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A podcast based on James Altucher's guide to becoming an idea machine.

Every day, I will take a theme and generate 10 ideas for it.

An experimental daily podcast for me to test the waters.


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Hey everyone, thanks for listening so far! This is the last episode for this season and here are 10 ideas for what I could do next with this podcast. Enjoy! Season 2 will start sometime in early 2020, probably mid or late January I suppose. Backstory time! I created this podcast for two reasons. The first was to practice the 10 ideas a day thing. The second was to get comfortable speaking in front of a mic and recording myself. However, recording and publishing an episode daily, even if it's only 2~3 minutes long, is quite time-consuming. Most likely, season 2 won't be the same format as season 1 and I'm leaning towards a weekly schedule with longer episodes.
When was the last time you've been to a costume party? Here are 10 themes you can choose from. Protip: When in doubt, dress up as a stick figure.
How I wish the world was more creative when it comes to their business cards, would make networking sessions a lot more fun too. Here are 10 unexpected job descriptions you can put on your business card. What's your creative and witty job description like?
Here are 10 interesting online courses that probably doesn't exist yet. Random trivia: Did you know that the highest paid YouTube star of 2019 earned $26 million dollars and is an 8 year old kid?
Yes, this is rather meta but here's 10 things I've learned from making 10 episodes of this podcast. Season 1 will most likely end at episode 14 (or 21) and I will take a short break to prepare for and think about how I want season 2 to be.
Think simple pleasures, it shouldn't take a lot to make you happy and here are 10 things that would make me happy right now. What makes you happy?
A quick brainstorm of 10 subjects I'd love to research, some of which I already do. What's the best way to research these interesting topics? Books, lots and lots of books, because let's face it, someone has probably published a book about it already. And here are 3 good books that come to mind: What schools could be by Ted Dintersmith Loonshots by Safi Bahcall The prosperity paradox by Efosa Ojomo
I'm no civil engineer or anything, and neither am I involved in building houses, but here are 10 materials I think a house can be made of. Turns out, the difference between bricks and concrete is that bricks can be made from either concrete or clay, and concrete is just concrete.
10 ways to quit smoking and distract yourself from smoking. Regardless of the many ideas out there, the number one way to quit is to simply commit to quitting and stop. But most smokers I know don't seem to be interested in quitting, it's a shame really. Music: Ghost Byzantine by Blue Dot Sessions
10 arguments why you should still wait before starting your project or business. I gotta admit, I thought this one was gonna be easy considering the many excuses everyone gives. Until I realized they are all just variations of the same few excuses. Music: Ghost Byzantine by Blue Dot Sessions
10 things you could do to boost your creativity. Here's an example of a ridiculous short story that combines time travelers, encryption technology, and pyramid schemes. Two articles on coffee and creativity: Music: Ghost Byzantine by Blue Dot Sessions
10 things you can use as planting containers for free. I'm not entirely sure what counts as a planting container, or what criteria are used to classify them as one so take this episode with a bucket of salt please. On a side note, here's a nice article about what the holes on the bottom of planting containers are for and why they are important. Music: Ghost Byzantine by Blue Dot Sessions
10 things to do when you want to meet new people. Music: Ghost Byzantine by Blue Dot Sessions
10 careers young people should avoid.
10 ideas on stuff a farm can sell.
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