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Speaking In Hues: A Podcast for Women of Color
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Speaking In Hues: A Podcast for Women of Color

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Speaking in Hues brings you the stories of women who are trying to survive and thrive within the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and beyond. Listen in for immersive narrative and guest interviews that reveal what it’s like to navigate predominantly white spaces, in search of learning, growth, connection, and joy. Show notes: Find links to further information about the people you meet and the topics they discuss on Speaking in Hues at
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In this rendition of Hues, we trace the presence of fashion throughout the lives of Jasmine and Jayla, two incredibly fashionable student leaders and organizers. Together, their stories dive deep into fashion and activism, as they reflect on what it means to find solace in self-expression, while also reckoning with its capitalist industries.
In this episode of Hues, we explore the stories of immigrant women of color and their experiences within the United States. Two UVA students, one from Ethiopia and another from Burundi, share their experiences with family expectations, the feeling of living a double life, adjustment to life in the United States, gender differences and more.
Vibe Check: Season 2

Vibe Check: Season 2


Speaking in Hues, Season Two -- we're back, with the stories that only women of color at UVA can tell. Like how it feels to navigate Greek life at this PWI; or how dating virtually during COVID has been a whole thing, and then some.  We speak with women of color about the heartbreak of this year, and how they've managed both the hurt and the will to heal. And we also get down to the very nature of things -- like natural hair for women of color at UVA, in the classroom, the workplace, and in relationships friendly, romantic, or professional. What does our hair say about who we are, and what power we hold? These are your friends, your classmates, speaking their truth in the hues they live every day. Come listen with us.
In part two of this love series, Marwah and Lizz continue their conversation with guests, Myka and Ayesha, as they discuss the responsibilities that come with love, from obligations to family to the influence of its media representations. In this part two, we explore defining what love may look like in the world, in all its nuanced forms.
In part one of this two-part episode, Marwah and Lizz sit down with guests, Myka and Ayesha, as they discuss how love intersects with college life, queerness, society and adulthood. In “Speaking of...Cuffin’ Season Part 1” we investigate who is able to love in the world we live in—and who is able to do so openly and honestly.
In our final episode of the season, Marwah, Lizz, and the rest of the team at Hues discuss what it means to look back and look forward in the world today, as we sign off to say our many thank yous, and goodbyes...for now.As per the disclaimer in this episode, we would like to provide the following links of resources:
Join Marwah, Lizz, and guest Taylor Lamb (UVa CLAS '18 and former Editor of Iris Magazine!) as they explore the ways digital culture interacts with race, gender, and other identities, thinking about their own experiences on and off social media.
Part Two of Speaking about Navigating White Spaces amplifies and deepens the conversation hosts Lizz and Marwah had in Part One, with activist and author Zyahna Bryant. In this episode, Lizz and Marwah hear from two University of Virginia undergraduate women of color, Caroline and Lauren, as they discuss what it means to belong—and not belong—at a predominantly white institution, and how they both advocate for shared spaces.
In the first official introduction to Hues, Lizz and Marwah are joined by special guest Zyahna Bryant - renowned student activist, community organizer, and University of Virginia first-year student. Together they discuss what it means to navigate predominantly white spaces as women of color, exposing and exploring the very real lived experiences that statistics alone can't capture.
Vibe Check

Vibe Check


Meet your hosts, Marwah Shuaib and Lizz Bangura, two fourth-years at the University of Virginia, as they catch up on what they're involved in, issues they're passionate about, and check the vibes before diving right into the world of Hues.
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