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The Stronger Marriage Podcast with Trey & Lea

Author: Trey & Lea Morgan

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Welcome to Trey & Lea's Podcast on marriage and family topics. Trey and Lea have been married over 30 years. They have a large following on social media, and conduct their "Stronger Marriage" and “Stronger Families” workshops all over the United States. They get to talk to thousands of couples yearly about healthy marriages and families. They are the authors of the book "10 WAYS TO A STRONGER MARRIAGE" available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. You can learn more about Trey & Lea from their webpage:
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1. Thank God for your Marriage & Family2. Ask God to Bless yours Spouse and you as a Spouse3. Ask God to give you _______________ as Parents.4. Pray for your Children.5. Pray for your _______________ together as Husband and Wife.6. Ask God to Protect your Family7. Ask God to help you not be critical. Support the show (
TIME TO GET NAKED in your marriage ... Did you know in Genesis 2:25, it says, "Adam and Eve were both naked and they felt no shame."That word "NAKED" means "UNCOVERED," ... and uncovered means more than just naked, it means they were totally "bare" with one another .... there was nothing hidden from one another. God created marriage where you are to be "uncovered" with one another. Nothing hidden ... no secrets. No secret friendships, text messages, Facebook friends, etc.When someone tells us, "My spouse won't let me see their cellphone," it tells us that their spouse is doing something they shouldn't. Don't hide things from your spouse ... not purchases, friendships, cellphones, passwords, etc. The healthiest marriages are open, honest and keep NO secrets. Have a marriage that is "uncovered." That's how God created it.Interestingly enough ... if you know the story, after Adam and Eve sinned they immediately "covered" themselves with fig leaves. In marriage, when sin enters, nakedness leaves. Protect your trust and your nakedness in your marriage.Support the show (
I few years ago I spent a little time with a man that was a millionaire. I think he was the first millionaire I’d ever met. I'll admit I was a bit in awe of him when I found out how much money he had. He told me about his plane, his multiple houses and other things that had me in awe.He said something to me that I'll never forget. His words literally rocked my world and made me rethink everything that I thought was important. His words still made me have chills. You want to know what he said? Listen to this podcast. Support the show (
10 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR YOUR MARRIAGE1. SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER. Make a commitment to spend more time together this year. One of the best things you can do is commit to a weekly date night with your spouse. This may take you sitting down together with your spouse and planning out your schedule.2. BRAG ON YOUR SPOUSE REGULARLY. Any old lame critic can pick out someone’s faults; instead focus on pointing out your spouse’s strengths.3. BE MORE SEXUAL. Touch, flirt, hug and have sex together. Make your marriage sizzle, and as one author put it, “A married couple’s sex-life is a great measuring stick of how their relationship is doing.” A healthy sex-life most often equals a healthy marriage.4. PRAY TOGETHER. Men, this is where you MUST step up and be a man. Take the lead on this and do it. Your wife will love you for it.5. DON'T BE HISTORICAL. Fight fair. Don’t bring up past hurts and things you’ve already forgiven your spouse of.6. CHECK IN. It’s respectful to check with your spouse and let them know where you are, what you are doing and when you might be home.7. HAVE ONE MEAL A DAY TOGETHER. Turn off the electronics and just visit with your spouse and your children.8. DON'T GO TO BED ANGRY WITH ONE ANOTHER. Simple enough.9. FORGIVE. The key to being successful in real estate is location, location, location. The key to being successful in marriage is forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Marriage is made up of two imperfect faulty people. We make mistakes … so learn to forgive.10. DATE. Date night should be a regular weekly activity if it's not already. We hear couples say all the time, "We had so much fun when we were dating," and we always reply, "Why have you stopped?" Date ... it's fuel for your marriage.TreyAndLea.comSupport the show (
How do you overcome an affair in marriage? Once trust is broken, can it be reestablished?Do you just forget and move on?What role does God play in reconnecting?All these things you'll hear address on this week's podcast episode, where you will meet Chris & Tracey. You are going to want to hear their amazing marriage story! They met in 1988, got married ... divorced ... and then remarried.  They survived an affair to build a great marriage. Their marriage story will inspire you. Take time to give it a listen today.Support the show (
Order our new book here ... the show (
10 Ways To Deal With A One Sided Marriage!Here's the link to our book: the show (
It's Thanksgiving week. Let's spend a few minutes being Thankful for marriage. Here's our list. AND #18 sure caught Lea off guard. 😜LOL Support the show (
Flirting with someone other than your spouse.Confiding in the opposite sex. Spending time alone with someone else.Talking negatively about your spouse. Chatting on the internet with someone of the opposite sex.Dressing to attract the attention of someone other than your spouse.Texting someone of the opposite sex. Not being a willing sexual partner with your spouse. Putting your parents, friends or children before your spouse. Support the show (
1.  Brag on me please.2.  I wish you'd initiate sex more often. I don't like to beg.3.  Come do some stuff  with me that I like to do. 4.  Dress up for me please.5.  Remind me often that I’m a good dad.6.  I'd like a little free time. 7.  Appreciate me. 8.  Please don’t mother me. 9.  I love your body and would like to see it more often. 10.  Let me be your hero. Support the show (
1.  To Feel Loved and appreciated2.  Try to understand me3.  Talk to me & give me your attention4.  Plan the date night5.  Affection6.  Help with Daily Tasks (chores, kids, etc)7.  Take care of your body8.  I love it when you protect me.9.  Don’t be selfish sexually10.   Let’s go have some fun. Support the show (
Talking a fun and "spicy" topic today in marriage. EVERY marriage should be doing this. Support the show (
It's so important for you to tell your marriage story. Seriously. Your kids need to hear your story. You need to hear your own marriage story, and it's just important to tell your story. Your marriage story may be a great one. It may be a fairytale. Your story may have lots of peaks and valleys, or your story may feel more like a nightmare at this time. Don't give up. You're still writing your story. Today we share our story ... and remind you why it's important to tell your story. Support the show (
Here's our 10 Tips1. Be patient.2. P___________ before the marriage. 3. N________________ you marriage. 4. Educate yourself.5. Put yourself in your kids _____________ 6. ALWAYS ... ALWAYS .... do this!7. Be specific.8. D________________ your kids. 9. Be _____________ to the EX, but have clear ________________10. ______________ God for __________________Support the show (
QUESTIONS COVERED: We've been married a year and my husband is struggling to be intimate. Help?How can we have an active sex life AND small children at the same time?My husband is an introvert & I am an extrovert, HELP?What are your thoughts on friends who cause issues between a husband and wife?How many times do you recommend having sex per week?I'd like to spice things up sexually with my husband, but how?What ways do you recommend in praying together as husband and wife?As a wife, how do I get more "want of sex" into my system?Help, we are stressed due to money, work and children, etc. What do we do?Support the show (
“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times ... always with the same person.” Why many times ... through each stage of marriage. Almost everyone has three marriages in their lifetime. The smart ones learn to adjust and do so with the same person. WHAT ARE THE THREE STAGES WE’RE TALKING ABOUT?Honeymoon (BEFORE KIDS)KidsEmpty nestIn this episode we talk ... Do's and Don'ts of each stage.Why it's important to model marriage for your kids.Scheduling sex.Your marriage suffers when you are only mom and dad, and never "husband and wife."Not feeling guilty when you leave your kids to take a trip for a weekend.The importance of regular check-ins.How to rediscovering your spouse.This biggest no-no of empty nest. Support the show (
There is NO place in marriage for:o  Screaming ...o  Yelling...o  Name calling...o  Cursing ... o  Throwing things ... o  Saying unkind things...Angry outbursts and losing control ... cause you to lost the love of your spouse, lose the respect of your spouse and children. Short tempers are a marriage killer. Support the show (
5 LOVE LANGUAGES in Marriage:We're talking the "5 Love Languages" of marriage. If you haven't taken the FREE - 3 minute quiz (Link below) in a while to find out your love language, now would be a great time to do it, before listening to this week's episode. Also, get your spouse to do it.It's really hard to speak your spouse's love language if you don't know what it is.Here are the 5 Love Languages:1 - words of affirmation2 - quality time3 - receiving gifts4 - acts of service5 - physical touchLove can be expressed and received in all 5 Love Languages. However, if you don't speak a person's primary love language, that person will not feel loved, even though you may be speaking the other four. IF we are to develop an intimate relationship with our spouse, we need to know each other's desires. If you wish to love each other, we need to know what the other person wants.* Trey's love language is Praise* Lea's is Acts of Service.What is yours and your spouse's? the show (
Many couples seem to lose their spark when they stop working on their marriage. How do I know if I'm in a marriage with a roommate or soulmate? AND How do I get my soulmate back if we've become roommates. Here's some of the things we cover ...ROOMMATES: * Roommates don't eat meal together.* Roommates have no face to face communication. * Roommates have very little sex, or sex without intimacy.* Roommates know things need fixed, but never do anything to fix them.SOULMATES:* Soulmates love doing things together.* Soulmates grow spiritually together.* Soulmates are one another's biggest fans. * Soulmates have intimacy that is a joy not a chore. HOW TO REGAIN OR REMAIN SOULMATES?DO THESE 5 THINGS. Support the show (
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