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In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel

Author: Hosts: Georgette Taylor & Tammy Fisher

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Description Join In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel, for intimate interviews with your favorite doll creatives, including: Mel Odom, Stacey McBride-Irby, Pat Henry, and Robert Tonner. Meet them up-close as they share their journeys. Learn what inspires and propels them! Hear their struggles and adversities. Share in the joy of their triumphs!

Let In The Doll World take you on a worldwide tour, as we search the globe for amazing stories from new and fascinating movers-and-shakers who are expanding and reshaping the doll world! These doll artists, companies, collectors, storytellers, repainters, and accessory makers will become some of your new favorites!

Hosts: In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel, is hosted by Georgette Taylor, the history-making doll creator who co-founded and co-invented Big Beautiful Dolls™ (BBD), the first plus-sized fashion dolls; and, Tammy Fisher, doll expert and owner of Curiositeej™ Dolls & Collectibles.

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Reverse   In The Doll World, doll podcast and Youtube channel Celebrates PRIDE MONTH with a wonderful interview with Aidan Prince, he is the creator of the successful and delightful TheKenCouple on Instagram.We know that during these difficult times, especially when the pandemic started,  we all were and still are looking for a reason to smile. “Thekencouple” Instagram account does just that!  Aidan talks about he started two months into the pandemic, how the account chronicles the life of Aidan his husband with a tongue-in-cheek “art imitating life” style, by using Ken dolls that resemble the real-life couple. What we love most and talk about is how the stories of Thekencouple are so relatable and entertaining to people who don’t even know the couple, but they kow that situation. The fact that the account has over 4,00 followers from across the globe is a testament to that! The series has evolved from the typical single photo posts to be much like a comic strip, showcasing some light humor. Given the regular enthusiastic comments followers post on the photos, it’s clear “thekencouple” is definitely bringing daily smiles to lots of people.Hope you enjoy the interview.Please check out the origin story as well, when it was  The Adventures of Aidan-Ken & Doug-Ken them on  instagram  and like In The Doll World on Facebook and Instagram LESS
inthedollworldGet your FREE doll and outfits at, The Doll World doll podcast and YouTube channel collaborated with Darla Davenport-Powell, author and creator of the 'Here Comes Niya' doll, for World Doll Day, June 12, 2021. As a result, Darla is giving a free paper doll and outfits to YOU! I asked Darla to have keep the doll up for a short time. So, if you want her, you need to get her soon!Thank you for continually supporting In The Doll World!For updates and doll giveaways, subscribe to In The Doll World at,   In The Doll World,  Doll Podcast  is joined by Allison Hernandez, host of YouTube's Muñecas, Poupees, and Dolls and avid doll collector We sit down for a  wonderful interview as we talk about her love of dolls, even at the tender age of 11 she knew she wanted to be a doll collector, at which point I told my family, “I’m a doll collector I think by telling everyone I was a doll collector, it spared many of my childhood dolls, and my mom never made me get rid of them. I’m lucky to have all of my cherished childhood dolls to this day.  One of which is her mom's own Crissy doll that was passed down her.  We get to talk about why she started the show and why she felt the need for a show like hers was important.  We also get to hear about an amazing opportunity she is creating to help other doll creatives out there, that can possibly help to fund some of your creative dreams, you really don't want to miss hearing about this. You also get to  hear what ROPD stands for, it is hilarious! To learn more about Allison and what she is up to visit please visit subscribe to In The Doll World, Doll Podcast and Youtube Channel please or  Georgette Taylor and Tammy Fisher are taking a hiatus until June 5, 2021; so, we will not be publishing In The Doll World doll podcast or doll YouTube shows for a few weeks. We are excited about returning! We will continue with the Black Doll Celebration, give away more dolls, and introduce you to more of your favorite doll professionals and to new people in the doll world! You can access our social media accounts via our Linktree account at,     In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube Channel is joined by the Traveling Doll Pants founders, Brazilian doll collector PATRICIA MARCOS COUTSOUCOS and Polish doll photographer IZABELA KWELLA.We are so excited to bring you this wonderful and powerful conversation with these two talented and gifted women as they share with us how the love of a movie, The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants,  sparked and inspired an amazing international travel-and-fashion project connecting doll photographers and enthusiasts from all over the world, which has now been seen by thousands of Instagram users around the world.They also share how COVID-19 has created challenges within the project, how they overcame them and created more ways to expand and blossom at a time when connecting, spreading love, joy and hope was and is still very much needed.   You also get a delightful glimpse into their beautiful friendship, collaboration, love of dolls, photography, travel and community. Patricia shares a touching moment about how Izabela's twin sisters idea became to expand their project became very theraputic for her in dealing with this COVID-19 isolation and shutdown.Just another testament to how powerful dolls can be even in and in spite of a pandemic and how the Traveling Doll Pants project plays such an important role within the doll community.To find out more about The Traveling Doll Pants project and or to participate, please visit:
The COVID INTERVIEW: In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, is excited to share a powerful interview with doll artist, Jozef Szekeres about his experiences with living in China during the onset of the COVID virus. COVID ravaged the world, leaving a swath of death around the globe, Jozef was at the epicenter of the pandemic determined to complete his GlamourOz Dolls. As we sat locked in our homes as thousands died, Jozef sat alone in his apartment contemplating his future. He knew two things: the border was closed, so he could not leave China; and, he was willing to risk his life to complete his dolls.Jozef’s story is one of resilience. He shares not only his vulnerability but his strength as well.To find out more about Jozef and his GlamourOz Dolls visit his Facebook page at https://www.facebook/jozef.szekeres or visit Follow and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook:   In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel, has a wonderful conversation with Ileana Hernadez-Carafas, mixed media doll artist.Ileana talks about her journey from art teacher to doll creator and how her lack of funds to purchase a Santa doll led her to creating her own unique, and whimsical spirit dolls.  We get to learn about some of the natural fibers she uses that are not only native to where she lives, but the properties that they inhabit that help to embody the wonderful spirit dolls that she creates. She has a passion for creating dolls that are affordable OOAK, because she remembers what it felt like not to be able to afford a doll she really wanted.We also get to learn how she started creating the Flor de Mayo Spirit Doll for her aunt who is known throughout the world as a teacher and healer and is one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  Her aunt is also the founder of The Path, an organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of heirloom and heritage seeds.To learn more about Ileana and the wonderful dolls she creates, please visit and like In The Doll World on social media:Facebook:   Hello everyone. Thank you for listening to  In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel.  I am coming to you with a message from us to say thank you for being amazing listeners of the show and also a way you can help us to celebrate our First Year Anniversary on April 15-30, 2021.We are asking our listeners to join us in our celebration and leave a short Happy Anniversary congratulations message for Tammy, me, and In The Doll World doll podcast.It can be short, something like Happy First Year Anniversary to In The Doll World or Happy First Anniversary to Tammy & Georgette for In The Doll World, or make up your own.  Visit our website and there will be a tab on the right side of the page, that you can click on and leave a voicemail for us, limit to record is 5 mins. If you want to record something longer than 5 minutes, send it directly to us at georgette.inthedollworld@gmail.comTammy and I are so grateful for the amazing listeners we have and the wonderful guests we have been able to have conversations with and share with you. We look forward to our next year, with more amazing guests.Follow and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook:   In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel, shares a delightful conversation with ANDREA COLLUM, repainter and customizer as she shares with us how her doll journey began Barbie when her Aunt Mary gave her, her first Barbie for Christmas, to becoming a porcelain doll-maker, all because of her hubby. She also shares with us how cancer ignited the collecting  bug within her again and discovered a world that she could only dream about.Although she loved collecting, she also talks about how much she missed creating her own OOAK dolls, which then lead to finding Integrity Toys Poppy Parker and that really launched her into repainting and customization that has truly created some unique and amazing OOAK dolls and commission work.To see more of Andreas dolls or to connect with her please check out her Pretty Faces FB group at    Patricia Coleman-Cobb, Mixed Media Artist, joins In The Doll World, doll podcast,  for this wonderful kick your shoes off,  just relax and listen-in  conversation as she shares how she has gone from soft sculptured dolls, to clay sculpted figures and busts, to her newest addition of beautifully framed mixed media sculpted pieces.   Her journey has been amazing and sometimes unexpected, especially when you find out where her inspiration came from in creating her first doll. You won't believe it!The conversation also lead us to talking about a piece that she created and although all three of us were brought up in different cities, we could identify with this piece so strongly that it truly sparked a connection and appreciation of this woman who forced all of us to remember from where we all came.  So powerful!She also talks how COVID has impacted her work and the art she creates. To find out more about Patricia Coleman-Cobb visit or her Facebook page at and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook:  Join In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel, for a truly delightful interview with Lisa Jameson, aka Pepstar as she shares how being an avid doll collector, starting with Barbies,  then evolving to the Tonner Fashion Dolls in the late 90's, began her doll repaint obsession. She soon discovered the ball joint dolls (bjd) and how finding them she decided to switch over to them as they were resin and she enjoyed working with that medium over vinyl and how all the dolls that she loves have all become wonderful canvases for her repainting and customizing skills for over 15 years. We also learn the story of how one of her dolls was featured in a music video. How cool is that?Her skills are now applied to more bjd face-ups that have created some exquisite and very realistic-looking dolls, so much so that you forget you are looking at a doll.To learn more about Lisa and her dolls, visit her at:Website: www.pepstarsworld.comFacebook: you for listening to our show!To see our video interviews of some of our doll podcasts, please visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel at First Annual Black Dolls Celebration is still going strong with monthly Black Doll Giveaways so if you want TO WIN A DOLL...please  visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to be entered into our drawing at Follow and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook:   In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, shares an inspirational and passionate interview with Amy Jandrisevits, doll creator and founder of A Doll Like Me.  Join us as we talk about the amazing cloth dolls that Amy creates for children with limb differences, birthmarks, facial anomalies, and albinism and so many more and how truly important it is for these children to be represented in a doll ...."because everyone deserves to look into the sweet face of a doll and see their own".Amy talks about her journey from a child who helped he mother find dolls for underrepresented children, to becoming a social worker who worked with children with cancer.  She was also a passionate doll collector and had created a few bald dolls for chemotherapy patients. She noticed how those dolls could help a child get through tough times and find a way to connect and nurture themselves when the dolls looked like the children. Amy shares many stories about how her dolls came to be, one touching story was the true catalyst to creating A Doll Like Me, when a  friend of a friend saw a doll that looked like her daughter, but the friend's daughter's leg had just been amputated and she asked Amy if she could make a doll that looked like her daughter with the amputated leg. That led to the doll being posted on social media and within 2 months she had over 200 orders and the rest, as they say, is Doll Herstory.Every doll makes a difference;  and, every doll is created and hand sewn with love.  To find out how you can support and sponsor a doll for a child, please visit Amy and A Doll Like Me at her Facebook page at Follow and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook: #InTheDollWorld  #InTheDollWorldPodcast  #ADollLikeMe  #AmyJandrisevits #GeorgetteTaylor #TammyFisher #dollpodcast #dollcommunity  #InTheDollWorld #InTheDollWorldYoutube     In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, shares a wonderful and candid interview with Pat Henry, the founder and publisher of Fashion Doll Quarterly (FDQ)  which was retired after seventeen years in 2020. When Pat retired FDQ, she endorsed In The Doll World!Pat shares with us her amazing journey, from loving dolls as a child to creating a magazine that The Hollywood Reporter called FDQ “the Vogue of collector magazines”.  She has given rise to showcasing unknown doll artists to interviewing seasoned doll creators, to amazing photography and in-depth interviews.  She also talks about the business of dolls, why more women should be creating and manufacturing dolls, and things you should have in place before that begins.  She also shares one of the biggest highlights in her career in doing the magazine, probably not something you would expect, but has been one of the most-cherished moments in her life.Can you guess who was the first person featured on the first issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly? Listen in to see if you were right!To learn more about Pat Henry, please visit Follow and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook:     In The Doll World, doll podcast and YouTube channel,  continues our celebration of the In The Doll World First Annual World of Black Dolls Celebration, by sharing a powerful interview with Dr. Linda Beed, creator of Dolls for Our Daughters.In our interview, Dr. Beed shares an amazing story of how her journey to becoming a published author took her on a detour into creating a line of play dolls that showcase--not only how precious young girls are with her V.P. (Very Precious) doll line--but also how empowered they are.  From their courage to their beauty, to their talent and creativity, as well as embracing their differences which are showcased through dolls that are in a wheelchair to the hearing impaired.  With funky and trendy styles, to customized Kente cloth outfits, which are a part of her collectible line, Dolls for Our Daughters, has a unique way of encouraging  young girls to open up conversations that empower their ideas and voices and to remind them of their courage, beauty, talent, creativity, and differences are all beautiful gifts that are a part of who they are and should be shared, valued, and empowered. Dr. Beed also shares a poignant story, she had no intention to share on the show that will really blow you away!  After you hear this story, you will understand how it led to her current path and why her passion and purpose are so strong within these empowered doll lines. To visit Linda and her Dolls for Our Daughters line, please visit  and her Facebook page at You can subscribe to In The Doll World's mailing list at, and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook:   In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel,  share an amazing HerStory with Rev. Dr. LaVerne Hall, Doll Artist and Collector of Contemporary African-American Doll Artist as she shares with us how her daughter inspired her to create the My Little Mahji  paper doll that has taken her life in many directions, from paper doll to getting a doll pattern into McCALL's  pattern book to being featured on HGTV to a featured museum exhibit and so much more. You truly have to listen to this interview. The history of herstory is beautiful, albeit challenging due to the racial tension that existed and still continues to prevail in our society today, but also empowering on how many things she was able to accomplish within the doll community and how her love, passion and dedication to help support and collect dolls of African-American contemporary artists continues today.This doll podcast show was recorded in Oct 2020, and she does reference some materials and dolls that she shows us during our original video interview, which will be on our doll YouTube channel by the end of Feb. 2020.  So to see pics of dolls and reference materials in this podcast please visit our YouTube channel at To learn more or connect with Rev. Dr. LaVerne Hall please visit or email her at halllcmbh@aol.comSubscribe to our website for updates and to enter into the doll giveaways: Follow and like In The Doll World, doll podcast and doll YouTube channel, on social media. Let us know which of our doll podcast shows are your favorite:Facebook: dubbs In The Doll World, doll podcast "the #1 Doll Podcast on the Internet"!     DISCLAIMER: This show was recorded around Feb 2020 the beginning of COVID, so some of the info related to that will not be as current and also her mixed race doll is now available to order. Cee Robinson aka Queen Dollylama joins us again for an empowering conversation about how her daughter inspired her to be a customizer as well as the still important need to have dolls that represents  the African Diaspora.  She customizes and reimages Black dolls and turns them into more positive representations of Black people and creative characters. Queen Cee has also designed and developed her own Black doll line called Herstory Doll, to represent the beautiful diversity of girls (and boys) of African descent.Cee is a mother of 5, wife, singer/songwriter, actress, community activist for the empowerment of women & girls and Black doll artist.  She’s a 2010 recipient for the YWCA’s Woman of Distinction Awards for Arts and Creative Energy and has two organizations, When Sistahs Get Together and Be-You-tiful Girls Club Inc., a Not-for-profit who's focus is building self-esteem and powering girls through creative and artistic means. 2014, Queen Cee was the recipient of the John C. Holland Award for Community Arts and was also officially awarded Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal from MP David Christopherson. to our website for updates and to enter into the doll giveaways: to our podcast at: our YouTube videos at: https://www. The Doll World listed as the #1 Doll Podcast on Feedspot.
REPLAY EPISODE - FOR OUR IN THE DOLL WORLD's 1ST ANNUAL WORLD OF BLACK DOLLS CELEBRATION WE WILL BE REPLAYING OUR PAST INTERVIEWS WITH BLACK DOLL  Join Tammy and Georgette as they talk with Cleveland Wycoff aka Cj Starz as he shares how he got started designing dolls, his love for this medium and how he is creating a new line of dolls with his newest company Studio XOXO!Studio XOXO!’s Mission Statement: Studio XOXO!’s mission is to produce beautiful, high quality, ethnically diverse fashion dolls influenced by real people. Studio XOXO!’s vision is to create alternative choices for doll consumers who seek real world relatability and urban style authenticity.Studio XOXO! has recently formed our Young Adult Collector Label aimed and addressing the ever-changing world of millennial Tweens/Teens while creating products that will capture their attention.Cleveland has also established several doll groups: Founding member of the Black and Beautiful Doll Club and Social Life Dollwear group on Faceboook celebration continues to grow as more doll creators share in our giveaway! Currently, we have 8 dolls to giveaway! So far, the dolls include: a Mattel/Barbie Gabby Douglas from Curiositeej Dolls & Collectibles, Curiositeej Teej; Its Reuben doll by My Ville Dolls and Doreen Lawrence; Sunjai by Stacey Mcbride-Irby; a Fresh Doll from The Fresh Dolls by Dr. Lisa; One-of-a-Kind doll from Dolls for Our Daughters by Dr. Linda F. Beed; Daddy's Long Legs dolls by Karen Germany and gifted by Georgette Taylor; GlamourOZ Dolls from Jozef Szekeres, and a Queens of Africa doll donated by Slice of C.A.K.E. and made by Taofick Okoya.Subscribe to our website for updates and to enter into the doll giveaways: to our podcast at: our YouTube videos at: https://www. The Doll World listed as the #1 Doll Podcast on Feedspot.    In The Doll World shares a wonderful, candid interview with Ernesto Padró-Campos, a humble, honest soul. Though Ernesto is known for his stunning photography, he refers to himself as an “illustrator” because he isn't a "trained photographer". Join us as Ernesto also discusses his unusual journey into photography and how the collaborations in his life with amazing and talented creatives  throughout the doll community that he has worked with, from well known to new and upcoming creatives helped him to expand his own creativity and skills to bring amazing dolls to life, via Dolldom.In our opinion, Ernesto is one of the most blessed people in the doll world because he sees and interacts with many of our favorite dolls—even before they are released to the public! Ernesto shapes how we see the dolls by shooting them in stylized vignettes that give them personalities. To learn more about this amazing illustrator and to see more of his work,  check out or visit the fb page at       Karen Germany, creator of the Daddy's Long Legs line joins In The Doll World for a fun and educational interview!  Georgette also shares her long and amazing connection to Karen Germany and how after 20 years coming full circle.Karen talks about her journey from sculpting a line of dolls with animal faces and human bodies into creating Daddy's Long Legs and how creating one  African American doll Nettie, garnered such a positive response from an African American  woman who  was so happy to see Nettie that she thanked Karen for creating her. That was the beginning of Daddy's Long Legs Dolls! So many amazing stories in this interview. She sheds light on how she decided to create the In His Hands Collections after 911 and she also lets us in a few secrets of some of her amazing line of dolls. It was such a honor and delight to interview Karen and have her share her story on In The Doll Word.GEORGETTE TAYLOR HAS PURCHASED KAREN'S COLLECTION OF DADDY LONG LEGS! One of the many exciting things shared in this interview is Karen has sold her Daddy's Long Legs inventory to Georgette Taylor! Georgette has many number ones and low numbered dolls from Karen and her mother's collection.   Georgette will be updating the In The Doll World Facebook page with information about the dolls and how to purchase them!For information about purchasing Daddy's Long Legs dolls, please contact Georgette at: georgette.inthedollworld@gmail.comFollow and like us on social media:Facebook:      Doreen Lawrence, creator of It's Reuben Doll, joins In The Doll World (ITDW) for a fun, enlightening interview. Doreen decided to create It's Reuben after the death of her son.  She also shares how her childcare business with her husband also helped to solidify her passion for dolls again and that also created a  desire to create dolls that reflected a lot of the little black and brown boys and girls that were hard to find and still lacking representation in the doll world, while helping to use them to help build self-esteem and enhance their self worth by being represented.For more information please visit: www.itsreubendoll.comTo see the video version of this show, please visit our In The Doll World YouTube page at: and like us on social media:Facebook: learn more about Doreen Lawrence and her It's Reuben Dolls, please visit:
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