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On episode 138, we rank all 17 of Iron Maiden's album openers! From Bottom to Top, Councillor's Orders! There are, and I am not exaggerating, some INCREDIBLY SHOCKING rankings here. Please have a stiff drink ready. Be near a toilet. Please be seated. Have a vomit bag ready. Do not be eating food as some of these choices may make you choke! I am only responsible for my own choices, my guests are not my responsibility! Support the show
On episode 137, Uncle Steve has an Iron Maiden Story for you, one that he has been waiting a while for and is very excited to share with you today! Also, strange things are afoot in the Zone this week too. Lot's of great chatter if you are patient enough to wait for it!Also, is Kirsty in trouble?Support the show
On episode 136, the gang and I welcome a special guest that you have not met, YET! And on this episode, we rank the Top 6 Iron Maiden albums with Bruce at the helm!When you get to top 6 of Iron Maiden, everything is great, but there are still a few surprises that will leave you scratching your head, drinking hard liquor or using the bathroom in your pants! So stay near the toilet, keep a stiff drink handy, grab a seat and maybe even some tissues and enjoy this week's episode!Support the show
On episode 135, we rank some Iron Maiden albums, but of course it is an a way that may infuriate you! Some VERY controversial choices as well as Kirsty declaring a BRAND NEW Most Hated Man in Podcast Land! Support the show (
On episode 134, I have a very special guest with me, documentary filmmaker David Van Taylor. You may be familiar with him as he his the gentleman that directed Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest.We discuss his making the documentary, his time with the families, the band as well as local kids that attended the trial and shared with him. This was a fascinating conversation that you will absolutely enjoy. Support the show (
On episode 133, we tell you what the best sets of 3 songs that Iron Maiden put together on albums with Bruce singing! You definitely need a stiff drink and a comfortable chair for some of the jaw dropping, show stopping opinions shared on this episode. TRUST ME.Support the show (
On episode 132, we discuss the classic era of Danzig as well as the 2nd album released by the band, Danzig II Lucifuge. We rank the songs and get into a lot of interesting conversation as well. Support the show (
On episode 131, More Ranking Maiden!This week we rank two VERY POPULAR ALBUMS!What is this you say?! Kirsty with a threat of violence?!After you hear some of these rankings YOU MAY WANT TO THREATEN US WITH VIOLENCE!!PLEASE HAVE A STIFF DRINK & a very comfortable seat!Support the show (
On episode 130, THE TRIUMPANT RETURN OF Iron Maiden STORIES!! And, we have a first... Matt, who has declared that he is insatiable for Iron Maiden Stories, joins Uncle Steve for this Iron Maiden Story! If you don't know what an Iron Maiden Story is, listen in, and if you are so inclined, email us your story at and we will be in touch!Cheers!Support the show (
On Episode 129, we discuss the Judas Priest & Queensryche concert that I attended last week as well as the rising and falling of Iron Maiden and KISS in the through the 1980's side by side. We also discuss other bands that were around the scenes as well. This week we are making up for last week a bit with the thank you's, retweets and quote tweets too so you are in for a doozy this week!But saddle up and you will have a great time as we all did! Cheers and Up the Irons! Support the show (
On episode128, we go Somewhere Back In Time with my friend Andrew! This week we have a song that we both love & an interesting tale to go along with it. Listen in as we take a somber journey back into history that is not too terribly far behind us. Support the show (
On episode 127, we discuss the feedback, good and bad, that we received from last weeks episode and Steve tries to explain himself and his reasoning... A little bit! We also find out if Matt survived last weeks laughfest! Support the show (
On episode 126, we each tell our tales of  attending the Bruce Dickinson spoken word events last week. So as always, grab a VERY STIFF drink and a chair and prepare for the best and the worst! Support the show (
On episode 125, part 2, we bring you Side 2 of the 1988 Ozzy album, No Rest For The Wicked. We had some folks upset last week at Mark, well I promise those same people will be even more upset this week! Please get a stiff drink as Mark as at his all time worst, and that is saying something. Joe is back as well with a few quick snippets about the songs here as well. Plus there is a very special surprise this week! Support the show (
On episode 125, we discuss side one of the 1988 Ozzy album, No Rest For The Wicked! I am sure someone will not like something that is said, but we do have a fun time discussing it and on top of that we have a special friend of the show that chimes in as well!So sit down, grab a stiff drink and enjoy the shortest episode since Kirsty's Iron Maiden Story! Support the show (
This week we rank two Iron Maiden albums from top to bottom... People are sure to be upset and offended at some of our rankings, so as usual a stiff drink and comfy seat are probably going to be helpful!Support the show (
On episode 123 we review the recent Smith/Kotzen show in Las Vegas! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!! Take a seat and grab a stiff drink! One of us is sure to offend... Maybe. Remember, There's a fine line, between hate and love!Support the show (
On episode 122, you get a couple of blokes from the Lone Star State chewing the fat over some Iron Maiden! A lot of fun was had on this day! Support the show (
On episode 121, you are getting more of a good thing! I have one of the biggest Adrian Smith fans that I know to help me rank, what else?! Songs that Adrian Smith has written in Iron Maiden! We have some surprising choices that I am sure will once again shock some of you. We both strongly advise to listen to this episode seated with a VERY STIFF DRINK handy! UP THE IRONS!Support the show (
On episode 120, I welcome Paul, the mastermind behind Wayne's Iron Maiden Podcast! This was just one day before his comeback episode came out. We discuss a lot of topics around our podcasts that you HAVE TO enjoy! It was good to catch up, we had a fun chat! The format here, is, like the last couple, different than anything I have done, but again, YOU WILL ENJOY IT!This is also my longest podcast ever, wasn't trying to, but just do not care. I will not apologize for my words, I by no means intend to offend anyone, but I stand behind what was said. All was just speaking honestly and with good intent. Please reach out if you are offended! HA!CHEERS & UP THE IRONS!Support the show (
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