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Author: Joey D'Agata

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We deep dive into the world of Property Investing and home ownership.

We cover all you need to know about property investing; the various strategies, trends and tips from people in the know.

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36 Episodes
Joey D'Agata is joining forces with Jordan De Jong and have just launched a new podcast called The Property Pals The Property Pals – Two mates, and sometimes a guest, having a yarn. We'll deep dive into Fundamentals, Portfolio Strategy & Analyse Existing Portfolios, going through step by step what they purchased, when they purchased, how it's performed, and what’s the game plan moving forward. Perhaps with a beverage in hand, hence why we call it a yarn. We'll try and give you as much insight and information as possible about how other successful investors have built their portfolio, so hopefully you and take something away and apply it to your own. Hit us up @ Jordan & Joey --- Support this podcast:
1. Reduce unproductive debt 2. Choose the right lender 3. Choose the right loan product 4. Buy with family/friends 5. Cut back on your expenses ... duh! 6. Increase income 7. Show genuine savings Chat to a licence mortgage broker to help determine your capacity! --- Support this podcast:
Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax


All you need to know about CGT and property - PPOR & Investment properties Please do not consider this personal financial advice, please speak to a tax advisor for more information about CGT and how it relates to you --- Support this podcast:
FIRE Movement

FIRE Movement


What is the FIRE Movement and do I subscribe to their beliefs? How does the property investor fit in with the FIRE Movement  6:35 one of my favourite quotes... "it's not about the amount of money you make, it's about the amount of money you keep" The podcast finishes off with my goals and how I'm tracking for any questions --- Support this podcast:
In today's episode we reveal how to leap form 1 to 2 properties and uncover the strategies behind growing a portfolio. From passive, market driven growth through to hands on manufactured equity Reach out to me at at any time  --- Support this podcast:
Make sure you buy a house on 600sqm within 5km of Sydney CBD ... but what if you don't have a lazy 3-4mil laying around to do so Should you sit on the side-lines and wait or get into something your budget allows --- Support this podcast:
No Stamp Duty  payable in NSW! Does this sound too good to be true?? Well, yep it certainly is Tune in to learn about the proposed changes and get our view on how we see it panning out --- Support this podcast:
Spring Market update

Spring Market update


Tune in for a Sydney Spring Market update for first home buyers --- Support this podcast:
Tune in to find out what differentiates interest rates and some of the factors affecting borrowing capacity. for a free finance review! --- Support this podcast:
Going, going, GONE!  Join us as we investigate the pros and cons of buying at auction vs private treaty It all comes down to the market conditions --- Support this podcast:
Today we explore why properties always sell over the agents auctions guide I share an example from an Auction at Randwick in August 2020 where the property sold almost 200k over the agents guide! --- Support this podcast:
Can you actually retire through investing in property? Today we catch up with Jordan De Jong from Smashed Avo Property to discuss exit strategies and share our golden strategy with the listeners. --- Support this podcast:
This week we are back at it with Jordan De Jong from Smashed Avo Property to discuss the reasons why first home buyers don't enter the market and often sit on the sidelines  --- Support this podcast:
Today we run through the differences between positive cashflow and capital growth portfolios. Tune into Property Terminology #101 to learn more about what these phrases mean.  So many factors at play and we only covered just a few, so welcome to the age old debate --- Support this podcast:
If any listeners need finance or would like to have a chat to see if I could be of assistance please write to me at or --- Support this podcast:
Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle Creep


Recently earned a pay rise and wondering what to do? Book a trip to europe... duh? Listen to today's episode to learn about lifestyle creep and the benefits of delayed gratification. Please share the podcast openly and help spread the word --- Support this podcast:
Jordan De Jong of Smashed Avo Property buys in Sydney! Living in Melbourne Jordan sought the guidance of a buyers agent when he looked to make an interstate purchase as he grows his portfolio adding in a layer of diversification his property portfolio. Tune in as Jordan breaks down the numbers buying cashflow positive in a high growth area less than 7km from Sydney CBD! --- Support this podcast:
Part one of our First home buyers Q&A with Jordan De Jong of Smashed Avo Property. Tune in as we answer some commonly asked questions from some of our listeners. Keep the questions coming in via email or social media to either myself or Jordan and --- Support this podcast:
Today we discuss the considerations of buying a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment as an owner occupier Besides the higher deposit required we discuss some thing you may not have considered and highlight how it may indeed be cheaper to go down the two bedroom apartment route --- Support this podcast:
Today we are joined by Evan Kotsornithis of NG Farah located in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs We put some commonly asked questions to Evan so tune in to hear things from a Selling agents perspective If you have any other questions for Evan when he rejoins us on the podcast please feel free to write them to me at  --- Support this podcast:
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