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Damn The Torpedoes

Author: Lisa and Ian

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Introducing Damn the Torpedoes, a podcast about navigating through married life from a military couple's point of view. Listen along as Ian, who harbors the soul of an old salty Sailor, and Lisa, his moral compass, exchange witty banter about the challenges in their lives. Not living that military life? Hey--we're all in the same boat and could use some reassurance that we're not the only ones just trying to stay afloat!
7 Episodes
Happy New Year! Ian and Lisa are kicking off the second season of their show with a special bonus episode! In this episode, they bring you along the nerve-racking adventure of finding out their next set of orders (where they'll be moving for their next duty station). Lisa had asked Ian to do the reveal on the show, so what you'll be hearing is the genuine buildup and honest to goodness reaction of Lisa's when Ian reveals their next assignment. Was it what they were hoping for, or is the Navy sending them to a completely obscure land of lost hopes and dreams?Also in this episode, you'll learn more about the professional process that goes into assigning orders to a servicemember, the considerations that the servicemember and the spouse often think about when making their "wishlist", and what comes next after the orders are assigned.  
Lisa Quits Her Job!

Lisa Quits Her Job!


Lisa faces a major life change as she ultimately decides to leave her 13-year career to take on the role of stay-at-home mom. In this episode, find out what factors led to this decision, how Ian and Lisa handled the change (including the months leading up to the ultimate "last day"), and how she's doing a few weeks into her new gig. Plus, another awesome MilPop Quiz for more useless information that you've been dying to hear. Resources: 7 Questions Moms (Or Dads) Should Ask Before Quitting their Jobs Ways to Transition from Working to Stay-At-Home Mom (Or Dad) Importance of Practicing Self-Care During Times of Stress
Choosing your next duty station isn't always as easy as throwing a dart at a map! In this episode, Ian and Lisa talk about what things are important to them when considering where they'll move next. Are they going to be like every couple you see on House Hunters and have completely opposite views when it comes to choosing their next duty station? Also, Mil-Pop quiz is back! Resources:Moving & Housing Support: Moves in a COVID-19 Environment: Basics About Permanent Change of Station: Season Fact Sheet:!/detail/274/permanent-change-of-station-season
Find out how Ian and Lisa are surviving the COVID-19 "shut-in" after three weeks of spending 24/7 with each other. How are they adapting to their "new normal" lifestyle? Are they enjoying all this extra time together or are they getting on each other's nerves? Are their experiences similar to yours--and if so, how are they dealing with them? Get the inside perspective while still maintaining proper social distancing guidelines! Sources discussed in this episode:
We're married--now what?! In this episode, Ian and Lisa talk about ways to build and maintain a healthy relationship through understanding your partner's personality type. Find out what personality types they are and how they use that analysis in their own marriage to strengthen their partnership. Additionally, they discuss relationship maintenance through deployments. Resources:16 Personalities: Free Meyers-Briggs Personality Test: One Source: How To Successfully Communicate As A Couple One Source: How To Strengthen Your Relationship One Source: Confidential (and free) Non-Medical Counseling
What is it like to date someone who's in the military? In this episode of Damn The Torpedoes, Ian and Lisa talk about what it's like to date in the military. What considerations do both service members and civilians have to make? What are the rules of engagement in a relationship like this? Also, you'll get a little bit of background info on Ian and Lisa's dating history and the hardships they faced in this challenging environment. 
Welcome to Damn The Torpedoes, a podcast about life and love and navigating the military marriage! In this first episode, you'll get a look into the personalities of hosts Ian (the salty Sailor) and Lisa (his moral compass) as they interview each other, ambush style, in the "Getting to Know You" segment. Then, things really get ugly as they test each other's knowledge in the "Mil-Pop" quiz segment. Later, hear their take on finding a work-life balance that works for you and your family, whether or not you're in the military!  
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