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Worry Free Wednesday

Author: David Fairweather

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OVERCOME ANXIETY with a FREE shot of psychotherapy - served up in stories and washed down with a delicious earful of meditation so you might not need your medications potions or pills. New episodes EVERY WEDNESDAY so make sure you subscribe!
85 Episodes
A special video version (available on Youtube) of the show to let you know what's happening and what you can expect going forward.Let me know what how you feel about the changes -  and go to to sign up to get notified about all the goodies I'm publishing over the next couple of months!! 
Anxious? Don't be!Learn how to use your breathing to help you relax and stop worrying!Come for the advice - but stay for the meditation and do it again and again if you need to (it is FREE!)
Pull Out Of A Panic

Pull Out Of A Panic


Panic attacks aren't fun - but you can learn to pull out of one thats building - far easier than you can stop one thats full blown!Enjoy todays meditation as you learn the skills to save yourself from being pulled into a panic attack!
Gain More Confidence

Gain More Confidence


Stop worrying and pandering to anxiety!  Learn how to build confidence and get more of what you desire (and less of what you fear).Enjoy the mini lesson and stay for the brief but effective meditation - and above all, STAY CONFIDENT!!
Stop wasting time worrying and making yourself feel bad!Learn to stay focused on positive (or at least neutral) ideas and thoughts and you'll obviously worry a lot less!Stay for the brief meditation - enjoy yourself for a bit and then stay confident all week long.
If you worry about things - or worse still:  have a habit of worry about things ..Check out my show today.There's even a meditation at it's close - so stick around for that (if its safe and appropriate for you to meditate right now?).Win over your worries today - and then make a habit of continuing to do that!
Stop worrying about everything all the time - and learn to take advantage of an ability inherent in all human beings (you just may be a little rusty or out of practice).Take control of your mental and emotional state and learn to compartmentalize like a boss!Come for the simple lesson, but stay for the mini-meditation.And above all - STAY CONFIDENT!!
Stay focused on the present moment and grounded in your body - stop falling for worrisome ideas and discombobulating thoughts.Come for the simple common sense therapy lessons - and stay for the brief but impactful meditation.Stop PANIC in its tracks and SHUT DOWN anticipatory fear by using your mind better - welcome to Worry Free Wednesday!!
Stop letting anxious memories spoiling your wonderfully confident future!Today we look at changing or updating memories and how you can benefit from doing it.Enjoy the 5 minute meditation - and leave me a comment when you like, love or share the show!!Go to to get 3 FREE meditations and notifications about future shows.
Fear makes us easier to manipulate - regardless whether the fear is valid or not. Stop falling for false evidence appearing real and start living the life you deserve!Subscribe and get short snappy shows and brief but impactful meditations every Wednesday!!
A confidence boosting, standing meditation is our focus today as I teach you how to Stand In Your Power! Subscribe for weekly confidence inspiring meditations and simple psychoeducation served up in bite sized portions that are easy for you to digest.Got anxiety? Get Worry Free each Wednesday on the show!!
Don't stay stuck in an anxious sub-par or underwhelming existence - move into  your greatness and make your life as great as it can get! As with each week on the show - you are invited to come for the learnings but stay for the brief and effective meditation.Go to WorryFreeWednesday.SHOW to download 3 FREE MEDITATIONS and get notifications about the show.
You can't be a victim AND feel empowered to change!! Let's look at your part in the scheme of tings and discover what you can do to improve your prospects.  Stay for the brief but effective MEDITATION - and STAY CONFIDENT!!
Choosing to be anxious? The answer may surprise you!! Check out this week's show and make a decision to improve your life in some way - then lets get meditative and ponder a bit - ok?
Stop using your imagination to make you anxious and panicky! Learn how you can make better use of your brain on the show - and stay for the brief meditation!! 
Stop worrying about irrational fears and concerns about stuff that probably wont happen! It's within you to feel safe and confident, and today on the show i'm going to help you feel exactly that. Stay for the brief guided meditation and sign up to get notified about the next show.
Let go of anxiety by letting go of the thoughts that have been making you anxious!Enjoy the brief but impactful meditation at the close of todays show - and as always, only engage fully in the immersive meditation if it is safe and appropriate for you to disengage from external reality for a few moments...
letting go of old regrets and bothersome thoughts that make you feel bad and hold you back in life is our focus on the show today.  As always there is a brief but effective meditation for you to put the principles into action with.Like the show? Go to WorryFreeWednesday.SHOW to download 3 FREE meditations and get notifications about the show (and occasional gifts in your inbox).STAY CONFIDENT!!
Keeping hold of confidence is essential for anyone at risk of an anxious episode. On today's show we focus on staying confident and amplifying the confidence we feel. 
Learn how to let go of worries and  anxiety - releasing yourself from the bind of having to be concerned. Enjoy the meditation that will give you an opportunity to experience yourself worrying less. 
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