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In this super cool episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, Lauren is joined by the amazing and wonderful Lorna who, with her Border Collie Nora, trains and competes in the magical world of Heelwork to Music and dancing with dogs!Lauren and Lorna are here in this awesome episode to chat all things Heelwork to Music, trick training and of course, DOGS!From the difference between heelwork to music and freestyle to how this amazing dog and exciting sport builds an incredible dog-handler bond and relationship and how it can be enjoyed by any handler or dog, no matter their age, size, breed or background!Plus, as Lorna and Nora prepare to make their debut at Crufts 2023, they are here to give you some of their favourite top tips on learning new tricks with your dog and then piecing them all together to choreograph a finished routine.There’s so much more in this episode, from top tricks, tips and hacks for those wanting to get started in trick training and heelwork to music, to breaking down tricks into small steps when teaching your dog so that you can set them up to succeed!Even if you don’t have any dreams to compete, trick training and dancing with dogs can be an amazing relationship booster in your everyday life with your dog! Dance, play and train tricks from the comfort of your living room and build an amazing, enriching relationship with your dog at the same time!AND you get to hear some handy hints for parents who have children who want to get into training tricks or even dancing with dogs in heelwork to music, not to mention Lauren and Lorna share their top tips on the qualities to look for in a dog who would be perfect for trick work and heelwork to music!This episode is absolutely one you will not want to miss, so dive in and have a listen – and while you’re here leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
In this super exciting episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast Lauren is joined once again by the wonderful Dan 'Tower' Anderson for an awesome myth busting tips, tricks and troubleshooting hacks session on loose leash walking and recall struggles!We are going to be talking on some of the biggest struggles faced by owners - struggles that when transformed are absolutely life-changing for YOU and for YOUR DOG!MYTH?Do dogs need to be walked and have opportunities to RUN every single day?MYTH?Do dogs need to have freedom to do whatever they want to have a good quality of life?MYTH?Do dogs need to be super social and be allowed to have play time with other dogs whenever they come across them?MYTH?Do dogs need to be faced with many, many other dogs and even more people to be properly socialised?MYTH?Must all dogs in a household have the same things, and at the same time, to keep things fair?We bust these common myths, plus SO MANY MORE and we also dive into some super top tips to grow your training struggles into absolute super strengths!Let's dive into this super cool podcast episode and really bust these common misconceptions with games of tips tennis AND get you the tips, tricks, strategies and solutions you need to solve your loose leash and recall struggles!Don’t forget, while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
Have you ever thought about your dog’s true health when it comes to food? Have you considered the foods you may be feeding them and how that food plays a part in a healthy, happy dog that is set up for a lifetime of wellness success and longevity?Have you ever wanted to make natural, healthy, GOOD food for your dog? What about switching up your dog's meals to make them more enriching, rewarding and enjoyable? Have you heard about our super Ditch the Bowl concept, and you're interested in how that might work for you? You've come to the right place! In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel Lauren is joined by a super special guest, the wonderful Michelle, who has featured many times on the podcast and is the rockstar head trainer and PDT for Devon Dogs at Bowerland - the home of absoluteDOGS - and she is also an absolute dog treat Bake Off Queen!From perfect sized home baked Treat and Train training treats, lick mat tasting plates, 3-course meal Kongs, super tasty squeezy tube recipes, Kefir, Golden Paste, Bone Broth, Green Tea, dog SUSHI and so much more, we've got it ALL for you in this episode!In this day and age, it’s time to take a really good look at what we are feeding our dogs every day and what we are putting into our companions, our friends, our teammates, and our furry family members to make sure they are as healthy as possible for as long as possible and the tips, strategies and super foods we chat on in this episode are going to help you get there!This is such an important episode to listen in one, with SO many super solutions for your dog’s wellness and long-term health and it’s an absolute MUST for any health-conscious dog owners, so jump on in – and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
Have you ever wanted to train your dog with tricks?In this super episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel the totally awesome Pro Dog Trainer Dan Tower Anderson is joining Lauren once again, this time to chat about all things tricks!From training snazzy tricks that look super cool like a Bow, a Spin or Jumping through Hoops, to training tricks that can be beyond useful in everyday life, such as Middle of the Move, Nose Push and Object Retrieve, not to mention CPR and so much more!There are so many ways that training "tricks" can benefit and complement our everyday training with our dogs too. Tricks can boost our dog's confidence, build their focus and engagement with us and grow immense value in proximity (sticking close to us!). Tricks will help your loose-leash walking, your recall, your reactive dog or your nervous, pessimistic dog! Tricks have got it all for both you and your dog!Tricks can also be an appropriate outlet for your dog's energy and can be a great way for kids and dogs to interact and work together while also not asking too much of the dog (like having them sit still for a long time around a high-energy child)!No matter what tricks you are training with your dog, it's all about the fun and the journey you go on with your dog, engaging with your dog and adding so much value to your relationship together!This episode is absolutely jam-packed with so many top tips, training hacks, and super solutions for all things tricks! It's the ultimate Tricks geek out! You definitely don't want to miss it - and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
Have you ever had an interview for your absolute dream job, but life circumstances left you feeling unsure as to whether you could - or should - take that opportunity?Have you ever wondered how hard you should push to grab an opportunity of a lifetime, even when the world seems to be pushing back?Have you ever been asked to step up and take on a higher level of responsibility, even though it might be something you feel you're not qualified or ready for?This is called stepping outside your comfort zone, and there are so, so many ways this might occur in everyday life. It can be hard to see when an opportunity is the right step forward for you.In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, Lauren is joined once again by the wonderful Sam Askew (super Pro Dog Trainer and rockstar Devon Dogs team member at Bowerland, the home of AbsoluteDOGS) to chat on ALL these things and so much more, including all their top tips for seizing the moment and stepping outside your comfort zone! From taking a leap or stepping up to seize an opportunity, to graduating outside your comfort zone to achieve a dream, it's all here in this amazing, optimism-boosting and thought-provoking podcast episode! It really is an inspirational episode, so jump in – and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
Fireworks are an oddity for dogs (and most animals). They’re loud, they’re booming, they light up the sky spontaneously and a lot of dogs are caught off guard by the noise and vibrations.If your dog is frightened by loud noises such as fireworks, don’t panic! The good news is you know they are coming, so now is the time to prepare for them.So just how can you help your dog through a night of fireworks? Here are our top tips!Download the Taking the Fear Out of Fireworks eBook! It’s FREE! Control the controllable! You'll be able to guide and help your dog through the fireworks season far more effectively by focusing on setting them up for success, rather than getting stressed, depressed or angry about the presence of fireworks in the world.Guard your dog's optimism!Fireworks and loud noises are downright terrifying for ANY dog, even if they seem to be okay around loud noises right now. One negative experience is all they need for "okay" to become "worried", "scared" or "totally terrified" so it's important to not only grow your dog's optimism and confidence through games, but it's equally as important to fiercely guard their optimism by setting them up for success whenever fireworks or loud noises might be near. Some of our optimism-guarding tips are:Don't take your dog for walks on evenings when you know fireworks might be around – go earlier in the day or simply play games at home instead!Give your dog a safe space like a covered crate or a dog-safe darkened room with closed curtains!Play loud music, white noise, radio or TV (some people even say drumming music is great to mask fireworks) – and ensure you also do this BEFORE the fireworks start to mask those loud noises and prevent your dog from hearing them as much as possible!It also helps to do lots of dry runs throughout the year and play your loud music randomly all year round to ditch that routine and stop your dog from predicting your "fireworks routine" and becoming worried anyway!Don't give your dog access to doors or windows while fireworks are happening!We’ve got SO MANY more tips for you in this epic episode so make sure you check it out – these are tips to make YOUR life and YOUR DOG’S life so much easier and more comfortable when it comes to Fireworks Season (and any other noisy, worrying times throughout the year)!Dive in and take a listen - and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
This fang-tastic episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast is all about Halloween!The height of the Spooky Season is such an exciting time of year, especially if you have a family with young children. There are tricks, treats and spooks galore with vampire visitors and ghostly guests knocking on your door. For your family, it’s a chilling, thrilling and exhilarating time!Did you know that Halloween can actually be incredibly stressful and overwhelming for many dogs! That's right! It’s a night full of weird, wacky, strange and downright scary things that your dog may never have seen or experienced before! Trick or Treaters alone can very quickly fill your dog’s stress bucket, especially if those visitors are dressed as witches, ghosts and other creepy creatures!To help you set your hound up for a frightfully fa-BOO-lous Halloween, Tom and Lauren have packed this episode full of their top treats, troubleshooting tricks and haunting hacks for you and your dog: ✔️ Plan how you're going to use your dog's daily food allowance during Halloween✔️ Make sure your fridge/freezer and cupboards are full of calming activities for your dog to focus on when things get frightful✔️ Have safe spaces for your dog to hang out in away from the front door, novel noises and those terrifying Trick or Treaters! ✔️ Pop a sign on your door asking visitors not to knock (we've even prepared one for you!) ✔️ AND SO MUCH MORE!It's important to remember that while it is just one night, there can be an exciting, novel and busy build up to Halloween and you may need to guard your dog more carefully from experiences they won't find enjoyable in the days and weeks beforehand. Plus, let's not forget that Halloween usually marks be beginning of an entire season of novel events, from fireworks season, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and so many more depending on where you are in the world, so the tips, tricks and treats in this episode are going to help you set your dog up for amazing success no matter what this time of year can throw their way!Take a listen - and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!LINK TO HALLOWEEN 'DO NOT KNOCK' SIGN: the show
In this inspirational and exciting episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, Lauren is chatting to the inspirational, passionate, enthusiastic Pro Dog Trainer Sam Askew about her journey from Aeronautical Engineering Technician in the Royal Air Force and struggling dog owner, to Gamechanger absoluteDOGS student to then jumping ALL IN to live her passion and work with dogs as a Pro Dog Trainer at absoluteDOGS HQ and the home of Devon Dogs, Bowerland!Lauren and Sam chat through all things from:- Learning through play, positivity and FUN with games-based concept training- The opportunity to dictate and design your own day as a Pro Dog Trainer- Spreading hope and helping dogs and their owners transform their training struggles- Owning, training and living with Naughty But Nice Dogs- Following your dreams, no matter what they are and living your passion- Topping up your own learning and growing by shadowing a fellow trainer- Uplifting students and setting them up for success with clear, simple and transformational training plans with a powerful support networkThis episode is full of optimism, inspiration, energy and enthusiasm and so much valuable learning! It is absolutely one you will not want to miss, so jump on in and have a listen – and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
Owning a barking, lunging, reactive dog - a Naughty But Nice dog -  can be challenging. The firefighting, the constant stress and worry, the fear of not knowing what to do, or when to do it. We know. We've been where you are, and we want you to know that we have got your back!With an increase in dog training and behaviour struggles over the last few years, the bad advice out there in the dog training world has also skyrocketed! It's never been more challenging to find the information YOU need to transform your dog's training and behaviour struggles AND give you lasting, real-life results and an amazing relationship with your dog!In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, we have got some SUPER strategies, solutions and top tips to help you not only get to grips with your reactive dog struggles, but also empower you with ALL the knowledge you need so you can be totally sure that you are doing the right thing for you and your dog!BUT WAIT... IF YOU HAVE A DOG WHO…• Barks, lunges, reacts or growls at anything and everything• Is worried about noise, movement or novelty• Chases, sniffs or hunts and pretends you don't exist• Has a hard time when you leave them home alone• Barks at noises or people or nothing!• Runs off when you let them off lead and has no recall• Jumps, humps, zooms, grabs your clothes or is mouthy and excitable• Can’t settle in your home• Finds visitors to your home hugely stressful!• Insert YOUR struggle here...WE HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU!The Barking, Lunging, Reactivity 7 Day Homeschool Challenge is back! This powerful little challenge is going to take you from not knowing what to do and feeling like there's no hope, to having the absolute certainty that you are doing the right thing while also arming you with the skills you need to teach your dog to overcome all your dog training struggles!It's an action-packed 7 days, giving you something to look forward to, something to give you an optimism boost and the momentum to conquer your dog's struggles and turn them into strengths once and for all!Want to know the best news? The Challenge is only £7 and you get to keep it for life!What are you waiting for? Jump in! Support the show Support the show
In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, Lauren is joined once again by the always awesome Justin Prust for an immense deep dive chat that is sure to get you thinking, reflecting, contemplating and looking at your life in a whole new way!The focus of this episode is all about ADVICE. Throughout our lives we are given a myriad of advice - both good and bad - and no matter whether we've received it from other dog owners, someone in within our canine world, or even if it came from a work colleague, a boss, our parents, friends, family, school teachers or anyone in our lives - everyone loves to give advice - it’s important to know what to listen to, and who, so that you can protect your space and live your life with as much passion as possible!This episode is packed with top tips, tricks and thought-provoking hacks focusing on:Living a more abundant lifestyle Looking to the world and those around you for good vibes and inspirationLiving in the moment and seeking out opportunities to be gratefulSavouring the good times and learning from the badGoing with your gut, taking good advice and living your passionGuarding your optimism and protecting your space from negative influences and bad adviceThis really isn’t an episode you want to miss – grab a cup of something, maybe a snack or two and your notepad and settle in for an amazing listen, filled with so many lightbulbs and all THE VERY BEST of the good stuff! It really is an inspirational episode, so jump in – and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!Support the show
In this episode of the Sexier Than a Squirrel podcast Tom and Lauren are talking about TRAINING SESSIONS - specifically, what is the perfect length? What is the MAGIC number when it comes to the length of a training session?Did you know, contrary to popular belief, you actually DO NOT need to end your training on a good note? If what you are working on or trying to train is not going in the direction you want and things are not improving in that moment, it's not likely to get any better in that session. It's absolutely OKAY to say enough is enough - we'll try again another time!Lots of smaller sessions throughout a day or over a week are going to be SO much more successful than one big, long session... Why? Listen in to find out!In this super cool episode, we'll be answering questions like:How long do you keep your dog in a training session? When do you say, "Okay, that's enough for now!"How to stop yourself from doing too much repetition, going too long and just generally 'overtraining?How do you know WHEN to say enough is enough?The reality is, the longer a training session goes on, there comes a point where Cortisol (the stress hormone), begins to kick in - just like in human exercise! To combat this, that's where our super fun training foundation of 3 Minute Games comes from!With 3 Minute Games, you have short, fun sessions full of all the beneficial hormones (like testosterone for boosting confidence and optimism) that are going to unlock MASSIVE real-life results for you and your dog!Are you ready to get the most out of your training session, to stop saying "just one more" and to truly achieve those real-life results you've been looking for? Well, get ready because, in this awesome episode, Tom and Lauren are bringing you some of their fast-fire top tips and hacks when it comes to training proactively to get those real-life results AND save time while you're at it - how cool is that?!Support the show
In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast Lauren is joined by super cool Pro Dog Trainer, Dan 'Tower' Anderson, who is back to chat about his journey as a dog trainer, his past experiences in the world of aversive training and how the revolution of positive games-based training - and becoming a Pro Dog Trainer - has totally transformed him as a trainer and an owner!Join us as we dive deeper into what aversive training is all about and the negative fallout that occurs when aversives are added into any training program for a quick-fix solution. We also chat about how instead of focusing on stopping problem behaviours you don't want, you can change the questions you ask - and ask even better questions - to allow you to get a different (and more successful) answer! We look at how following a path of tried and tested games-based training concepts can help you to become your dog's best advocate and lets you focus on what you DO want from your dog, so you can set them up to achieve lasting, joyful, real-life results success with ANY training or behaviour struggle!Whether you've had experiences with aversive training methods in the past, whether you're totally new to dog training or even if you're curious about the difference between styles of training and want to better understand how they work, this emotional, powerful podcast is seriously thought-provoking and you absolutely will not want to miss it!Missed our last chat with the super awesome Dan ‘Tower’ Anderson? Check it out here: Support the show
Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a training rut? Does it feel like life has gotten in the way and you can't find the time to train your dog? Do you dream of diving back into training with your dog, but you just don't know how to recover your momentum, motivation or time? Training lulls happen to the best of us. We've all been there and it's important to not be too hard on yourself. You are the best owner your dog could ever wish for and you need to celebrate that you are HERE, showing up for your dog! So, where do you go from here? How do leap out of that training lull and begin playing life with your dog again?In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel Podcast, Tom and Lauren are diving into all their super top tricks, terrific tips and helpful hacks that are guaranteed to get you well and truly out of that training lull, bring the joy back into your training sessions with your dog AND get you back in the game!Support the show
Today we're talking TRICKS! This is going to be such a COOL episode!There are many people out there who see dog training as owners teaching their dogs tricks or teaching them something cool or cute to show off. The reality is, that other people's "tricks" can very much be everyday training behaviours and FUN GAMES for our dogs that help shape their learning in a rewarding way!Some of our favourite tricks like:Middle on the MoveLeg WeavesBowSpinning left and right, Or even other behaviour cues like:Walking backwards, Jumping into our arms; and Hopping on a boundary from a distance These are all perfect examples of super behaviours that can look like a cool party trick, but they are also purposeful skills we get to teach our dogs to help set them up for joyful success in everyday life and real-life environments.Join Tom and Lauren in this super cool episode as they dive into their top tips for teaching your dog fun tricks that are not only going to bring them joy and enrichment but tricks that are also going to boost your relationship AND build super valuable behaviours and strong concepts that will serve your dog and set them up for success as they go about life with you!Support the show
DESCRIPTION:In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, join Tom and Lauren as they take a deep dive into a subject that is not only hugely important for your training success, but also vital in keeping your relationship with your dog topped up and strong!Today we're talking about how to end your training sessions - whether you're playing training games, heading out for a walk or even switching your dog between activities throughout the day.The end of any session, no matter what you are working on, can actually be really punishing for your dog - and for you - if not done in the right way.So how can we help shape our dog's brains see that the end of a session, game, walk or activity is not a punishing experience?It's easy! We show them a good deal within every transition between activities, so they see the true value in moving from one to the other without feeling punished!In this episode we'll be diving into our top tips on how you can be more thoughtful in how you end your training sessions and how you can plan ahead and know where you're going before your dog even comes into the session so that you can set up for ultimate training success!Support the show
Does your dog struggle with food motivation? How do you create a food motivated dog and have a dog the LOVES their food?While this topic may be a very small part of the dog training world, in truth it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changing the picture of life with your dog and getting real-life results in any area of training and daily life.In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, Tom and Lauren dive into all their terrific top tips on how to grow your dog's desire for food and their motivation to work WITH YOU for food.From ditching your dog's food bowl and getting them working for their food through fun experiences, to being purposeful with how you use every piece of your dog's food and not putting in any hard and fast rules too early, we're going to give you ALL our food motivation tips, secrets, hacks and tricks! If you struggle with a dog who has zero motivation for food, or your training isn't going so well because your doesn't seem to want to work for positive reinforcement methods, we want you to know that there is HOPE! There is absolutely no need to resort to aversive tools ad harsher training methods to achieve your all our training desires and results.We want you to share this FAR AND WIDE because the reality is THERE IS ANOTHER WAY and in this episode we're sharing ALL our keys to success for growing rock solid desire for food and a love of working WITH YOU for the food experiences you create!This is an immense episode that you absolutely do not want to miss! Support the show
Join Lauren and the Police Dog Handler, Dave Wardell in this very emotional and heart-wrenching episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast as we share the tale of the horrific turn of events in 2016 where Dave's best mate, the heroic German Shepard Finn (a General Purpose Police Dog), puts his own life on the line to take down a criminal AND save his dad's life in the process!Throughout this terrifying and unbelievable journey we learn how Finn overcomes his traumatic injuries to live a life full of heroic achievements, pure awesomeness and so many truly, truly amazing wins!Have your tissues ready, this is a story of a once in a lifetime Police Dog and his Handler and how pure canine instinct, an unbreakable dog-handler bond and the most unlucky, traumatic event can rally the immense support of a national community to bring about a law to make it harder for those who harm service animals to claim they were acting in self-defence.Finn's Law now gives power to prosecute more severely those who injure service animals such as police horses, and police dogs just like Finn! This emotional story is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and ultimately, a happy ending - it's one you certainly won't want to miss!Support the show
In this episode of the Sexier Than A Squirrel podcast, Lauren is joined by superstar Gamechanger, Mayuri Kerr, a Dentist, Biomedical Engineer and now, a professional dog trainer!From growing up in India, dreaming of owning a dog and starting out at a young age using aversive training methods, Mayuri shares her unbelievable and totally incredible introduction to the positive, games-based training revolution and the Pro Dog Trainer Programme after moving to the USA and meeting her incredibly Naughty But Nice rescue dog, Rosie.This is a story of discovering optimism, facing fears, sharing kindness, finding community AND realising that dog-owning dream that we all have IS POSSIBLE!As one of the truest transformation tales you will ever hear, this episode is so value-packed that you will absolutely not want to miss it!Support the show
Do you have passion? Enthusiasm? A drive to grow as a dog trainer and as a person? Are you ready to make the leap to train your dog like a pro?!Lauren is joined in this episode by super passionate Gamechanger Jess McNight, as she shares her powerful story of her path to becoming a Pro Dog Trainer!Jess's tale begins with the love of a dog and wanting to build her own knowledge to become the best advocate for her own dogs - and while her journey has chapters of caution and doubt, Jess's tale is ultimately one of bravery, confidence and true Gamechanger transformation as she steps up to become the Pro Dog Trainer other owners need to help become their dog's best advocates too! Are you ready to step up and set a new standard? What's holding you back from leaping in to Pro Dog Trainer?Whether, like Jess, you're worried you won't get it right or have all the answers for your students OR you're thinking the Pro Dog Trainer programme is only for someone who wants to be a professional dog trainer, we have good news! If you have a dog, you ARE a trainer and PDT is for just for YOU! And if you're ready to become a Pro Do Trainer to help other owners and their dogs, PDT is there to set you up for ultimate success in planning and teaching your lessons!If you need an inspiration boost to help you make the leap, listen in to this positivity-packed episode! Support the show
Lauren is joined in this super cool episode by Leslie Eide, a superstar canine rehab and sports medicine veterinarian, who has taken time out from her busy travelling schedule to chat with Lauren in an all-expenses paid whistle-stop deep dive into all things canine fitness and conditioning!Through canine sports medicine, Leslie works with dogs on conditioning and fitness exercises that help them become the very best they can be at their sport and by using physical therapeutic exercise, Leslie can help dogs get back to their best after surgery, having puppies, injury or even dogs who have just had a bit of a training break.If you've ever wanted to learn more about the world of canine sports medicine, canine conditioning or even just listen in as Lauren chats with one of her super support team on keeping her dogs fit and healthy, then this is the episode for you!There's so much you can do for your canine athlete - no matter whether they are destined for agility and flyball or lazy Sunday hikes and sofa time! Join Lauren and Leslie in this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast as they dive into some super tips tennis on canine sports medicine and conditioning exercises!Support the show
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Hilde Doyle

Great information but it's hard to listen to the hosts speak over each other.

Aug 12th
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Becky Germain

This was so good Tom and Lauren. I have a 4 month old puppy that I've been busy trying to introduce to everything which is kind of difficult with our current world situation. So now I can refocus and just think about having new quality experiences when appropriate.

Apr 8th

Lindsay Shirley

yeah when I lost weight I felt good about my self I have condfince in my self quit hiding between .a 🌲 are u santa clausa sorry look in the mirror. my asshole hole looks better thanur face.

Feb 25th

Will Gortoa

Was Lauren inside a kennel in this episode? 🤔

Feb 23rd

Ava S Bajpai

when is the next episode?!! I just listened and have Downloaded the booklet I'm keen to get going!! I'm going to watch your channel this week for help with recall and play biting (Lexie - 6 month collie alsation cross!!!) love the energy Kent to try out your way of Training :) Ava & Lexie

Feb 17th
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