on our YouTube  channel, the link is in the profile. It's worth watching as I speak to  the false power/ shadow of the voyeur and that's very useful to know as YouTube we ALL have this archetype within us.YouTube
How do the following things impact every aspect of our lives? -Confidence -Self-knowledge -Energy mastery -Intuition -Awareness
Every inch of my soul is coming back to this right now...  The Path of Aliveness.  Our Value System.  What is being asked of us right now?
The Hedonistic Way Show.  There is a whole lot of delish in this ep!  An awesome one for the Mama's as we spoke about...  1. Finding yourself after being lost in Motherhood.  2. How to communicate your desires with your partner.  3. How to find your pleasure after becoming a Mum.  4. Expanding your capacity to receive.   5. What Pleasure does for your business.    ... Your sex origin story and recreating it.    About Nikii Syme.    She is walking the path of aliveness,  Everything on the line, If there was a line,  She takes the record that has been on repeat and writes a new tune,  She has the unshakeable foundation of Self-Love, She lives to see women rise in Love,   She is a Mother, a Lover and a gifted Entrepreneur.    We welcome Nikii Some to the show. Find Nikii on Facebook or on her website. 
Ep 90: What Is Sexy?

Ep 90: What Is Sexy?


Renee Mayne debunks this mystical sexy, what sexy really means, how it's defined and what we can do moving forward.    How do we change the conversation about it?   What it is and HOW you can get it! Tune in. 
Renee Mayne shares her personal journey with Forgiveness and what it really means through the eyes of the universe. What does it mean? Does it belong in spirituality? Is it really a mental trap that keeps us in energetic limbo? Ummmm big questions that are being discussed widely across the “spiritual” cosmos right now! As usual, as we do when we walk the path of Third Level Priestess we are at the cutting edge of what it means to be spiritually fierce and we are unafraid to dismantle the dogma that can come with spirituality. Prompts- Where am I carrying resentment, anger, frustration or blame and what is my responsibility in this? What did I learn from this experience/ person? Where am I out of integrity? Ho'oponopono Prayer I am sorry Please forgive me Thank you I love you.
CROSSROADS. She is bubbling underneath, Alluring you into the underworld of decadence, When we ignore her she doesn’t go away, She waits, She’s the purr under your skin, She’s that clench of your butt cheeks, She is someone I avoided for a long time, She was a piece of me that I would find in small moments, Often under the influence, The hunger to be uninhibited, I felt so free there, I didn’t care what people thought, I was just me, In a life where I let the need for people to like me consume me, Swayed by what people thought I was meant to do with my life, So I hopped from thing to thing trying to find THE thing, I chopped and changed, Moved from place to place looking for THE place, This  constant pursuit to be content, consumed my every thought and action,  to the point where I was never really able to enjoy life because I was  high tailing to this LIFE I COULD NEVER CATCH.
Such a delicious heart-opening conversation with Arion Light, there is so much to enjoy in this episode, 1. How to listen to the current and let it flow through you. 2. One to have one foot in the beauty and one in the brutal. 3. Receiving. 4. What union is and what it isn’t. 5. Generosity in business and the currency of that. …. What it means to be a Warrior for love and how to create from that space. About Arion Light Warriors of Love. He is no novice to Darkness, Only he sees it as Light, Or the same thing to be more accurate, He is a Warrior for Love, Unafraid to fight for it, Be with it, Honour it, And make love to it. Only he doesn’t see it as a fight, He sees it as unbridled potential, Uninhabited state of consciousness and ecstasy, Nothing we need to find, seek or chase, But something we allow, surrender to and open up to… He is on a mission for Love to teach Warrior how to remember they are love and how they create from love. He is a little bit delish, And a lotta wise, humble and strength. We welcome Arion Light to show.
Whoa! This beauty moved my soul today as we ventured into the gap 1. Navigating the space between belonging and being an outcast. 2. What it's like being from one world and living in another. 3. Shame. 4. How we moved forward respecting all humans. 5. How we are at a crucial time right now to ensure the traditions of our Nations First People is continued. ... How we can learn with and from our children. Enjoy! About Tarsh Bamblett. She is an absolute Queen, A Warrior, She is Woman. She is a torchbearer who is teaching us to remember. Remember who we are, Where we come from, The land we reside upon, She is all about to get through the gap we need to go beyond the Gap, She is Miss Soul and the Queen of Acknowledgments. She is leading the way for us to live an all-encompassing world where we see each other with love, respect and honour. She is real and unafraid of vulnerability and freedom of expression. She has a zest for life that is contagious. She is Tarsh Bamblett and she’ll be joining me on the show this Tuesday.
This conversation with Stepha Doyle was centred around realness, how we both crave it and fear it, what opened up was a beautiful transmission that went into the realms of… 1. How grief lets the idea of forever go and how we tend to latch onto “forever” 2. How it doesn’t have to make sense, you just need to do it. 3. Creating a foundation after loss. 4. How showing up online is a journey to self love. 5. Increasing our capacity to receive and experience more. … Traversing from owning the underworld to  allowing in the full spectrum. So good! About Stepha Doyle She is a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air, She is a pop of colour who is teaching us to Get Reel. She is an artist, A Photographer, She is someone who unapologetically expresses herself in all her realness, She is like the Golden Age of Truth, Freedom and Expression. She is like taking a trip to Wet ’n’ Wild… She spreads exhilaration  where ever she goes.
The Hedonistic Way Show Kia West was a sweet elixir to my soul, a beautiful conversation that took me away as we ventured into the realms of- 1. How to begin putting yourself out there right now. 2. How to find your voice in all the noise. 3. The universal perspective of creation. 4. What to do when someone challenges your truth. 5. The importance of being agile throughout the creation process. … and how the Fibonacci number sequence is the essence of all creation and owning all parts. Delish! About Kia West Visionary Director. She is a storyteller, A visionary, A seer. She creates a moving, living canvas of beautiful art that is cosmic, She geeks out on all the coolest stuff, She is slightly left-field, Totally quirky, A little bit weird, And a lot of fun. Underneath all that, she is on fire with her service and stirring up socials and injecting dynamic, captivating content that takes us away. She is devoted to helping others shine and becoming bad arse boss babes. Welcome to the show KIA WEST!!!!
Me, riffing about all things.... 1. The difference between s.e.x.ual energy and the erotica. 2. How our limited views on this has created havoc in our lives and bodies. 3. How to activate our senses to expand our consciousness. 4. How desire and self-worth go hand in hand. 5. The space in between the foreplay and the happy ending. ... How to know if you're localising your energy and when you're tapped into your erotica.
Well that was delicious! What an all encompassing conversation where Abbey Rose and I speak to all of our favourite topics! Money, energy, pleasure, business, the masculine and feminine. So good. Inside this ep is- How to have the courage to speak up and speak the unspoken. Finding the sweet spot in your money. How to increase your capacity to receive. How we often think the wounded masculine is the actually the wounded feminine. Finding your soul language. … How is not about finding balance, it’s all about the sweet spot… oh and pleasure! How Abbey altered her reality using pleasure practice. She isn’t afraid to shake shit up, She speaks the unspoken, She will push the edges of your mind, Into neurodiverse epic thinking. And that is what is required of us as the ones who want to go rogue. A system breaker ⁠⁠ A vision creator ⁠⁠ A torch bearer ⁠⁠ Paving a new way for business and holding space for other visionaries in the business and finances. ⁠⁠ Very excited to have Abbey Rose on the show.
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