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Words About Books is a podcast where two wannabe writers read and discuss books. Read along with us, or just enjoy the show! New episodes every Sunday.
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This week Nate didn't read the book. Hey, you win some you lose some. Actually Nate offered for Ben to hold off on this episode for a week so that he could read it but Ben just really, really needed to talk about this one.That's right we're deep into the November of our Discontent! Ben has to discuss an action... spy thriller... alternate history thing starring Prince Harry. If you think that sounds funny, well, you're wrong according to Ben. Check it out!Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Ben and Nate read and discuss TerrorTome, the latest novel by fictional author Garth Marenghi. Are they prepared for the most vividly described psycho-sexual relationship between man and typewriter every put to paper? Honestly, no. That was pretty shocking. Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Halo fan Nate and unwilling Halo book reader Ben discuss Halo Cryptum by Greg Bear. Apologies in advance for the amount of coughing and sniffling on the track. Let's pretend it was left in intentionally as a reminder to get your vaccines. Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Long ago Ben and Spooky Chy discussed Five Nights at Freddy's book The Silver Eyes. Based on that tenuous connection they have decided to upload their lengthy discussion of the recent Five Nights at Freddy's movie as a bonus episode of a book podcast. Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
We kick off The November of Our Discontent with a book guaranteed to upset both of us: House Atreides by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Delight in our suffering as Nate walks us through this book chapter by chapter, and be sure to let us know if you think we've had enough or if the misery should continue...Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
The Tell Tale Nate

The Tell Tale Nate


In a parallel universe, Ben became immune to interruption. May God have mercy on our souls. Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Welcome back to World's Most One-Sided Fist Fights! This week we take a look at Marvel Zombies when they take on the Army of Darkness! Who will win!? The zombie super heroes or the guys who routinely get beat by a guy with a shotgun? Find out when we travel back to a simpler time, a pre-Disney Marvel time.Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer


Ben reads the legendary creepy pasta to Nate. Nate wonders if this violates the Geneva Conventions.Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
This week the patrons voted on a Goosebumps book. Are you ready to be terrified by a living dummy? Because if so... just get through the first 80% of this book and we'll get around to that eventually. Stine was not kidding when he said it was a night of the living dummy and it was our fault for not taking him very literally. Are you ready to see the Goosebumps mascot at play in his debut book? Because... I mean it happens... like right at the end. Look I didn't realize that the book we probably wanted to read was the second part. So instead you're getting Mr. Wood and you just have to live with it.  Mr. Wood is the Wish <dot> com version of Slappy much in the same way this book is the Wish <dot> com version of Night of the Living Dummy 2. This is the book you had at home when you asked your mom if you could get it. We're just going to have to all live with this together.Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
One can hardly talk about The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker without paying equal attention to the movie he directed based on it: Hellraiser. Join us for the rare Words About Movies episode. Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Guess what month it is? That's right. It's MY month. Today we're talking about Clive Barker's novella "The Hellbound Heart" upon which the legendary Hellraiser is based.Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
This week Nate takes a nap while Ben retells the story of Brave Ne...w... wo...r...zzzzzzzzz. Oh what? Huh? Oh yeah Ben retells it in a way that's like 1000x more interesting than the actual book itself.Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Ben and Nate continue their discussion of The Fifth Season by NK Jemisin.  Nate becomes distracted by bodily fluids. Content Warning: Violence Against Children, Forced Birth, InfanticideSupport the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
This week on the podcast Ben and Nate discuss The Fifth Season, Book 1 of The Shattered Earth trilogy. Will Ben be able to convince Nate that exploring the mysteries of orogeny is worth experiencing the miseries of The Shattered Earth?Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
This week we've got an episode where we try to convince you to vote for one of our book picks. If this is well-liked we'll do it again next year. If not we'll just pretend this never happened. If you want to be part of the voting process go to our patreon or discord and vote for Nate (or Ben if you want to vote for him, whatever).Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
This week we discuss Ogres, a novella by Adrian Tchaikovsky. This book has a ridiculous cover. It's written in the present tense, second person. Is there any way that this isn't terrible? The answer may surprise you. Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
This week we wrap up our discussion of Dune IV Part II: escape from the house of mummies. Does a worm man have feelings? Can we exploit those feelings? Can you really be the most empathetic person on the planet if you're also getting with your husband's friend? Find out on the exciting conclusion of Robot Man Tries to Write Again!Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
This week we touch upon Dune once again! Nate, The God Emperor of WAB, is one book closer to opening his package from Definitely Frank Herbert. Ben is one book closer to achieving enlightenment in his pantaloons. And Frank Herbert is one book closer to spelling it all out for us. What does the giant worm man have to say about government, the Romans and MENLY MANLY MEN?!?! Find out in this week's episode!Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Ben and Nate conclude their discussion of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Can Feyre survive Amarantha's trials? Can Ben survive whatever has gotten into Nate? Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
Ben and Nate continue their discussion of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. In this one we get into the romance, the sex, and the mystery of the missing roast beef. Support the showDiscord - - - - the Books -
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