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Equality & Rights For All

Author: Anthony Lorito-Duke

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an advocacy for animals rights, for rights of people who are elderly, disabled (including those with mental illness), for G.L.B.T. (and their families) rights, & to inform about what's going on politically & economically locally, nationally, and world wide.
69 Episodes
1) Meisha Ross Porter Is The New School Chancellor of NYC Dept of Education2) As Much as NYS Governor Cuomo Did Lots of Great Things, He Also Did Lots of Wrong Things Too
1) Equality Act Has Passed In US House of Representatives2) My Internet Store On Zazzle
Charges Against Amy Cooper Dropped
Britney Spears Conservatorship Case
Biden Gets Rif of the Trans Ban
Current Impeachment Trial In Senate. Trump Is Gone & It's Time To Move On & Deal w/Important Issues.
Now is the time for healing, unity, building up our econo,my & bringing back our country
My Website & internet store
Yesterday's Situation At US Capitol When Rioters/Anarchists Attacked & Rioters/Anarchists That Attacked Police Etc During BLM Protests
People Need 2 Doses of the Vaccines. people Can Not Just Have 1 Dose & Think That's It.
Trump Wants Senate To Agree To $2,000.00 Stimulus Check
Stimulus Relief Package Talks (What The Republican Controlled US Senate Want & Do Not Want Added In)
COVID-19 Vaccines
NYC Schools Reclosing Due To Increase of COVID-19 & People Refusing To Listen
Healing & Moving On
Election Results
1) COVID-19 Vaccine(s)2) People Need To Stop The Negativity
Discussing My 2 Books
Marrriage Equality, Women's Rights, & Mental Health/ACA/Health Coverage
If The US Senate Approves Trump's Pick For US Supreme Court, Then Marriage Equality, Women's Rights, & The ACA Will Be Gone!
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