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Shot@Love is the first motivational dating show of its kind. It teaches you how to be successful in online dating while inspiring the listeners to go for it. You can find love, and are worthy of it. Shot @ Love with Kerry Brett - Me, Exposed- Introduction to Shot @ Love Podcast with celebrity photographer Kerry Brett.
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Today’s guest is writer, podcaster, and photographer Kat Harris, A thirty-something-year-old virgin and author of the upcoming book Sexless in the City. In her new book, Kat covers topics that people want answers to but are too afraid to ask. Kat and Kerry cover topics such as sex, singleness, and relationships. Kat share’s her wisdom, what she's learned dating in NYC for a decade, and how she’s discovered to live with sexual integrity in singleness. Kat's passion is giving others the tools they need to navigate today's dating culture with vision, clarity, and freedom. We discuss how to show up in dating, how we choose certain people to date and why we should have faith in God’s master plan for our love life! Kat Harris is the host of The Refined Collective Podcast and co-founder of the online publication The Refined Woman. Her first book Sexless in the City will hit bookstores this month on 4/20. She has also been a full-time photographer for the past 15 years with work featured in Vanity Fair, GQ, Forbes, People, US Weekly, and Glamour UK, to name A few. Kat coaches people worldwide in dating, relationships, and singleness and how to build a renewed healthy biblical sexual ethic rooted in truth and grace instead of the common shame and fear narratives somany experienced growing up in the evangelical culture. Dating can be frustrating and lonely, but there are strategies which can be helpful in your dating journey. Kat and Kerry talk about what's possible for today’s single. Topics include:What photographing weddings taught us about love and marriage.The importance of mindset and believing in finding love.How do you approach dating? Do you have a good attitude or are you negative?If you think dating during a pandemic is too hard then it will be a block.The importance of identifying the core values you want in a partner.How society and spiritual beliefs shape what we want in a person.Why you should be clear and open about what you want. You can’t get what you don’t ask for.What if we were as intentional in dating as we are in our careers?How to navigate the highs and lows of dating.Why you should play big online and every area of your life.Why we should give up limiting beliefs that keep us playing small.What if online could work?  Look  for evidence that is does work.How to stay positive when things don’t work out the way  you planned or hoped.Why you should give yourself permission to imagine.To find out more about Kat Harris go to, follow on Instagram @therefinedwoman or listen to her podcast The Refined Collective. Purchase her upcoming book Sexless in the City at
Today's guest is Dara Kurtz; she's a writer, speaker, podcaster, and blogger of "Crazy Perfect Life" and shares her wisdom on life, loss, and love. She discusses why we should take a hard look at what's important in our lives. Dara's secret to having a happy life is living fully and loving deeply. Her mom's death held her back for a long time, and she wasn't able to make the most of her life or relationships because she didn't want to risk getting hurt again. Dara shows us the importance of opening our hearts, letting people in, and why we can't live life to our best ability if we worry about what might happen. Dara also encourages us to go for anything we want because what's the worst that can happen?  Dara Kurtz is a wife and mother, and at the age of 42 she was diagnosed with cancer. Going through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery changed Dara's perspective; what she thought was important wasn't so important anymore. She decided to leave her 20-year career as a personal banker and financial advisor to focus on writing. Her blog, "Crazy Perfect Life," has over 200,000 followers. She is the author of three books, Crush Cancer, The Crush Cancer Workbook, and I Am My Mother's Daughter. When Dara was 28, she lost her mother to cancer. She recently wrote a book about the letters and lessons from both her mother and grandmothers, which includes tips that can help strengthen our relationships or help us move forward in our journey in finding love. Kerry Brett and Dara Kurtz cover a lot of ground, topics include;Embrace that life isn't perfect and messy, and all you can do is the best you can.Why we need to stop reviewing regrets.How to keep the keys to your own happiness in your pocket.Why you need to stop caring or worrying about how other people are going to react to us.Why it's important to stop trying to be perfect and live a peaceful life.Why you should challenge yourself, face your fears and ask yourself the worst that can happen?If you don't push yourself and try different things, you can rob yourself of love and joy.You develop more confidence by taking risks and bringing in new experiences.We need to stop being stuck in pain and get back to the business of living.Why you need to stop putting things off and star living for today.Why we should make the of precious time with loved ones.If we close our hearts, then we are cheating ourselves on some of the best positive experiences.Count your blessings instead of your problems.You can learn to recognize and replace negative stories and decide what you want to tell yourself to believe.If you expect good things to happen, they usually do.The world can be our playground if we let it.For more information about Dara Kurtz you can find out more on  Follow on Facebook Crazy Perfect Life by Dara Kurtz and Instagram @crazyperflife. 
In this episode, Shot@Love welcome's back Amy Nobile, the owner of Love, Amy a Dating Concierge service that helps you find love. Amy brings us up to speed with what's happening with love this spring. The dating landscape has dramatically changed, but the basic principles remain. Amy shares the keys to becoming successful online and why your most valuable asset is positive energy and an attitude of yes! She encourages us to stop playing small, get out there and find love regardless of what's happening in the world around us, at the same time, reminding us why optimism and hope are essential in our journey to love. Amy Nobile found love on Bumble and was so inspired she decided to share with others what worked for her and Love, Amy was born. She's different than most "Dating Coaches" because she takes a holistic, inside-out look at who you are, what makes you uniquely you, your core values, and who you truly want to attract. Amy is also a successful author who's published four books. She's been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider, and even the Today Show. Amy helps teach you how to become successful and ultimately find love.Kerry Brett and Amy Nobile cover a lot of ground. Topics include;How to be in the world now by overcoming social anxiety.There are more than double the number of users now and why you should lever the edge.The most significant predictor of success is having positive energy around finding love.Why you need to have 100 percent certainty that you will find love on an app.Think about the time we spent mindlessly scrolling through social media, yet why can't people find a few hours a day to spend on dating apps?.Why you need to be fully invested and "all in" when using dating apps.How to get to the point of feeling fully worthy of finding love.Why your blocks come out in the form of a million excuses.It's not about perfection or filters. It's about being true to you.Why worrying about the future or how things will work out is another block.If you project out fear, you will only pull in a partner who is also fear-based.Love is blooming, it's happening, and the time is now. So, go for it! For more information about Amy Nobile or Love, Amy go to or follow on Instagram
Today's guest is Caitlin Arner, the owner of Zelda and Friends, a Dog concierge service that's perfect for you and your Dog's lifestyle. In this week's episode, we will discuss the many ways your Dog can boost your love life. Taking your Dog for a stroll increases your chances of meeting others. There is also a new trend in Al Fresco dining called "Yappy Hour." Did you know you could let your Dog play matchmaker by advertising yourself through your pet on sites such as, Leashes and Lovers, and Tindog, which is Tinder for dogs? Hook up for a play date at the dog park or meet up for coffee at a canine-friendly café. Dogs keep you in better shape, lift your mood, and are great at sniffing out suitors. How putting up a photograph of you and your Dog on a dating site will make you look more friendly, approachable, and attractive. Dating is a numbers game––walking your pup in the park or sitting on a pet-friendly patio gives you more chance encounters. We'll be talking about all things fur babies, puppy love, and how to get a jump on the dog days of summer.After spending too many uninspired years in front of a computer, sitting at a desk, Caitlin had this "crazy" notion that maybe one day she could find a career that would make her happy, give her purpose, and be sustainable long-term. Until one day, a friend wanted to pay her to watch her two new three-month-old puppies. Caitlin had grown up with dogs, adopted her Dog, Zelda but never considered that this could be the absolute perfect path for her life to take. Caitlin had this special bond with dogs, respected them, loved them if they were humans, and believed every Dog deserved the best care. The kind she would want for her Dog, one where dogs are given personal attention in a way they would typically experience at home with their family. Caitlin and I will discuss the reasons why and how people are using dogs to fetch their soulmates. Topics include:Dating with dogs.How getting a dog can solidify a relationship.The Pandemic dog purchase and dog trends during Covid.How a connection in a relationship is built around raising a dog together.How a dog can be a symbol of commitment.How dogs keep you healthy, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety.How dogs help combat loneliness and keep you company.Why people stay in a relationship that isn't working for the Dog.When should you introduce a dog into a new relationship?Dogfishing is a new dating term and the practice of using a dog to attract someone.How to avoid getting hooked in by a faux Fido.Research has shown that women flock to men with dogs.How people stereotype based on type of Dog the owner may have.How we select people based on friendliness just like dogs do.Your Dog is the best judge of character and can weed out unkind people who may not be best for you.To find out more about Caitlin Arner and her Dog Concierge Service, go, or follow on Instagram @zeldanfriends.
Today's guest is Melissa Gould, whose husband tragically died unexpectedly at the age of 50. To help navigate the painful grieving process, she wrote the new best-selling Widow…ish! Melissa has inspired others across the country to heal and manage heartache through speaking engagements and writing, such as the NY Times essay "My Husband Died and All I Got Was This Sweatshirt." Melissa is also an acclaimed screenwriter for shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five, Lizzie McGuire, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. She has also written several movies for NBC and the Disney Channel. Melissa inspires sharing her personal story of resilience, loss, and finding love again.Melissa Gould shared her incredible story of unimaginable loss when she lost her husband from MS and the West Nile Virus. Early on, Melissa realized she did not fit the idea of widowhood. She didn't look like a widow (she was too young) or act like a widow (she had found love again), but she felt like a widow, which is how she came up with the title Widow..ish! In her inspiring memoir, Melissa took this traumatic experience of losing her husband and, in one month, became Amazon's Editor's pick in the category of the best biographies and memoirs. Melissa is an LA-based award-winning screenwriter, and her essay's on grief can be found in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, AARP, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post, to name a few. She's appeared in front of the camera on shows such as Rachel Ray, Access Hollywood, and KTLA's Morning Show. Melissa's latest essay, "On the Stars Who Helped Her Journey Through Grief," recently appeared in the Hollywood Reporter and was just interviewed for Gabby Reece's podcast. Kerry Brett and Melissa Gould cover a lot of ground topics include:Moving forward in your 40's.Navigating the grief process and falling in love.How unconventional relationships could be perfect for you.The importance of choosing easy.How you can find love even in a crisis or at your lowest point.The power of sharing your story.The importance of not overthinking.Sometimes a fling can turn into a thing.Surround yourself with supportive people who want you to be happy, whatever your happiness looks like.God laughs at your plans, surrender, and have faith that in the end, you'll be alright. For more information on Melissa Gould, go to or follow Instagram @melissagould_author. Melissa's Memoir Widow...ish is currently an Amazon Editor's Best Pick in Biographies & Memoirs and #1 Amazon Kindle Best Seller.
This week's guest is Zibby Owens, who's superhuman and such an inspiration! At age 40, she found herself crying in the shower, divorced with four kids until her life started over when she found love with Kyle Owens, a former tennis pro and film producer, then later married him on a tennis court. During those years, her therapist gave Zibby the advice to read a book when she felt lonely when her kids were with their Dad. Zibby not only took that advice but created the podcast Mom's Don't Have Time to Read Books, one of the top literary podcasts in the world, and in 3 years, interviewed 600 authors. This month she published, Mom's Don't Have Time Too, A Quarantine Anthology, a moving collection of excellent essays. Zibby shows us that we do have time to do anything we want, especially finding love.  Zibby Owens is the creator of the award-winning podcast Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books. Zibby, named "NYC's" Most Powerful Book-influencer" by Vulture. Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine named her one of the top literary podcasts twice! During the quarantine, Zibby hosted two Instagram Live Author talk shows, launched an online magazine with essays called We Found Time, and started Zibby's virtual book club. Zibby has recommended books for the Washington Post, Good Morning America, and Real Simple. She has also contributed to Parents, Marie Claire, Redbook, and New York Times online. She's appeared on CBS This morning, Good Morning America, the BBD, ABC-7 Eyewitness News, Good Day LA, Good Day DC, Good Day Dallas. She has two children's books coming out in 2022, plus a second anthology coming out in November 2021 called Mom's Also Don't Have Time To. Zibby recently launched an Instagram community and podcast called Moms Don't Have Time to Lose Weight. She's a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School.Kerry Brett and Zibby Owen's cover a lot of ground, and topics include:How picking up a book will immediately get you out of your head.Some days you need to go minute by minute.How stories unite, us make us feel more connected and less lonely.Falling in love at 40.If you feel lost, you can find the real you again.How having someone who supports you can change your life.There is no downside to trying something new.You can find time for anything you want.You can find time to read and also spending time on dating apps.Take action, and one thing leads to another.To find out more about Zibby Owens, go to on Instagram @zibbyowens, @momsdonthavetimetoreadbooks, @momsdonthavetimetowrite. Listen to her two excellent podcasts, Moms Don't Have Time to Read, and Moms Don't Have Time to Lose Weight. Purchase her new book Moms Don't Have Time To A Quarantine Anthology, original essays by 60 plus authors from her podcast.
Today's episode "It's ok, not to be ok” was inspired by Hashtag No Filter's Julie Lauren's recent podcast "If you're going through hell, keep going." We have all experienced low points or even rock bottom. What I've learned while navigating challenging times is "the only way out is through". But what do you do when the emotional piece takes over, and you can't pull yourself up off the floor? In this week's episode, Julie will share her strategies around false narratives, how to avoid tail spinning, and the importance of gaining perspective. Julie will also share dating advice and helpful tips she's learned during these difficult months. Julie Lauren is an author, podcaster, writer, and digital strategist. After graduating college in 2008 with a degree in fashion and retail merchandising, Julie immediately jumped into the fashion industry. From 'Intermix' to 'Oscar de la Renta' and then to Petra Nemcova's lifestyle brand. In 2011 she started a lifestyle blog, called initially 'from prosecco to plaid,' and began freelance writing. In 2015 Julie published her first book "Oops!" an insider's guide to dating, sex, and relationships in your 20s. In 2018 she started the podcast "Hashtag No Filter," full of real, raw, funny conversations. Today we are going to talk about overcoming setbacks, starting over, and everything in between. Kerry Brett and Julie Lauren cover a lot of ground, topics include:How to navigate false narratives.How to stop yourself from tail spinning out of control with negative thoughts.The importance of taking ownership and accountability.How to pause instead of being reactive.The power and strength that comes from being non-reactive.How to choose to turn the page and move away from feeling down.The power of being consistent in online dating.How to avoid people who are just looking for the next best thing.How to be selective and hold your value.How to stop dreaming and start getting serious.How to avoid the dopamine hit when someone matches you.How to be less emotional and more professional while dating online.How to run these dating apps like a business so the lows won't destroy your day or how you feel about yourself.When the emotional side takes over, remember this isn't you and do what you can to have the perspective you once had.Hold onto your friends tightly, call a friend to put you in your place, and remind you of your worth.Take your hands off the steering wheel, let go of controlling everyone outcome and let life happen the way it's supposed to happen.Never get too high on the highs or too low on the lows, and never go off a dating app because a relationship didn't work out. Just keep going! To find out more about Julie Lauren, go to, or follow Instagram @byjulielauren. Listen to her podcast Hashtag No Filter on all platforms you find podcasts or purchase her book "Oops!", an insider's guide to dating, sex, and relationships in your 20s on Amazon.
Today's guest is Jordan Harbinger. He's an American Podcaster, Radio Personality, and sought-after speaker. He has the top 10 podcasts in the world, and in 2018, won the award for best of Apple Podcast. He's a relationship expert who has 11 million monthly downloads. Talk about the real deal! The movie Hitch, with Will Smith, was based on his life story. But why I'm such a fan of Jordan is because I can hear his heart on his podcast. When he speaks, you can tell he genuinely cares about others. He believes in giving without gain. If you're looking to build relationships or find a relationship, then this episode is for you.Jordan Harbinger is a former Wall Street lawyer who learned how to effectively network and build relationships to survive in a competitive industry. Jordan gave up law to do something that he loved podcasting. He started a podcast back in 2006 called "The ART of the Charm," which was pre-online dating when no one even knew what podcasting was. Years and millions of downloads later, he now uses these skills to interview guests on his podcast, the Jordan Harbinger Show, giving listeners insight into becoming a better version of themselves. Forbes named Jordan one of the 50 Best Relationship Builders worldwide. Jordan believes your network is your net worth.Not only is Jordan super nice, but he's also insanely interesting. He speaks five languages and has been kidnapped twice on two different continents. Jordan even gave tours in North Korea for fun. His relationship and interpersonal relationship skills are so sharp, he's one of the best interviewers globally. Today Jordan will share everything he knows about networking and relationships.Kerry Brett and Jordan Harbinger cover a lot of ground topics include:If you act, more confident people will change the way they treat you.The importance of revision and review. Work on skills your not good at as well as the ones you are good at.You can act into a newly confident person.Give without gain, be a giver.The secret of success is to give without the attachment of getting something in return.It’s important to figure out the types of things a person is interested in professionally or personally, find a common ground.How adding value with make a huge difference in connecting with others.If you are heartbroken, knocked down or need to rebuild or start over don’t skip a beat, do everything you can to get back on your feet. Action ends suffering.Build a network before you need it.Never act like anyone owes you a thing. If you act entitled, you will get written off as a “taker”.Don’t get discouraged. Sometimes you’ll swing and miss but you can always try again later.If you would like to find out more about Jordan Harbinger, you can listen to his podcast the Jordan Harbinger Show or go to www.jordanharbinger.comand download his free 6 minute networking course.
This week's episode is "Where Do We Go from Here?" with September 11th Survivor and Photographer Mike Casey. It's January 2021, and it's been a LONG month. Many people are just trying to get by and live their lives the best they can. And many have been forced to rebuild their lives. Today's guest is an expert at starting over.In the Summer of 2001, Mike Casey had just landed a top position at the largest advertising firm in New England. And TJX Companies had newly created a position for his beautiful young wife, Neilie.  On September 11th, Neilie was on American Airlines Flight 11 when it was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Mike's life as he knew it…was over. On September 12th, he had no choice but to continue on and take care of their 7-month old baby girl, Riley. Mike explains how he dealt with the loss, picked up the pieces to create a new life, and how he found love again.For the Casey’s, life was better than good. Together, they were on top of the world. Both had great new jobs.  They had a beautiful baby, little Riley.  A new home. They were happy. When Mike found himself at the center of 911, whether he knew it or not, he found a way to navigate this epic tragedy, an event that would change his life forever. He had to rethink life for his daughter and him. In the days following 911, Mike Casey was determined not to be a victim of that day. And instead, he proudly calls himself a survivor. And yes, Mike did find love again.  In 2005, he married WBZ-TV Channel 4 news anchor Lisa Hughes in her home state of Idaho. Lisa adopted Riley.  And, ten years later after 911, Lisa and Mike adopted a newborn baby boy they named Dylan. Mike also changed careers leaving the advertising world for photography. Almost twenty years ago, his life was in shambles, but I can safely say, he in fact did not let 911 define him. Kerry Brett and Mike Casey cover a lot of ground. Topics include;When faced with tragedy or loss rely on three things; faith, family and friends.Find yourself a great therapist and peel back that onion.The importance of good-byes.When overcoming something major lose deadlines or timelines.The importance of moving forward rather than moving on.Why having zero expectations helps when dating.Take things, an hour at a time, 30 minutes at a time, or better yet live moment to moment and do the best you can to stay in the present. Keep leaning on people. Let people in, that is the key, learn to let others in.Give yourself permission to grieve, be afraid, make mistakes. There is no handbook, for surviving a pandemic. We are all trying to figure it out. Allow yourself some grace.When you lose hope or are filled with despair. Remember you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.After, this pandemic, our lives will never be the same, but you will be happy again. For more information on Mike Casey, you can find him at or follow on Instagram @caseyphoto101. 
Do you fear joining a dating site or fear online dating in general? Then this episode is for you! Get ready to face your fears head-on and stop limiting your potential. Today's guest is Diana Morris, she's a clarity coach, and she's going to help us remove blocks while showing us how to become fearless in finding love. When we come back, Diana will discuss why it's our responsibility to recognize the fear and do it anyway because the possibility of what could go right outweighs what could go wrong.Diana was a high performer who excelled at her job but found herself in a situation of no fault of her own. The College that Diana worked for did some unforeseen restructuring, and the result was she was laid off. She knew it was her responsibility to create the life she wanted to live. Since that moment of truth––she started two businesses, wrote and published numerous books, became a Clarity Coach––while traveling the world as a keynote speaker. Diana is a genius!  She can help people who feel stuck better than anyone I know. Many of us have experienced the loss of a job or a relationship during this Pandemic. Life felt out of our control for many reasons in 2020, but this is a New Year with new goals. We will discuss why many people feel terrified or even paralyzed when deciding to join online dating. I will share a recent coaching call with Diana and discuss how I face fears myself.Diana and I cover a lot of ground and topics include:Fear isn't real; it's an illusion.It is our responsibility to show up so the universe can guide that right person towards you.If you want to change your life dramatically, it requires you to get uncomfortable by doing something you've never done before.Look at what is possible, what will go right instead of looking at what can go wrong.You are already more ready than you give yourself credit for.Sometimes people get so caught up in EVERYTHING working they forget they just need something to work.Remember that you're not looking for 100 percent yes, your just looking for one yes that might start an exciting and beautiful chapter.Congratulate yourself on progress and wins.Diana helps others navigate through transitions, pinpoint what they want in their lives, and show them how they can get it. To find out more about Diana Morris, she can be found on or on Instagram @dianaramorris.
Looking for love in 2021? This episode is for you. Today’s guest is well-known astrologer and psychic healer Jill Jardine, who will be sharing her love forecast for the New Year. She will discuss what the new year will bring romantically while pinpointing months that are best to jump online. Did you know the first Sunday of the new year kicks off peak online dating season? It’s go time and time to rock and roll. This year will be action packed, and Jill will share why we should look forward to the summer of love. 2021 is the year for daters, not haters, and a great year to manifest a new love interest.Jill Jardine has a Master’s in psychology; she’s a professional Astrologer, Psychic Healer, and Yogi. She’s hosts the Cosmic Scene Radio show on WATD 95.9 FM and just reached over 10,000 downloads with her new hit podcast Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine. If something needs to change, but you’re unsure what to do or when to do it? A reading with Jill will result in you having at least one clear directive toward a more positive and focused future. When I was in transition and dating, I solely relied on Jill’s wisdom and guidance. This episode will get you excited to date in 2021.Kerry Brett and Jill Jardine cover a lot of ground on this episode, topics include; 2021 is an excellent year to connect on dating sites, and later in the year, it will be great time to connect in person.2021 will be a very social year despite the pandemic.Relationships can happen instantly this year.The apps will be on fire in February, especially around the new moon on February 11th.Get clear on how you want life to look, relationships, and otherwise.Cast the widest net, don’t be closed off, and open yourself up to multiple dating ups.February will be a fun fest. People will be ready to bust loose, and they will be more willing to take risks.The spring equinox is a great time to start something new because it will have staying power.The summer of 2021 will be a lovefest.There will be more socialization online, and making connections will be enhanced this year.To find out more about Jill, head to, listen to her podcast The Cosmic with Jill Jardine, or tune in to her radio show Cosmic Scene on Sundays at 11 AM on WATD 95.9 FM.
Today's guest is Christine Handy, the best-selling author of Walk Beside Me. She's a mother, model, cancer survivor, and motivational speaker. At the age of 40, she was in the fight of her life. You find out the true character of a person in a crisis. Christine will share valuable insights gained through her difficult journey, what she's learned about herself in 2020, and how to set ourselves up for success in the New Year. Christine didn't let the pain of the past paralyze her. Instead, she used it to propel herself into the future. She will discuss what it takes to push through hard times to brave the world of online dating.Christine Handy is an accomplished model for brands like Guess, JCREW, Target, and Pepsi, to name a few. In 2012, Christine was married with two children living in Dallas. She had a picture-perfect life. Christine had a routine surgery that left her arm nearly destroyed, then was diagnosed with cancer. She survived 28 rounds of chemo and 21 surgeries. Christine went from planning her suicide to becoming a National Best-Selling author of the book "Walk Beside Me," which is in the process of becoming a movie. Today she devotes her life to helping others. She's a humanitarian; Harvard recently named her a Global Ambassador. She's also a spokesperson for cancer and an expert on CBS, NBC, Fox, and BuzzFeed. Christine is a champion for others and a survivor through and through. This episode with leave you beyond inspired.Kerry Brett and Christine Handy cover a lot of ground. Topics include:Your value isn't on the external; beauty is on the inside.How to handle trauma after horrible things happen.The importance of aligning yourself with good people.Reaching out and connecting with others supports our emotional well being.How to shift your perspective from loneliness to courage.How to choose faith over fear.The importance of showing up for yourself.The importance of being hopeful and optimistic in the New Year.Surround yourself with good people. People who want to help you move forward. Anything is possible if you have the right people around you.Step by step, walk into your future. Walking is action, just like swiping and action creates reaction.Check your ego at the door when dating; if you don't, your dating journey will be more complicated than it needs to be.Look at dating as a game, and don't take it so seriously. For more information on Christine Handy, you find her at Instagram @christinehandy1.
Today's guest is Dr. Tricia Rose; she's an Optometrist and Philanthropist who recently launched the new blog, Rose Colored Glasses. Rose Colored Glasses is a space for women together stories about self-love, relationships, new beginnings, and giving back. Tricia believes life is about learning, letting go, and moving forward. In this week's episode, we discuss how to celebrate Christmas on our own. This holiday season will feel lonely and different for everyone––while many of us will be spending it by ourselves. Tricia will share tips that helped her in the past. Strategies we should all turn to this year.Dr. Tricia Rose is an accomplished Optometrist who created a charity called Envision Boston Giving, which gifted inner-city children screenings and glasses. Giving back and helping others was always who Tricia. Tricia was successful in every sense of the word, but she also faced her fair share of setbacks. She got divorced when her daughter was just three months old, and an unexpected divorce launched her onto a path of healing and discovery. The universe had other plans for her. She got married, sold her practice, wrote a book on Motherhood, and launched a new blog. Tricia and her husband, Tim Stone, are currently blending their family along both coasts, splitting their time between Boston and LA. Tricia knows an awful lot about challenges and changes as well as spending the holidays alone.Kerry Brett and Tricia Rose cover a lot of ground. Topics include;How to overcome feelings of depression this holiday season.The holidays are hard in general, and the pandemic has left most people heartbroken and sad. This holiday isn't going to be the same as in previous years, so we need to manage our expectations.The holiday is just one day.Old feelings from the past will come up on holidays.Remember the difference between loneliness and solitude.How to seek connections when feeling lonely.Take care of yourself because you deserve it because this year was so challenging.Have a high level of compassion for yourself.Gratitude is the highest vibration on the planet.Dream about what you look forward to happening in the new year.Holidays are great days to connect on dating apps.How to reframe the holiday in a way that gives special meaning.To find out more about Tricia Rose and her new blog Rose Colored Glasses, go to on social media @rosecoloredglasses_official.
Today's guest is best-selling author and Life Empowerment Coach Sid McNairy. In this week's episode, Sid shares his powerful and positive advice to give us a jump start into our own personal transformation. He will talk about his new book, "Those Who Know God," a book that will change your life and your reality in a time of uncertainty. He also encourages us to find love within ourselves so you can find love with someone else.Sid is a man of deep spiritual beliefs. A man "who's been through it." He's not only rebuilt his life once, but three times! He was divorced twice and survived another long-term relationship before he made transformative changes within himself that lead him on the path to find love with his wife, Liz. Sid McNairy is the founder of Nahi Wellness, he’s the best-selling author of multiple books, his latest "Those Who Know God".  Sid is a Life Empowerment Coach, leader in meditation, youth instructor, motivational speaker, and giver of the Sacred Medicine Spirit. Sid went from being a former Collegiate Football Coach to initiating a Peace Across America tour, which he and his wife traveled 31,000 miles, helping others reach their highest potential.Kerry Brett and Sid McNairy cover a lot of ground. Topics include;How to have the energy of possibility.You can’t bring in what you can’t imagine, and you can’t get what you don’t ask for.Watch your hesitations, as they will become your action.The actions you take over time create your character and your character attracts your reality.Are the programs running stopping you? Or are you stopping yourself?The importance of getting clear.Getting to choose if dating is going to be hard or easy.Are you carrying a vibration that is attracting the same life patterns?The release program and how to open up to something new.How in order to transform your life you need to be willing to start again.Why you need an accountability partner, friends or coach.Your love starts within! Heal your foundation first.Don’t not hesitate. You only need 20 seconds of courage to make a shift.Letting go of what’s not serving you. Bring new people to the table.If old patterns show up, use stop, listen, feel and consciously choose a new place to go.As you go further, begin to build the life you want in thought first.Start where you are.For more information on Sid McNairy you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under @Sid McNairy. His new book “Those Who Know God” can be found at You can find out more about his trainings, lifestyle retreats, books, healings and music at 
Today's guest is holistic healer Dr. Ann Doggett. Trying to find love during a Pandemic is hard enough, but what if you're trying to lose the Quarantine 15? Or you've lost your motivation and your mojo. If you've completely lost interest in getting in shape, you're not alone. Dr. Ann Doggett has this new groundbreaking technology called EMSCULPT. She has lots of fat burning remedies that she shares. She leaves us, fired up, on the road to feeling fit. Even if we don't feel our best, we will fake until we make it, get back out there, and find love. We discuss what it takes to fit into your skinny jeans, to finding that perfect fit in a partner. Dr. Ann Doggett helps sick people get well and healthy people stay healthy. We all are looking for alternative ways to stay healthy and feel our best during this national health crisis. Dr. Ann has helped countless patients across the county through nutrition counseling and chiropractic care. Dr. Ann shares information about the new cutting-edge technology EMSCULPT, which is the pandemic push you need to quickly get in shape. Dr. Ann Doggett and Kerry Brett cover a lot of ground. Topics include:Finding health and happiness during hard times.Helping people feel great as they join online dating.The cutting-edge technology EMSCULPT.Why people feel they need to lose weight before they date.How to build a healthy body from the inside out.Making psychical improvements that change how you look.Supporting supplements and a new fat burning combination.How EMSCULPT develops muscle without any down time.How to strengthen the pelvic floor and build a strong core.Positive energy and confidence that make you more desirable. How the pandemic has made it more difficult to work out and stay healthy.Why peope will make the commitment and designate the time to do EMSCULPT.How to stop making excuses.EMSCULPT is the kick to get you moving in the right direction.To find out more about EMSCULPT or Dr. Ann's practice you can find out more information on 
In this week's episode, retired State Police Captain Buddy Saccardo talks about crimes of the heart, how to avoid heartbreak, and how to play it safe while dating online. First dates can be scary for multiple reasons, but there are plenty of ways and precautions to take to protect ourselves. Today's guest is the author of the new book "Capable" by former Massachusetts State Police Captain Buddy Saccardo. He shares what he's learned as a trooper and how we can put a safety system in place so we can stop worrying and start having some fun.Buddy Saccardo has  served on the State Police, on the MBTA Police Department, and even did security for the Boston Red Sox for eight years. We discuss his career, safety, and the motivation behind his upcoming book Capable.Captain Buddy Saccardo and Kerry Brett address concerns women have around online. I ask Buddy for his advice on safety protocols and what measures to take when dating. Topics include:Why people don't listen to their gut and ignore red flags.Be aware of your surroundings.Always tell someone that you are going on a date.Being safe isn't being overly cautious.Use the rule of opposites, favorable vs. unfavorable.Why people generalize.  How to size people up.How to gather information from people's gestures, understand non-verbal cues, and use basic common sense.The key to understanding the meaning of non-verbal cues. Gestures are valid.The importance of taking necessary precautions.Know your surroundings and pay attention when you go out.If you feel like something is off and feel fear, forget about being polite.Rejection brings hostility. Don't fear the one sending threatening texts; all they are just wordsThe most common crime is not believing in yourself or thinking you're not worthy of love because you are.Don't let the fear of the unknown or anxiety in general rule your decisions around dating.Being afraid will rob you of all of the amazing opportunities.Buddy Saccardo's advice on how to be quick on your feet – buy a pair of sneakers. Follow the Capable podcast on all platforms where podcasts are found, and stay tuned for the new book Capable's upcoming release.
Today's guest is Sabrina Marzaro, she's the author of the new book, the Modern-Day Fairy Tale "Swiping for Prince Charming." Her life story is parallel to the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris, and with her persistence, she even had a debut on the series. This week's episode, we discuss stepping away from perfectionism and how to build emotional resilience. In her search for love, Sabrina learned a lot about herself, and today she shares all of it with us.Sabrina Marzaro is a marketing and communications expert and professor at FIT. Sabrina splits her time between Paris and NYC. She is also the founder of Graphite & Ink, a branding, copywriting, and translation company based in Paris. She's an established creative consultant and copywriter specializing in luxury, fashion, and cosmetics, and has collaborated with Guerlain, Clarins, and L'Oréal, and her work is published internationally. Her first book, "Swiping for Prince Charming," is an excellent guide for emotional support while dating. Sabrina Marzaro and Kerry Brett cover a lot of ground. Topics include:Challenges women have while dating.Men's reaction to the book "Swiping for Prince Charming". Some men she dated loved it, were flattered, or proudly displayed on their coffee tables, and some had an issue or were not thrilled.The importance of being yourself, and shinning brightly.Pursue your dreams, and the right man will love you for that.Don't hold onto too tightly when dating.The valuable lessons we learn about ourselves while datingThe cultural differences dating in Paris and NYC.The importance of building up emotional resilience.Every heartbreak dating becomes easier.Survival modes, lockdown partners, people using dating apps to escape loneliness.How to spot someone who's serious and who's not.We attract  what we put out.Surround yourself with girlfriends and have a support system in place.You can purchase the Modern-Day Fairy Tale "Swiping for Prince Charming" on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Target. Follow Sabrina on social media at @sabrina.marzaro and @swipingforprincecharming.
Whether you are falling in love, virtual dating, or simply putting yourself out there–we all want to look and feel our best. In my opinion, artfully done makeup is essential for a photoshoot or that first date. Today's guest is Makeup Artist Ikram Guebenlian. She teaches us how to be camera-ready, dressed up, and ready to glow! From skincare to dramatic cheekbone highlights–Ikram will be sharing her beauty secrets. If it's that fresh-faced look you're after, eye-catching glamor, or something more refined–Ikram is your beauty guru!  Photographer Kerry Brett and Makeup Artist Ikram Guebenlian discuss all things beauty and how people truly feel about themselves. This year hasn't been pretty, but it's time to focus on something beautiful.  Ikram Guebenlian is a beauty industry treasure, the best in the business, and invaluable to me. Ikram and I have worked together professionally, and as a team, we bring out the best in each other and our clients. This week's episode, we dive into a conversation around beauty products, beauty brands, and essentials.Ikram and Kerry cover a lot of ground and topics include:How to push yourself out of your comfort zone.Lose that corporate look and add in some fun.Why people have a hard time making themselves a priority.Not believing in yourself can hurt your odds in dating.Changes and challenges in the beauty industry due to COVID-19.The importance of keeping up with your skincare routine.People feel desperate to look good.Tips for maximum results.Ikram's favorite hydrating serum.What to do when the going gets rough.Always be yourself, enhance your beauty but don't try to be someone else.You want someone to see your eye color, not your makeup. If you overdo it, it's not you–if you are trying too hard, it will show.Believe in yourself. Remind yourself that you are a triple threat. You have it all. Everything you need is inside, not found in a makeup bag.There is a quick-fire round at the end of the episode where Ikram shares her best beauty products and advice.For more information about Beauty Stylist and Makeup Artist Ikram Guebenlian follow on Instagram @ikramgeben.  
Today's guest is Jill Sylvester; she is a licensed mental health counselor and author of "Trust Your Intuition." In this week’s episode,  Jill teaches us the importance of trusting yourself and listening to your intuition when dating. Jill shows us how to transform anxiety and depression for stronger mental health. It's time to trust our inner navigation system and truly raise the bar to find love. Jill works with individuals in personal development. In her private practice, she has successfully guided thousands of client sessions toward stronger health, wellness, and transformation. Jill also works with people to deepen their understanding of the language of energy and intuition. She is the host of the podcast "Trust Your Intuition" and the author of 3 books. Jill's passion is helping individuals see past the darkness to find the light. This is such a powerful episode for single people looking to make a shift.Kerry Brett and Jill Sylvester cover a lot of ground; topics include:The importance of trusting your intuition.How to move the energy of feeling stuck.How to keep yourself buoyant through challenging times.The power of setting intentions.Getting clear about what you want and setting  boundaries.How to silence "gremlins" your lower vibration inner voice.Why positive shifts take discipline and consistency.Daily practices that set you up for success.The power of affirmations.Checking yourself and your part in the chaos.How anxiety isn't a bad thing, it's a gift.How to transition into new energies.Life gets better when you choose to listen to your intuition.Why emotional awareness is key.The value of the enough is enough prayer.For more information about Jill Sylvester, you can find her at Listen to her podcast, "Trust Your Intuition," or purchase her books on her website or Amazon.
Today we have two special guest's Natalie and Chris Martinez. Natalie Martinez is the CEO of Strong Women Strong Girls, a non-profit that teaches girls how to be strong young women. At age 25, Natalie became a single mother of two babies. During that difficult time in her life, she became a minister and found love in the church choir. She fell in love with musician Chris Martinez, they got married and are raising three children together. God certainly had a plan for them!Chris Martinez is a self-taught musician and producer with 22 years of experience. He enjoys collaborating and bringing out the best in independent artists. His philosophy can be summed up in this quote. “when words fail, music speaks”. Natalie Martinez is the CEO of a mentoring program that gives young girls skills for lifelong success. Natalie's heart is amazing, as well as her drive to give back to her community. One of her favorite quotes is "where there is a will, there is a way," and this strong woman never quits, especially on someone she loves.Natalie was a single mother when she met Chris; Chris was raised by a single mother and felt compelled to step in. When Natalie met Chris, Chris was presenting as a woman, his gender at birth was female. Once Chris fell in love with Natalie, he felt safe to transition to a man–who he was all along. Natalie always loved Chris for who he was. She fell in love with the person and didn't care what package he came in; she just loved his soul.Natalie and Chris share a deeply personal story that reflects strength, diversity, and transition. Kerry Brett, Natalie and Chris Martinez cover a lot of ground and topics include:What it's like to live in a transgender marriage.The importance of being open in love.How to be truly honest with yourself.Often we want stereotypes rather than finding the love that you need.Give yourself a chance, connect with the individual rather than the exterior.Why it's important to question conditioning.How to overcome misperceptions or judgements of others.Overcoming tradition, culture, and not being accepted.Open yourself up to love; be open because you never know what package that person may come in.Lose labels; things don't have to be in a box. Look for authenticity; people who dare to be who they are.If a person can't accept or love all of you-whatever shape or form that may be, well, that person isn't for you.In today's world, all we hear is that we are all in this together. It's important to focus on inclusion and society's acceptance rather than rejection or exclusion because we all want a sense of belonging, and we all deserve love.For more information about the non-profit Strong Women Strong Girls follow Natalie Martinez on Follow on Instagram Natalie Martinez @nluvlee, and Chris Martinez @chrisleesound. To download Chris’s music you can find him on SoundCloud:clmsound.
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