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Author: Ted Moss III

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Comedians and other entertaining folks from Middle America talk with Ted on topics they know a lot, or sometimes... very little about. Such as: Stand Up Comedy and just being a Comedian... Life on the Road, Dating, Odd Jobs, American Culture, Kids, Family, and what ever is happening in the world today. Most are from Flint and Detroit Michigan, which has given them a pretty unique point of view. As for the ones who grew up somewhere else, you've got to wonder... what in the world are YOU doing here? We will be laughing a lot. We hope you will too!
44 Episodes
My friend and Businessman, Darren McDunnough is back to discuss Step Parenting, Leadership and Sex Over 50.  Actually we discussed so many topics it's hard to list them all and really he had great insight in to all of them but one....Golf. Oh well nobody knows everything. LOL  I found him fun to talk to as we did for a very long time!  Enjoy. Ted's gear the show (
Darren McDunnough,  Successful Businessman, Cover Band Lead Singer and future Stand Up Comedian stops by and share his insights with Ted. This is my first non-comedian guest and he was a joy to interview.  Unlike my comedy friends he has actually tried (unsuccessfully) to set me up with a beautiful lady.  So he is "the best!"EnjoyTed's gear the show (
This is Part 2 of my interview with Steve Sabo, veteran comedian from Toledo Ohio.  He has a lot of years under his belt and a lot of thoughts about comedy.  He is a newly published author so check out his book on Amazon. (see link below)Enjoy Find Steve's new book at:'s Merch at: the show (
Veteran  Comedian Steve Sabo stops by and talks to Ted about many things including dating, parenting and his new book Jesters Run.  He's a very funny and hard working Comedian and was a pleasure  to have in Studio.EnjoyFind Steve's new book at:'s Merch at: the show (
In this episode Mr. Marv Barnett gives his thoughts on building a successful comedy show post Covid, Growing up in the Streets of Flint and how close he came to dying from Covid.  He is a great guy and I am so glad he is still around to make us all laugh.Enjoy!Show Mech: the show (
Funny man and smooth talker Marv Barnett stops by and talks with Ted about his tough battle with Covid and his comedy career including: his first set with a 2 hour notice, performing for 4000 people and how people don't understand how tough Stand Up really is.Enjoy!Ted Talks 2 Much gear: the show (
Do NOT Listen, if you are easily offended.  This episode contains opinions of 2 comics on Politically Sensitive topics.  The opinions expressed here in are the opinions and only the opinions of the participants.  If you disagree, that's fine... WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.  They are only opinions.Enjoy!Ted Talks 2 Much Merchandise the show (
Sean Hunter is back for part two. He is a really open and easy guy to talk to and has a fresh and logical perspective on all sorts of social issues.  At least I thought so... I hope you do too!EnjoyTis the Season, check out Ted Talks 2 Much  merchandise. the show (
A 30 year local Comedy Veteran  that I just met (weird huh?) stopped by with some amazing stories about his time as a Male Stripper and thoughts on Covid and losing children much too soon.  He is really interesting , a great guy and was a lot of fun to talk to.  Please enjoy Mr. Sean Hunter.COOL GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS! the show (
Okay, this is Part 3 and the last chance to trace & chase the inter-working of the mind of Justin Divozzo. I have to tell you he really reminded me of a much younger me: which means I like him a lot!  A super good guy and he was really fun to talk to.Enjoy!Get your Christmas gift gear here: the show (
Justin Divozzo joined me for a conversation on so many interesting topics, we ending up with 4 hours and 3 episodes.  On this show (part 2) we discuss religion,  dating, the keys to be a good supervisor and Stand Up Comedy during Covid.He is a well rounded guy with a lot of insight for a very young man.Enjoy!  Look Out, I'm Parenting Here!  a survival guide for the single parent. Ted Talks Phone case  Ted Talks T-shirtsSupport the show (
Justin Divozzo stopped by to talk with Ted about Single Parenting, Comedy, Philosophy and a myriad of other topics.  He has a unique comic style, using a "Good Ol Boy" look and based more on riffing that structured jokes.  This is tough to do, and  it displays a natural talent that most don't possess.He really is nice young man. I sure you are going to enjoy listening, as much I did hanging out with him.JUSTIN'S LINKS T-SHIRTS the show (
This is Part 2 with my friend Veronica Douglas who shares her very novel entrance to Stand Up Comedy by headlining her first time up! She is a funny lady who has traveled a tough road but maintains a great sense of humor about it.  This one gets a little (R) rated, so buyer beware, but you'll have a laugh or 2 along the way, I promise.  So one last time, here's my friend Veronica.Enjoy,  link to Ted Talks 2 Much t-shirtsSupport the show (
Rising Star, the young and talented Ms. Veronica Douglas shows up and shares a little about her path before and road to Stand Up Comedy. Against all odds she is determined to make a place for herself in the world of entertainment and she is talented enough to have a pretty good shot.This is part one of two, so sit back, relax and get to know my beautiful young friend Veronica Douglas.CHECK OUT our new logo t shirts the show (
Welcome to Part 2 of my very L O N G, very fun and interesting conversation with Kara Coraci (Care-Ah Core-AH-See) a very dynamic Comedian born and raised in Detroit. She is a lady that chases her dreams with a real tenacity but is still is truly a joy to work with.  I consider her to be a good friend, strong Comic and a great lady.Enjoy more of Kara @ the show (
A very funny and beautiful young Comic, Kara Coraci stopped by and gave me the rundown on her life to date including her path to Stand Up Comedy.  She is super good at networking and as driven as anyone doing stand up.I always enjoy talking with her and she never fails to entertain.  Of all my comedy friends, she really is a Stand Out Stand Up and here she is...Enjoy more of Kara @ the show (
Welcome to Part 3 of my interview with Detroit's own, Marcus Olind.  We discussed all things comedy and the quality Comedy coming out of the Detroit Comedy scene. He is a great guy, really smart and has a promising future in Stand Up if and when, it every Starts Up again.I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!Support the show (
Welcome to Part 2 with my very young Comedian friend, Marcus Olind. We talk all things comedy; like the value of managers, heckler and how famous do you really want to be. He's a pretty smart guy who picks up like a magnet & has a really cool edge.EnjoyFor MORE of Markus go to: the show ( the show (
One of the best young Comedians to come out of Detroit in recent years, Markus Olind stops by to discuss Stand Up.  Not only is he funny, but he works hard at it and has a real presents on Social Media. He just may be one of the big names in Comedy in the not too distant future.It was a fun conversation and we covered a lot of topics, so this is just Part One of a two part podcast.  He is so focused, that the conversation always seemed to revert back to Stand Up.  So here's some of the interesting ideas and thoughts of a pretty new, but really talented young Comedian, Markus Olind.Enjoy!For MORE of Markus go to: the show (
One of the Very BEST Comedians to ever come out of Detroit, Mr. Mike Green stops by to talk about his life on the road performing Stand Up, his encounters with many famous Comedians including: Tim Allen, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Mitch Fatel, Dave Coulier and many more.He knows everything you could ever want to know about the art and business of Stand Up. Now he is Managing a brand new comedy club in Waterford Michigan that is well on it's way to becoming a destination for Top Comics.So here's everything you would want to know about the life a of a Stand Up and more with Mike Green.  Enjoy much  DREAM GUEST LIST(If you can, help me get a great guest!) Tim Allen -  He attended WMU at the same time I did & who wouldn’t want to hear about his journey? Joe Rogan – What a fascinating guy.  Tough, smart and successful.  If we could get him to tell us how all this came to pass, what a show that would be. Howard Stern -  Whatever you think about Howard, he was a Master of Marketing his show and has unreal interviewing skills.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see behind that curtain? Elisabeth Shue – I must admit, this would be the only interview which would make me nervous. I have been a fan since the Burger King Commercials… (yeah, you probably don’t remember. Lol)  But her masterpiece roll, in Leaving Las Vegas was outstanding and with her skills, it would be interesting to see what guided her career path. Bob Seger – He is a local Ann Arbor guy that made it big and I believe wrote about it in his songs.  What a life. Ted Nugent – I am not sure I can think quick enough to push back on his commentary but with Ted… what’s the use?  It would be fun just to see what he has to say about this age of Political Correctness.Support the show (
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