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Join us as we speak to Ben Purton, Director of International Sales Enablement at RingCentral, on our latest episode of The Enablement Brew.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
2023 definitely didn't start as we expected, with mass layoffs in the tech space continuing. So what is the enablement community doing to help and support those that have been affected? Carly and Malvina are joined by Matt (Scheitle) Schalsey to talk about the brand new initiative of "Bounce Back Enablement" and how to fully leverage the power of communities in the search for your new role.  About Matt Schalsey:Over a decade of direct sales/customer success experience, continuing to master all areas of the customer buying process. From sales education, change management, philosophy building experience. I’ve designed, managed, and procured dozens of processes from role to role handoff processes, cross-functional initiatives, manager enablement and playbook creation.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Carly and Malvina are joined by Udi Ledergor  , Chief Evangelist @Gong,  to talk buyer enablement, existing trends in market, forecasting capabilities and the importance of social presence! Some of the key themes from the episode:We’re seeing a lot of discussion around 2023 being the year of Buyer Enablement. How does Gong help its customers focus on the Buyer? Gong is a leader in sharing trends, what are some existing trends we are seeing in the market?What are Gong's forecasting capabilities ?Why buyer loyalty isn't everything, especially in 2023About Udi:Udi is a five-time Marketing leader at B2B start-ups and currently the Chief Evangelist at Gong, the Revenue Intelligence category leader unlocking reality to help people and companies achieve their full potential.He's also an author, speaker, angel investor, and advisor.Outside of work, Udi is a lifelong lover of theater, performing arts, music, magic, wine and whisky (no 'e!'). He's a passionate social activist, having founded and served at multiple non-profit organizations working for causes like LGBT rights and education.He holds an MBA and a B. Bus. from the College of Management in Israel. Udi lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his husband and three children.About Gong:Years ago, while CEO at another company, Amit Bendov had an idea. His teams were consistently losing deals and no one understood why. After reviewing a number of recent sales calls in search of a solution, Amit realized that team members were hearing only part of the customer conversation. Lacking an efficient process for accessing and synthesizing customer communications, executives and their teams would spend hours reviewing CRM notes. Yet in spite of this laborious effort, most still resorted to guesswork rather than fact when making crucial business decisions. The results he observed were lost deals and misaligned efforts across functions, teams, and divisions.A discussion with his engineer friend Eilon Reshef revealed that AI could help solve the problem. What ensued was a software product that not only recorded customer conversations, but also processed them, understanding exactly what was being said: the good, the bad —the reality. This new product could actually coach teams to close, offering warning signs and recommendations for how to control any interaction. It wasn’t long before the two friends teamed up to ignite a “Reality Revolution” in business. The Gong platform was born.Gong brings an experience to users, teams, and companies that is reality-based, autonomous, and aligned amongst employees. Now, not only individuals, but entire teams, functions, and companies are empowered to reach their full potential. This Reality Revolution has Gong working in ways we had never imagined. And we’ve rallied the entire company around it.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Carly and Malvina are joined by Hendrik Isebaert , CEO @Showpad,  to talk the concept of Enablement OS, enablement effectiveness ( yup, effectiveness over efficiency),  thoughts on the economic downturn and what tech companies should consider when evaluating their effectiveness & efficiency.  Some of the key themes from the episode:How Showpad is pivoting & adapting in 2023Enablement Operating System (Enablement OS)Trends in EnablementWhat other CEO's should consider when they are looking at Enablement as a function to remove when cost cutting exercises are necessaryA glimpse into Enablement at Showpad About Showpad:Showpad is the world’s leading Enablement Operating System (eOS™), with over 1,200 customers in over 50 countries. Content lives at the core of our platform and creates a single source of truth that aligns sales and marketing throughout the course of the sales cycle, while putting customers at the heart of the sales motion.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Carly and Malvina are joined by Stephanie White to talk about flipping the script in enablement. Get processes and tools working for people, rather than people working for them.About Stephanie White:B2B Revenue Enablement and Operations leader with 15+ years in technology helping clients grow and better their business!For me, revenue enablement is people enablement. I love connecting with people and driving change in a way that truly moves business and people - and wake up excited to make a difference.The choices we make every day in business to business sales impact the lives of many, connecting people to products, services to businesses and building better solutions for us all. Coming up on 20 years experience in all kinds of client facing sales and marketing roles, it’s not about a product or widget. It’s about what it can do for someone else’s day.Biggest motivator? Finding out what drives someone. Really listen. Connect with what matters most. Do everything you can to help them succeed. Remove obstacles. Innovate. Scale.Clifton Strengths - Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Relator, Maximizer.When I'm not working, I love to explore, travel, cook and run.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Carly and Malvina are joined by Tom Cheriyan to talk about the topic of "Laid Off Enablement".As inflation, supply-chain problems, and geopolitical turmoil curb revenue growth for tech companies, they have resorted to reducing headcount—some with massive layoffs—to bolster their balance sheets. Tech companies as big as Netflix have slashed jobs this year, with some citing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and others pointing to overhiring during periods of rapid growth. Silicon Valley giants who’d spent the last decade growing accustomed to progressively prosperous quarterly results have been forced to take a butcher knife to their headcount. For some, this was the first time they’ve ever had to cut staff. Enablement can also be on the chopping block... and on this episode we talk specifically around "laid off enablement" with Tom.About Tom Cheriyan:Thomas K. Cheriyan (also known as Tom) is a proven leader and innovator in the technology sector. He brings to the table years of experience in intellectual property, technology, engineering, thought leadership, strategic marketing, sales and business management. During his downtime, Tom is an Adjunct Professor at The City College of New York within The Grove School of Engineering teaching several graduate courses including Project Management, Engineering & Business Law, and Engineering Economics. With time remaining or from a multi-tasking perspective, he's also a full-time dad to two amazing daughters.To reach out directly to Tom, you can best reach him on LinkedIn. Tom's content/posts are of his own only.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Carly and Malvina are joined by Aaron Evans to talk about the hot topic of "coaching" and why it's so under-utilised.Scaling sales coaching was the number one priority among sales teams, according to 2021 research from In a separate 2021 survey, 96% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that effective sales coaching positively impacted their salespeople’s performance.A recent survey of 250 companies found that 87% of salespeople want more coaching. Demand for more coaching is especially true among younger sellers, those in their first ten years of selling.While salespeople of all levels desire more coaching, sales leaders and coaches say they are already stretched too thin and do a lot of coaching as it is.Why the disconnect between the coaching salespeople want and the coaching they receive? In this episode we look at coaching as a "language" and how the biggest reframe to make coaching successful has to come from self awareness and the ability to turn any conversation into a coaching opportunity.About Aaron Evans:I have 14 years of sales enablement, coaching and hands-on training experience in both multinational, corporate and start-up business environments across EMEA, US, LATAM and APAC and successfully led sales transformations in several verticals including taking an HR tech business to IPO in 2014.I am a qualified coach and practitioner of NLP and Neuro-Semantics, and a passionate SaaS sales enablement leader, guest speaker and mentor who has proudly developed thousands of sales managers and professionals globally.I specialise in highly-immersive, bespoke B2B sales training and coaching experiences, which not only teaches advanced skills and techniques, but help participants better challenge their own beliefs and assumptions to create new self-learning pathways. Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Carly and Malvina dive into Sales Enablement's Pro recent report and hone in on two key findings: gender pay gap & burnout!The disparity between men’s and women’s salaries in enablement is $70k! Shocking!For male managers and senior managers of enablement, the median salary is $70,000higher than women in the same positions. It is important to note that the majority (61%) of the respondents are female, while less than half (38%) are male. We talk burnout: The research uncovered that practitioners work an average of 45hours per week. Indeed, over half (51%) reportedly have experienced a high level of burnout this year.Key reasons for burnout: Unclear roles and success metricsUnderstaffing and insufficient resourcesLack of leadership buy-inBalancing too many projects at onceChanging prioritiesLack of recognitionCheck out Sales Enablement's Pro Recent November 2022 Report here Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Tune in to enablement horror stories from our guests. We talk about all the things that go wrong in enablement!Adriana Romero: Senior Manager Productivity at SalesforceLaura Wheeler: VP Revenue Enablement & Operations at SpekitStephanie Middaugh: Director of Enablement at WorkrampJesse Potter: Director Field Enablement at DocusignSubscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
In this episode of #stayhuman I am sharing a recent episode I recorded with Carly Lehner where we talk about the constant feeling that you are repeating yourself! 🐟🐟The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds but people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds. What does that mean for enablement? A whole lot of repetition!! 🐟🐟“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”How does all this apply to the world of enablement? Tune in to our latest episode where we discuss tool adoption & repetition in the world of enablement.Subscribe to the Enablement Brew on LinkedIn for all of our recent updates!Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
In this episode of #stayhuman I am sharing a recent episode I recorded with Carly Lehner where we talk about how to make your sales training fun! No one wants to sit through an hour long powerpoint... so what else can you do? Subscribe to the Enablement Brew on LinkedIn for all of our recent updates!Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
In this epsiode of #stayhuman I am sharing a recent episode I recorded with Carly Lehner where we talk about the importance of enablement in times of an economic downturn. With recent layoffs happening in the tech space... enablement is usually the first on the firing line. Subscribe to the Enablement Brew on LinkedIn for all of our recent updates!Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Many relationships never progress past "you're on mute." Why?  Essential qualities you may easily convey in person, like trust, empathy, and authenticity, get lost on video. Actor and virtual communications expert Julie Hansen shares eye-opening—and often counter-intuitive—techniques to adapt to the camera's constraints and communicate with greater influence, credibility, and engagementYou’ll Learn:How to establish a personal connection with one person or one thousand on videoHow to avoid Resting Business Face and other self-sabotaging virtual behavioursWhy sales need to rethink their infamous "powerpoint presentations" About Julie HansenJulie Hansen is an author, actor and speaker focused on using video to build relationships, foster collaboration, and drive sales. Known as a thought-leader in virtual selling and video communications, Julie has been featured in over 150 podcasts, articles, and publications, including Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Management, Fast Company Publications and more.Julie is a sought-after speaker at Fortune 1000 companies for providing a unique blend of acting and improv insights with sales and business acumen to differentiate and connect in a hyper-busy world. Through her online course, The Selling on Video Master Class, Julie has taught more than 10,000 salespeople and business leaders to communicate with greater credibility, confidence, and influence in virtual meetings, calls or recordings.In addition to a career in sales and leadership, Julie worked as a professional actor performing in over 75 plays, television shows and commercials, including HBO’s Sex & the City. For Keynotes, Workshops, and Classes, go to JulieHansen.LiveSubscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Coaching... Let's talk about Coaching! Is it just a buzzword? Is the reality that everyone is just too busy to "coach" ? How receptive are "sales" individuals to coaching..? Do they need it? Do they want it? On today's episode I am joined by Caitlin Finnegan to discover the topic of "coaching" and why its certainly more than just a buzzword. How can you make "coaching" sticky, how can you build a culture of learning and why coaching doesn't always have to be an hour long 1 on 1 with your manager. You’ll Learn:How can you make "coaching" sticky?How can you build a culture of learning?Why coaching doesn't always have to be an hour long 1 on 1 with your manager.What role does enablement play in the delivery and reinforcement of coaching. About CaitlinCaitlin Finnegan is the Senior Director of Revenue Enablement at SalesScreen.She has formerly held head of Enablement roles at Bloomberg Industry Group & NewsCorp.Caitlin’s previous enterprise sales experience, coupled with her PR background and a MA in Corporate Communications led her to a career in enablement.She holds degrees from Georgetown University, Baruch College and has completed coursework at Columbia University.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Felix Krueger joins me on the podcast to talk about enablement as a "consultancy" and why certain companies turn to him for help. What do you do if you don't have an enablement function but still need "enablement"?You’ll Learn:Who exactly needs enablement and why?Where to focus your attention to see revenue backed results?Common pitfalls in "enablement"About Felix Over the last 15 years, Felix Krueger has worked as a sales enabler, seller, and buyer with some of the most recognized names in B2B technology and online media. Today he is the host of The State of Sales Enablement podcast and the CEO of FFWD, a global sales enablement consulting firm specialized in optimizing the revenue performance of SaaS, IT, and media companies.About FFWD For business leaders who want to maximise their sales team’s effectiveness, FFWD offers the Sales Enablement Accelerator, a proprietary framework that equips sales teams with strategies and support services they need to increase their pipeline and win rates.Unlike other sales enablement service providers available, FFWD’s Sales Enablement Accelerator is the only holistic sales enablement service considering all factors impacting sales performance according to industry-leading research: sales process, tech tools, buyer content, talent development.FFWD clients without internal sales enablement resources are able to benefit from strategic advice and enablement services delivered by sales enablement veterans. Clients who already have invested in an internal sales enablement function are able to increase their capacity to realise strategic initiatives faster.The Sales Enablement Accelerator offers business leaders the opportunity to make sales enablement their competitive advantage without the long hiring processes and financial risks involved in increasing internal sales enablement capabilities.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
Brian joins us on the podcast to talk about his incredible new book "The Influencer:Secrets to Success and Happiness" You’ll Learn:Why it's not all about "getting people to like you"The power of staying connectedHow to become an extraordinary influencerAbout BrianBrian Ahearn is the Chief Influence Officer at Influence PEOPLE. A dynamic international keynote speaker, he specializes in applying the science of influence in everyday situations. Brian is one of only 20 individuals in the world who currently holds the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer designation. This specialization was earned directly from Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. – the most cited living social psychologist on the science of ethical influence.Brian’s book, Influence PEOPLE: Powerful Everyday Opportunities to Persuade that are Lasting and Ethical, is an Amazon best-seller and his LinkedIn courses have been viewed by more than 75,000 people.Bryan’s book: "The Influencer:Secrets to Success and Happiness" Bryan’s LinkedIn: Brian AhearnBryan’s website: InfluencePeople.bizSubscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
In this episode I am joined by Steffaney Zohrabyan to talk about digital transformation and adoption!You'll Learn:1. Digital Adoption- Why it shouldn't be an afterthought.2. The power of learning "on the job" 70/20/103. Using technology to enable your front line sellers.About Steffaney:Steffaney Zohrabyan is an award-winning digital adoption leader with several years of experience creating engaging employee and sales enablement programs for companies such as LendingClub, Robert Half, T-Mobile for Business and Cisco. She is host of the first podcast, blog, and video series on digital adoption: The Digital Adopter.Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
In this episode I am joined by Paul Butterfield  to talk about how to measure and attribute success to enablement.  You'll Learn:1. How to correlate enablement to revenue growth.2. Building out your internal NPS score.3. What specific initiatives drive enablement success forward.About Paul:Paul Butterfield is the Vice President of Global Revenue Enablement at Instructure, and one of the founders of the Sales Enablement Society. Leveraging  his 20 years in sales and sales enablement to help sales and customer success organizations transform into truly customer-centric organizations that differentiate through they sell rather than with price or product features. Expert in analyzing sales organizations and implementing sales process and messaging. These transformations have resulted in significant uplift such as an increase in competitive win rates from 50% to 67%-75% inContact experienced.Paul's Specialities: Sales enablement, sales effectiveness, sales methodology, CustomerCentric Selling® and Selling Through Curiosity® customization and implantation, account management, cloud sales, SaaS sales, customer success, customer retention, software sales, direct sales, channel sales, channel managementSubscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
In this episode I am joined by Paul Ruppert to talk about the link between politics & sales. We combine his experience in the White House with the world of sales!You'll Learn:1. How to be a tactful negotiator2. How to maintain control throughout the sales process.3. What key lessons from the white house can be applied in sales. About Paul:Paul Ruppert has been a senior corporate executive, entrepreneur, product visionary and strategist in the global mobile industry driving immediate results that make an enduring commercial impact. He is an executive leader who jumps organizations multiple steps ahead through his success in start-ups, consultancies, rapid-growth enterprises and Fortune 50 firms.His accomplishments span the shop floor selling stereos in college to negotiating legislation on the floor of the US Senate; building out start-ups to $1 B valuations to being a board member of a global hair care company. He's been a driver in how we all use text messages—SMS—having developed two patents providing interoperability and building a business on the ground in 80 countries—including living in the US, France and China. He applies a business philosophy of bridge-building seeing relationships, combinatorial thinking and aligning companies to common visions and objectives. As a strategy consultant advising on acquisitions, strategic partnerships and sales growth his clients include Facebook, MasterCard, Western Union, Liveperson, as well investment firms such as HIG Capital, Warburg Pincus and Columbia Capital. Paul’s range of experience and non-linear career provides insights and deep appreciation for the unique context, customs and motivations with which different people, institutions, nations and industries operate.Connect with Paul:www.globalpointview.comLinkedInSubscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
In this episode I am joined by Paul Rutter to talk about delighting and surprising your customers to deliver a remarkable experience. We draw on his experiences from his latest book " You can't make this ship up"You'll Learn:1. Why going above and beyond is the success of repeat business.2. How to delight your customers at every step of the journey.3. What sea based businesses can teach land based business About Paul:After spending over 25 years in the hospitality industry, Paul has discovered how to go beyond a “perfect” customer experience. Through teaching his audience to stop viewing perfect as an end goal, and instead see it as a starting line, Paul encourages companies to stop settling for delivering merely “perfect” service.Over the past three decades, as a Senior Executive, Paul has managed and guided some of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world, taking him to speak on stages all over the globe where living with his customers, clients and co-workers was a way of life. His time on the high seas has taught him that through approaching customer service with the intent to exceed his customer’s expectations, rather than just meet them, higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and repeat business can be experienced.Paul is author of "Repeat Business, Inc: The Business of Staying in Business", an Advanced Communicator in Toastmasters International, and a member of the National Speakers Association.Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Boston University, and spent years as an educator before joining the hospitality industry. His time in the classroom gave him the skills to command a room and conduct productive and efficient workshops.His latest Book:"You can't make this ship up"Subscribe to the podcast and please leave a review!
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