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Are you leading with loneliness? Let’s find out! Today’s guest is Annie Parker. She’s a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and Intuitive Healer, who helps you clear blocks from the past so you can be a magnet for love. In this week’s episode, she’ll teach you how to regain your power, close that door on an ex and make room for your future and use your intuition when dating to attract the love you deserve.Remove feelings of lack and loneliness because sometimes, when swiping, it feels like you have many options, but there’s a difference between perceived options and a real authentic connection. It all depends on your mindset and energy when dating, how you feel about yourself, and what’s truly possible for you. Annie Parker is a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, and Shamanic Practitioner that focuses on cord-cutting, soul retrieval, and chakra clearing so you can break through the generational patterns and trauma of the past and move into the life and love that you desire. She focuses on clearing any resentments and ties from past relationships so you can make room for new love. She’s part of the Single in the City Mod Squad on Clubhouse and in August will be hosting and joining Matchmaker Laura Bilotta in the live workshop “Become a Magnet for Love.”Kerry Brett and Annie Parker cover a lot of ground. Topics include:*How you can take your power back and take your pain from a breakup and turn it into something positive.*Why it’s so important to clear all of the resentments from a former relationship.*How to avoid dating for potential.*How to get your mind and energy on the same page.*How to release energies that don’t serve you anymore.*How to cut cords with ourselves and our perceived failures.*How to trust yourself and listen to your intuition.*How to drop the energetic shield in front of our hearts so you can be a magnetic from love.*Why the energy around money and love is one of the same energetic.*Why people have trouble receiving money, compliments or love and how to open up the heart space so you can give and receive.*Why getting your energy aligned helps you listen to your intuition.*How to avoid having your emotions overrun your intuition and look at what is really happening.*How to avoid leading with loneliness and approach dating from a place of abundance.*Your energy around dating always comes down to how you feel about yourself.*Any time you question someone – if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!*People must have the same values; you don’t have to like the same things, but you must have the same values. If you’re clear about what you want, then the trash will take itself out.*How to work on having good energy about yourself. When you feel good and look good, you’ll get noticed.Follow @msannieparker on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter or sign up for Annie Parker and Laura Bilotta’s live workshop “Become a Magnet for Love” on August 4th. Find out more about her energy work & readings on
Today, we'll discuss fascinating psychological insights from psychologist Richard DiNapoli, who has 30 years of experience helping is clients in the area of relationships. A psychologist studies how we think, behave and feel. His job is to listen to people’s issues and guide them accordingly, but you don't need a Ph.D to be a good listener; trust your instincts, feelings, or emotions. In this week’s episode, Rich will share his expertise around the tell tale question why did your last relationship end? What’s said and not said is very revealing and significant when looking for a new partner. Why people overlook red flags and don’t listen to their intuition. Rich also shares what he’s learned on his dating journey and tips for setting up boundaries and expectations. And the importance of being transparent and open. Richard DiNapoli is a psychologist who works predominately with adults and relationship issues. He has been trained in family systems as well as psychodynamic and narrative therapies. He has also been trained in psychodrama and has incorporated his work in theatrical improvisation into his psychotherapy practice. Today’s discussion is all about what can be learned from what’s said and not said in the answer to the question what went wrong in your last relationship. Kerry Brett and Rich DiNapoli cover a lot of ground. Topics include;The importance of finding out why past relationships ended.Unhealthy and unhealed issues regarding relationships. The classic possibilities are pursuing unavailable partners such as someone emotionally unavailable or married. Rescuing others in distress. Looking for a caretaker. Driven by the need to be in control and minimize vulnerability. Why you should never work harder than your date.Why you shouldn’t try convince or talk someone into dating you or  continue to date you – if they’re not sure – it’s not your job to change their mind. If they are in conflict that conflict has healed within themselves.Don’t be too enthusiastic, over the top, or have a pre-established happily ever after storyline because then you’re putting the cart the horse.To find out more about Richard DiNapoli go to 
Summer is upon us, temperatures are rising, the sun is out, and it's time to shine! Many dating app executives believe that this summer could be the summer of love – the summer singles have been anticipating. Today's guest is an astrologer and psychic healer, Jill Jardine, and she'll share the best times for singles to find love in the summer of 2022! In this week's episode, we'll discuss tips for meeting new people, the best places to find someone special, and how to start doing more things you love while creating new opportunities to find love. Jill will share which days are lucky for finding love and specific times that are more promising to meet someone special.Jill Jardine is an astrologer, therapist, psychic healer, and spiritual advisor. She's the former radio personality on WATD 95.9 FM, and she's the host of the podcast - Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine. She's a Reverend in Sanskrit mantra; chanting mantras shifts outcomes and proves to be an invaluable tool. For over 30 years, Jill's helped thousands of people find power and confidence within themselves while guiding them with important decisions. It's no secret that people turn TO astrology in the age of uncertainty and often look to the stars when dating. In today's episode, Jill will bring us up to speed to paint a picture of what will be happening astrologically this summer while sharing the best days to manifest amate. Stay tuned until the end of the episode when I share Jill's optimal dates for making a love connection during the summer of 2022.Kerry Brett and Jill Jardine cover a lot of ground. Topics include;Why this summer is “go time.”People are more optimistic than in previous months and will be more proactive when they get back out there.Mercury goes direct at the beginning of June – this marks the clean slate for 2022.The summer is a marker of good times and a time to reassess and reboot.Jill gives the dates of full moons and new moons for the summer.Jill encourages you to try something different and be bold and adventurous in your activities.The summer will ignite, and passion will heat up in August – lucky Leo.If you don’t find love at the beginning of the summer, don’t lose hope chances are great for finding love later in the summer.Mars and Venus are relationship signs, and Jill discusses their transits.Jill’s tips around mindset for meeting new people.Jill shares her list of the best astrological dates for dating this summer.Listen to Jill’s podcast Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine on all platforms where podcasts are found. To book a reading with Jill, go to Follow on Instagram @thejilljardine or Facebook under Jill Jardine.
This week’s topic is resilience. Professor Theresa Agostinelli shares her groundbreaking techniques for strengthening resilience by tapping into challenges as a source of powerful transformation. Theresa is a superpower activator, author, speaker and psychotherapist. With a masters in psychotherapy and a life of surmounting the odds, she became a change agent to help others. After a series of tragic loss, Theresa dug deep, put on her cape and found her superpower. You can’t control what happens in life but you can manage your reaction and get back on track. She believes life is not happening to you but for you, and if you change your mindset you can change your life. Theresa shares her paradigm-shifting practices that will skyrocket you to personal success.Professor Theresa Agostinelli, lovingly known as Prof T., from Philly, is president and CEO of Glen Mills Coaching and Consulting, a licensed psychotherapist, professor, and certified John C. Maxwell leadership coach, international speaker, and business mentor. Her highly anticipated book The Grid System is launching this month. Prof. T has been teaching resiliency for decades, and her road to resilience is beyond inspiring. Kerry Brett and Professor Theresa Agostinelli cover a lot of ground and topics include:*How positive affirmations help you think, feel and behave.*How the vibration of gratitude can change your life.*Theresa’s advice if you’re finding dating challenging.*It’s now o’clock! You've got to live in the now, because now is all we have!*There will always be adversities and challenges before you achieve success - the key is to solider on and not quit. If you’ve lived through tough times – you can do it again - just keep going.*Focus on the wins. When you’re focused on the wins, you make better decisions and attract winners into your life.*Prof. T’s three P’s. Use the pain to propel you into your purpose.*Four reasons people self sabotage or remain stuck and how to change the blueprint.*How to overcome adversities and create a new narrative.*When you tap into resiliency you are so much more powerful than those who quit.Resiliency is a superpower!To find out more about Professor Theresa Agostinelli  or pre-order her book go to Follow on Instagram or on Clubhouse under Prof.T Agostinelli. 
This week is part two of The Ultimate Funny Guy’s Survival Guide for Hard Times with comedian and actor Lenny Clarke. In part one, Lenny shared his story of finding fame and fortune then losing it all. At one point he had more than he could ever dream. He remembers standing on his roof in Marina Del Ray overlooking the canal, having everything money could buy but he wasn’t happy. He was morally and spiritually bankrupt. His hit sitcom Lenny got cancelled, his health was deteriorating, and his marriage was falling apart. In this episode Lenny shares how he found the strength to get sober, believe in himself and find love. We all go through difficult times, but it will get easier, but we need to hang on in order to get there. And why we can’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Lenny shares his strategies for moving forward, healing a broken heart and why we all deserve and can achieve happiness. Lenny Clarke is one of the biggest names in comedy. Aside from his roles in television and films, Lenny is a person who would do anything for someone who was hurting. Lenny’s been interviewed by Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And by podcaster Joe Rogan, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience so it’s an honor to have him back on Shot@Love. Kerry Brett and Lenny Clarke cover a lot of ground. Topics include;Why when you’re not looking for love – love finds you.Give someone a compliment and encourage someone else because there’s not enough of that! Think about the time when you were at your lowest point and someone was kind to you – pay it forward and do the same for someone else.We all go through bad times, but it will get easier. You got to hang in there, and you can’t quit five minutes before the miracle.Nothing will fulfill you but you. Take from Lenny who learned that fame or money wasn’t enough – you have to realize that you are enough – just the way you are. 
Tough times don't last, but tough people do. When the bottom falls out, you have a choice; you can either cry about it or laugh your way through it! Picking up the pieces is never easy, but it has to happen. There's a lot of power in laughter, and no one's mastered laughing more than Boston's Comedian and Movie Star - Lenny Clarke. Lenny went from having everything to having nothing, not once but many times. He's survived heart attacks, a massive stroke, overcame addiction, and even lost 200 pounds! Lenny lived through heartbreaks, divorce, and then found love with his wife Jennifer, who stood by his side as he climbed back to the top. Lenny understands that you can be famous and funny, but it doesn't mean one thing if you can't be a good friend and help others during challenging times. Lenny shares his survival tips and how to laugh your way through these valuable life lessons. Nationally renowned comedian Lenny Clarke is one of the biggest names in comedy. He's known for inventing Boston comedy as he came up in the 1980s, the heyday of Boston Comedy, with fellow funnymen Steven Wright, Martin Olson, and Denis Leary. He was roommates with Olsen, and their apartment, was known by comedians as "The Barracks," a notorious "Crash Pad" for visiting comics and the subject of the documentary "When Standup Stood Out." Lenny's comedic abilities captured the attention of Rodney Dangerfield, who gave him his first big break on the HBO special "Nothing Goes Right." Lenny has been on stages making people laugh for over 45 years. He's appeared in television shows such as his own network sitcom Lenny, The Job, The John Larroquette Show; It's All Relative, The Winner, Touched by an Angel, Love Boat: The Next Wave. He played the role of Uncle Teddy on Rescue Me and appeared in feature films such as Me, Myself and Irene, Rounders; There's Something About Mary, Two if by Sea, and Southie, to name a few.We laugh until we cry in this special episode while forgetting our troubles. Lenny share’s his uplifting story that inspire and entertain because his journey is one wild ride! 
Today’s topic is about the power of mindset and how to manage and control our response to others when dating. This week’s guest is Special Victim’s Investigator Will Kesselman, an expert in dynamic and repetitive patterns. He shares what he’s learned on the job. His acquired skills in psychology, coaching, consulting, and advanced knowledge around trauma so we can sharpen our skills around judgment. Decide which people to avoid and who is worthy of our time. He’ll share strategies he’s used in leading thousands of women to safety. HIS theories around emotional reactions–so you can stay in control and remain in power. We’ll discover that you don’t have to be phenomenally skilled to succeed; you need to be phenomenally willed, and if you want to find love, you absolutely can as long as you stay determined because where there is a will, there’s a way!Will Kesselman, Special Victims Investigator, Social Impact Strategist, speaker, and, Founder and President of Control and Power Strategy, a Domestic Violence- Divorce Consulting Trauma Coaching agency. After experiencing trauma, he chose to dedicate his life to protecting others. With over 14 years of experience, through his consulting and coaching company, Will continues to help empower mostly women, and sometimes men, to protect themselves, even potentially saving lives. Through his company, Will specializes in revealing to his clients the hidden information known mostly to government investigators, police, and judges; and how they think and react to situations. Will has helped thousands navigate government and community systems to safety. Will has also recently been on a "live" private FB group (for Domestic Violence) with over 10 thousand members, podcasts, and a radio show on KLAA for Southern California. Today, Will teaches us that we can respond differently to how others treat us and that we can be in control of our feelings and our emotions. Kerry Brett and Will Kesselman cover a lot of ground. Topics include; How to use pain to catapult you forward, especially in online dating.Will’s golden rule of being responsive, not reactive, and how it serves him in his life.How behavior can lead to thoughts, then thoughts lead to emotions.How we feel about ourselves matters in who they will attract.How women have a gatekeeper which is usually a best friend or sister, when vetting people to date.How to get an emotional response with the words you use when texting.A big red flag to Will is someone who's not flexible; the relationship is being set up as one-sided, or the person is being too dominant. This is trouble and not going to work.Women should never settle or make excuses for poor behavior because they don’t want to start over.Why it’s so difficult to leave a toxic relationship because of the emotional bonding.Why women are likely to get addicted to a relationship quicker than a man.Narcissists have to feed and are brilliant manipulatives and need to have a woman to dominate.Will’s advice around the mistakes women make when dating?Women need to understand they have more control and are worth more than they think.The importance of a buddy system when dating.Men will respond favorably when the woman stands in her power, and if they don’t respond favorably, they aren’t for you.To find out more about Will Kesselman, go to, follow him on Instagram @will_wise_words, on LinkedIn under Will K., and Clubhouse or Owwll under Will Kesselman.
This week is all about deliberate attraction! Today's guest is Michael Losier, author of the Law of Attraction. A book so powerful he's sold almost 4 million copies in 37 languages! We'll learn how to attract the perfect partner so you can get more of what you want and less of what you don't want. Have you ever noticed how people repeatedly find themselves in a bad relationship or complain about pulling in the same type of person? Well, the Law of Attraction is at work for them too. Michael's motto is you attract whatever you give attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative. He'll share his 3-step process for deliberate attraction, how to let go of doubt and allow love into our lives. Michael will show us how to stop using the words don't, not, and no and how to reset your vibration because we all have the power to manifest incredible relationships and experiences. Michael Losier is the author of best-selling books such as Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What you Want and Less of What you Don't, Law of Connection: The Science of Using NLP to Create Ideal Personal and Professional Relationships and Your Life's Purpose. The movie The Secret brought international exposure to the subject of Law of Attraction. Michael's business flourished as a result, and Michael was branded as the "How-to-Guy" for teaching others how to use the Law of Attraction, and even caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah interviewed him four times on her Soul Series Radio show on Sirius/XM satellite radio, and then Michael enjoyed a year-long run hosting his own radio show on Oprah & Friends Radio. He's been around the world twice teaching the Law of Attraction and has certified 470 Law of Attraction Facilitators in 17 countries. Michael shares evidence of the law of attraction around finding love and how we can get what we want if we deliberately use the Law of Attraction. Kerry Brett and Michael Losier cover a lot of ground. Topics include:How to become a deliberate attractor to attract your perfect partner.Why allowing is the opposite of doubt.How you can reset your vibration.Why we should stop using the words, don't, not and no.Why a belief is a word or a phrase you say repeatedly.The importance of changing your vibration to attract love.Why you should say daily, "I'm in the process of attracting my ideal partner."Why you shouldn't tell your friends about a bad date.To find out more about Michael Losier go to, follow on Clubhouse under Michael Losier or on Instagram @michael_losier_loa. Purchase his book Law of Attraction or book an appointment at
What makes or breaks a relationship? The truth is another person can't make you happy; being fulfilled is an inside job. Today's guest is Barry Selby. He's helped thousands learn to love themselves. He's affectionately known as the "Love Doctor." Barry is an inspirational speaker, relationship expert, best-selling author, and spiritual guide. Most successful women rely on masculine energy to survive in the business world but often don't know how to shut it off. Barry is a champion for the divine feminine and he's dedicated to helping strong women attract relationships that equal who they are. Barry offers principles that will change how you experience romance and how to love and treat yourself.Barry Selby is passionate about helping successful women create greater balance in love, life, and business. He's on a mission to awaken women to own and express their feminine magnificence in love and in the world. He's a relationship coach and a guide for singles seeking relationships and self-love. He has over 35 years of training and experience, including a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and more than two decades as a professional spiritual counselor. His #1 best-selling book, "50 Ways to Love Your Lover," helps singles and couples embody powerful principles for passionate and richly rewarding relationships. He brings deep compassion, a calm masculine presence, and wise guidance to assist his clients in their journey to true love. Barry epitomizes the perfect blend of practical, spiritual, tangible, and intangible in relationship coaching. In this week's episode, we'll learn about his approach to dating and love.Kerry Brett and Barry Selby discuss masculine and feminine energy and why that needs to be in balance to find love. Topics include:The polarity between the masculine and feminine. You don't need the other person to complete you if you truly love someone. Come from a place of loving yourself first, which is the best place to attract a new relationship.How to love from overfill and not love from a place of lack.The difference between masculine and macho energy.Masculine energy comes from having a strong spine and being single-focused.Why women need to turn off the masculine energy that they use at work.Feminine energy comes from the energy of the heart.Why women don't trust their feminine energy.Why women have a difficult time letting the man lead in dating.Rule #45 in "50 Ways to Love Your Lover" Ladies, let your man be masculine and remember you are feminine. Don't compete for it, or you will lose in romance. Barry, can you expand on this?Rule #42 is men and women attract each other differently. Men see attraction, and women feel attraction. Why is it crucial to be grounded in your feminine as a woman in dating?Barry Selby's advice for dating and healing a broken heart.Why you want to be fulfilled as a single person? So, when you find a relationship, it just adds to who you are.If you aren't happy single, you won't be happy taken. Happiness comes from within, not from men.Why being single doesn't mean you are undesirable or unwanted. It means you know your value and are holding out for someone who is worthy and sees your worth.To find out more about Barry Selby go to All of his social he can be found under Barry Selby except on Instagram which is @therealbarryselby and you can talk to him directly on Clubhouse or watch his 1,400 videos on YouTube.
Today's guest is Lori Mendelsohn. She's a dating app profile writer, dating coach, and matchmaker. This week's topic is why you need a dating coach. Lori will break down the difference between a dating coach and a therapist and why there is such a huge difference. Dating coaches help you move into the future, identify your blocks and create a structure to achieve your goal faster. A dating coach gets you relationship ready while helping you break past patterns. Asking our family and friends for dating advice is not the best way to go because often we're asking advice from those who have never been on a dating app, which is why we should ask a professional. Lori shares why it's important to keep an open and curious mind– And like the great coach Ted Lasso said, "Be curious, not judgmental."Lori Mendelsohn is a dating app profile writer, matchmaker, dating coach, and award-winning entrepreneur. She writes unique profiles that help you not only tell your story by adding some swagger, levity, and humor because, after all, laughter is the best Mendelsohn. Lori is excellent at helping you write a dating profile that stops suitors in their tracks. When Lori writes, you find love. In this episode, Kerry Brett and Lori Mendelsohn break down why hiring a dating coach is in your best interest. Topics include;You should be curious, not judgmental, because who's to say what type of person will make you happy. Stay curious; on a date, have a conversation of curiosity-ask the other person where they see themselves in five years? This question will give you a lot of information.Why a dating coach can save you emotional energy and time when navigating these dating sites.Dating coaches have a playbook and identify what skills you need to improve.Setbacks are not failures; it's an opportunity to learn and course-correct once you realize your mistakes.Why hiring a dating coach will help you discover what's not working and help you put a new plan in place.Dating coaches will identify the patterns we need to break, remove blocks, and figure out why you are pulling in the same type of people.How to build off of your strengths and put new strategies in place so you can play to win.An investment in yourself is so worth it because what counts is the inside work you've done on yourself.Why you shouldn't trust the opinions of friends or family and work with a professional.Why blind spots are almost impossible to see when your heart is involved.Look closely at the qualities you want in a partner. Are you focusing on the wrong things, or are you being overly selective?This is not Build a Bear. You aren't assembling a stuffed animal. It's impossible to be all things to all people.Why it's so important to live in the present and enjoy the moment without any expectations.To learn more about Lori Mendelsohn and all of her services, go to or email Lori at Follow on Instagram @avconnexions or follow her on Clubhouse under Lori Mendelsohn and check out her Clubhouse Club Single Over 50 every Tuesday at 6 PM (EST).
Today's guest is Rosie Dalton, and she’s a grief counselor, and lifestyle coach. Rosie knows first-hand how to handle hard times. She tragically lost her only son, got divorced, lost her home, even her car—although it was a heartbreaking time all was not lost. Rosie had her survival skills and the willingness for a better future! She understands that life is short and can be gone at any moment. Rosie became a quick learner called in her future self while learning the power of the word and. She found ways to live with ever-present grief and experience all the joys of life. At age 54, Rosie created her heaven on earth, found love at a Match Mingle, and remarried. Rosie shares how eventually, everything comes up roses, her tips around midlife dating, and why there's a lot to be rosy about when it comes to online dating.  Rosie Dalton is a midlife revisionist, lifestyle coach, spiritual guide, and workshop facilitator. Rosie was an inspirational speaker at Canyon Ranch, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, 1440 Multiversity, and several similar venues across the country. Rosie shows women how to immerse themselves into a new and powerful paradigm of the ageless woman. Rosie shows others a world of untapped possibilities of deep and unapologetic authenticity and burgeoning vitality. Midlife is not a dirty word but an incredible opportunity to transform past challenges and loss into feminine rocket fuel. Kerry Brett and Rosie Dalton discuss how Rosie reimagined a new life and recreated a fabulous new one. Topics include;How to let go of things that aren't meant for you anymore.How Rosie was willing to lose everything to create a better life for herself, leaned into her survival skills, and just kept going.How Rosie didn't let her current financial situation affect her self-worth, it doesn't matter what's in your bank account; it's what's in your heart that's important.Why you should keep trying new things and do more of the things that you love, that way, it creates an energetic field of love, happiness, and abundance around you. Why you should start looking at men with a new lens, look for good and handsome–handsome becomes unattractive really quick if he's not a good person.If you look for a good heart first, then you'll have a great and fun life.The importance of writing a list of what you want in a partner–and why a good person should be at the top of your list.Midlife isn't a dirty word, and it's an excellent opportunity for a second chance.Advice for someone who feels hopeless about finding love.Advice for someone who feels too old to find love, and why it's never too late.Why Rosie, having the desire to feel cherished was enough to propel her forward, and find love.Take action, and don't be afraid to try something unconventional even if you have to grab an ex-boyfriend to accompany you to a Match Mixer because you never know where you can meet your person.You can choose a better life and carefully select the type of people you date. You are the ultimate authority, so fill your mind with positive beliefs, and that will be your feminine rocket fuel.To find out more about Rosie Dalton, you can follow her on Instagram @silverandsovereign and stay tuned for Rosie's Dalton's upcoming podcast. Keep an eye out for the launch of Rosie's sister Comedian Medium Maureen Hancock’s upcoming podcast The Medium Next Door, which will be found on all platforms.
Today's topic is all about the emotions of dating. This week's guest is Dr. Renee Mudrey, and she's an educational psychologist, author, and founder of Transcendent Heart Life Coaching. Dr. Renee is a chief emotions doctor who understands the gamut of emotions people experience when dating. We cover the hopes, joys, expectations, projections, and the best mindset. She'll offer tips around staying grounded, being present, and living in the moment when on the lookout for love—strategies to avoid burnout and trusting yourself after rejection. Dr. Renee shares her wisdom to gain a new perspective and advice for regulating our emotional well-being. If you can't get excited about dating, stop putting in the effort, or completely lost interest, this episode is for you. Dr. Renee shares how to overcome feeling let down and conquer relational troubles to live an abundant life and find a meaningful relationship. Dr. Renee Mudrey is an Educational Psychologist and Spiritual Mentor; whose stood by her clients over the last 17 years, helping them find their way in overcoming personal tragedy. She spent most of her 20s worrying about everything that could go wrong in life only to find she wasn't living at all. In her 30s, Dr. Renee faced a major health issue that became a turning point that forced her to decide who she was and what she was capable of. Despite having a Ph.D. in the field of educational psychology and two decades of teaching experience, she knew there was still so much more to learn. Dr. Renee embarked on a journey to conquer internal doubt, negative thinking, and feelings of hopelessness. Today she'll share what she's learned while empowering us to be the best version of ourselves.Kerry Brett and Dr. Renee Mudrey cover a lot of ground topics, include:How to navigate the ups and downs of dating.How to trust yourself after a failed relationship.How to ground yourself and stay present when dating.The value of finding support when dating.Why it's essential to have a positive mindset when dating.How to manage your expectations and not get too ahead of yourself when dating.Dr. Renee's theory of the "Unbecoming" and how to trust the process that everything will work out.Advice for someone who's entirely burned out with online dating.Divine timing and why it's never too late to find love.How to find your way again after rejection.How to let go of toxic patterns and belief that love is heavy. Trust your smile, not your past. Love is supposed to be full of joy, not drama.How to find love in the wholeness that you are, not in the brokenness that you are not.To find out more about Dr. Renee Mudrey, you can find out more on her website or follow her on Instagram @transcend.with.drrenee or order her book on Amazon The Unbecoming: A Journey Within and follow The Emotion Club and Dr. Renee on Clubhouse.To find out information about Kerry Brett Master Class Your Best Shot@Love go to #datingadvice #relationships101 #findinglove #swiperight #tindersuccessstory #shotatlove #onlinedating #itsamatch #findingyourwaytolove
I can’t believe it! Today is my 100th episode and in honor of this milestone I have a very special guest, my boyfriend Scott Stunzenas. We discuss how we became a Tinder Success Story. I understand what works and what doesn't because I’ve tested it all, then used what I learned to find love. Scott was my MVP on Tinder, and I want to encourage all my listeners to give more people a chance and be open to all possibilities because you never know what package your person will come in. You’ve heard me talk about him on the past 99 episodes and now it’s time to put him in the Hot Seat! Hear his side of the story while he shares all the right moves he made after swiping right.Honestly, Shot@Love wouldn't exist if it weren't for Scott – he saw that I had valuable information and he encouraged me to get out of my own way and help others by developing this podcast. Behind the scenes, there were lots of nights full of tears and fear around telling my own story. He reminded me that Shot@Love was not about me; it was about the person struggling to get it right and find love. Thankfully, on our first date he saw my heart, not a girl who felt like a disaster at the time, crying into her paper napkin. I was successful on Tinder because I pushed through the pain, dragged my sorry sad soul into the shower, kept swiping and kept going. Until one day I swiped right on an photograph of Scott, who lived 13 miles away, graduated from American University and was looking for love in all the wrong places and the rest is history!Kerry Brett and Scott Stunzenas break down their online dating journey and how they became a Tinder Success Story.Why dating is a numbers game and how to increase your odds.Why you should avoid sending a thank you text after the date. Thank the other person on the date that night.Do not send double texts if you don’t get a response.Why the breakthrough is always the last key on the key chain – it’s always  that last key that unlocks the door.Why you should avoid showing up as the representative.The importance of managing expectations.Dating is a numbers game and why it’s all about timing.It’s also all about curb appeal and first impressions.Why you should pay attention to the buzz words you put in your bio.Why you should take risks sending edgy or funny responses.Make no apology for your personality. You’ll be too much for some, those aren’t your people.Your success is found in your daily routine. Everyday aim to be 1 percent better than the day before.Stop trying to be perfect because perfect doesn’t exist! Beauty is an inside job and begins the moment you decide to be yourself.Never water yourself down because someone can’t handle you at 100 proof. A real man isn’t threatened by your talents or abilities.To find out more about Scott Stunzenas follow on Instagram @scottstunzenas or on FaceBook under his name.  After you’ve found love and decide to take the next step contact Scott at Compass because he will help you find your forever home.  To find out more about my Master Class go to #findingloveontinder #datingadvice #relationship101 #swiperight #datingoals #onlinedating #manifestinglove #findinglove #datingtips
This week, we discuss what men want. Today's guest is Daniel Herrold and he's the co-creator of Divorced Over 40, a rapidly growing community with tribes in fifty cities and seven countries worldwide. Daniel provides a man's perspective on dating, relationships and just about everything women are straight-up confused about these days! He helps translate the difficult conversations you may have with guys. He gives insight into what men may be thinking and, better yet, what they really meant. He also helps us spot the signs to differentiate between good and bad behavior. Daniel encourages dating with a purpose i.e. knowing what you want in a partner and getting clear about your next chapter. Daniel finally offers tips for protecting your time around those who don’t align with you and how to be proactive by playing offense instead of defense.  Daniel Herrold is the co-creator of Divorced Over 40, an online and in-person community of divorced women and men. This incredibly curated group provides support through content on its social media channels and hosts live events so that those navigating divorce can cultivate new friendships. Divorced Over 40 has over 10,000 members and has formed virtual tribes worldwide in just over a year. Daniel is also the founder of the Intentional Dating Club. He's a writer of all things divorce and known for his blog and his viral Divorced Dad Tik Tok videos, which offer dating tips. Daniel is a proud divorced dad of three daughters, who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is dedicated to changing the stigma of divorce.Once Daniel found himself divorced in his 40s, he began looking for friendships and doing what most people do... diving straight into dating to avoid the pain of loneliness. In this episode, he shares how connecting with others, who are in the same situation, allowed him to heal and ignited his passion for helping others.Kerry Brett and Daniel Herrold cover a lot of ground. Topics include;Why women should stop accepting poor behavior from men.When bad behaviors are shown early it’s better to cut your losses and move on.Don’t make excuses why bad behaviors exist. Chances are, they are only going to get worse.Slow and steady wins the race when dating someone new.How to ask the right questions to see if someone is aligned with you.If one person tries to push the agenda of the status of the relationship, it’s likely to blow up.If someone ghosts you, they are showing a lack of respect and it is what it is, no explanation needed, the memo has been received – move along and consider yourself lucky.Don’t be too accessible and watch the frequency of your communication. Don’t fall into the trap of burning the roast because you got too ambitious in the kitchen. If things progress too quickly either person is most likely to lose steam.The importance of avoiding negativity in your profile.It’s better to fill your profile of what you do want rather than what you don’t. And remember men love positive winners.You can’t change men, make sure your expectations are aligned. A serious dater and casual dater are like oil and vinegar.Stop putting so much pressure on the first date. Doesn’t friendship come before marriage? Use a date as an opportunity to find a new friendship.The breakdown of intentional dating.How to manage your expectations to avoid pain and heartbreak.How to navigate dating in a healthy way when it’s too soon to date.To find out more about Daniel Herrold, the Divorced Dad go to or You can find him on social media @daniel.herrold or @divorcedover40, and also on Tik Tok under daniel.herrold. He has a members-only dating club. There is a hyper link on his Instagram. Daniel also hosts clubhouse rooms. His clubs are What Men Want, Intentional Dating Club and Divorce Over 40, on Clubhouse.
Are you consciously dating with intention, or are you struggling to date while pulling in the same time waster, leaving you wondering why you can't find the one? Today's guest is Chantal Landreville, and she's a Love Coach who will help you reframe your thoughts if you're questioning yourself. Are you telling yourself comments like "how can I be so amazing if I'm still single," "Am I being too demanding," or "will I be alone for the rest of my life"? If you're feeling discouraged, this episode is for you! Chantal will help turn around self-doubt and introduce self-development. We'll get to the root of your patterns to stop attracting men who aren't emotionally available—Chantal share's love connection skills and how to raise your love signal to attract the right relationship.Chantal Landreville is a certified love coach, and a lot of what she teaches comes from 20 years of her own experience. Chantal is a French Canadian who lives in Toronto, Canada, and after years of being single and searching for love, she became a self-proclaimed self-development junkie. She's finally in a happy, healthy, relationship and she wants you to have the same experience. Chantal's the founder of the Raise Your Love Signal; A program to master the art of love that helps women achieve the ultimate love connection and teach them the proper skills to be in a healthy, loving, long-term committed relationship. She's also currently writing her book by the same name, Raise Your Love Signal.In this episode, you'll learn how to step into our power and own who we are, define what we want in your journey of finding love. Kerry Brett and Chantal Landreville cover a lot of ground. Topics include;How to navigate dating and focus on intentional dating in order to have more positive experiences.How to raise your love signal.The way you love yourself determines the quality of the partner you pull in.In your search for love look for a conscious relationship because it will be transformational and set you up for success.Why you should be 100% committed and zero percent attached.The Importance of watching your thoughts. The influence of our thoughts impact how we live and what we experience especially in love.When dating, it’s imperative to manage your expectations, never assume, communicate your needs and watch your attitude.How to attract your high vibrational match.To find out more about Chantal Landreville follow her on Instagram @chantal.landreville, or her website You can also find her on Clubhouse uner Chantal Landreville her club Raise Your Love Signal happens every Monday at 5:00 PM (EST).To find out more about Your Best Shot@Love Master Class go to #intentionaldating #howtoavoidheartbreak #whatmenwant #raiseyourlovesignal #findinglove #shotatlove
The truth is we are so much stronger and smarter than we think, especially when it comes to dating. Today's guest is Delores Jones, and she's The Comeback Coach, who helps women transform their lives and bounce back better, not bitter despite diversity and bad decisions. Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit while forgetting our value and worthiness. Is it possible to hold ourselves back from fear of rejection, failure, or success? In this week's episode, Delores discusses the main fears we encounter in love and how to overcome these obstacles. She also shares strategies around doing the unfamiliar while encouraging us to face our fears and do it anyway because you'll be amazed at what's truly possible! Why it's time to take responsibility for our decisions and why we should stop playing small because we have the power to design the life we want. Delores Jones is an Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist, T.V. Personality, and motivational speaker. She's the author of the book Stop the D.U.M.B. Stuff: A woman's guide for being responsible for the relationships were in and the decisions we make. Delores was an honored guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and featured in the book: "Come on People: On the Path from Victims to Victors for her rise from poverty to prosperity. She's a regular guest and contributor for CBS, NBC, Fly Nubian Queen Network, The Examiner, NPR, and other local media outlets. She received a master's degree in Social Work and a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism from The University of Missouri. Her story of going from 'Destitute to Drive-Time Diva' led to a full feature story in The Kansas City Star Newspaper.Kerry Brett and Delores Jones cover a lot of ground. Topics include;Why you should create a folder of your accomplishments to reference on the days you don't believe in yourself or feel down.How not to suffer from possibility blindness.How to step into a place of being unstoppable.In the chessboard of life, the queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard, and the queen can move what stands in her way, why you can make yourself a queen and crown yourself. How to harness inner queen energy for ourselves, especially when dating.How to stop playing small. If we don't see things bigger than they need to be, you'll miss opportunities. Why you need to pay attention to men who are inconsistent and drop them like a bad habit.Don't give more of yourself that you expect to lose.Why you have to lose the safety net, and how to engage in the lose to win mentality.When a man makes you a priority, you know - how to avoid being an option.Why no one gets to tell you who you are or how powerful you are other than you.It is essential to know and own your value, especially when it comes to life and love.Why you need to put what's important first which is YOU.Each day work on something, even if it's small, when working towards your goals.Be loyal to the royal in you, and remember you were born to be a queen and be treated like one.To feel like a queen is as simple as believing you are one.You'll never be crowned if you always back down. Don't be afraid to push back when dating and always stay in your power.To find out more about Delores Jones, follow her on Instagram@mycomebackcoach, on FaceBook, or clubhouse under Delores Jones or her club Stop The D.U.M.B. Stuff.To find out more about Your Best Shot@Love Master Class go to #intentionaldating #howtoavoidheartbreak #whatmenwant #mycomebackcoach #findinglove #shotatlove #bouncebackbetter #relationshipadvice
Today's topic is how to turn your dating misfortune into mojo while finding your inner magnetism. This week's guest is Kimmy Seltzer; she's an image expert, dating strategist, and confidence therapist. Kimmy knows firsthand that you look good when you feel good, and her outside in approach does wonders for your confidence! Kimmy had a turn of events personally that led her to become one of the top LA Dating Coaches, running dating boot camps for men and women, consulting for severalbusinesses, and running the VIP division at one of the largest nationwide matchmaking companies, Elite Matchmaking in Beverly Hills. Kimmy shares her dating strategies, tips around flirting, and how to attractlove through body language, first impressions, and her signature formula, the Charisma Quotient. Los Angles based expert Kimmy Seltzer travels the country helping others discover confidence, charisma, and connection as a speaker at national Matchmaking Conferences, eHarmony, Neutrogena, The Guild at Universal, UCLA, and iDate. Kimmy is also the host of the Charisma Quotient podcast and is a regular contributor at the Huffington Post. She’s appeared in Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Reader's Digest, Ask Men, FOX News Magazine Yahoo, and the Washington Examiner, to name a few. Kimmy's also the leading love expert on the live traveling dating show the Great Love Debate and cable TV’s reality dating show The Romance. She's the love coach for the dating app Datefit and hosts the Flirt Academy workshops nationwide.Kerry Brett and Kimmy Seltzer cover a lot of ground and topics include;How to find yourself again after a marriage ends or a long-term relationship.How to look and feel your best so you can find what you want in a partner.Why the outer game is just as important as the inner game in how we feel about ourselves.The value of being “seen”, and the impact that people have when they feel attractive.Why you have to learn how to date, because you can’t be good at something you don’t do.Kimmy found that people could shift in one shopping spree than they could after years of therapy.Kimmy’s red dress moment and why we all need a dating costume.How important confidence is when flirting or making first impressions.How to attract something this time around.The power of makeovers, and how it helps you shift the way you feel about yourself.When you love you, others will love you as well.How important the leading photograph is, as well as secondary images are in your online dating profile.Why your online dating photograph is the first thing that catches a man’s eye. It’s literally the equivalent of a first impression and we all know how important first impressions are, so make yours count.Don’t rush the process, date smarter not harder. Why you should take your time, and reframe your mindset of how to date especially if you’re jumping back into the world of dating after a long-term relationship.Make flirting fun, avoid boring answers, use humor and keep it short and sweet when texting. Too much too soon is never a good thing.You have the power to attract the love you want but you must become what you want to attract.To find out more about Kimmy Seltzer go to her website Here is the link to her flirt workshop on February 11th, 2022 to her podcast the Charisma Quotient podcast on all platforms where podcasts are found. Follow on Instagram @kimmyseltzer, or on FaceBook under Kimmy Seltzer.
Anyone who's navigated the hookup culture on these dating apps or unexpectedly got their heartbroken will relate and resonate with today's guest Beverly Hills psychologist Dr. Nancy Lee. Aside from being a renowned clinical therapist, she’s also the author of thebook Don’t Sleep with Him Yet, a Badass Guide to Dating in 10 Empowering Steps. Having helped countless women with dating and relationship issues, she shares how to let go of self-doubt and find confidence in ourselves, leading us to say goodbye to the wrong guys so you can reel in the right one! Dr. Nancy Lee provides proactive strategies, eye-opening true stories, and powerful psychological research which will inspire and awaken your inner badassery, so you can stand your ground while dating.Dr. Nancy Lee is a psychologist who owns a private practice in Beverly Hills, California, and is a leading practitioner of cognitive behavioral therapy, and Vitals Patients Choice Award Recipient. She's been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, Toronto Sun, Parade, Oprah Magazine, Digital Journal, Bustle, Metro News, and Yahoo News, to name a few. Dr. Lee has also been on the Jenny McCarthy Show, KTLA, FOX 24, iHeartRadio, LA Talk Radio, and many more. Dr. Lee received her doctorate at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine at UCLA Medical Center.Kerry Brett and Dr. Nancy Lee cover a lot of ground, topics include;The neuroscience behind attraction.How to light his fire and keep him on his toes.The signs if you’re dating a player or a narcissist, and why it’s really important to have this information so you can avoid heartbreak.Why it’s so important to listen to your gut and intuition when dating.Dr. Nancy Lee’s 7 types of men to avoid.Why women should look at men’s actions more than words.Dr. Nancy Lee shares psychological references of what makes a player.Why when you value yourself, you’ll stay clear about what you want, which will lead you to choose a partner that will enhance your life, making life better.Why you should always choose a kind partner over a cool one.Why women tend to look out for everyone except themselves, stop being the queen of people-pleasing, and listen to your instincts because if something feels off, it usually is.To find out more about Dr. Nancy Lee follow on Instagram @drnancylee, FaceBook Don’t Sleep with Him Yet/The Book and Clubhouse under Dr. Nancy Lee. Her website is www.drnancylee.comand you can purchase her book Don’t Sleep with Him Yet, A Badass Guide to Dating in 10 Empowering Steps on Amazon.
When people fall in love, they often forget to factor in finances, which potentially leads to heartbreak and fiscal failure. Today's guest is Tucker Cohen, and he's the CEO of the App Smoov, which is changing the way couples manage their expenses. Smoov tracks couples spending while you can select the transactions you'd like to share jointly. When dating, discussions around money can be challenging, but communicating about cash establishes boundaries, trust, and commitment. Tucker shares what's happening in the relationship world, how younger people today are becoming wealthier and prefer to maintain their independence. He also discusses how to take the financial pressure off of dating and why his app is imperative when building a future with someone you love because it's all about the Benjamin's baby! Tucker Cohen grew up in a coastal town called Marblehead just outside Boston, MA. He's a graduate of Chapman University in Southern California, and he's an athlete, entrepreneur, and investor. Tucker is a 3X founder and 5X start-up operator from seed to series C. Tucker is also the current brand ambassador for Cake's electric motorcycle company. Today, he discusses Smoov, the first expense management platform designed specifically for couples. Financial strains are one of the leading causes of relationships failing. By simplifying the management expenses for young couples while helping navigate emotionally charged conversations, Smoov, removes issues and arguments around money so it doesn't come in between their love for one another. Kerry Brett and Tucker Cohen cover a lot of ground. Topics include;Why banks don't care about harmony in your relationship and why modern banking isn't built for modern day relationships.Why millennials are driving the divorce rate down because they're getting married later in life.If you get screwed up around finances or romances, it can derail your life.Financial infidelity or dishonesty about your spending or debt can be the biggest relationship killer. Couples can't come up with a solution if the other person doesn't know the truth.Don't be an over-sharer in the early stages of dating; save those stories for your hairdresser. Loose lips sink ships. Don't be complaining about your crushing student debt on your first date, and the same goes for sharing information about the large trust fund you may have acquired.Don't let money ruin your relationship. Stay open to talking about finances regularly and making things easier for yourself by using an app like Smoov.Wealth comes in many categories, like freedom, peace, health, and happiness. I like to think that being rich isn't about what you have in your bank; it's what you have in your heart.Why fighting over finances is the second leading cause for breakups.To find out more about Tucker Cohen, the CEO of Smoov, follow on Instagram or Twitter @smoovapp or get on the waitlist before the launch to be one of the first 500 free customers! 
Today’s guest is business coach Michelle Oliver, who’s back by popular demand to help you re-vision your dating life in 2022. Are you clear on the type of love interest you’d like to manifest this year? Or is it time for a clean slate or rewrite? In this week’s episode, Michelle will help you re-imagine your future by using tools like clarity, focus, and the language of love. Why it’s time to ditch limiting thoughts that are holding you back while showing us how dating can be easy, lucrative, and fun, and it only takes simple shifts in energy and attitude. Michelle will also discuss why dating doesn’t need to take a great deal of concentrated effort and why we don’t need to pull out all stops to pull in the perfect partner.Through business strategy and mindset shifts, Michele Oliver helps women in their 40’s and 50’s build the business of their dreams and a life they love. Using tools like re-visioning and revising to help women; increase awareness and alter their self-concept so they can be the women they want to be. She also helps women discover what has held them back and how to overcome limitations while building a new relationship with themselves.Kerry Brett and Michelle Oliver cover a lot of ground. Topics include;How to get clear and clarify the values we are looking for in a partner.How to define what we want for our life in this new year.Why you should go all-in when dating and fine-tune your commitment to finding love.Why consistency, focus, and follow-through are the name of the game in searching for love.Why it’s imperative to take inventory of your mindset and attitude.The power of words and how it affects your outcome in business and love.Why dating doesn’t need to be a repetitive task that you dread and tips on how to find the fun and joy in the process.To find out more about Michelle Oliver you can follow her on Instagram @iammichelleoliver or go to her website
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