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The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee Full Shows

The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee Full Shows

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Every full show for the Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee between 2016 and 2020
923 Episodes
Iain's last ever show on talkRADIO, Iain and Katherine chat with Audrey Gillan about her new podcast "Wean's World", Iain's week off and going through the steps, Gina, the first person Iain Periscope love bombed phones in and Barry from Watford gets sexy with Arlene.
Straight to air all night, Mr Bean, Stuart is driving his truck in Columbo, Iain destroys June, What do we need according to pop?, Best guitar riffs and Iain gets trolled with A Little Less Conversation
Iain is joined by radio broadcaster Robbie Vincent for the first hour, 12 year old Thomas' aspirations, Robbie reunites with Rainbow George, Sam's angry family game nights and Barry from Watford has a game of lock poker
Phil wants a street party next year to distract the mind, Iain orders a coronavirus test online?, Iain Periscope love bombs a delightful woman, Callers can ask Barry from Watford one question each and Robert asks a nosey question
Artists with animals in their name, Ian doesn't get the joke, Lavinya thinks teachers are cowards?, Iain is mean to Barry from Watford, Stuart talks the scare of AIDS and Katherine's fairy ambition?
Lockdown is over!, Martin says he finds Iain obnoxious, Tim talks being a friend of Michael Lush, Iain plays Pass the Chat on, Chris lectures people about religion in taxis and Barry from Watford ruins the end of the show
Straight to air all night, Line 1 wants a day next year to clap for everyone, Katherine's daughter has another meditation, Line 4 has an inssue with hoarding, Kate wants to get on with our lives and 12 year old Thomas is worried
Alan has made an ISIS documentary, Iain narrates Wayne's phone call, Iain's not going to clap anymore, Katherine bullies Nicky?, Barry from Watford's Dalek sex life and Fake Sheila's music quiz
Noel taylor won't apologise, Songs with sirens in them, Ben talks being abused and needing help, Oscar says the Prime Minister is getting too much flack, Rob Burnett hates Rylan? and Barry from Watford's penis
Straight to air all night, David Babcock does Churchill, Michael has issue with his ex taking his son to see her new man, Sonny talks losing his sight last year, Line 3 asks The Lockdown, what's going on? and Posh Naomi meets the soundboard
Jodie keeps swearing, Iain and John argue after he sends rude texts about the show and Iain, George is angry at nurses not getting pay rises, Iain takes the Bipolar test and Barry from Watford mocks the mentally ill and was in the army?
Iain and Katherine get stuck in a subtitles time loop, Two people talk the Aer Lingus story, Posh vs Common Naomi, Rahim does the last letter game, The great appletiser debate and Boris' failings
The care home Iain's mum is in has a coronavirus scare, Alistair's one year sobriety celebration, Barry from Watford and Iain insult each other, a lot, David Babcock does The Beatles and Robert talks working on London Talkback Radio in 1992
Straight to air all night, Angelos Epithemiou talks to the callers and sings his new song, Iain dumps a load of people, Vinny returns and has news, The boat guy gets angry, Line 6 has the opposite bands quiz and Kate is a nurse and wants more practical help
Willy Wonka, Zoom meetings, The show is pre-recorded?, Iain is a weird crush?, Chris is a Patriotic Alternative who believes native British people are set to become a minority by 2066 and Iain, Katherine, Raheem and Barry from Watford play 20 questions
Alan Caddick becomes YouTube, Ian apologises for last night's call and opens up about heavy drinking, Barry from Watford takes part in Alistair's quiz, Michael accuses Iain of comparing Gary Glitter to Cliff Richard and Jodie talks pornos and the apocalypse?
Iain is joined by Eddie Large's son, Ryan McGinnis, who talks about the memory of his dad, Daniel's wife won't let him touch her nono, Barry from Watford's guided meditation and Alan is rude to David Babcock and Katherine so Iain lays into him
Iain is enjoying the lockdown?, Katherine takes over for the first hour with Alistair talking losing a friend in AA, Iain's origin of the CPR dummy story, David Babcock does Bryan Ferry, Barry from Watford and Iain roleplay in a sex shop and Lisa rings in to complain about Iain and gets personal
Straight to air all night, Line 1 thinks he's on LBC, David Babcock gets into a fight, Eileen is angry at being considered a racist for using certain words, Katherine destroys Iain, Yousef annoys Iain after stating he's a contrarian and Rainbow George meets Rainbow George
Iain discusses The Singing Nun, Lee learns of his grandmother's rapist and wants revenge, David Babcock's got a weapon, Raina is trying to get on as many radio stations as possible, Barry from Watford's goody goody gum gum and Donald Trump's claim of disinfectants to fight coronavirus
Comments (2)

Kizi chillin

Great radio host. Needs more airtime.

Jan 11th

Antony Baker

hey, really love catching the full shows, wish they were more regular but I guess it's a lot of work. thanks anyway

Nov 13th
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