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In this session of Self-Presence Podcast, Alexander talks about Hedonistic and Stoic views on happiness and also discusses the shortcoming of these schools.Although Stoicism and Hedonism were the rival schools, they had a lot in common.Hedonists talked about pleasure as the goal of human life. But to achieve the best satisfaction possible, they had to live a life of a moderate ascetic and deny the most of sensual pleasures. Only then a hedonist reached the desired state of ataraxia.Stoics disregarded pleasure and sought to act freely from the external. Their desired state of apathy had to come straight away from denying any connections of the mind with nature. However, they never achieved it and always were busy with external things. A better approach to happiness was bound to appear, which happened later in other streams of philosophy. Support the show (
In this session of Self-Presence Podcast, Alexander talks about Plato's masterpiece Republic, exploring the topic Plato's theory of soul deeper. You will:learn about the character of a philosopher and his two prime virtues - wisdom and justiceunderstand why the philosophical life is preferable to the otherssee what the nature of both justice and injustice isand study the attitude of Plato to art.To read the transcript, head to the show (
In this session of Self-Presence Podcast, I talk about Plato's theory of soul and its practical value for us today.We will look at the three levels of the soul: desire, spirit, and intellect. Then study the structure of our intellect and things it can know. And finally, examine the five types of the individual soul.Our talk today is backed up by the article How to live philosophically | On Plato's theory of soul at discuss Plato's theory of soul that he developed in his work Republic. Support the show (
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