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Scott and Sadie's 20 Minute Morning Show
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Scott and Sadie's 20 Minute Morning Show

Author: Big 97.9 (KXBG-FM)

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UNIQUE CONTENT - and a bit more "biting wit" than what you'll hear on the air! Get Scott and Sadie's, um, unique perspective on the world around them bundled in a 20-minute package perfect for the drive home. Uploaded weekdays by noon. Make sure you click FOLLOW on the iHeart Radio app and SUBSCRIBE on other podcast apps to get Scott and Sadie's 20-Minute Morning Show for the drive home - or whenever you want to listen!

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269 Episodes
Damn kids.
It's good to be back. Kinda.
Black Doors?!

Black Doors?!


Wouldn't that suck? Have a nice day. Programming note - Scott is out for a few days. The 20MMS will return on June 15. THANKS for listening!
Ain't parenting fun?
Welcome to a glorious four-day week! Thanks for listening!
Have a nice day!
How poor people and rich people vacation. Have a nice day.
Happy Tuesday!
By the way, it's a red lawn mower.
I was. Plus, Sadie has earned a one piece! Happy Friday!
Expand Your World!

Expand Your World!


By purchasing an RV!
That'll never happen. Have a nice day!
Yes, we talked about poop. Surprise! Have a nice day.
Can boys schedule a weekly commitment? Happy Monday!
Happy Friday!
Happy Thursday!
Just a common Tuesday for us. Thanks for listening...
Happy Monday. More on how Scott is barely a man.
You Can't Sex Up Crocs

You Can't Sex Up Crocs


Happy Friday! Happy Mother's Day!
Scott goes off a little today. That's what Sadie gets for not being prepared with vapid topics...
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