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Prepare to get Thrawned all over again as Nate recounts what happened in The Hand of Thrawn Duology while Ben is forced to sit and listen! Our heroes are once again meandering around waiting for the plot when THRAWN RETURNS! OR DOES HE?!? NO! BUT MAYBE YES!? Witness the mad dash to run in every direction possible all at once in order to obtain a document that will stop people from using the lack of said document as a justification for genocide! Witness as Ben's will to live is slowly sucked away with every new plot development. And that's just the first book! THIS EPISODE COVERS TWO BOOKS! FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! WHAT AN AMAZING VALUE!Support the show
Ben forces Nate to read Lokasenna, a poem about the Norse gods from the Poetic Edda. The boys are finally taking the plunge into real art and culture. This week we're covering a classic of European myth and history: Lokasenna. A poem in which Loki becomes very drunk and roasts all the gods. Support the show
Nate has once again compiled a list of books for Ben to choose for our next book club.  Ben can judge them only based on the information present on their covers. This time there is a secret theme to all of the choices. See if you can guess what it is.Support the show
Think Global, Read Local

Think Global, Read Local


Ben reads Shepherd's Fall by George R. Appelt Jr. What was supposed to be a relatively straightforward discussion of a mysterious local horror author quickly goes off the rails. The boys grapple with a multifaceted narrative filled with ghosts, possible zombies, demons, and serious foundation damage that could run well into the 5-figures.Support the show
This week Ben finally unveils a rating system he kinda sorta plagiarised from an English Creative Writing class. Yes after months of threatening both Nate and the listeners he's finally gone and done it! And the results are... actually pretty good. Hopefully this will help us organize our thoughts and help you the listener understand what we liked, didn't like, and why from a variety of standpoints. After unveiling this new ratings system we stress test it by talking about EVERY BOOK THAT WE PREVIOUSLY BOTH READ AND DISCUSSED ON THIS PODCAST AND RE-REVIEW THEM ALL!Support the show (
We've got a bonus for you this week! The best of the first quarter of WAB Pod! Chapter markers available off of our website.Support the show (
This week on Words About Books Ben continues to move to another apartment instead of buying a house. So while he's busy throwing away his money we have to do a short episode. So we're talking a little more about Axiom's End to get a deeper conversation. Ben then brings up what a "popcorn movie" is and is wrong. He's just wrong. If he puts up a twitter poll be sure to tell him how incorrect he is. Anyway here's more Axiom's End by Lindsey Ellis!Support the show (
This week on Words About Books Ben & Nate discuss Axiom's End by Lindsey Ellis. Because Nate is writing the description and editing he can tell you that Ben spent the first 16 minutes off the mic and then he came back to eat a sandwich necessitating the complete re-recording of the introduction.Join us as we discuss Axiom's End, a book about First Contact. It's a book set in the late 2000s aka "the good old days???" where World of Warcraft and Oblivion were still things people talked about and George W Bush was still president. Only in this world ALIENS! Our main character is swept up in the chaos of First Contact and the existential threat of human extinction. Ben & Nate both rated it pretty highly although Nate rated it more "above average" while Ben rated it "highly recommended". He really really wants these two to get together.Support the show (
James Talks Bond

James Talks Bond


Words About Books is back with another exciting episode this week! Nate & James (aka New Ben) discuss a long-running book series: James Bond. We run through every single book there is in the franchise, starting all the way back with Dr. No. The Bond franchise is unique in that its books are moving pictures with sound added to them. Oh crap I think we just watched every film in the Bond franchise instead of actually reading... oh well! Hear our thoughts on EVERY movie in the Bond franchise including the two non-canon ones! It'll be a good one for sure!If you want to see more from James he's got a website here: the show (
Today is a very special episode of Words About Books. We do our first LIVE EPISODE BAYBAY! We recorded this a few days ago and are putting it up today. I know it's coming out on April 1st but that's coincidental. This is a deadly serious episode. We honored a great man who did great things and Nate had the honor to be part of that. Hope you enjoy!Support the show (
Ben convinces Nate to Read Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree. That's right! Our resident expert on horror and human misery has decided to take a break from the hellish nightmare he insists on living to enjoy a pleasant, slice-of-life, low stakes fantasy novel about an Orc who wants to open a coffee shop and the friends she makes along the way. Support the show (
Last year on Words About Books we got on the Halo Infinite coattails by talking about Halo: The Fall of Reach. This year there's a Paramont+ Halo show so WE'RE BACK BAYBAY!This week on Words About Books Nate reads Halo: First Strike and it becomes very apparent that Ben doesn’t get the fundamental underlying concept of early Halo. Let me make it easy for you: humans good, aliens bad. That’s it. It’s pretty straight forward. They keep killing our planets and Master Chief has to stop them and maybe learn to care about humanity along the way. It's called CHARACTER GROWTH, BEN! No, he WON'T learn to care about alien-life or their hopes and dreams. Now stop thinking about it and shoot 'em all! It’s not that hard, BEN.Anyway Master Chief blows up a bunch of persons, places, AND things and punches a lot of aliens to death like a super Chad boss man. Sgt. Johnson is around being a cool dude. Then the book gets retconned out of existence. Stick around until the end for the Halo: First Strike speedrun! Should be a good one!Support the show (
We conclude our discussion of Leviathan Wakes by James SA Corey. Ben and Nate are well on their way to becoming some sort of Joker figure as Ben's hatred of Holden turns into a kind of stygian madness and Nate nearly dies laughing at his own jokes. Support the show (
Ben and Nate continue their discussion of Leviathan Wakes by James SA Corey.  The boys really dig into the philosophical meat of The Expanse series on this one. The previous sentence was intended to be sarcastic.Support the show (
The boys read Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey. We're finally taking a look at the much hyped Expanse series. A number of hard questions must be answered. Does it live up to the hype? Can a book still work for you if you hate its main character? Are lawful good players in D&D the actual worst? Support the show (
This week we discuss 14 by Peter Clines. Ben attempts his first podcast ever without the assistance of caffeine. Nate struggles to imagine what it would be like to live in an apartment building filled with people who like and respect him.Support the show (
Ben and Nate at last reach the end of their journey. Not just to this book but to this series of books. We get to look back and examine what it was all about. What was the purpose of all of this? What did we learn? What was the takeaway message? Is it okay to burn a village of your own people for fun? Is colonialism bad? It's bad right? It's bad? Right? Perhaps the most important question we look back on is this: was it all worth it? Were all the sacrifices of friends and family, the endless wars, the hunger and starvation, the betrayals, the drug addiction... was it all worth it? The answer is no.Also be sure to listen to the end where Ben and Nate settle their bet from last year! If Rin dies and Kitay also dies as a result of their soul bond link, Nate gets one of Ben's book picks this year!Support the show (
The boys continue their discussion of The Burning God by R.F. Kuang. Ben defends Part 2 from Nate's relentless onslaught, but even Ben must admit that mistakes were made. Another question is raised. Would Daji be a better protagonist than Rin?Support the show (
It's finally time to put Thrawn to rest. Here's 5 episodes of our podcast over a 100 episode timeframe supercut and smashed together. If Thrawn studied this art, he'd give us a goddamn medal. Hope you enjoy!Support the show (
Ben and Nate discuss The Burning God, R.F. Kuang's conclusion to The Poppy War trilogy. The boys are shocked to find that The Burning God is not quite the slam dunk they thought it would be. Nate asks an uncomfortable question. Does this book ruin the series? Support the show (
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