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In this episode, we are joined by brothers and U of M Flint students Landon & Trenton Jackman. They discuss getting into the sport of running for its mental and physical health benefits. This eventually led them to complete "The Bobby" challenge, in person, at last year's HAP Crim Festival of Races. This consists of running all of the Crim races (10 Mile, 5 Mile, 5K, and Michigan Mile)!We also talk about their future running plans including establishing the Holly Run Club (@hollyrunclub on Instagram) for local runners of all skill levels to meet and run together.
In this episode of Running Dialogue, we are joined by engineer and health and fitness fanatic, Chris Natterer. Chris Natterer has taken his engineering degree and put a practical engineering approach on his health and fitness passion. We discuss Chris’s work as a product leader for Clockwork Nutrition and what the service is all about. We also talk about how to plan, and prepare for your work. We discuss the processes and consistencies that must go into producing quality work in all aspects of life. Chris’s talks about how to be the best version of yourselves no matter what role of life you are in, and how to live your days with purpose and planning, whether you are working towards a health and fitness goal or a project at work. 
On this episode of Running Dialogue, we are joined by Gretchen Sells. Gretchen is a mother of 2 who joined the CrimFit Training Program in 2019 to focus on herself and her fitness goals. She connected with her training group right away and was soon inspired to begin walking marathons. That walking soon turned into running and Gretchen has since completed a number of marathons and is planning on running her first Ultra-Marathon in 2022.To submit a question or suggestion for the show, email or visit
On this episode, we are joined by Dr. Amber Schlemmer from Primary Prevention Physiotherapy and Dr. Kristi Chipman, a registered dietician. We discuss using food as fuel and finding a healthy balance between eating & exercise. Dr. Schlemmer & Dr. Chipman also answer questions from the listeners!To submit a question or suggestion for the show, email or visit
In this episode of Running Dialogue, we are joined by Coach Desmond Dunham. Coach Dez is a youth sports expert with over two decades of coaching and teaching experience. We discuss his book Running Against The Odds which details his turbulent upbringing and how those traumas and emotional blockades stand no chance against motivation & willpower. We also talk about the similarities between Dez's hometown of Gary, Indiana and Flint; including the challenges that both communities face. To submit a question or suggestion for the show, email or visit
As the warm weather comes to a close, we check in to give everyone a quick rundown and update on what to expect from Running Dialogue in the coming months. Stay tuned as we're joined by new and returning guests to discuss the latest topics in running, walking and events in the community.To submit a question or suggestion for the show, email or visit
We are joined, on this episode, by Bill Thena, Learning & Development Manager at Financial Plus Credit Union. Bill tells us about a unique new program that was started at FPCU called A Race Around Michigan. He shares how this program challenged employees to walk or run the entire distance of the 1100 mile perimeter of the state in teams of 2 or 4. We discuss how virtual races & programs like these help keep people active remotely throughout the year while pushing towards a distant goal.
In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Amber Schlemmer from Primary Prevention Physical Therapy. We discuss how proper training and exercise can help prevent injury, not only when being active, but also while completing everyday tasks. Dr. Schlemmer also gives tips on how to improve your fitness by making small changes in your daily habits.
In this episode, Crim CEO Lauren Holay-Zembo sits down for a conversation with Trudy Tabor, CrimFit Training Program Group Leader.  Trudy shares her journey to living a healthy and active lifestyle.  After being a smoker for many years, she decided she wanted to run a marathon on her 50th birthday.  Now, after being in the CrimFit Training Program for 10 years and leading a group, she couldn't see herself not running. We're grateful Trudy was able to join us and know you'll enjoy the conversation.
On this episode of Running Dialogue, we are joined by the Mayor of Flint, Sheldon Neeley! Theresa Roach, Program Director for the Crim Fitness Foundation's Active Communities department also joins the show. We discuss the ongoing effort, by the Crim and City of Flint, to improve infrastructure and planning to help facilitate a safer and more active city. 
In this episode of our series with Michigan Race Directors, we are joined by Barbra Bennage, Executive Race Director of the Detroit Free Press Marathon. We discuss the long histories and evolutions of both the Detroit Free Press Marathon and the Crim Festival of Races. Barbra shares her insights on the complexities of planning an international marathon that crosses between the United States & Canada as well as some interesting race day stories.
In this episode, we discuss the exciting partnership between the Crim Fitness Foundation & The Laundry! Located in historic Downtown Fenton, The Laundry offers delicious lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch menus with a casual bistro atmosphere. For the entire month of August, The Laundry will be donating a percentage of food sales to help support Crim Programming in Flint and the surrounding communities.
We are joined by Sandy Sellers, Youth Wellness Manager at the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. We discuss chocolate milk and why it is one of the best recovery drinks for runners and walkers during their training. Sandy also gives some tips on how to eat healthy as a family including helping kids, who can be picky, try more nutritious meals.
In this fourth installment of our Michigan Race Director series, we are joined by Marcy Kinzer who is the Race Director for the Izzo Legacy 5k and Executive Director of the Playmakers Fitness Foundation. Playmakers is a run specialty store operating in the Greater Lansing community since 1981. We discuss how the Playmakers Fitness Foundation gives back to the runners and walkers in the Lansing area by supporting training programs and races in the community.
In this episode, we are joined by Megan Jankowski, Race Director for the Detroit Turkey Trot. Megan shares her unique career path, starting as an auditor for an accounting firm and eventually transitioning to the Race Director for The Parade Company. She explains some of the challenges that go along with planning a large event in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day.
In this episode, we're joined by longtime CrimFit Training Program Group Leader Hattie Christian. Hattie shares her story of how she got into running and walking, and her journey from first time Crim racer to Group Leader, helping people cross the finish line every year.
In the second episode of our series with Michigan Race Directors, we are joined by Lauralee Mathieu. Lauralee is the Race Director of the Amway River Bank Run in Grand Rapids. We discuss the work that goes on behind-the-scenes before the race and how the responsibilities of a Race Director have changed over the past year. We also discuss the unique challenges of putting on a successful USATF sanctioned event.
This episode we are joined by Lisette Oropesa, a world renowned opera singer and avid runner/marathoner. We discuss how Lisette got started in the sport of running as part of her weight loss journey and how she's since completed several marathons. Lisette also talks about how practicing yoga regularly and eating a vegan diet contribute to her healthy lifestyle.Lisette shares her story of getting started in music and singing before eventually making her way to starring roles in operas all over the world. We discuss "Opera 101" and learn how the opera performance industry has been uniquely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how Lisette has coped with these difficult times.
In this first episode of our series with Michigan Race Directors, we are joined by Michelle O'Kelly. Michelle is the Race Director of the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, Capital City River Run in Lansing & A Run for the Trees Virtual 5k. We discuss what goes into putting on a successful race, including the many challenges that the running & walking events industry has faced over the last year.
We are joined by recurring guest Brad Brown from Complete Runner to discuss the latest trends in shoes, socks and other equipment for runners and walkers. We also talk about the changes that both competitive and casual running/walking have seen over the past year including the introduction of more unique virtual events.
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