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Author: Armando J Salas (Mandovibes)

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Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a musician? How an author brainstorms ideas to create their next book? How a concept artist thinks about their color schemes? How a jazz musician frees their mind and body to allow their ideas to flow through their instrument? Well here ya go!! A creative human talking to other creative humans about anything from video games, music, books, anime, life, self development, mental health, improvising, business, goals, outer space, and anything we may have left out! Mostly a platform focusing on interesting conversations with artists with something unique to say, which is everyone
20 Episodes
On this episode of The Mandovibes Podcast, political activist, prolific debater, and mother of two, Kay Fellowz stops in!!  We chat about her searching various religions and identifying as Pagan, motherhood, and her political activism!  If you like Halloween, challenging your beliefs, and personal growth, this episode is for you!!Mando's Links:WebsiteInstagramKay's Links:InstagramTwitter
On this episode of the Mandovibes Podcast, supermom Nicole Jaurigue stops in to talk about her success with direct sales with Scentsy, preparing to welcome her 6th child, and her personal battles and growth with addiction.  Prep your ears and nose for personal growth and lots of smells!!   It makes perfect scents....Buy from NicoleFollow Mando:InstagramYoutube
Here he comes to save the daaaay!!  New father, blogger, comic book lover, and aspiring author Bobby Acosta  joins me on this episode of the Mandovibes Podcast!   We thumb through the pages of his journey towards becoming an author, don our capes as we reminisce on early days of reading comic books, dive deep into a creative mindset in managing solitude during the pandemic, and double the fun in time management with his new twin boys!!  Open your ears, suit up, and make sure your cape is a'flappin!!Bobby's BlogFollow Mandovibes InstagramYoutubeWebsite
  On this episode of the Mandovibes Podcast we return to mother earth!  Private music lessons instructor, brass player, and native american issues advocate, Jenny Bement!!  We take a deep dive into issues such as Covid effects on reservations, dyslexia and mental health, native american rights, fitting in to our respective communities, and systemic racism in the U.S. today.  Join us in honoring our roots and culture through language and music!Jenny's Links:Bement Music StudiosInstagramMando's Links:Mandovibes.comInstagramSoundcloudSound Healing Arts
The Mandovibes Podcast is traveling to Brazil!!  Popular gamer and online streamer Ana Biancchi joins me to talk Spanish and Portuguese,  trends within the gaming community, Twitch streaming, and her path to becoming an electronic gaming company announcer!!  Get your tongue and ears ready for this one!!  Nerdy is the new cool!Follow me: InstagramYoutubeFollow Ana:InstagramYoutubeTwitch
Welcome to season 2 of the Mandovibes Podcast!!  On this episode I take a deep dive into the recesses of our minds with Lea Madda, host of the Depressed and Sh*t Podcast!!  She creates an open, funny, and introspective space for mental health, with real people sharing real experiences.  We also talk music and arts adjusting to the pandemic, podcasting life, and share stories about anxiety and our own mental health journeys.  What happens when podcasts collide?  AwesomenessMandovibes InstagramDepressed And Sh*t PodcastThe Therapy Industry: The Irresistible Rise of the Talking Cure, and Why It Doesn't Work by Paul Moloney
  In this episode of the Mandovibes Podcast, from Miami, Florida we have performer and DJ Hen Siso!!  She discusses her past life as a hairstylist, taking the leap and moving towards her ideal life, breaking into the world of Dj-ing, and reminisces on past performances with the Hard Rock and Ferrari through a deep dive in her Instagram page.  Ya don't wanna miss this "spicy" episode!! Follow Siso: Mando:
  On the first of this two-part episode of the Mandovibes Podcast, from Lima, Peru I'm joined by artist and online streamer Ekate!  We chat about her journey to becoming a video game concept artist, how she used her art and experiences to bring about social change, and how she inspires her students to stay motivated and passionate about what they do!  It'll make you say "Oh, Ekate!!"Follow Ekate:InstagramTwitchFollow Me:
On todays episode of the Mandovibes Podcast, we have singer/song-writer Quella!  She joins ya boy to talk about her background in Chinese social media, developing her artistic style, performing on tv shows, writing cover tunes, and lessons she's learned from friends present and past.  She also offers advice for musicians and artists on motivation and believing in yourself!  Take a journey with us!!Follow Quella!!Quella's InstagramFollow
Professional jazz trombonist, educator, business man, and entrepreneur Nick Finzer joins me on the podcast!  He lends his voice towards the world of jazz education, his non-profit organization for improvisation and creativity the Institute for Creative Music, his record label Outside in Music, and what drives him everyday to keep achieving his goals.  And don't forget, life is like jazz, it's best when you improvise!  Give a listen!
Singer, dancer, model, and artist Tora Woloshin takes some time to chat with ya boy Mando!  Hear her spin tales about life in the music industry, her time auditioning on the X Factor and mentoring with Simon Cowell, fantasies about working in the FBI, and moonlighting as a vigilante double agent! "Sky"s the limit with this girl.....Come jam with us!!Follow Tora on social media and check out her X Factor performance!! me on social media and subscribe to the Mandovibes Podcast!
A Mandovibes first!!  World-renowned saxophonist John Scarpulla joins me via cyberspace to share his extraordinary stories of performing with some of the most popular musicians of our time.  His résumé touts performances with artists including, but not limited to: Diana Ross, Tower of Power, Celia Cruz, Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, Tony Bennett, Steven Tyler, and Sir Paul McCartney!  Prepare for awesomeness and laughs with Mandovibes and The Look!!  Links to John's media channels and current projects are included below!!
Saxophonist and deep thinker David Moore joins me over the interwebs to talk about music, meditation, improvisation, and how to mentally "escape the matrix."  Chill out and enjoy some deep vibes when we do a free improvisation on flute and saxophone.  Prepare to be taken to the outermost recesses of your mind, or, k'now, something like that.Subscribe and Follow the Mandovibes Podcast on Itunes, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and!! Search "Mandovibes"Follow me on these me at:Donate: to be added to my concert mailing list!
A Special Mini-Episode of the Mandovibes Podcast!  I share some updates about new musical ventures and personal goals, while also offer three major pieces of advice for musicians looking to go forth into the world wide web of performing!!www.soundhealingarts.com
Rich in Love

Rich in Love


A powerful episode of the Mandovibes Podcast.  I'm joined by self-proclaimed "Evocator" Kathie Kelling for a deep discussion about travel, gratefulness, changing self-limiting beliefs, reorganizing our mental furniture, and what we have been feeling as the world is in quarantine.  Come celebrate your greatness with us!!
The Men of 1,000 Voices

The Men of 1,000 Voices


Another ear-melting episode of the Mandovibes Podcast!!!  My guest, conversationalist, impressionist, and youth mentor, Tim Hedger joins me to discuss his in-home concert series An Evening of Music, our mutual sexy voices, and his work with refugees entering the U.S.  Stay tuned to the end to hear an epic impression show-down, no holds barred, winner takes all!!!  Clothing optional



Rapper, language enthusiast, and all-around straight up dope dude, Hilary Vincent Payne II aka Majatron, stops in to the Mandovibes studio.  We have an awesome off the cuff convo about learning Spanish and Japanese, personal development, identifying and breaking limiting beliefs, and a mutual history with our own names.  Stay until the very end to hear us create an impromptu duo beatbox and vocal jam!!Books Recommended by Hilary:Setting True Boundaries: How to Create Respect, Safety, and Freedom in Relationships, By Dave Jetson MDFollow Hilary:, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube: @majatronFollow, Instagram and Youtube: @mandovibesSearch Mandovibes Podcast on Spotify and Itunes
Self-proclaimed "wanna-be" writer Susan Czubek stops in with her dog Sunny to talk about zombie poetry, relationship taboos, religion, and to share funny stories!!!Books recommended by Susan:-The Miracle Morning, Hal ElrodBooks Recommended by Mando:-Bad Unicorn Series, Platte F Clarke
Fellow jazz musician, beat maker, and human, leader of the Solomon Trio Israel Solomon stops by the studio to chat about native american culture, improvisation, etymology of jazz, and fatherhood.  He brought along an unexpected guest who decided to join in the fun....Keep up with Israel on Instagram @renaissancefella_33 and @solomon_trio_Follow me @mandovibes
Maiden voyage of the Mandovibes podcast!  An introduction to who I am and what I do, ranging from saxophone, jazz, voice acting, mental health, social issues, anime, etc.  Also what to expect in the future!!
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