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What are our kids being taught in today’s school system? Are they being setup to be successful in the real world? How can we change the curriculum to where they’re learning valuable things? I delve into this and more in today’s episode. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Divorce is something that happens regularly in the world. What's not discussed are the struggles men go through not just financially, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally. This book focuses on that and I talk about what went into writing this book and story.
Imagine someone telling you that you can't do something. Or you can't achieve the goals and aspirations you have. It happens to a lot of us in our life journey. I delve into this in today's podcast.
We spend a lot of our lives doubting ourselves in who we are, our purpose and going after what we want. But what if it was part of your growth in life?
The next book in the series is a story with Evan and financial success. Evan's story is what millions of men experience in their everyday lives. This story was necessary to write and how the world affects our thinking and the pressures we face.
We don't always need to be in the light when we are working on our goals. Sometimes walking through the dark tunnel of uncertainty helps us to appreciate the journey.
My mental focus and concentration always keep me going. I always feel noome will outwork me because of how bad I want to succeed and impact others. Just the things that go on in my mind daily.
Today's podcast focuses on how I wrote Part 3 of this series. Paternity leave is what this story consists of and it's a subject that's not discussed enough in the world and in Corporate America.
We want to win and be successful so bad in today's world. we fail to realize that we can win and lose races on our journey but we will surely win the marathon. It's always about longevity on our journey of growth.
There's a drive in me that always keeps me going. I love the grind and journey and I share what keeps me going everyday. It's about purpose and fulfillment for me.
It's Book Insight Friday and today I discuss how I wrote the next book in this series. This book focuses on men and their mental health struggles we go through in today's world. eBook:
What we don't realize is slow progress is still progress when we're striving for our dreams. Let us remember that there are no overnight successes and every little thing's gets us closer to the end goal.
Today's podcast is a real good one! I talk about my journey moving from NYC to Phoenix, Arizona. One of the biggest decisions I've made in my life and I'm thankful for the life I have now.
We're getting back to talking about books and I discuss what went into writing 'A Man's Plight 1' and the storyline to the start of this 6 book series. The focus is on portrayals of men in today's world. eBook:
What we don't realize in life is that fear prevents growth. I delve deep into this today and utilize acronyms regarding fear and how you can overcome the negative aspect of fear.
When it comes to remembering so much, it's really impossible, especially for me. On my writing journey, I've learned to write everything down and you should too. I talk about this in today's podcast.
One of the biggest things we do as writers and authors is building an audience. It's all a long journey full of struggles and growth. I talk about what we as authors go through to build something special.
The world is built off of negativity. A lot of people will try to put a damper on your goals and aspirations. I delve into how it takes being determined to get to where you are and how important it is to keep your circle full of supporters and people who want to see you succeed.
Our journey in life is full of ups and downs. Our mental health is so important and I really stress this in today's podcast. We don't succeed if our mental health isn't right.
My writing journey has been fun and I’ve taken a different road than most authors. With continuous growth and being innovative, I make a prediction based on what I’ve done that will change the way future writers go about building their platforms and brands. Audiobooks:
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