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A nurse, a doula, an OB, and a couple of midwives walk into a podcast...and talk birth & community.
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During Trans Awareness Week, we hosted a screening of the film, "A Womb of Their Own" and had the opportunity to do a Q&A with the filmmaker Cyn Lubow and queer non-binary midwife Ray Rachlin.In this Q&A we discussed expanding our understanding of gender beyond traditional masculine & feminine roles, we identified some best practices for birth pros to adopt in their care to be more inclusive, discussed the challenges of systemic change & actions to take forward,  and we heard from community members across the disciplines on the film impact and the state of trans birth care.Support the show (
We are continuing our conversation this week with Irnise Williams JD, RN who joins Dr Abby Dennis, MD & Maggie Runyon, RNC-OB.  We're talking about the different dynamics of provider to patient/client relationships.We're talking about why we struggle to have nuanced conversations around care decisions.We're calling out the use of threats to coerce care choices.We're identifying some of the complicated biases & the role racism plays in engaging with those in our care.We're calling for change on individual & system levels to move towards a better way of being in #birthcare.Support the show (
There may be nothing that creates a stronger divide between birth professionals and the people they serve than the fear of liability.Particularly in the hospital setting, the fear of liability looms large and impacts the way we provide care: from the policies we create, to the technology we use, and the way we speak to patients.Special guest Irnise Williams, JD, RN joins Dr Abby Dennis, MD & Maggie Runyon, RNC-OB to dig into this multi-layered issue:How do we move past that fear?What best practices help us to document our care clearly for all involved?What special considerations are at play when caring for underserved populations?Support the show (
Part two of breaking down our motto: "Be.Inspired.Respected.Trusted.Heard."How do we ensure birthing people are respected, trusted, & heard?What does it mean to respect & trust birth?  What actions can we take so those in our care are actually heard?What steps do we take when we're working within a healthcare system that doesn't seem to trust birth and makes it hard for birth pros to give the time and attention they need to hear each person & respect their wishes?Support the show (
We celebrated National Midwifery Week with this live podcast!Our midwifery panel (Meredith Strayhorn, M.Ed, CD, CPM-Student, Ray Rachlin, LM, CPM, CLC, Dr Angela Mike, DNP, CNM) shared with us their answers to what midwifery means to them, what they wish they'd learned in school, but didn't, what they love to do as midwives outside of catching babies, how they process difficult birth outcomes, and how they are living out this year's slogan "Midwives for Equity."Support the show (
Our org's motto is Be.Inspired.Respected.Trusted.Heard.In this part 1, we want to dig in to what that motto means, how it dictates our practice, and the way we show up to hold space for birth.How do we change our mindset to stop us from feeling like we as birth pros have to "make birth happen" and allowing it to just Be?What does it mean to be inspired by birth?  How do we temper our expectations and hopes and dreams for birth so that it doesn't overwhelm the birthing person's?Support the show (
Moving Beyond Burnout

Moving Beyond Burnout


We are sharing about the realities of working as a birth pro and the sacrifices and toll that can take on us.  How do we recognize burnout and carve out practices that go beyond self-care so that we can be sustained in this work?Birth pros are at a high risk of burnout; we often lack the resources from our employers, our communities, and permission from ourselves to breathe, to pause, to take care of our needs.  Studies recognize 40-58% of birth pros across the spectrum of roles identify with burnout, and we know this shows up in the way we provide care and support others.  Continuing to live through a global pandemic has heightened both the demands on us, and lessened our outlets...where do we go from here? Support the show (
In this episode we had the opportunity to welcome Dr Mimi Niles, PhD, CNM, MPH in for a lengthy conversation about the state of birth care.  We're talking about what's missing at present, the improvements we need to make with midwifery, nursing, and medical education to put person-centered care and a health equity lens at the forefront, practice changes to increase client comfort and autonomy, and what we hope for the future!Support the show (
We are thrilled to share the thoughts of Dr Mimi Niles, PhD, CNM, MPH, Dr Neel Shah, MD, MPP, FACOG, & Krysta Dancy, MA, MFT with you this week!  We asked these birth pros to share their experiences with you about finding hope in birth care through this pandemic and how we partner together to move forward.Support the show (
Perinatal mental healthcare deserves more of our attention as birth professionals, especially now in these unprecedented times.Emily Souder, LCSW-C, PMH-C sheds light on this growing issue and shares her recommendations for addressing the concerns of those in our care.Support the show (
This week we are honoring the end of Internation Doula Month.  We have a panel of doulas on to discuss their experiences of providing care through a pandemic.  We're talking about work:life balance, virtual doula services and other ways to pivot during this time, and grow from here into a truly collaborative care environment.Support the show (
We are celebrating Nurses Week with two special guests on the show, Mandy Irby & Torie Pugh.  We are digging in to what it means to be a nurse advocate, the pressing issues facing birthing people right now, and empowering nurses to step up and into their roles as care leaders at the bedside and beyond.Support the show (
This week in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, we have special guests Dr Torie Comeaux Plowden and Jessie Bernstein, LMT on to talk about caring for people along the fertility journey.  We discuss stigma, access to care, cultural considerations, impacts within communities of color, supporting legislative efforts, and limits of care in the time of COVID-19.Support the show (
This episode we are discussing how the threat of COVID-19 is affecting our care practices.  We will also be discussing the particular theme of birth setting choice "home vs hospital" in the face of this crisis and dispelling some myths.Support the show (
Shared Decision Making

Shared Decision Making


This week we dig deeper into informed consent.  How can all of us as birth professionals and consumers ensure that we understand each other and that care supports the client's values? Shared Decision Making!Support the show (
This week we're discussing our maternal mortality rates in the U.S.  We're talking about the numbers, why they're so high, how communities of color are disproportionately affected, and some of the programs and people working particularly to effect change.  Support the show (
Bias in Birth

Bias in Birth


This week we dive into bias in birth, when we see it, and what to do about it.  We'll discuss provider:provider bias, bias about the "right" way to give birth, and ways we hope to see bias diminish as we all work together.Support the show (
This episode dives into the multiple roles nurses play in the birth continuum.  Get to know Maggie Runyon, RNC-OB as she explains her journey as a birth worker and the different ways she has cared for birthing people and their families.  She'll detail what she hopes the future holds for nurses as perinatal healthcare continues to evolve.Support the show (
Doula Role with Pansay

Doula Role with Pansay


Join us as we dig into the doula role, and what it's like to walk alongside people during some of the most transformational times of their lives.  Get to know Pansay Tayo, who has dedicated herself to "mothering the mother," infusing her practice with personalized ceremony to help each individual feel seen and honored through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.Support the show (
This week we dive more into midwives; discussing the Certified Professional Midwife role with Ray Rachlin, CPM.  We'll discuss what drew Ray to this work, the niche they've carved for themselves in the homebirth world in Philadelphia, and the challenges and hopes for the future for CPMs.Support the show (
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