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We are currently navigating a storm (tough time) in our marriage, and here are  some goals of ours. Support the show
1. Admiration2. He wants you to initiate sex more often.3. He wants you to stuff with him that he likes to do.4. He wants you to dress up for him. 5. He wants frequent reminders that he's a good dad.6. He wants a little free time.7. He wants to feel appreciated.8. He wants you to be his lover not his mother. 9. He wants to see your body. 10. He wants to be your hero. Support the show
1.  To Feel Loved and Appreciated2.  To Be Understand3.  To talk to me & give me your attention4.  For you to plan the date night5.  Affection6.  Help with Daily Tasks (chores, kids, etc)7.  For you to take care of your body8.  For you to Protect me.9.  To be included sexually10. To go have some fun together. Support the show (
Today we share with you some of our victories and some of our failures. AND let you know how you can learn from our mistakes. Support the show (
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Is debt killing your marriage? It can!  We struggled with it bad early in our marriage, and here are some things we did to get it under control. Support the show (
 1.   You’re not stressing over your body. 2.   You’re not afraid to talk about sex. 3.   When you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone a bit.  4.   You sometimes you schedule it to make it happen. 5.   You like it. 6.   You take turns initiating (agreed frequency). 7.   You feel like it’s a joy and not a chore. 8.   You’re willing to try new things together. 9.   You feel good or connected after sex. 10.  You seek help when you need it (or continuing education).Support the show (
Up for some fun?  We give all the details on our podcast, but here's a teaser ... Show your spouse the list below and allow them to pick 5 things from the list. When they pick 5, you gladly do those 5 things over the next five days. Then, you pick your five favorites, and they can do those things for you. 1. Cook their favorite meal.2. Have something delivered to them at their work or home.3. Initiate sex.4. Allow them to pick out something sexy they want you to wear.5. Pray for your marriage every day for the next 5 days. 6. Write them a love note telling them at least 5 things you love about them.7. Send them several sexy or sweet text messages.8. Go on a walk together.9. Do a chore for them that they don’t like to do (their choice).10. Buy them a surprise.11. Take them on a date.12. Give them a back rub with no strings attached.13. Spend the day flirting with them. 14. Snuggle on the couch together and watch the movie of their choice.Up for the challenge?Support the show (
We mentioned an awesome lingerie place called Mentionables. Here is the link: the show (
Here is a great checklist of things to find out "are we in a healthy marriage?" Maybe a few things you need to work on. Healthy marriages bless you, your children and your grandchildren. 1. Healthy marriages don't throw around the "D" word. 2. Healthy marriages don't hide things from one another.3. Healthy marriages have one another's ___________________.4. Healthy marriages forgive quickly.5. Healthy marriages control their ____________________.6. Healthy marriages cut off any ____________  or any _______________ that threatens their marriage.7. Healthy marriages see their spouse's ______________ as important as their ________________.8. Healthy marriages are comfortable discussing ___________________________ things.9. Healthy marriages seek ways to spend time together.10. Healthy marriages have meaningful _________________________. Support the show (
Sorry for all the coughing ... we're both getting over head colds. 1. P______________ together.2. Have fun together.3. Don't stop D________________.4. Talk5. Do M_________________ work together.6. S___________________ your spouse.7. Be romantic.8. Go on a trip together. Support the show (
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Q & A with Trey & Lea

Q & A with Trey & Lea


We answer your questions this week on the Stronger Marriage Podcast1.   How can we get the romance back into our marriage?2.   How do you get your spouse to see his family connection is too close?3.  I cheated and hate what I did. How can I help my marriage to heal?   4.  Advice for a spouse wanting to stay and work on a marriage when the other one doesn’t? 5.   What’s the first question you’d ask a couple who came to you and said they were thinking about getting a divorce?6.   Best and worst marriage advice you’ve heard?7.   How can I learn to accept that my wife has much less intimate desire than me? Support the show (
One of the most powerful things you have in your home that promotes relationships, family growth and healthy relationships is the family dinner table. YET ... more and more family are not using it. Join us this week as we look at the REASONS to keep eating around the family table. Support the show (
Protect your intimacy in your marriage and don't let ANY of these things sneak in and kill you sex life. Support the show (
1. How to learn to say no.2. Keep it simple.3. Depend on the village.4. Seek joy.5. Take care of yourself. 6. Don't sweat the small stuff. Support the show (
Here are the 10 needs we discussed in no particular order. Work through them with your spouse...1.   ____ Sexual Fulfillment 2.   ____ Affection 3.   ____ Financial Support4.   ____ Domestic Support5.   ____Recreational Companionship6.   ____Conversation7.   ____ Openness and Honesty8.   ____ Family Commitment9.   ____ Attractiveness of Spouse 10.                 ____ Admiration Support the show (
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