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Ever wish you could have bottled that convo you just because it was EPIC and the world needs to hear it? YUP. WE GET IT. We're Cassie Young (@CassandraYoung) and Davi Crimmins (@DaviCrimmins) and we talk any and everything: what's going on in the world, friends, relationships, the best dad jokes (ahem Cassie) and the ups and downs of the funny curveball we call life all with a hefty does of snark (cough Davi cough). We'll call it like we see it, we're slightly NSFW and we've got zero regrets. So tell Ethyl at the front desk to "pipe down ya hussy," plug those ear buds in, and we'll help you survive the rest of your 9-5.
113 Episodes
In this episode, Cassie has something BIG she needs to reveal to her husband but doesn't know how to break the bad news, Davi's got you all figured out based on your vibe + we talk who we'd want to see in lesbian "Die Hard" and should Sia be cancelled because of what she did or does she deserve a second chance??
In this episode we talk about declassified CIA documents, out of body experiences, Gen Z vs. Millennials and Cassie talks what it's like to go from childless to being a mom and Davi gets real on what happens when your plans take a BIG pandemic hit.  Ps. one of us is basically an alcohol heiress and probably also related to Dr. Dre.
You Just Got Luftballooned

You Just Got Luftballooned


In this episode we talk the untimely passing of Screech and the wakeup call that comes along with it, the word for when everyone suddenly (unfairly) hates a celeb overnight (lookin @ you, Nickelback), Davi's grab bag + can you figure out these really weird animal noises?
You know we love a solid tangent or twenty, and in this week's episode talk of Secret Service Code Names circles around to talk about the problematic language we've ALL been using, "Digital Blackface," awkward moments in Weed shops in Canada, and how Davi's hatred for Harrison Ford stems from "Hocus Pocus" and oh yeah, y'all think Santa has email? 
You're A Wizard, Davi

You're A Wizard, Davi


Cassie has a surprise for Davi - someone from their past has resurfaced with big news, Davi officially gets sorted + the problem with JK Rowling. 
We visit the good old days of passive aggressive AIM Away Messages (and what did your MySpace song say about you?!), Cassie found out something surprising from the doctor, we give you a dose of much needed motivation (fueled by Uncle Jesse and Harry Potter) and Davi's got a viral hashtag that took a dark turn, REAL fast. This is definitely our least favorite murder.
If you're white, just *how* white are you? We're gonna visit the new TikTok trend "the things white people say," dive into some Umbrella Academy (we HATE this you?) and along the way we figure out a way to get rich pretty much guaranteed...if only you can do this *one* thing. And OH let's not forget the Phickles Pickles.
Davi has big ideas because of the potential cancellation of TikTok, so she gets a Citizenship "pop quiz" from Cassie, your new must-see TV show, your "fam" might be toxic + what's the difference between your "persona" and who you *really* are? 
Why Davi's diet is all potatoes, what is minimum wage *supposed* to be for, why is healthcare so dang expensive + are you maternally compatible with your baby? Or any baby, for that matter? Do you even *want* to be? Find out!
Trash Talk & Trash Pandas

Trash Talk & Trash Pandas


Quarantine trash talk is getting to us (and so are the world's trash opinions), aliens exist  + do you know your trash pandas from your spicy bois?
Day ???? Of Quarantine

Day ???? Of Quarantine


We've been quarantined in our houses for over 30 days now...and counting. We share a cautionary tale, remind you that you're probably old AF (even if you're only in your 20s), and go on Cosmo-Quiz tangents about Rorschach test, homelessness and ruining surprises. You know, the usual stuff you can expect from us. Hope you guys are staying safe and are social distancing!
Coronavirus is officially a pandemic, and we need to protect our elderly celebrity national treasures AT ALL COSTS. So, Davi had an idea - let's profit of it and do ELDERLY CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER! But who's gonna make the cut? Then, in the last half of the episode, it's especially for the girls (guys, you can listen, too for some crazy good insight into what it's like to be a woman - but it might not be up your alley. You have been warned.)
The Mind Meld

The Mind Meld


We're officially into Season 2 of Broadly Speaking! It's episode 101, so we're go all College 101 on you: from the common household thing that could kill you to melting your mind over what dinosaurs *really* look like to shadow people and a super rare body oddity, we're about to drop some knowledge! And then we've got a question we need YOU to answer about this really common thing people wear...and how it might need to stop.
IT'S EPISODE 100! We're celebrating by doing a live taping in front of our Broadly Speaking fam! From Cassie's scary birth story to the beef Davi has with a celeb to pathetic celeb mad libs, we're kicking off 2020 and the next 100 episodes with some of our favorite people - you guys! And remember: IT WAS THE BEES.
Is it cool to anonymously film these people, when is the violence too much, why Gen Z is physically aging but mentally regressing + wtf is a VSCO girl?
Davi's movie set life, the foods that are LYING to you, why is everyone so obsessed with celebrity sexuality, what happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt the summer before *that* one + Cassie's got a Groundhog Day of Bed Wed Deads.
The new ways to tell you're old AF, that time some chick wanted to give Davi Kandi at an EDM fest, why daddy-daughter dates are the creepiest + what to say to that nosy person who keeps asking when you'll have kids.
Life Hacks & Alter Egos

Life Hacks & Alter Egos


Need a life hack? We got one!
When your friends turn toxic but you try to salvage the friendship, awkward tampon stories, a Killer Bread update + BIG NEWS from Cassie and the struggle to remain a normal person.
The problem with "females," an "Office" quiz an Jim & Pam lover will ace + can Davi talk Cassie out of her dumb paranoia over killer bread?
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