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Have you ever seen behind the curtains of someone else's life and been disappointed?Do you have curtains up in your own life?We must allow someone access to see behind the curtains of our life. Allowing people to see our weakness keeps us authentic. Support the show
E126: Crushing Anxiety

E126: Crushing Anxiety


The darkest of human behaviors grow from the seed of distorted thinking. Thankfully, the opposite is also true. There is hope for our big problems. 1. What is anxiety?2. Who struggles with anxiety?3. What determines if you win or lose the battle with anxiety?4. How do you battle it?If you want to support our work and receive free access to our video courses, go to the show
We all want to live on the road to the life we were made for. But there are ditches on both sides of that road. The dreamer has an incredible gift to help us see all that life can be.  The threat is that the dreamer will only dream and they will make others live in fear. The integrator/controller has an incredible gift to help dreams become reality. The threat is that the integrator will squelch the dream by living in fear. Support the show
Why are married couples struggling to have a great sex life? Sexual dysfunction is everywhere is society. There are many sexual experiences that bring devastation and long lasting pain. But sex between a husband and a wife can be powerful. Why are we struggling:1. We get busy and stop pursuing sex.2. Sex exposes us and that is scary. 3. From a young age we are conditioned that sex is mostly a bad thing. 4. We live in fear of what could go wrong instead of living in excitement about what we can experience together. Support the show
What do you do when you feel like your life is just one big mess? Here are some thoughts from this episode:The existence of a problem is not our issue. Our response to the problem is what leads to our demise. The worst of all human dysfunction is caused by the simplest of distortions in our thinking. Focusing on you purpose instead of your problem is the pathway forward. Support the show
In this episode Mark and Adena tell a story about a miscommunication they had recently. A great marriage is not one that is void of disagreements. To build a strong marriage both people must be able to engage in conflict without putting up walls that shut the person out. Support the show
Mark and Adena have a candid conversation with each other about their relationship. They look back to how they could have destroyed each other in the early years. To summarize, Adena was threatened to be a person that had to have a perfect life. This could have caused her to reject Mark since he was a very flawed man. Mark was threatened to be a person that would never admit failure. This could have caused him to bring Adena so much pain as he hid his weaknesses. Support the show
In this episode Mark sits down for an episode with Steve Katsis. They have a conversation about how we as  men struggle to feel qualified. 1. What causes a man to live life with the goal of not being disqualified?2. What keeps a man stuck in this mindset?3. How does a man get over this mindset. Every man needs to know his purpose and find his people. Support the show
Living in the perfect will of God sounds like a great target. But it also sounds overwhelming and impossible. In the episode, Mark talks about principles of God's will that can help up live boldly. God's will has much more to do with who we be than what we do. God's will is that we live out His ways and His wisdom. Support the show
We build a wall between us and someone else in order to protect ourself from being hurt. But that wall has big implications on our entire life. 1. That wall impacts many of our relationships.2. The wall you put up changes you. 3. The wall blocks out love from others. 4. At some point we have to take down that wall by being vulnerable. 5. Behind that wall, it is critical to see your own faults. 6. Realize that life without the wall will be messy while you learn to live without it. Support the show
In this episode Mark tells some stories about his most recent visit to a prison. He asked the inmates this question: "What is the most difficult to overcome? The ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, or the ghost of Christmas future?" The ghost of Christmas past is overcome through forgiveness.The ghost of Christmas present is overcome through learning to trust.The ghost of Christmas future is overcome through surrendering what we cannot control. Support the show
All of us are a gift to others, but it doesn't always feel that way. How do I unwrap the gift of me?1. See the gifts of others first. Let them use their gift in your life. Take an opportunity this week to complement someone on a gift that you see in them. 2. Face your fears. One of the most common fears that we have is the fear of admitting a weakness. But when we hide our weakness, we also hide our gift. 3. Know your purpose. It is hard to boldly show up in your life when you do not know your purpose. If you want to work with us email mark here:, or email Adena here: You can also visit our website: the show
We learned how to play pickle-ball recently. In joining this group of players we found ourselves noticing the interesting relationship dynamics.Some teammates cause you to play tense.Other teammates enable you to play bold and free. How we interact with people will determine if they want to keep coming back! Support the show
What are the common areas of struggle for a man?1. Void of Purpose2. Lack of Camaraderie3. Frustration in loveHow should a man think about his struggles?1. They are normal2. His problem is not his identity3. Problems are opportunitiesWhat can a man do with struggles?1. Talk openly with a trusted friend2. Share the pain or confusion of your heart3. Love someone in spite of your struggleSupport the show
There are three areas in a man's life that determine his level of fulfillment. 1. A sense of mission/purpose2. Strong camaraderie3. Life giving loveIn this episode Mark mentions a marriage assessment. Here is the link: the show
This episode is to thank people that have supported us over the last year. You will hear three stories that represent what we do with our non-profit work. If you would like to support our work, you can donate to the non-profit here: the show
In this episode you will hear an organic conversation and the story of Elaine Mingus. Elaine is a mom of 7 kids, a speaker, and a business owner. Her story will inspire you to face any obstacles that you face in your life. You can visit her store here: can also go to her website here: the show
Accountability is powerful or it's awkward!Some types of accountability only make us focus more on the problem and make relationships get awkward. Great relationships produce organic accountability. The big difference is that the focus is no pointing people toward their purpose, not pointing them toward their problem. Support the show
Mark went to a prison last week and asked a question that you would not expect to hear at a prison. "Why are you so free?" Twelve men at a correctional facility are going through The Purpose Mastermind. These men, although they live in a prison, have such a sense of freedom. In response to the question, here is what they said:"We have lost it all, so we only have something to gain.""When I lost physical freedom, I realized that freedom is not physical at all.""I have everything to gain. I gain every day." Support the show
On this episode Mark talks with Wave Carter. Wave lives in San Antonio, but flew up for a weekend visit with in Tulsa. This conversation began in the sauna and ended in front of the podcast microphones. In this episode you will hear a story of a man with a broken relationship with his daughter. What happens when someone has a gap between who they are and who they think they are? Support the show
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