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Tsembedzo is a PhD student in plant functional ecology he tells us about this research and its importance. He shares about his academic journey and the ROOT of his science. Further, he shares about the importance of taking care of his mental health and MORE.Twitter: matari_tsumbeLinkedIn  & Facebook: Tsumbedzo L. RamalevhaSupport the show
My guest today is Tasvi Daya from South Africa.  She's a PhD student in cancer science at University of Witwatesrand and her research is focus on understanding pancreatic cancer. Apart from this exciting research we chat about The ROOT of her science, her academic journey and we learn more about the "human side" of Tasvi who shares some of her passions. Tune in as we hear about this and more! Twitter: @TazzyDFacebook: the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to Episode 97.This week's episode is a very special one as it is a dedication to honor the memory of a dear friend and mentor Ndoni Mcunu who sadly passed away on 16 April 2022. Ndoni played a significant role in helping me start this podcast and supported me and the vision of amplifying Africans in STEM globally. It was only fitting that I honor her in the best manner that I know.The episode was released originally exactly 2years ago this month on 1 April 2020. Ndoni Mcunu was a PhD Candidate at Witwatersrand University, at the Global Change Institute in South Africa. Also, she is the Founder & CEO of Black Women in Science (BWIS). A registered non-profit organization that aimed to deliver capacity development interventions that target young black women scientists and researchers. Apart from my own dedication to her in this episode, we chatted about some of her passions: women's development, education, and the importance of science communication.  It was a great honor to have her on the show plus to have her in my life as someone I looked up to and loved.You lit life in many people's lives and your legacy WILL live on forever. We will continue what you started. RIP Ndoni.  Support the show (
 Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 96. Lubabalo Tybosch from South Africa is my guest today. He tells us how he got into the world of information technology (IT) in this episode. This was the first step toward him founding Uniqova, a software development company. Lubabalo discusses the company's vision as well as the ups and downs of building something from the ground up. Finally, we discuss his accomplishments as a multi-award-winning Toastmasters International speaker and leader, as well as his role as a 2030 Youth Ambassador for the National Development Plan. Stay tuned as we hear more about this and other topics.Twitter: LinkedIn: the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 95. Remous Ocloo, originally from Ghana but now located in South Africa, is my guest today.His father and sibling encouraged him to pursue a career in science. He actually wanted to be a doctor, but it didn't work out. He takes us on a journey through his academic career, describing some of the highs and lows along the way. He talks about how a setback helped him qualify for a prestigious scholarship that allowed him to study for his master's degree and now his PhD in South Africa. Remous is currently a PhD student in medical microbiology, and his research focuses on understanding how antimicrobial resistance develops and disseminates within and between humans and animals through the food chain, as well as how this can lead to new antimicrobial resistance policies. He explains the significance of this research in great detail. Finally, we talked about how he manages his work-life balance so that he may perform at his best as a scientist. Tune in for this and more!LinkedIn: Remous OclooSupport the show (
 Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 94. Letta Ntuli is my guest today; she is a PhD student in chemical engineering and a laboratory technician. Letta had a flair for Maths and Science from a young age, we learn in this episode. She was introduced to engineering professions as a result of growing up near a mining town. She picked chemical engineering as her major and takes us through her academic journey. She obtained her MSc last year, and we talk about how she managed to start and finish her degree while working throughout the pandemic. Letta will begin her Ph.D. program this year, where she will work on developing a non-invasive glucose tester machine using biological biomarkers. She goes into great detail about this fascinating study and its significance.  Lastly, we chat about the challenges of being a woman in the engineering field and the issue of women engineers who are qualified are not staying due to several reasons. Listen as we chat about all this and more!  Twitter and Instagram: @hlogi_LMFacebook: Mahlogonolo Ntuli Support the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to  episode 93.Kaylan Reddy, a PhD candidate in botany from South Africa, is my guest today. In this episode, we find that he is the family's first scientist and that his love for science stems from his family's early acceptance of his "weird and wonderful" science facts. Kaylan recalls that his undergraduate studies began with a double major in biochemistry and chemistry. He subsequently applied his chemistry knowledge to plants in order to pursue a degree in medical plant sciences. Kaylan then went on to earn a master's degree, which was then upgraded to a PhD program, which he is currently pursuing. He is researching a traditional medicinal plant known as Kougoed, Kanna or Sceletium. This is used by the Khoí and Sān people in South Africa that could help with anxiety and depression. Kaylan tells us more about the research and its importance. As wonderful as Kaylan's academic journey has been we also discuss some of the challenges that he's experienced and how he overcome them.  Tune in as we hear about this and so much moreInsta: @sceletium.sci.guy Twitter: @Plant_DetectiveFacebook: Kaylan Reddy;Linkedin: Kaylan ReddySupport the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to  episode 92.Oageng Modise from South Africa is my guest today. He is a PhD student in entomology, which is the study of insects. In this episode, we learn about his scientific journey, which began at undergraduate level with Zoology and Biology. We learn about his current PhD research project, which focuses on fly pollination. Oageng tells us about this project and its significance. We then discuss the lack of representation of people of color in the field of entomology, as well as his suggestions for how we can get more people involved. Stay tuned as we hear about this and more.Twitter: @ModiseOagengLinkedIn: Nkitseng Oageng ModiseSupport the show (
Hello everyone, it's 2022 and a new season of the show!Welcome to season 3,  episode 91.Today's guest is Rufaro Samanga from South Africa. She is an Epidemiologist, a cultural writer, a public health writer and a speaker who is passionate about addressing misinformation about covid 19 vaccine hesitancy. In this episode, she discusses her academic journey, specifically how she discovered that a career in Epidemiology exists. Rufaro opens up about her academic challenges and the mental health issues she had to overcome. She then explains how the lessons she has learned thus far in her academic journey will positively shape the type of academic she aspires to be, particularly for black students. Rufaro explains her current job as a digital epidemiologist. Finally, we talk about her plans to pursue a PhD in public health with a focus on epidemiology and biostatistics. Her research will focus on covid 19 vaccine hesitancy in South Africa. Tune in to hear about all this and more!Twitter: @rufaro_samangaInstagram: rufaro_samanga  Linked In: Rufaro SamangaSupport the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 90.My guest today is Lindelwa Msweli. She is a PhD student in Ecological Science, and she was born and raised in South Africa. In this episode, we learn that she has always had a passion for the environment and the great outdoors since she was a child. So it was only natural for her to pursue a science career that combined her two interests. She takes us on a journey through her academic career, which began with biological and environmental science. She is currently a PhD student in Ecological Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Her current research focuses on the urban ecology of Rock Hyrax in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province. She emphasizes the significance of this study. We also talk about the challenges and lessons she's learned as a black woman in ecology, and how she hopes to get more black people into this career. Lastly, we discuss her other passions the first being her YouTube Channel: The Black Intel. Second: Imfundo Emhle. She tells us more about these two side projects. Tune in as we hear about all this and more!Twitter (@LindelwaMsweli)Facebook (Lindelwa Sibongakonke)Instagram (@the_blackintel), LinkedIn (Lindelwa Msweli)More on Imfundo the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 89. Yannick Agbana, originally from Togo but now based in Nigeria, is my guest today. In this episode, we learn that he did not always know that science was the path he would take; he wanted to be a medical doctor. However that career choice did not work out. He did infact stay in the medical field by pursuing his undergraduate degree in biomedical science in Togo. Yannick discusses his academic journey, which includes pursuing his first Masters degree in China.  Currently pursuing his second master's degree in medicinal plant research and drug development in Nigeria. He tells us briefly about the research he plans to conduct. Finally, we discuss the importance of researchers upskilling themselves by attending conferences and workshops, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of the virtual world.Tune in as we hear about this and so much more.Twitter: @YAgbanaLinkedIn: Yannick Luther AgbanaSupport the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 88.Nyasha Manyika is from Zimbabwe and is currently based in South Africa. Nyasha is a qualified Commercial Pilot and who also serves as registrar at 43 Air School, a leading Aviation College in Port Alfred, South Africa. Her passion for sustainable development within the Aviation Industry saw her becoming a Co-Founder of African Leaders in Aviation (ALA), a registered NPO which serves and supports the African Aviation Industry and Careers in STEM by empowering women and raising honorable leaders. Nyasha is also a member of Women in Aviation International and of the Keep Flying International Scholarship. As Registrar, Nyasha’s role involves working with 250 to 300 student pilots at a time from over 40 different countries globally. This has exposed her to a diverse range of cultures which she appreciates as an opportunity to learn and grow. Her commitment and contribution to the Aviation Industry in Africa has been widely recognised and in 2021 she was selected as 1 of Africa’s 100 Brightest Young Mind (BYM) - BYM identifies, connects and mobilizes Africa’s most innovative and responsible young people. Tune in as we hear all of this, the ROOT of her science and much more!Twitter: @girlfly2 Instagram: fly_nyashFacebook and Linkedin: Nyasha ManyikaEmail: hello@africanleadersinaviation.orgVisit: the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 87. Today's guest is Kalonde Chanda, who is originally from Zambia but now lives in Turkey. In this episode, we learn that Kalonde had a variety of career interests as a child, which changed at different stages of his life. Science piqued his interest in his senior year of high school, and his dream of becoming an engineer was born. He goes on to describe his academic journey, including how he was awarded a full scholarship to attend university in Turkey to study process and chemical engineering, where he graduated with honors. We talk about the difficulties of being an international student abroad, as well as some of the lessons he's learned from his experiences. Furthermore,  we talk about Kalonde's other projects and passions, all of which center on his desire to make Africa a better place. Stay tuned for all of this and more. Facebook and LinkedIn:  Kalonde ChandaTwitter: Kchanda77Support the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome back to episode 86.Khuthadzo Muvhano from South Africa is my guest today. In this episode, we learn that she originally wanted to be a model, but because she attended a science-focused high school, it was only natural for her to continue her education in science. Khuthadzo also discusses what it's like to be the first person in her family to attend university, as well as the challenges and lessons she's learned along the way. Despite this, she persevered and is now a final-year student majoring in biochemistry and botany at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. She discusses her academic journey, her future aspirations and of course so much more! Twitter :@mavhonaKay_PeeInstagram: @_pruu.dee LinkedIn : prudence mavhonaSupport the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome back to episode 85. My guest today is Nolwandle Khumalo from South Africa. In this episode, we talk about her interests outside of science and how they play a role in her research journey. We talk about the ROOT of her science, and she explains why she initially wanted to be a doctor and shares the influences that later led her to change her mind during her academic journey. Currently,  Nolwandle is a PhD student in environmental science at North West University in South Africa. Her current research focuses on the microbial exchange that occurs during pollination between honey bees and flowering plants such as sunflowers. Listen in as we learn about the significance of this research, the ROOT of her science, and MUCH MORE.Twitter: @Lwandle_KhumaloInstgram: @nolen_oceanFacebook: Nolwandle Nolen Khumalo Support the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome back to Ep 84. My guest today is Caleb Munemo from Zambia. He's a 2nd-year computer science student in Zambia. In this episode, he explains that he developed his passion for science in secondary schoolHe admits that he was not sure that he wanted to get into the computer science field as it was not a well-known field of study in Zambia until recently. After following successful people who are in the technology industry and reading his interest grew. He then went on to apply for a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. At the same, he started advocating for STEM by mentoring and training young people at his former school. Caleb is a co-founder & president of science Exploration Zambia. A STEM-based NGO that established an E-learning platform for learners in their country. Further, Caleb is also a host of a podcast called “ A Zambia of the Creatives” the podcast talks about STEM and how creatives can be raised through implementing STEM concepts in schools. Tune in as we hear about this work, the ROOT of his science, and MORE!<a>ScienceExplorationZambiaFacebook: <a!/caleb.munemo.921>Caleb MunemoSupport the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome back to episode 83.Sandiso Ngwenya is my guest today; she was born and raised in Zimbabwe and now resides in South Africa. In this episode, we discuss how her other interests contribute to her being more than just a scientist. Sandiso describes her love of beauty, particularly makeup, and we talk about the stereotypes of what female scientists are supposed to look like and how new age female scientists, such as herself, are changing that. We then talk about how she ended up in the field of chemistry by chance. . Sandiso is a PhD student in chemistry at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, and she has excelled in this field since then.  Currently, her research is focused on the synthesis of important antioxidants that provide new possibilities for the treatment and prevention of UV-mediated diseases. Join in as we hear about this research, the Root of her science + MORE!#AfricansInSTEM #womeninSTEMTwitter & Instagram: @Sandiso_nYoutube: Support the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to episode 82!Today's guest is Jethro Dlamini, who was born and raised in South Africa. In this episode, we learn that his decision to study science was not a fluke; he is exactly where he wanted to be. We talk about how he got into science, specifically the agricultural side of things. Jethro talks us through his academic journey, explaining how he became interested in soil science after high school. Jethro admits that the path to NQF level 8 ( an honours degree equivalent) was not easy, but he has persevered to his current position as an agricultural advisor intern. Jethro's job entails organizing and delivering agricultural training to underserved communities. We discuss the significance of his job and also speak openly about entering into the agricultural field.  Tune in for all of this and MORE!LinkedIn: Support the show (
Hello everyone!Welcome to EP 81.Today my guest is Tracy Vongai Mapfumo, a passion-driven entrepreneur, food innovator, crop scientistand the founder of Eny’s Treats Pvt Ltd. She graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture-Plant Science at the University of KwaZulu Natal in 2015. She has 5 years of workexperience in indigenous plants that have commercial value. She has always had anaspiration to see Zimbabwean food be transformed into competitive products on the market.Eny’s Treats, named after Tracy’s late mother, who nurtured her entrepreneurialskills, was founded in October 2018. It specializes in healthy snacks targeting upmarkethealth-conscious consumers. The snacks are a variety of seed bars, balls and seed butter.Key ingredients are sourced from local, rural small-scale farmers/producers. Eny’s Treatspartnered with the Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund in training rural women and youthson the value addition of natural food resources. Tracy participated in the FemBioBiz Acceleratorprogram as well as the Youth Connekt program, where she was awarded the First Runner Up Prizefor Mashonaland Central. She was also the Start-Up Business Winner for CBZ YouthEntrepreneurs Program 2019. In 2021 she was the winner of a national TV program, NdineThaza Season 6. Tracy also participated in the EaglesNest Program led by ZimTrade.We chat about all of this and so much more!Twitter: @tracy_mapfumo  & @enystreatszwInstagram: @tracyvongaimapfumo & @enystreatszwFacebook: Eny's TreatsLinkedIn: Tracy Vongai MapfumoSupport the show (
Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 80.Dr. Joseph Malinzi, originally from Uganda but now based in Eswatini, is my guest today. In this episode, he takes us on a journey through his academic career, which began in a Ugandan school. He excelled in high school and was given the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education at Makerere University. Joseph admits that there was a time in his life when he had no clear career plan. He applied for a postgraduate diploma at The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cape Town, South Africa. This was a 10-month accelerated postgraduate program. He then went on to do a master's degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, followed by a PhD at the same institution. He is currently a lecturer in the mathematics department at the University of Eswatini and a honorary research fellow at Durban University of Technology. Dr. Joseph Malinzi's research is focused on mathematical disease modeling. He constructs and analyzes mathematical models to describe and solve problems that arise in nature. His research interests span dynamical systems, biomathematics, computational mathematics, and big data. Stay tuned as we learn more about this and much more!Facebook & LinkedIn: Joseph MalinziSupport the show (
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