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Dying For Sex

Author: Wondery

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When Molly's diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, she decides to do something bold: she leaves her unhappy marriage and embarks on a series of sexual adventures to help her feel alive. She shares the funniest and most touching details with her closest friend, host Nikki Boyer. As they peel back the layers, we learn that Molly isn’t just grappling with breast cancer: she's also dealing with some trauma from her past. Along the journey, the friends explore bigger themes that affect us all -- like healing, forgiveness and what do we do with the time we have left.

From Wondery, the makers of The Shrink Next Door and Imagined Life, Dying for Sex is a six-part series about friendship, sex and love, and overcoming adversity. Hosted by Nikki Boyer.

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3 Episodes
When host Nikki Boyer’s best friend Molly is diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, she decides to do something bold. She leaves an unhappy marriage and embarks on a series of sexual adventures to feel alive. Over this six-part miniseries, Molly shares the details of her hilarious escapades in a story about friendship, death, and what you do with the time you have left.You can binge all episodes of Dying For Sex exclusively and ad-free on Wondery+. Find Wondery+ in the Wondery App or on Apple Podcasts.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Happy Endings | 1

Happy Endings | 1


Molly and Nikki are best friends, and they can laugh about anything — even cancer. They call it “gallows humor.” When Molly receives her diagnosis, she begins her sexual exploration by learning how to take a different kind of “selfie.” And she lets a massage go all the way.For more information about metastatic breast cancer research, support, and awareness, visit episodes of Dying for Sex are available now. You can binge the series ad-free on Wondery+ or on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Join Wondery+ here: us by supporting our sponsors!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In the first episode of Dying for Sex, host Nikki Boyer introduced you to her best friend, Molly, who was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. With her days limited, Molly did the unthinkable: she left her unhappy marriage to embark on a series of sexual adventures. But first, to start off her liberating escapade, she learned how to take a sultry selfie. She then had her first massage experience that went, well, all the way.If you want to hear the rest of Dying for Sex, you can listen to all ten episodes exclusively on Wondery plus.On Wondery Plus, you can listen to all your favorite podcasts early and ad-free. With a library featuring over 50 #1 Apple Podcast hits and 45,000 binge worthy episodes, there’s something for everyone.Join Wondery Plus in the Wondery app or an Apple Podcasts.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Comments (172)

Alex Kuhn

. I.i. have never cried harder than I have through Molly's life story. especially during her last spoken moments on the podcast 🥹 The enthusiasm in her voice while her body giving out on her ♥️🙏🥰 😭 -- A raw & authentic story can make the right individual cry regardless of the speed you listen to their life at

Aug 23rd

Robin u Blind


May 2nd

Robin u Blind


May 1st


Wow I loved hearing this at thank you. I am not through even half this podcast but I hope for a happy ending.

Oct 13th


Wow, I always search for different kinds of podcasts, and reading the bio to this story definitely fit the bill, and it hooked me right from start to finish... from great laughs to WTF'S, To heartfelt tears, such an incredible story of the individually of being human, and the amazing trust and love of two friends. thank you for sharing this wonderful story, I can't wait for the movie when I can say , " hey I listened to the podcast before this was a movie" you are a great story teller and human being Nikki, thanks again.

Mar 11th


omg!!! This really gave me joy, like I'm the loneliest person I know even tho I live with my mom. I've been single for a while and this really made me happy listening

Feb 21st

Suzanne Hubbard Gerken

I'm binging this podcast for a second time. Actually I didn't make it so the way through the first time because the world went crazy. So I'm starting again and I'm so excited. I just loved this!

Jan 8th

Jay Krissy

She is not african American...she is Jamaican- South Indian American

Nov 2nd

karen P

Thank you for sharing your friendship with all of us💜💜

Sep 24th

Mel Stewart

Great podcast about all things seldom discussed. Inspirational to say the least. I would so much love to meet Molly and lay on a blanket and watch the clouds and talk for hour... a remarkable person.

Sep 19th

Wendy Vigliotti

I cannot even express how this podcast has affected me. You are both such incredible women. I feel so blessed that I came across this podcast. I am not able to express myself very well right now I can't stop ugly crying .

Sep 1st


The most inspirational and important podcast I've ever heard. I feel human again.

Aug 15th

John Reed

I found you because you came up when I was searching for sexy talk. lol this isnt that and am deleting this podcast.

Aug 10th

Adam Davis

when she talked about falling in love with herself I cried. I had to stop what I was doing and take it all in. Very powerful and relatable.

Aug 9th


A very heartfelt podcast, definitely opens your eyes just a little bit more.

Aug 5th

Vipin Shankar

I wish I had a friend like you who would be besides me all the time. Molly was lucky to have you. I’m sure she is got an uninterrupted travel, Amen

Aug 3rd

Mike Haug

WOW,,,,,,,,What an amazing story, my brother n law has brain cancer he's 45 and declining by the day. I finished the pod cast in a day in a haft that was the first pod cast I ever heard and I no it can't be beat. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world. what a wonderful person Molly was God bless you and her, that story changed my life thank you so much.... Forever, Michael

Aug 2nd

Stephen Mihaly

The host managed to drain any interest in it by making it about her, and as for the continual interruptions with ads for other podcasts. l stopped after 3 episodes... couldn't take the host or Wondery any more.

Jul 28th

Zaftige Y

You did good Nikki. So good! Molly has made an impact on how I need to look at life. Plan trips, laugh often, & love hard. Thank you to you both!

Jul 9th


Cringey or not lol

Jul 9th