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Tableside Mashed Potatoes - A Digital Marketing Podcast
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Tableside Mashed Potatoes - A Digital Marketing Podcast

Author: ZGM Modern Marketing Partners

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Are you a marketing professional? Feeling overwhelmed yet? Join us as we tackle this crazy industry one episode at a time. From marketing and data to branding and UX, we'll dissect these over drinks. Hosted by Derek Hovinga, Scott Irwin and Peter Bishop - three long-time friends and long-time marketers at ZGM Modern Marketing Partners.
26 Episodes
On our final episode of the season, we look back at the start of Tableside Mashed Potatoes. We talk about what we liked about our podcast, what we could do better (or not) and what we're excited about in the new year.
What do bath bombs have to do with an online community? Find out on episode 25 as we have Chad Neufeld from Calgary-based online community platform developers Chaordix.Thanks to Chad Neufeld for coming on the show at Thomas Thomas for lending us their music.
On our 24th episode, we talk about the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" and how impact social media has on its users.Give it a listen, review and share.
On our 23rd episode, we have Mario Amantea (Partner and COO of ZGM Modern Marketing Partners) on the podcast to talk about his experience in business and how it correlates with his history of being a hockey coach for several top performing teams including the University of Calgary Dinos. 
Kirstin Webster came to ZGM Modern Marketing Partners as an Account Coordinator and then quickly transitioned to an Account Manager, grabbing onto the reigns of a few of the niche industries within the agency.On this episode, Kirstin talks about what it's like to manage non-profit clients and how marketing can do good for a number of organizations.
We are excited to bring on Co-founder and Digital Project Manager extraordinaire, Rachel Gertz from Vancouver's Louder Than Ten.With help from Promethean Research, Rachel created the "2020 Pattern Report" to uncover the patterns of resilient digital firms amidst today's pandemic situation.The pattern report is a free download that investigates how digital agencies, firms, consultancies and shops are doing and how they're being impacted by the initial shock waves of this global pandemic.To download the report, head to
Career limiting moves

Career limiting moves


It's episode 20 and we are back from vacation. We're also back in studio!This episode we talk about some of our bad experiences and things you could limit your career progression.
On our 19th episode, we start our "Talkin' Shop" series where we bring on our co-workers to talk about anything and everything. On this episode, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer Rob Fairhead fills in for a vacationing Scott to talk about marketing generalists.Thanks to:ZGM Modern Marketing PartnersThomas Thomas for lending us their song Happy New Year Baby
On episode 18, we had new University of Alberta marketing grad and host of the Marketing Major podcast, Josh Radostits come on to talk about what it's like graduating during a pandemic.We talk about his experience producing a podcast and how he was able to score Terry O'Reilly for his very last episode.Special thanks to:Thomas Thomas for lending us their music.Marketing Major podcastZGM Modern Marketing Partners
On episode 17, Sarah Schmidt from ZGM educates us on paid media and what you have to do to get free beer t-shirts.Thanks to:Calgary band Thomas Thomas for lending us their track "Happy New Year Baby" ZGM Modern Marketing Partners
#BlackLivesMatter has sparked many conversations about systemic racism and how many brands with a strong influence and voice should be leading the way to help push change.On episode 17, we talk to ZGM's Director of Account Services, Puneeta McBryan, to talk about how brands can navigate through social cause.Resources to follow to learn more:What is Systemic Racism?Community Wise Resource CentreCentre for Race and CultureSpecial thanks to:Thomas Thomas for lending us their music.ZGM Modern Marketing Partners
Jeff is a co-owner of Vine Arts Wine and Spirits, Proof and Donna Mac and we were lucky enough to chat with him about what he's doing with his reopening strategy for his restaurants.We talk about how COVID-19 has helped him evolve his businesses, social media marketing and the greatest social campaign he's ever run.We also talk about cocktails because we couldn't pass up the chance.Thanks to:ProofDonna MacVine Arts Wine and SpiritsThomas Thomas
On episode 14 of the podcast, we had entrepreneur Jay Baydala from Goodpin and Evrywork come on the podcast to talk about how he left a lucrative position in corporate IT to creating change in the world by starting Goodpin.Special thanks to:Jay BaydalaZGM Modern Marketing PartnersThomas Thomas
On episode 13, we bring in one of the partners of ZGM who has experience in a number of realms. We talk what it was like working in the gaming industry, how to scale your business into new markets and what exactly he means by peanut butter and hairy backs.Thanks again to:ZGM Modern Marketing PartnersThomas Thomasand our unofficial sponsor Campari. 
On episode 12, our worlds collide as we bring in someone from a competing agency to talk on managing client expectations. Jill Dewes helps run Daughter Creative, a branding and design agency out of Calgary. We talk about her advertising upbringing and discuss how effective a good client relationship can be.Thanks to:Jill Dewes from Daughter Creative for coming on the podcast.Thomas Thomas for lending us the music.Cabin Brewing and Annex Brewing for supplying us with non-Negroni fuel for discussion.ZGM Modern Marketing Partners for keeping us employed.
On our 11th episode, we decided to bring on a guest. Heleena Webber is a former ZGM employee and is now the Group Account Director at One Twenty Three West - Vancouver advertising agency and design collective.Heleena is a Jane of all trades and talks a bit about how she ended up from a receptionist at a Calgary agency to a Group Account Director of one of Western Canada's most notable advertising firms.We would like to thank:Thomas Thomas for lending us their music.Campari for unofficially sponsoring our podcast without any knowledge.Heleena Webber for coming on our show.
On our big 10th episode, the Tableside crew discuss the art of baking and 3 things marketers probably don't want to hear but they should.Thanks again to Thomas Thomas for lending us their song "Happy New Year" and to ZGM Modern Marketers for officially sponsoring our podcast... and Campari... for unofficially sponsoring it.
Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!!!

Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!!!


On episode 9, we record our podcast through Zoom and discuss how some businesses in various industries are pivoting in this current landscape.Thanks again to Thomas Thomas for lending us their song "Happy New Year".Podcast brought to you by ZGM Modern Marketing Partners.
In the midst of Covid-19, it's realistic to assume that shifting to the "home office" will become the new normal for many of us for a while. On Episode 8, Peter, Scott and Derek from ZGM Modern Marketing Partners log into a video conference call on Friday night to record the podcast from our respective homes for the first time ever.  We discuss how we can embrace the remote working culture. We talk about tips for routine, communication and keeping your physical and mental health top-of-mind. Music by Calgary band, Thomas Thomas For additional tips on working remotely, check out Peter's latest blog on the 3 keys to success for working remotely on the ZGM website.
On episode 7, with news about the Coronavirus updating by the minute, the Tablesides drink a couple Negronis and talk about COVID-19's economic impact and ways we can use digital means to help counter it.Tune in as we try to make light of a depressing situation.Thanks again to Thomas Thomas for lending us their music, Campari for not sponsoring us still and to ZGM Modern Marketing Partners for their support.
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