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It’s tough to talk about mental health. But there are many reasons gaming can have an effect, both positive and negative. This site takes a look at all aspects.
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Support us on Patreon Let us Support you on Discord Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ In a new feature, Brad is joined by Ray Carsillo. A US based games critic who has had roles with many top publications including EGM. Welcome to the first Bonuscast. Brad and Ray chat about the games that can be good to get through during the coming weeks and possible months of confinement at home. What is ideal for the single player, families and good for online. They cover many games including DOOM Eternal, Murder By Numbers, Animal Crossing, Gears 5 and more. What do you feel like playing whilst you are in lockdown? Do you like our selection? Join in the discussion on our Discord server or via Facebook and Twitter. If you want more of Ray, you can check him out in the following places Twitch |
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Support us on Patreon Let us Support you on Discord Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ Still the world is in crisis and we enter a second week of being shut in because of the lockdown. But Brad & Stu look to the future in this weeks podcast. Games chat centres around Animal Crossing and Half Life Alyx, because both have been an obsession for your hosts. However, Brad did get the chance to play Disaster Report 4, which he touches on in the podcast. You can also find a review on the main site. Brad should apologise as he goes on another monologue and takes aim at the way things have been handled before the Covid-19 crisis, but feels that there is cause for optimism moving forward, because there is no way we can go back to how things were. We then move discussion onto how it is ok to sometimes not to want to talk and how doing so helps normalise the discussion around mental health. When you are really not in the mood, it can have an adverse effect on your own mental health if you are pushed into doing so. Also, remember you can support us on Patreon and make sure we can support you on our Discord Server.
MHG Podcast | Lockdown

MHG Podcast | Lockdown


Support us on Patreon Let us Support you on Discord Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ Well we are now in a lockdown in the UK. The world is in a terrible place right now, but we need to look to the positives. Which is what Brad & Stu try to do in this week's podcast. When it comes to games, Brad has been all over Animal Crossing and DOOM Eternal, but also made a start on the intriguing One Step From Eden. Whilst Stu has been playing Voxel Fly, Eric Chahi's Paper Beast and a little know game called Half Life Alyx. All three of those in VR. Talk then moves to how we're coping in the lockdown and what we've been doing to pass the time. Brad is in a difficult situation and is in the process of applying for Universal Credit... it's not going well. They also let their thoughts be known on the despicable actions of the likes of Tim Martin and Mike Ashley over the past week.
Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ As the world descends further into crisis Brad and Stu chat about the need for distraction at this time. Not too much was played in the last week as Stu finished off Rikki & Vikki and Brad has been buried in the excellent Murder By Numbers still. However both are excited for what is around the corner. Animal Crossing New Horizons and Half Life Alyx feature heavily. Two games that really couldn't have come at a better time. Then Brad talks about how hard it can hit when you start on a downwards spiral after a good couple of weeks. Stu talks about confrontation and the ways if can have an effect on people.
Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ This week Brad & Stu discuss how to find positives as a way to counter the negatives. Creativity on Youtube and the wider internet is Stu's choice. Whilst also looking at how good it is to see people with pure passion for something. Brad talks about how he got into coaching kids football (soccer) and the huge impact it has had on him. As usual there is also chat about games. Brad goes all in on the love for Murder By Numbers, whilst Stu gives a final verdict on Beautiful Desolation, before turning to Rikki & Vikki and also Halo: CE Listen below and please link, share and subscribe. Time Stamps: * What we’re playing: 00:49 * Mental Health Chat: 11:46
MHG Podcast | Money

MHG Podcast | Money


Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ This week Brad, Ben and Stu talk about money and the effect it can have on mental health. It is interesting that the subject can have a different effect on different people based on their history with it. That's not all though as gaming discussion centres around Ben's trip to Budapest and the Pinball Museum. Brad plays a ton of games including Two Point Hospital, Voxelgram and MX Nitro Unleashed. Stu meanwhile has fun with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, but is let down with early impressions of Beautiful Desolation. Please like, share and subscribe. Time Stamps: * What we’re playing: 00:32 * Money: 22:50
MHG Podcast | Family

MHG Podcast | Family


Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ Brad, Ben and Stu are back to discuss family matters in this week's podcast. Often family members are the ones in the firing line. Yet they are also the rocks that we can lean on. Likely under appreciated when it comes to tackling mental health. We talk about them and show the appreciation. We also talk games. Brad has played Ciel Fledge and has enjoyed being a surrogate father in video game form. To take a break from being a father in real life! Ben goes Anime fighting with Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]. Finally Stu has been scaring himself silly in the 1-bit game World Of Horror. Please enjoy, like and subscribe. It'll really help us out! Time Stamps: * What we’re playing: 00:33 * Family: 11:12
Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ In a slight change to the usual format, Brad, Ben and Stu talk about the media and their effect on Mental Health. After the tragic suicide of Love Island presenter Caroline Flack, there has been a bit of a blame game going on. The media have blamed social media. Social media has hit back at the tabloid press. The Crown Prosecution Service has been blamed. Also the various mouthpieces such as Piers Morgan have had their say. We discuss the roles all of these have had and also talk about the hypocrisy from many quarters after the attacks on actress Jameela Jamil. We do finish with a short chat on the games we played this last week. Listen below! Time Stamps: * Caroline Flack and the Media - 00:11 * What have we been playing – 32:31
MHG Podcast | Voices

MHG Podcast | Voices


Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - _____________________________________ Bradley, Ben and Stu are back for round 2! It seems enough of you listen to the first episode it was worth doing another! This week we talk about the voices in our heads. To start though the podcast is sans Ben, due to some technical issues. So Brad and Stu discuss Shinobi and Willy Jetman: Astromonkey's Revenge. Yep, it is called that and it is worth checking out. Next up discussion moves to the decisions we make and how it effects each of us. How the voices in our head can be deafening and dominating. Even when it comes to the smallest of things. Ben fixes his issues to jump in here. This is the tweet Brad mentions from @jotracini - We finish off with Ben telling us more about what he had been up to as a love in happens for the excellent Don't Die Mr Robot! Time Stamps: * What have we been playing - 01:09 * Voices – 12:40 * What have we been playing revisited – 45:37
MHG Podcast | Freedom

MHG Podcast | Freedom


Follow us on:- Twitter - Facebook - Youtube - Soundcloud - ______________________________________________ Well, it is finally here. The Mental Health Gaming Podcast. Snappy name right? The theme is based around freedom and the way it affects our brains in different ways. Bradley, Ben and Stu talk about the games they have been playing. Namely Injustice 2, GRID, Tetris 99 and Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Bravo. Then it is a discussion on the illusion of freedom and why it isn't always the best thing to have. Especially when you struggle with your mental health. Finally we take a more in depth look at Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition from Panic Barn and No More Robots. The post-brexit satire based on the mechanics of Papers Please. Time Stamps: * What have we been playing | 02:16 * Freedom - 23:23 * Not Tonight - 33:13
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