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Author: Anthony Lorito-Duke

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Examples of stupid things that so-called "sane" people do/say
66 Episodes
1) Too Little Change Is Change Is Not Good, But Neither Is Too Much Change2) Stop Taking Offense At Everything
1) Stop Believing Media Hype, Go To The Source2) Stop Being Negative/Stop Looking For The Bad/Stop Thinking It's All Doom & Gloom3) Stop Comparing Side Effects of Medicine To That of Symptoms of COVID
Even Though It's Good News That Power Has Been Restored To The People In texas, Now They Are w/o Things Like Water Etc. & The Power Grid Was Seconds/Minutes Away From Complete Collapse. Former Mayor of Texas Said "The Weak Will Perish & Only The Strong Will Survive"
You Can't Win Every Battle. Time To Move On. Time To Create Peace & Unity
Hatred/Homophobia Needs To Stop & Much Stricter Laws Need To Be Made & Enforced
It's Ok To Have Different Likes/Dislikes, Different Opinions Even If You're In A Relationship/Couple
We desperately need to bring back proper discipline
Customer who screamed at me for something that was all her fault, worker at store screamed at me, & USPS who lied to me
What's Good For One Is Good For The Other
Happy New Year! Lots of Great Things Are Going To Be happening In 2021
Put Things Back Where & How You Found It
Procrastination & Rushing Things Are Both Wrong To Do
Those Who Can't Make Up Their Minds (aka Make & Stick To Decisions)
Stop All The Nonsense Baby Tantrums & Violence
Patience Is A Virtue
People Have To Stop All of the Negativity & We Need To Unite As A Country
People Who Cry Like Babies When They Get Caught
It's So Stupid That Supporters From Any Party To Go Around Threatening/Hurting Supporters From Any Other Party
If People Act Stupid Then They Deserve To Be Treated Like They're Stupid
1) People Complain About Everything/Find Fault w/Everything. People Have Been Voting By Mail For Years,2) The 87 Page Senate Report Regarding Hunter & Joe Biden
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