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This was a wonderful interview with a passionate doll and self-esteem advocate, Sherri Roberts-Lumpkin, Founder and Director of the Ragbaby Exchange. Listen  at The Ragbaby Exchange is a non-profit organization committed to building self-esteem in women and children through doll making.Sherri shares with us how her career morphed from fashion design major, to graphic artist, to doll maker and how her doll making skills offered her the opportunity to create a unique program that combines doll making with art therapy plus unique therapeutic practices to instill a sense of self-worth and self-love in the participant.Our passionate and powerful conversation also talks about how, in her workshops, she still sees the continued struggle of children of color perceiving themselves as lesser individuals, and how her continued work through the Ragbaby Exchange demonstrates the continued need for diverse representation through dolls.Her  workshops, “Your Inner Doll" and "Raising a Super Hero”, take deliberate steps toward the process of discovering how to achieve acceptance of one’s emotional well-being, and gives participants an opportunity to embrace their inner and outer beauty as expressed in and through the doll; a doll that allows them to put a little more love into their own hearts.We also talk about how the pivot she had to make due to the pandemic created a unique way for her to bring her doll making and self-esteem workshops to more people online.To learn more about Sherri and the Ragbaby Exchange, please visit: #georgettetayloridtw #inthedollworldpodcast #ragbabyexchange #sherrirobertslumpkin #selfesteem #confidence ##releaseyourinnerdoll #lumpkinsherri To subscribe to In The Doll World visit or follow us on Instagram @inthedollworldPlease leave us a review at, we would love to hear how you enjoy the show!
FANGIRL ALERT!!! In The Doll World is joined by most versatile & distinguished repaint artists in the doll community Noel Cruz. have always admired his brilliant work and what a wonderful conversation we had as he shared his journey from drawing portraits since the age of 12 to becoming such a renowned repaint artist, to repainting the most precious doll in his collection.  Although Noel is most recognized for his character & celebrity-based dolls due to their uncanny resemblance to the people they portray, such as Farrah Fawcett, Lindsey Wagner and Johnny Depp to Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Cher just to name a few in his extensive line of iconic repaints,  there is one doll that is not based on a celebrity, and it was during a beautiful moment as he was sharing that doll with me, that I literally was in tears as he talked about the one doll that he had repainted that is the most precious to him.We also talk about his process, the hardest area for him to repaint as well as the one thing you that you must get right in order to be true to the repaint. Can you guess what they are before you listen to the show? His dolls are derived from several models like Gene, Tyler, Sydney, etc, by various doll-makers such as Mel Odom, Robert Tonner & Franklin Mint. His repaints as well as his portraits are done with intricate detail to the point of being naturally lifelike in essence.He also asks to give a big shout out to MEL ODOM for creating the beautiful doll Gene Doll which has been a very versatile canvas for him work with.  Thank you, Mel from Noel!To see more of Noel's amazing work, visit #inthedollworld #inthedollworldpodcast #noelcruz #repaintartist #OOAK #georgettetaylor #georgettetaylorITDWTo subscribe to In The Doll World visit or follow us on Instagram @inthedollworldIn The Doll World is now on Alexa, to listen to our newest episodes just say, "Alexa open Doll World"
A truly delightful conversation with Tamika Spencer, Paper Artist, specializing in doll wigs as well as a freelance photographer specializing in doll photography. us as Tamika shares her wonderful journey to creating her outstanding paper art doll wigs. She also shares with us which dolls are the hardest to create wigs for, and you may be surprised who they are.  I also talk with her about her process, what paper is the easiest to work with and what she is looking forward to doing in the coming years with her beautiful wigs.Her paper doll wigs are just amazing and have been featured in various doll magazines such as Stand Magazine, FDQ (fashion doll quarterly), Endora Magazine, and Doll Magazine. Her wigs have been also featured in virtual exhibitions with Art.Number 23.  To see more of Tamika's amazing work please visit her at @tamikaspaperart #tamikaspencer #tamikaspaperart #paperwigs #ITDW #inthedollworld #georgettetaylorIDTW #inthedollworldpodcast #paperart To subscribe to In The Doll World visit or follow us on Instagram @inthedollworldIn The Doll World is now on Alexa,  to listen to our newest episodes just say, "Alexa open Doll World"
Part 2 of Acori Honzo's interview now on inspiring conversation with Acori Honzo, of House of Honzo, self-taught sculptor, painter, and doll artist. Acori shares his amazing journey into creating African American OOAK dolls, of history makers and icons that are inviting, realistic and powerful. In this  part Acori shares which dolls he has created has inspired and challenged him the most. I am sure you will be surprised who they are.He also shares his immense appreciation for the doll community and how they have accepted him, helped him, and continue to encourage him and his work and how much that means to him.We also get to talk about a little something special he will share about his dolls that I think you will find very exciting!!To learn more about Acori and his dolls visit him at Instagram @acorihonzo and or facebook at House of Honzo.#inthedollworld #ITDW #georgettaylorITDW #acorihonzo #houseofhonzo #itdwpodcast #dollstagram  #cherrystreetpier #phillyartist #philly
An inspiring conversation with Acori Honzo, of House of Honzo, self-taught sculptor, painter, and doll artist on In The Doll World. conversation was so enlightening that I truly found it hard to edit it down to just one show, so this interview will be published in 2 parts.  Acori shares with In the Doll World his amazing journey into creating African American OOAK dolls, of history makers and icons that are inviting, realistic and powerful. His love of creating, from music to art to dolls was something that he had a talent for early on from as far back as he can remember. His journey into doll creating was not something he envisioned at all. He shares how his wife was the catalyst to him creating his first doll as well as her being a very integral part of him submitting his application to what has become the Cherry Street Pier. The Cherry Street Pier is a Philadelphia arts and community pier on Philly Waterfront.  From that application submission, Acori was 1 of 13 chosen, amongst many who applied, to become an artist in residence at The Cherry Street Pier, giving visitors from all over the world a glimpse of his magnificent work.He also shares his immense appreciation for the doll community and how they have accepted him, helped him, and continue to encourage him and his work and how much that means to him.He also reveals to us which doll has been the most emotionally challenging for him to create.We also get to talk about something that really has been most fulfilling to him and that is how his dolls have helped to foster amazing conversations about race, acceptance, and history as he shares a few of those wonderful stories with us and so much more.To learn more about Acori and his dolls visit him on Instagram @acorihonzo  #inthedollworld #ITDW #georgettaylorITDW #acorihonzo #houseofhonzo #ITDWpodcastTo subscribe to In The Doll World visit or follow us on Instagram @inthedollworld 
In The Doll World has a wonderful conversation with Denise Johnson, the creator of the YouTube show All Dolled Up-The Series.  Listen here at Denise talks about how her daughters and COVID inspired her to create a show that is designed to be entertaining as well as educational. Although she wanted to create something fun for them to do as well as for people to watch, she also knew it was very important to encourage creativity, bring about confidence, as well lessons that help them be cognizant of the consequences of their actions. We also discuss the many skills her daughters are learning along the way when as far as creating a show, from production to team building to editing. I joked with her that maybe I need to call them to help me with my editing. 😊 All Dolled Up-The Series recently celebrated its 100th episode. Denise does suggest watching the series from the beginning to see the growth and progress of the show and how far the girls have come.Visit All Dolled Up-The Series at or follow them on Instagram @alldolleduptheseries#inthedollworld #ITDW # inthedollworldpodcast #georgettetaylorITDW #alldolleduptheseries  #denisejohnson #itdwpodcast To subscribe to In The Doll World visit or follow us on Instagram @inthedollworld
ITDW is joined by  Fredo Hernandez, owner of Frey’Dez Studios.  Art doll sculptor of OOAK fantasy figure sculptures and a Monster High™️ doll repainter.   Listen to the show at Fredo and I had a wonderful conversation about his journey to become an art doll sculptor. He shares with us how he didn’t discover the art of sculpting until 2007. He states, ”In a search to discover a way of creating my visions and thoughts without spending years and years and tons of money going to schools (I had already tried three different schools) and earning degrees to be able to create and do what I wanted”. In our conversation, he talks about how he became consumed by the gorgeous images of incredibly talented sculptors, such as Aidamaris Roman & Eneida Rosa, among others.  From that inspiration, he began his journey to build his modest sculpting studio in his home.   Fredo is always on a constant quest to refine and hone his skills and techniques to reflect the passion he feels for his art.  He also utilized 3D programs in conjunction with his passion to aid in the creation of his sculptures.He also passes on some very valuable information and shares some tips and words of wisdom for any entrepreneur who wants to create a business based on their passion. Fredo is a recipient of the 2017 Gold award from the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild. He is also honored to be the owner and Executive Administrator of the International Art Doll Registry, where he can help to serve more of his fellow artists.You can follow Fredo at and on Instagram @freydez_studios#inthedollworld #ITDW # inthedollworldpodcast #georgettetaylorITDW #freydez_studios #FredoHernandez #OOAKdollsTo subscribe to In The Doll World visit or follow us on Instagram @inthedollworld 
Join us for a delightful and powerful conversation with Yolonda Jordan of “My Pretty Brown Doll”.  Yolanda specializes in crocheted brown dolls with natural hairstyles.  Listen at shares her fond memories of learning how to crochet from her Great Aunt when she was 7 years old. She also explains how and why she went from crocheting scarves and hats to crocheting her amazing brown dolls.  Her first published book, “My Pretty Brown Doll: Crochet Patterns for a Doll That Looks Like You” is on the market.  It is the first pattern book for making unique, customizable African-American crocheted dolls.We also talk about her journey as the first African-American woman to author and publish a book of this kind; what it was like, what she has to share, and how she can help others along their path. You can follow her on Facebook at​ and on Instagram @myprettybrowndoll#inthedollworld #ITDW # inthedollworldpodcast #georgettetaylorITDW #myprettybrowndoll #YolondaJordan #crochetedbrowndolls To follow In The Doll World and or subscribe visit
It’s FANGIRL TIME!!  I am truly excited to have the internationally renowned, award-winning artist, Gregg Ortiz of Gregg Ortiz LLC Timeless Heart, who creates licensed collectibles from one of a kind to exclusive high-end couture limited edition dolls with me on In The Doll World.   ( had such an amazing time together as Greg shared his wonderful journey into dollmaking, from dancer to actor, to model, to self-taught artist. From childhood, expressing himself artistically has always been a prominent part of his life, as an outlet and extension of what defines him.  Gregg expresses creativity and imagination that brings about a unique hands-on approach that is key throughout his entire process of design and sculpture.   He has taken that passion and craft and created a business that has lasted for over 25 years; from creating licensed collectibles to manufacturing exclusive high-end couture limited editions.   Gregg Ortiz has over the years received accolades for his creations in the art, doll, and sculpture industries. He has received awards from DOTY, Dolls Award of Excellence, to the CRYSTAL GLOBE award.Throughout his career, he has produced licensed sculptures for companies such as Walt Disney World Galleries, Disneyana, Home Shopping Network USA & EUROPE, and The Jim Henson Co.   His creations are highly sought after throughout the industry as well as by celebrities such as Milla Jovovich, Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, to name a few. Featured on magazine covers such as Dolls Magazine and Doll Reader as well as TV appearances on PBS, Home Shopping Network, and Telemundo.Gregg states, “My end goal is to share the amazing passion I have found through my profession using all genres and facets of originality and complexities.  Finding beauty in all that surrounds me, connecting with collectors around the world, and taking them into the Magical and Mysterious Journey that is timeless…”To learn more about Gregg Ortiz and his amazing work visit: #timelessheart #inthedollworld #ITDW #OOAK  #inthedollworldpodcast #ITDWpodcast #ITDW #itdwgeorgettetaylorTo follow In The Doll World and or subscribe visit
Robin Hickman-Winfield, Artistic Director and Founder of A Celebration of Soulful Dolls joins In The Doll World podcast for an inspiring interview at shares with us her journey to create A Celebration of Soulful Dolls. She credits her love of dolls, her creativity and entrepreneurship to her mother as she talks tenderly about how her mother influenced her love of Black dolls and how she made sure that her daughters had dolls of color growing up.She also shared how living with people who were very much involved in the Civil Rights movement; her doll play, story writing, and crafting allowed her to find peace within the struggle. Robin is also very much engaged in mentoring children, and she shares a wonderful story about her 10-year-old protégé, a doll collector and artist who she asked to co-curate and contribute to a display for Black History Month at the Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota, at the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.  “A Celebration of Soulful Dolls” dioramas are "life-styles in miniature", inspiring doll artistry uniquely presenting positive and powerful imagery of family, community, and history, with a splash of social commentary.  Her passion for realism and attention to detail vibrantly comes through in her intricately re-styled dolls, handcrafted accessories, and props, displays, and photography.  From Robin’s many tributes to family members such as her uncle, famed photographer and film director Gordon Parks, to Trayvon Martin and music icon Prince, her “A Celebration of Soulful Dolls” exhibits garner rave reviews with comments such as… “A miniature masterpiece!” “Wonderful and inspiring... Filled with joyful purpose” “You’ve addressed love, justice issues, community, family memories and more.”To find out more about Robin and A Celebration of Soulful Dolls please visit https://www.celebrationofsoulfuldolls.comFollow and like In The Doll World on social media:Facebook: #inthedollworldpodcast #ITDWpodcast #ITDW #itdwgeorgettetaylor#acelebrationofsoulfuldolls #robinhickman #robinhickmanwinfield#soulfuldolls
A great interview with Dominique Jean-Louis, Associate Curator of History Exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society for the upcoming Black Dolls exhibit, February 25th-June 5th, 2022 as well as other wonderful exhibitions including: Our Composite Nation: Frederick Douglass' America (forthcoming February 2022), Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow (2018), and the ongoing exhibition Meet the Presidents at www.inthedollworld/podcasts Dominique shares with us how the curation of this fantastic and upcoming Black Dolls exhibition came about. She also sheds light on the importance of work that the New-York Historical Society does to keep history alive, seen and shared and how her journey with the NY Historical Society began and of course a little about her own doll journey. The Black Dolls exhibition explores handmade cloth dolls made primarily by African American women between 1850 and 1940 through the lens of race, gender, and history. The exhibition immerses visitors in the world of dolls, doll play, and doll making while examining the formation of racial stereotypes and confronting the persistence of racism in American history. It features more than 100 cloth dolls, alongside dozens of historical photographs of white and Black children posed with their playthings and caregivers. A coda explores 20th-century commercial dolls marketed to a broader audience of Black families seeking to instill pride in their children. Through these humble yet potent objects, Black Dolls reveals difficult truths about American history and invites visitors to engage in the urgent national conversation around the legacy of slavery and race.Curated by Margaret K. Hofer, vice president and museum director, and Dominique Jean-Louis, To find out more about the Black Dolls exhibition or about the New-York Historical Society, please visit: and like In The Doll World on social media:Facebook: #feedspottoppodcast #InTheDollWorldPodcast #blackdolls#newyorkhistoricalsociety 
We are excited and honored to have Ms. Darla Davenport-Powell, creator of the Niya Doll, Niaykids, founder of I AM ENUF Foundation and Greater Works LLC to be our guest on In The Doll World doll podcast for an empowering show, filled with over 38 years of amazing journeys, challenges, triumphs, legacy building and inspiring life lessons began her journey thirty-eight years ago when she and her husband went looking for books and dolls that looked like their daughter, Niya. “We searched high and low to find books and toys that reflected our culture and came up with nothing. All that was out there at the time were white dolls dipped in chocolate with straight hair. It was also easier to find a needle in a haystack than a children’s book featuring a positive African-American family.”Darla self-published the “Here Comes Niya” book with an audiotape in 1984 and manufactured the multilingual Niya doll in 1991. The “Here Comes Niya’ doll is the first African-American doll to speak English, Spanish, and Swahili. In 2000, Darla inked her first chain store deal to sell the Niya baby doll in K-mart. In 2006, she became a finalist on the ABC American Inventor show and won $50,000 to advance her doll line on national television. It was there where Niya and her Global friends were born. After the American Inventor show, and in 2007, they launched a Niya and Friends specialty doll line at the ABC Kids Expo.  “All children deserve to see positive images that look like them in the toys they play with, in the media they watch, and in the literature they read.” Darla is relentless in filling the void. What’s next for Niya and her Clubhouse Crew? Gaming and Animation. To learn more about  Darla Davenport-Powell, the “Here Comes Niya’ doll, and the Niyakids visit    https://www.niyakids.comFollow and like In The Doll World on social media:Facebook:
Join our conversation with Marie Georghy Jacob, Doll Artist & Owner of Atelier Miss Georgia Doll on In The Doll World, doll podcast as she shares her amazing and dedicated journey to becoming a doll artist early 2000, Marie started working in the fashion industry.  It was by pure chance that she discovered the doll magazine BARBIE BAZAR,  which gave rise to a whole new passion, that of collectible fashion dolls! Or was it?The magazine highlighted the fascinating world of high-end dolls. In addition, many of these luxury dolls were created either by small companies or independent artists. Letting herself be mesmerized by these sublime creations.   To fill a gap in the world of doll fashion design, Marie founded MARIE GEORGE MONTREAL, a contemporary clothing line specially created for Ellowyne Wilde dolls and the American Model (Tonner Doll).   Towards the end of 2011, she realized that her style and personality were absent.  It was time for her to move on to a more exciting challenge. "I  wanted to make my dolls with my standards of quality, aesthetics and, above all, that shared my bohemian and ethnic style with a contemporary touch."January 2012, Marie made the leap by creating her very first doll heads in plasticine. With the help of various modeling books, including those of sculptors Philippe and Charisse Faraut and several DVDs by artists such as Patricia Rose, Jack Johnston, and Apryl Jensen, her first doll Clara, came to life.  Then, in the years which followed, other BDJ dolls were born."Fashion is my life; textiles are my true vocation and dolls are my passion. It seems obvious to me that a marriage of these three was supposed to be."To learn more about Marie and the amazing dolls she creates please visit  or on Instagram @amgdoll25Follow and like In The Doll World on social media:Facebook:  #InTheDollWorld #feedspottoppodcast #InTheDollWorldYoutube #inthedollworldpodcast #mariegeorghyjacob #ateliermissgeorgia
Vanessa Lee, doll sculptor and owner of The Angel Doll Company shares her fantastic journey to becoming a doll artist. her own words, she believed she came too late to the doll world, although we would never believe that due to the outstanding dolls she creates.Vanessa grew up very poor in a small town (Barberton, Ohio), as one of five children. Her mother and teachers always allowed her to freely express herself artistically and with very few limitations or restrictions on her imagination.   As far back as Vee could remember, she's loved dolls.  Any time she was sad, scared, or just feeling down, there was always a doll there to comfort her. She shares with us how her artistic soul and dolls became one in 2012 when Vanessa happened to stumble into a Doll Art Gallery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that was owned by World renowned Artist "Mark Dennis". He agreed to teach "Vee" to sculpt and to create her doll designs. She then taught herself to mold and caste and then went on to create the incredible dolls that we love to collect to this day.Vee loves the journey of creating silicone dolls, and believes that everyone should know that they have an Angel!To find out more about Vanessa Lee and the incredible dolls she creates, please visit​Follow and like In The Doll World™ at:Facebook: #InTheDollWorld #feedspottoppodcast #InTheDollWorldYoutube #inthedollworldpodcast #feedspottopdollpodcast  #vanessalee #theangeldollcompany
Andrew Yang, Owner of AY Collection, (aka Astor Yang) and OOAK Doll Artist joins In The Doll World doll podcast for an introspective look into his fascinating doll journey.'s doll journey has taken him around the world from New York to Hong Kong to Paris and in his interview with us,  he shares how a chance meeting and a blog feature changed his life.  His beautiful dolls became a  must-have exclusive window display installation in prestigious stores such as Barney's in New York and in Hong Kong and Paris.The AY Doll Collection has modeled miniature looks from every major fashion house since their debut in 2010 and now Andrew's romantic ruffles have become life-size in the form of his zero-waste fashion collection. Andrew has been featured in Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, and SHOWstudio Gallery in London, and his collaborators include Beyoncé and Katya Zamolodchikova. ​To find out more about Andrew (aka Astor) Yang and his creations please visit ​​Follow and like In The Doll World on social media:Facebook:  
In The Doll World is joined by the William Grant Still Art Centers Doll Exhibition Group.   The group includes Ami Motevalli – Director,  Myshell Tabu - Dollmaker, Collector & Curator, Sofía Gabaldón – Administrative Assistant/ Office Manager and Monica Bailey – Education Coordinator of the William Grant Still Arts Center. A wonderful discussion about the 41st year of the annual Black Doll show at the William Grant Still Arts Center. It is the longest-running annual exhibition in the City of Los Angeles. They also share the fascinating history of the Will Grant Still Arts Center and talk about the proud and incredible community support they continue to have.The William Grant Still Arts Center—named after the late Dr. William Grant Still (1895-1978), the highly acclaimed African-American composer who lived in the West Adams neighborhood— was established in 1977 by Los Angeles City Council member David Cunningham in cooperation with its first director Hakim Ali.The William Grant Still Arts Center is a facility of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs offering summer camp, creative workshops, including doll making classes, music and art classes for adults and youth, an exhibition space, concerts, and places for community meetings and the neighborhood to come together.Notable programs the Center has started include the annual Black Doll Show, the African-American Composers Series of  exhibitions incorporating cultural heritage with arts education, and exhibitions of archives curated directly from the community.The programs at William Grant Still Arts Center are free, or as low-cost as possible, in order to welcome all in our community to the visual and performing arts.  For more about the center and upcoming Black Doll shows visit:
In this new ITDW 2021 wrap up episode, we (Tammy and Georgette) get to share a few of our thoughts on what a wonderful year been this has been for us podcasting and producing In The Doll World, some of our wonderful fangirl moments, and our many thanks to all of you In The Doll World community. had such an amazing year growing our In The Doll World doll podcast and YouTube channel and couldn’t have done it without all of you, from all of our amazing and talented guests sharing your creative, powerful, and inspiring stories with our listeners, to all those in the doll community who have given their time to listen and view our podcast, to all who have shared and recommended our podcasts to others. In The Doll World would not be this amazing, exciting, inspiring, and interesting journey without all of you helping it to grow and we appreciate all of you for your continued support.In The Doll World looks forward to its growth for 2022 with new fun and creative guests, collaborations and so much more and we hope that you continue to be part of our In The Doll World journey.So, until next year, Tammy and I wish you all a beautiful, safe, healthy, and happy NEW YEAR!! NEW In The Doll World episodes begin on Wednesday, January 12, 2022!Follow  and like us on  Facebook and Instagram #inthedollworldyoutube #inthedollworlddollpodcast  #tammyfisheritdw #georgettetayloritdw 
In The Doll World doll podcast is joined by husband and wife duo, Suzanne and Erick Lamba, creators of Lyah's TV.  The UK's first black Barbie doll show on YouTube which actively aims to promote black dolls, black families, and black history for all children. What a wonderful, powerful and inspiring interview we had with them. channel was created in July 2020. During the first lockdown, the couple was surprised and saddened to find their 3-year-old daughter begin to question and compare her appearance to the dolls she was seeing on YouTube, primarily Mattel’s white Barbie dolls. With little to choose from as an alternative, the couple decided to create their own doll show voiced by them and their family.Lyah's TV follows the adventures of a black family - a mother and father and their triplets – the Lyah family. Various episodes include other members of their family and friends. The episodes are educational and fun for all children to enjoy. Suzanne and Erick have worked with a number of black-owned companies and incorporated their work in the Lyah shows. This includes doll companies such as Biankha and Friends and Hello Nana Dolls as well as other black professionals such Sophia Wilson, author of the children's books “The Left Handed Champ”, and “Simone’s Oasis” educational entertainment company.To learn more about Lyah's TV, please visit​​Follow  and like us on  Facebook and Instagram #inthedollworldyoutube #inthedollworlddollpodcast  #tammyfisheritdw #georgettetayloritdw #lyahstv #suzannelamba #ericklamba
THIS SHOW IS A REPLAY - In The Doll World, doll podcast is joined by Allison Hernandez, host of YouTube's Muñecas, Poupees, and Dolls and avid doll collector.  We sit down for a  wonderful interview as we talk about her love of dolls, even at the tender age of 11 she knew she wanted to be a doll collector, at which point I told my family, “I’m a doll collector I think by telling everyone I was a doll collector, it spared many of my childhood dolls, and my mom never made me get rid of them. I’m lucky to have all of my cherished childhood dolls to this day.  One of which is her mom's Crissy doll that was passed down to her.  We get to talk about why she started the show and why she felt the need for a show like hers was important.  We also get to hear about an amazing opportunity she is creating to help other doll creatives out there, that can help to fund some of your creative dreams, you don't want to miss hearing about this. You also get to hear what ROPD stands for, it is hilarious!To learn more about Allison and what she is up to visit please visit subscribe to In The Doll World, Doll Podcast and Youtube Channel please or #inthedollworldyoutube #inthedollworlddollpodcast  #tammyfisheritdw #georgettetayloritdw #sydscribbs #AllisonHernandez#MuñecasPoupeesDoll
In The Doll World (ITDW) is honored to introduce you to Sydney "Syd" Schoenfeld!  We had such a wonderful time learning more about Sydney's doll journey, her talent,  aspirations, and the ways she wants to inspire us all through dolls.I, Tammy, stumbled upon Syd quite by accident. I saw some of her art and found it fun and refreshing. I was so excited to have found someone early in their career who we could follow as they transitioned from college to the work world! Little did I know, Syd was not transitioning from college to her career: Syd was transitioning from high school to college!We are excited to follow Syd's doll journey and are looking forward to sharing her learnings and adventures with you!   Bio provided by Syd: "Syd is an up-and-coming artist in the doll world. She is 17-years old and is preparing for college next year. Her goals are to attend university and to major in toy design. Ultimately, Syd would like to become a product designer for the Barbie branch at Mattel. She has worked as a packaging designer with many small makeup businesses as well as created other miscellaneous pieces for her clients. Syd wants to make waves in the doll world--not only with design--but, with diversity. Her goal is for every child to feel seen. In her words, 'Every child deserves to feel special. Toys teach us how to see the world and inspire us to use our imagination to make it a better place.'"In her free time, she runs a freelance art business on her Instagram account, @sydscribbsFollow and like In The Doll World on social media:Linktree: #inthedollworldyoutube #inthedollworlddollpodcast  #tammyfisheritdw #georgettetayloritdw #sydscribbs #sydneyschoenfeld#dolldesigner
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