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If you’re not putting a lot of attention into attracting & retaining long-term clients, you are missing out BIG time! It can cost 5 X more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one AND increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% - 95% (according to research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company). In this podcast, you’ll learn the specific steps we take to do exactly what this podcast says on the tin + lots of examples including a £200K case study from a client that has been with us for 5 years.Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
2 years ago we started our podcast (Business Anchors) as an experiment. Today, almost all of our new customers mention Business Anchors. If you want to hear more podcasting tips we've learnt along the way, go & listen to ‘E82: How To Start A Podcast Your Audience Will LOVE’. Try Adobe Express (pod sponsor).
If you’re looking to learn the action steps we are taking (and you should too) to recession-proof your business, this is a must-listen! With energy prices rising and The Bank of England warning the UK will fall into recession as it raised interest rates by the most in 27 years, it’s vital businesses take action to prepare for the storm.
Want to improve your sleep? These tips will blow your mind. Lloyd is brilliant at sleeping (and not by accident). If you want to learn how he consistently gets 8+ hours of quality sleep, listen to this Knowlton Nugget. If you want to hear more healthy habit tips, go & listen to ‘E81: How To Start Healthy Habits That Make You Happier’. 
If you’re looking to improve your Marketing results, based on evidence & data, this is for you! In this episode, you’ll learn about 5 psychology studies, their findings & how you can implement these insights to improve your Marketing results.
Why do Marketers over-complicate everything? We use too much jargon when really, having a logical, simple approach to marketing is one of the most effective ways to get the best ROI. Dammit. I did it again. Sorry, ‘Return On Investment’. If you want to hear tips to ensure you can avoid a Marketing Agency Catfish, go & listen to ‘Episode 048 – How To Spot A Marketing Agency Catfish’. 
If you want to justifiably charge more, you need to demonstrate how you’ve added value for your customers. You could increase value in a tangible way e.g. making your product with higher quality materials OR you could increase the ‘perceived value’ of what you offer. Rory Sutherland says that increasing the ‘perceived value’ can be just as effective as increasing the tangible value. A higher perceived value = people are willing to pay more. In this episode, you’ll find out exactly how to implement all of the above (plus some amazing examples). 
In January 2022, we made some marketing predictions for the year. Were we right though? If you want to hear what our predictions were, go & listen to ‘E78: Social Media Predictions For 2022 (Insights from 70+ Marketing Leaders)’. 
‘My company is boring, no one will be interested in what we have to say on social media’ <<< WRONG! In this episode, we’re going to explain why & share how you can create content that your audience will love, no matter how boring you are. Some of the case studies we discuss from traditionally ‘boring’ companies have generated new business opportunities worth £1M+ which is crazy! 
Do you want to be more successful? Of course you do. In this clip, Dan & Lloyd reflect on one of the main factors influencing their success to date. If you like what you hear & want to learn more actionable steps you can take to be more successful, go & listen to ‘E67: How To Be More Successful Starting Today (Actionable Advice)’. 
We recently got publicly called out for greenwashing & we wanted to take the opportunity to share the backstory, our response & also do an episode all about greenwashing. In this episode we talk about what greenwashing is, we share examples from some very well-known brands & also provide actionable advice to help you avoid greenwashing. 
Are you tired of feeling like you never have enough time to do what you must to win at life? Delegation is the answer & in this clip, we reveal how it’s changed our lives. If you like what you hear & want to learn the tips & tricks we use to ensure we have a healthy work-life balance, go & listen to ‘E63: How The F Do You Balance Work & Home Life?’. 
The unsexy reality of running a business is nothing like the glamorised ‘£600K in year 1’, or ‘scaled from 1 - 10 employees in year 1’ posts you see on social media. It takes years. Literally years of consistently working hard, making mistakes & learning to achieve any level of success. Prepare yourself for some home truths! If you run a business or have ever considered running a business, this is a must-listen! 
Yes, you read that right. From a Marketing perspective, talking the talk is just as important as walking the walk. If you’re not proactively talking about the great work you’re doing or the great products you’ve developed, then you’re missing a trick! If you like what you hear & want to learn how we effectively ‘talk the talk’ to drive hundreds of thousands of pounds of new business, go & listen to ‘Episode 040 – How We Made £Hundreds of Thousands from a Tiny Podcast Audience’. 
Implementing these processes has quite literally doubled our profits in the last year. This value-packed episode will walk you through the specific processes we’ve implemented with guidance on how you can do the same. This is probably one of the most value-adding podcasts we’ve ever produced. Listen, take note & more importantly…take action! 
Starting a business isn’t for everyone. Most businesses fail & if you don’t truly understand WHY you are starting the business, or have enough of an interest/passion for that business, it’ll be very difficult to put in the work required to make it a success. If you like what you hear & want to learn the actionable steps we would take to go from employee to business owner, go & listen to ‘E76: How To Go From Employee, To Business Owner (Step By Step Guide)’. 
The advice shared in this episode helped us increase views by 507% & watch time by 319% in 30 days. Social media platforms leave clues. And when every social media platform is leaving the same clue, Marketers should really take note. That is happening with vertical video right now. If you create content or use social media at all, it’s vital you listen to this episode. This is honestly one of our best episodes for a while. 
This is so, so simple (and logical). BUT…It’s highly effective and you’ll kick yourself if you haven’t been doing this to prevent imposter syndrome & self doubt. If you like what you hear & want to hear more tips like this, go & listen to ‘E65: How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Self Doubt’. 
Want to discover how you can implement the ‘milking the top 10%’ strategy to attract more of your ideal clients? Wondering what business we would start right now if our #1 objective was to make money? Maybe you’d like to hear our suggestions for the first steps you can take to make your business more sustainable? This episode is jam-packed full of useful answers to interesting questions from you, the Business Anchors community. Enjoy! 
This analogy will instantly put things into perspective when it comes to figuring out how to effectively deal with stress. If you like what you hear & want to hear more tips like this, go & listen to ‘E66: How To Deal With Stress At Work’. 
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