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Parents Who Ruin Outdoor Sports Games For Their kids
Companies That Screw The Customers Over & Then Cry Like Babies When They Get Caught & Get In Trouble
People Act So Stupid & Refuse To Listen When People Speak To Them
Most People of This Generation Do Not Have Any Discipline In Them & The Reasons Why
Getting Rid of Certain Books Because Certain Communities Feel Offended At Those Books
Too Many People Talking/Texting On Their Phones & Not Paying Attention To What Is In front of Them/The Road
People Who Don't Make Decisions & Stick To Them & People Who Constantly Change Their Minds Will Never Become A Success
Will Smith/Chris Rock Slap At The Oscars & How The Academy "Handled" The Situation
People Complaining About There Being Too Many Speed Cameras
People Who Cry Like Little Babies When They Get Caught Doing Something Wrong/Illegal & Then Get Reprimanded For Doing So
People Who Make Fun of Others Who Decide To Still Wear Masks
Government workers who refuse to do their jobs
Rules To Have Children Be Disciplined Need To Be Enforced
Donald Trump & His 2 Oldest Kids Have To Testify In NY Court
"Professionals" Acting Like Little Babies
Having Respect For Others
Some of The Things That People Are Saying About The Closures of Many Prisons
On The 1 Year Anniversary of The Attacks On The US Capitol, Republicans Have Shown No Respect For The Capitol Police Nor Their Families
People Really Need To Stop Changing Their Minds/Stories Around & Stick To Just Making One Decision
People Really Need To Stop Wanting Everything Done Their Way, Stop Thinking That They Are Entitled To Everything, & Stop Complaining About Everything
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