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Author: Joshua Zurbrick

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Obscure History brings you strange and interesting stories from the past that you've never heard before. 

For fans of story driven, narrative, history!
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The Original Iron Mike

The Original Iron Mike


Michael Malloy was an unlikely superhero. And, maybe he didn't use his powers to better society. Alright, he really, really didn't use his powers for good.
In the not so distant past, the violin was considered the Devil's instrument and Niccolo Paganini was the Dark Lord's favorite player.
Surprise! Obscure History is back and we are talking about one of the strangest battles of the Hundred Years' War. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for some important Obscure History information, as well as some personal updates!Music by:Joshua Zurbrick and,Mid-Air Machine
Sorry about missing an episode in the middle of a series! Check out Obscure Ball: Health Resources: - this is a collection of abortion - this is a campaign to normalize abortion - donate to support abortion funds by state - donate to the national network of abortion funds (donations split between 80+ abortion funds) - this is a list of abortion clinics across the country that need volunteers - this is language for companies to use to stand against the - here are early abortion access pills you can store in your cabinet - this is an abortion access hotline - buy early pregnancy test strips - get info on types of birth control - this is a collection of these above links and more. Managed by @starplanes - DM them on twitter to add more - abortion policy by state as of June 1, 2022More in-depth version:
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We have a collective fascination with vigilantism. Crusaders for the greater good, often covered in unique and creative costume, dashing through the shadows and snatching up evil doers before the evil can be done. We love characters like Batman and Spiderman because they protect the most vulnerable people from the most dangerous predators. But they’re just fiction… right? What if I told you the world had a Batman once, and he was a lot more complicated than the caped crusader we know and love. Check out The Friend Zone: Docuseries
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Kit Harrison

Great podcast .... turn down the accompanying music.

Feb 21st

Arielle Niss

Huge fan of this show. The writing is exquisite!

Nov 3rd


Really interesting topics.

Jun 7th