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Straight Shooting with Dan and Joseph
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Straight Shooting with Dan and Joseph

Author: Dan Killough & Joseph Stoecker

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Tune in to get the latest news on competitive shooting events and to learn how to become a better shooter.
18 Episodes
Joseph and Dan discuss Testing .22lr Ammo at the ELEY Customer Range and look forward to the USPSA Race Gun Nationals.
This episode Blake Liles from 415 Training joins the show to go over the Area 4 USPSA Championships results.  We cover the ARA rules changes for Factory Division and Dan discusses competing at Indoor .22 Benchrest shooting.
Episode 16 we discuss how to test .22lr ammunition away from the test tunnel.  We recap the ARA National Tournament, PSL Shilen Challenge, and ELEY Main Event.  Joseph previews his upcoming USPSA Area 4 Championship at Van Buren, AR
ELEY Ammunition

ELEY Ammunition


Episode 15 Dan and Joseph go over the ELEY line of ammunition and help the listener determine which of the ELEY offerings is best for them.  They also preview the upcoming ARA National Tournament, PSL Shilen Challenge, and PSL Main Event.
Dan and Joseph discuss 1-Piece vs. 2-Piece rests for .22lr benchrest and Joseph talks about the USPSA Area 3 Match he competed in.
Episode 13 Blake and Joseph go over stage planning from the Double Tap Ranch Championships in Wichita Falls, Tx.  Go Blake's Instagram @415Training or click HERE to see the stage layouts as Blake and Joseph discuss how to decide what is the best way to complete the stage.  Also in the Straight Shooting Challenge, Blake and Joseph do a new drill 6-Reload-6-Reload-6.
Dan and Joseph visit with Jim Cannon about the ELEY Rocky Mountain NRL22 Regional and building an Open Class NRL22 Rifle.  Joseph tells us about his USPSA Oklahoma Sectional match in the rain and his 2nd Place finish for the C Class competitors.
Dan and Joseph look ahead to the USPSA Oklahoma Sectional and the ELEY Rocky Mountain NRL22 Regional match.  Dan discusses choosing an Action for your custom Rimfire Benchrest Rifle build and goes over his approach to setting up his bench and windflags for a competition.
Blake Liles from 415 Training goes over 4 For Core w/ Movement and Transition.  He also gives us match update from USPSA match at River City in San Antonio and Ozarks Classic in Billings, MO
This special edition episode covers the components of building a world class competition  rimfire benchrest rifle and an extensive behind the scenes look at the Triple Crown of Rimfire event that just concluded.
Gene Bukys visits with Dan about starting Centerfire Benchrest competitions, and Joseph explains the next evolution of 4 For Core Drill- 4 For Core Drill with Movement and Transition
Dan discusses building a rifle that will compete in both NRL22 Base Class and ARA Factory Class.  Blake Liles from 415 Training goes over 4 For Core Drill and adds our 2nd drill which is 4 For Core with Movement.  
Jim Cannon .22lrMarksmen is our guest and we visit about NRL22 and get a beginners guide to trying out this competition.  We finish with Bleeding Off w/ Joseph as he discusses drills to keep your USPSA skills sharp while we stay at home.
Cleaning & 4 for Core Drill

Cleaning & 4 for Core Drill


This episode we visit about cleaning .22lr rifle barrels and USPSA Open guns.  We then finish up with USPSA drills from Blake Liles with 415 Training and introduce the 4 for Core Drill.
We visit with Paul Tolvstad about manufacturing barrels and everything that goes into that process and we finish with Bleeding Off w/ Joseph as he goes over how Misses and Penalties can greatly hurt your game in USPSA.
We have score updates from around the country with ARA, ABRA, IR 50/50, NRL22, and USPSA events.  Dan and Joseph split a bullet by shooting an axe with a .38SC.  We go over the bedding of a rifle and how important that is to accuracy.  We finish up with an extended discussion with Blake Liles from 415 Training about training for USPSA events.
.22lr Rifle Barrel Tuning

.22lr Rifle Barrel Tuning


We review the last couple of weeks in .22lr benchrest competition and go over the USPSA Florida Open.  Dan and Joseph share how KSS sets tuners and what the tuners actually do.  Joseph finishes up with his current training drills he does for USPSA Competition.
Our very first episode with introductions from your hosts Dan Killough and Joseph Stoecker.  They bring you Competition updates, Precision Points, and Bleeding Off.  This episode covered ARA Factory Class and ARA awards from ELEY for 2020 for both match directors and competitors.  Bleeding Off w/ Joseph brings information about starting USPSA competition and walking with Joseph as he starts this new discipline.
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