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Soar is a podcast dedicated to helping people live and work happier. To truly spread your wings and achieve lift-off, you have to focus on what actually matters most to you and what gets results. Taylor Shanklin, is the founder and CEO of Barlele and host of the Soar podcast. She is bringing stories of inspiration from people who have found their passion and taken the 1,000 steps to reach their goal and see success. The podcast is powered and brought to you by Barlele, a company helping entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses grow. Learn more at
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In this quick introduction episode, host Taylor Shanklin shares her "why" behind the Soar podcast.  Tune in for a little bit about Taylor's story and what you can expect from Soar.
Sangram Vajre is a leader in the world of B2B marketing and has built a movement around account-based marketing.  He is an inspiration and highly sought-after thought leader for entrepreneurs and marketing executives.  Co-founder of a fast-growing startup company based out of Atlanta, 2X author and "builder of movements", Sangram knows a lot about how to focus on the things that get results and motivate a team around him to join his community and get onboard.  In this episode, host Taylor Shanklin sat down with Sangram to hear his story of becoming intentional and what it means to him.Learn more about Sangram on LinkedIn and follow along in his journey at his latest book on Amazon right here:
In this episode of Soar, host Taylor Shanklin sat down with ESPN sports radio host Craig Koshkin.  Craig's story of chasing his passion is one that required some risk-taking and a lot of focus and intentional effort practicing his craft.  He had a dream to focus his energy on sports radio and that dream came to bear when he won ESPN's Rock the Mic contest, which catapulted him to a career in sports broadcasting.Listen to Craig's podcast, The Sideline, through SB Nation and listen in here:
When it comes to grit, Alex Garner is perhaps one of the grittiest entrepreneurs you can come across. He had an idea and a passion to create impeccable-tasting cocktails-on-the-go and he's persevered to bring them to market with distribution now spanning across the United Stores in retailers such as Wal-Mart, SPEC's and Total Wine and More.The story of YUMIX is one that host Taylor Shanklin has been following for some time, and she had a chance to sit down with Alex Garner, Founder and CEO, to hear his story of perseverance.  Learn more about YUMIX and where you can buy it at
Getting Naked to Grow

Getting Naked to Grow


Wes Harper is survivalist, literally, after having survived a 21-day challenge in the savannah of Brazil.  CEO of an IT company which he founded in Raleigh, NC, Wes is a "regular guy" as he puts it.  But, he's also an adventure seeker and has incredible focus when it comes to choosing an adventure and then preparing for the challenges it holds.In this episode of Soar, host Taylor Shanklin sits down with Wes to discuss his experience as a contestant and survivor on the Discovery Channel television series Naked and Afraid. Check out Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid here:
When Chelsey Larson went off to college she wasn't thinking about organ donation, or that she would live to tell the story of giving up one of her own.  But, when a friend in need was a perfect match, she knew she had to follow this calling and passion.Now a living kidney donor and an advocate for organ donation, Chelsey is helping others focus-in on the importance of donation.  In this episode, host Taylor Shanklin sat down with Chelsey to hear her story of kidney donation and how she determined this was something wildly important in her life.Follow Chelsey and her story on Instagram at: @c_lard or on LinkedIn at
Did you know that practicing gratitude can actually help you improve focus? In this episode, host Taylor Shanklin sits down with Dave Linn 'the Gratitude Dude' to better understand this concept.  Dave is a professor, serial-entrepreneur and Chief Operations Officer of The Generosity Series.  He is a wealth of knowledge and his passion and purpose in life is to help people put the practice of gratitude into their lives, daily.Follow Dave on LinkedIn here: more about Congruense here:
Nick Petros is the Founder of a growth agency, Pinchforth.  He is known as the "Growth Guy," and in this episode...well...we talked about growth.Nick has been on the Boston startup scene for some time now and has helped companies accelerate from 0-acquisition.  In this episode, host Taylor Shanklin sat down with Nick to define the word growth, share some personal stories of growth and talk about how failure leads to growth.Learn more about Nick and Pinchforth at
In this episode, host Taylor Shanklin sat down with MaryBeth Hyland to talk about her journey to "Values-based Mindfulness", a term she recently coined and trademarked.  MaryBeth has gone through challenges of anxiety and stress around work performance, and she has come around on the other side to have a more balanced life. Taylor and MaryBeth sat down to talk about bad habits (like 2 AM emails) and how she overcame those habits to live more mindfully and start her company, SparkVision, which helps other professionals live more mindfully.MaryBeth Hyland is the founder of SparkVision and she knows that extraordinary success is rooted in the vision, values, and culture crafted by purpose-driven leaders and their tribe. With over 12 years of experience, built on knowledge from a BA in Social Work and MS in Nonprofit Management, she’s known for her ability to create movements across generations. As a certified mediator, mindfulness instructor, and values expert MaryBeth engages people all over the world with her authentic style to illuminate and empower people to own their role in crafting culture every day. Here's how you can find and get in touch with MaryBeth:Website: LinkedIn: Timer: 
Don Armstong is a motivational speaker, cancer survivor, finisher of 22 marathons and the author of the book Finish Your Race.His belief is that everyone is faced with challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks. These might be in the form of your operations, workplace culture, or industry. Through his presentation and thought leadership, Don shares insights on how to unleash the potential in you and your team to produce results that make an impact.Buy the book, Finish Your Race, or learn more about how to get in touch with Don about how to finish your face at, check out his speaker reel on his website right here: Don Armstrong Motivational Speaker Inspiring & Entertaining.
What if you could use thinking about the future to find opportunity and focus in on what matters most to you?In this latest episode of Soar, Taylor Shanklin sat down with the one and only QuHarrison Terry.  QuHarrison is a future thinker, the founder of and he is also a growth marketer at Mark Cuban Companies.In this discussion, QuHarrison and Taylor went into a lot of new territories and riffed on:How thinking about the future can help you focusThe paranormalThe future of wearables and emerging technologyWhat it is like to work every day with Mark CubanCommunication and writing things down to keep focusedQu's advice for finding and claiming your unfair advantageFor more futurist thinking and to follow QuHarrison, go to or follow him on LinkedIn at
Something that so many of us face is the juxtaposition of career and home life.  How do you pursue your career hopes and dreams and also ensure that your home life is being nurtured?  Your personal hopes and dreams are important, too.In this episode of Soar, Taylor Shanklin sat down with Rick Buie, Head of Brand at Amazon Business and Dad Squared.  Rick has already had quite a career early on in his life, and is now the father of two rambunctious boys.Rick shares his stories of success in how he has propelled the growth of his career while maintaining a good balance and family life.Learn more about Rick and stay in touch with him on LinkedIn here:
In this episode of the Soar podcast, Taylor Shanklin sat down with Justin Wheeler to talk about his founder stories, having founded both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.Justin Wheeler has raised over $100+M for charities and has founded both for-profit and nonprofit entities. He got into "building things" at an early age, with his first startup venture being a nonprofit, Liberty in North Korea.  That was followed up by the founding of another nonprofit organization, Invisible Children, and his most recent venture is a California-based startup, Funraise, which helps nonprofits raise money and run more efficiently.In this episode, the two talked about:Some breaking advice on how nonprofit organizations can continue to fundraise in the time of the coronavirusWhat it's like to start a nonprofit vs a for-profitWhy nonprofits are at an (often unfortunate) disadvantageJustin's founder lessons learned with each ventureCheck out and connect with Justin on LinkedIn, and learn more about Funraise here.
In this episode, Soar host Taylor Shanklin sat down with best-selling management author, Scott Miller to talk about management "messes" and how the best leaders can overcome them.Miller leads the strategy, development, and publication of FranklinCovey’s bestselling books and thought leadership, which provide the framework for the company’s world-renowned content and solutions. He is the author of FranklinCovey’s Management Mess to Leadership Success: Become the Leader You Would Follow (Mango Media). He is also the co-author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everyone Deserves A Great Manager: The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team, released in October 2019 (Simon & Schuster).  Additionally, he is the host of the FranklinCovey sponsored On Leadership With Scott Miller, a weekly leadership webcast, podcast, and newsletter that features interviews with renowned business titans, authors, and thought leaders and is distributed to more than six million business leaders worldwide. Taylor sat down with Scott to talk about:The three most critical leadership challenges to overcomeSome of the messiest challenges and how to overcome them The current reality that managers and leaders are facing, in the era of coronavirus, and Scott's recommendations for those leading teams in this new realityWhat leaders should do when they are taking over the leadership of a team new to them To learn more about Scott and websites referenced in this episode:Find more about Scott Miller here on his LinkedIn page: the book, Management Mess to Leadership Success here: out Dr. Amen, whom Scott referenced in the episode:
In this special nonprofit communications edition of the Soar podcast, Taylor Shanklin sat down with communications expert and founder of 1832 Communications, Ephraim Gopin.  Ephraim led an organization through a recession and he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to messaging and communications.  In this episode, Taylor and Ephraim touched upon:- How to thaw oneself out and get unfrozen so that you can communicate- Inviting goats to meetings- Pulling in the board in this time of need- A history lesson from Ephraim's time as a CEO during the 2008 recession- How to focus on self-care in this awkward moment in timeSign up for Ephraim's newsletter and follow along at: 
Season 2 of Soar is about Designing Your Next Normal.In this first episode of Soar Season 2, host Taylor Shanklin sat down with User Experience designer and working-at-home-while-quarantined mom, Kate Woodage.  Taking principles of user experience design into the home life, Kate talks about her tips for success in designing spaces that work for everyone.The two moms, Kate and Taylor, get into:Why our new normal is like a game of JengaFree-range parentingPop-tartsGiving our children some skin in the game in the home life and empowering them to take ownershipFind Kate on LinkedIn and on Instagram.
In this latest episode of Soar, Taylor sat down with Julie Kratz, founder of The Next Pivot and podcast host of the Pivot Point Podcast.Julie is an expert in diversity, inclusion in the workplace, and career pivots.She shares:Her experience making a major career pivot,How to go about a pivot in this "new normal", andHow to think about inclusivity in the workplace should you make that pivot.Find Julie online on her website here:
The Soar podcast is back! In this all-new episode of Soar, Taylor sat down with Author, Leadership Coach and Public Speaker Torrian Scott.The two talked about Torrian's personal journey to his destiny and purpose and how you can find your purpose.  The discussion unpacked things like:How do you define purpose and destiny? Are they different?How to get to the place WHERE you want to be in lifeTorrian's latest book, Running After DestinyNavigating through the head trash and the heart trashLearn more about Torrian on his website and on LinkedIn.
In this episode of Soar, Taylor sat down with career coach, Heather Burright.After a long career in Human Resources and career placement, Heather found herself at a fork in the road due to Covid-19: Go find another job, or start her own business. She chose to start her own career coaching consultancy and she is well off and flying already! In this episode, Heather unpacks things like:Skills + passion and how the two can work togetherRecommendations for people re-entering the workplace after time offHow to facilitate successful meetings even in this virtual worldTips for people considering a career changeLearn more about Heather and her coaching services on her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.
In this episode of Soar, Taylor sat down with sports journalist and artist, Matthew Wells.Matthew's niche is an interesting one. While he is an avid sports fan and has covered many different sports, for the past several years he has focused specifically on  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) .  Matthew is also a sports artist. When he is not podcasting and in the ring covering fights, you might find him painting a portrait of an athlete on the field.In this episode, Matthew and Taylor talk about:Matthew's background in sports journalism and how he got into his niche on covering MMA fightingMMA  and what Matthew has learned about growth from watching MMA athletesHow he has grown by interviewing peopleAdvice he would give his younger self getting into this nicheLearn more about Matthew and his art on his website, follow him on Instagram  and Twitter, and watch his MMA-focused podcast the Slip 'n Dip.
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