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Author: Russ Emanuel, Lead Pastor

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Olive Grove Church exists to create connections that change communities. We do this by sharing the Good News, Serving others, and Sowing generously.
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It's ok to feel discouraged but don't start living in it. Set your heart above the line, knowing that whatever your problems are, God is bigger.
We already have victory over the penalty and power of sin, and efforts of our own making to fix the problem only amplify it. But allowing the Holy Spirit within us to confront the issue and provide correction leads us to life and peace. 
Grace is personified in Jesus and He's infinite in His goodness, holiness, and love. You can't go too far with those. Put your faith in what Jesus finished at the cross. It's too good to not believe.
You've already been accepted, you don't have to earn anything. All you have to do is believe.
Sometimes we can find ourselves sitting in negative thoughts, allowing the enemy to work in our lives. But we don’t have to bite the bait of a victim mentality because the victory is already ours. God’s grace is sufficient so we don’t have to strive to be perfect. We can rest in the peace of knowing we are children of a loving God and triumphant in Him.
Your position in Christ is greater than your condition in life, but you have to change your beliefs. Align your thoughts with God's word. See you for who you are in Him. Because the truth of the matter is you can live a free and full life, when you know your position I'm Him.
The cross changed everything, separating the old vs the new. Creating a life where we don't have to measure up to the standard of the law but can instead live free in love. Grace has made you a new creation in Him and there is nothing left to be done. It is finished.
God does not condemn us, but He’s totally in love with us. So much so that He paid a debt we couldn’t pay, giving us the gift of righteousness through faith when we believe. It’s not something we have to strive for but a place that we can live from. 
Your closeness with God is a fact. It’s not based on feelings or performance. It doesn’t require you to die or climb mountains. You won’t get any closer than you are right now. You just need to trust in what He has already done, allowing God to work through you and Grace to take you through.
Performance and perfection cannot produce freedom. We don't need to work out what God has already worked in. So rest in the finished work of God, knowing that you don't have to worry. It's already taken care of.
Storms will happen, waves will crash, winds will blow, but God will not change. Trust in Him, knowing that what's on the inside of you is greater than any problem you face. No matter what it looks like, you will make it to the other side.
We were promised an abundant life not a problem free life. But just because there are obstacles, doesn't mean we stop. God is still working even in the chaos. So keep walking, keep moving. The promise still stands. 
The enemy's game plan is distraction, but don't let your head forfeit the promise God laid on your heart. You can trust Him while you're going through. He's already made a way before you get to the other side.
You’re still here after all you’ve been through. But don’t miss what lies ahead focusing on what’s behind you. Allow God to use what you went through because there’s a purpose to the process. And your past will either become your prison or your platform.
Rejection is unavoidable in life, but holding on to the offense creates deep wounds we carry beneath the surface. Address the wound and allow God to heal you correctly. Because internal injuries not dealt with with will continue to cause you pain, infecting your perspective.
Viewing things through the lens of a wounded heart changes our perspective. But we don’t have to remain victim to sore spots of the past. So, what wounds are you carrying today? Stop allowing pain to control the narrative and allow Jesus to help you get over it.
What are you zooming in on today? Does it line up with what God says about you? We always have a reason to be thankful, even when it doesn’t look or feel like we do. We can choose to be optimistic, having faith that God’s plan is good no matter what.
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