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Conversations with every type of creative. Hosted by Ryan Leacock - Find a creative like you:
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Sometimes I wonder if this entire podcast is just me getting people together to overthink creativity.  Because I love how today's creative person, Allison Poprocks, approaches her work, she doesn’t worry about it.  I really enjoy it when people like Allison are on the pod – balance all this overthinking out. Allison is a Kitchener Artist currently residing in her home away from home, Dawson City, Yukon.  I love Allison's artwork. For me, it captures the proverbial forest and the beauty of the proverbial trees. Allison tells me about her connection to places, mummified toes, and how she doesn't overthink her creativity.  Great one.Check out Allison's artworkMusic by Jobii
When Mel Milton talks about his love for art, he means the love you have for your family.  They can piss you off, but you love them, and you're in this thing together.  This week's creative person is illustrator Mel Milton - He is an illustrator from Utah who has worked for Disney and Marvel and 2 volumes of his own "dooks" (listen to find out what that means... haha)  Mel and I had a fantastic evening chatting about his long journey to liking himself and how that was the key to finding his artistic voice.  He tells me about being homeless and how money and some fame are essential if you want to help other people.  Great one. Do it up.Go check out Mel's workMusic by Iso Indies
This week's creative people, Dharma & Mikayla come from the world of theatre.  An industry that has been on pause longer than almost every other.  So where did these two turn for creative expression?  To the strange comforts of smutty books and podcasting.Not Your Mother's Bookclub is a sexy book podcast made by Dharma &  Mikayla, and these two are a blast together.  Their podcast is like overhearing a hilarious and oddly insightful, inappropriate conversation. Delightful.We had the best time.  They tell me how their podcast began, what their parents think, and what they miss about being on stage.  Great one!Listen to Not Your Mother’s BookclubNot Your Mother’s Bookclub on InstagramMusic by Yomoti
I had an idea a couple of months ago, I was listening to the book “The Practice” by Seth Godin, and I thought - talking about this book with a fellow creative would make for some fantastic conversation.  About that same time, today’s creative person, Krista Kankula was on my radar.  She is an artist and creativity coach.  The exact kind of person that you’d want to get into a deep conversation about creativity with.  I pitched the idea to Krista and we set it up.Today on the podcast Krista and I are sharing our 5 main takeaways from The Practice.  How we used them in our creative practice and we get to know Krista a little bit.  I love what Krista is up to, creativity coaching is a great idea especially if you want to fastrack your creative output.  I have included a link to her website below.Have a good week creative people.Revel in the Mess - Creative Coaching with KristaMusic by Snake City
We're 75 episodes into this exploration of creativity and there is no better guest for this little milestone than OBGM's frontman, Densil McFarlane.   The OBGM's are a genre-defying punk band out of Toronto, and I'm so glad I got the chance to chat with Dens.  This guy knows what's up.  We chat about his approach to rock music, branching from his refreshing take on being respectful but not projecting too much of what you love.  He tells me how he completely changed his creative approach 2 years ago, and how he's creatively strong now.  I love it.  great chat.Listen to The Ends for this episode by Bonker Beat Club
This week on the pod I'm talking creativity, leaving Christianity, and marketing with Joshua Harris.  Josh has a very interesting story, regardless of your views of Christianity.  He was 21 when he published "I Kissed Dating Goodbye", a book that exploded and became a literal "Tipping Point" in Christian culture.    Fast forward 20+ years - Josh has self unpublished all of his books, left Pastoring and Christianity, and now runs a marketing agency and coaches.    What happened in those 20 years and what was it like for him to wrestle his own creations?Josh's books filtered down to me and had a pretty major effect on me then, in ways that I'm still sorting out now.  We get into that a bit in our convo, at least in the ways that it overlaps with creativity.I really admire Josh's commitment to authenticity and being true to his convictions.  The ways that his journey has affected his creativity and I love how he has dissected not only "his why", but how the culture he grew up in influenced his work. by Iso Indie
Today I am chatting with brand and wedding photographer Arana Del Mundo.  I love Ariana's photos, her vibe and passion are contagious and I think you're going to love this chat.  She had some excellent insights on rest - and how it makes the work better.  How she creates an emotional creative space for the clients that she works with and why she doesn't want to do just 1 thing.  Great one.Check out her Instagram for this episode by _91novie
Hey creative people!  This week I'm chatting with doc-filmmaker / comedian Jackson Rowe.  Jackson just released his new docuseries called For Heaven's Sake - you can catch that on CBC Gem or Paramount+ now.    I loved getting to know Jackson a bit!  He tells me about his journey through The Second City, what guides his choices and how he approaches comedy and creative projects.  Great chat, do it up!Music by JobbiiWatch For Heaven's Sake on CBC GemJackson Rowe is a Canadian comedian, writer and filmmaker from Toronto. After studying English at Wilfrid Laurier University, he enrolled in The Second City where he excelled in both the standup program and the improvisation conservatory program where he was nominated for the coveted Tim Sims Award. He is one third of the comedy trio Trophy Husbands who’s award winning material has been featured on Amazon Prime, Funny or Die, JFL, Huffington Post and more, amassing millions of views online.About For Heaven’s SakeCBS All Access, ViacomCBS’ digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, today announced a new series order for comedic documentary series FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, created by and starring Mike Mildon and Jackson Rowe (“Trophy Husbands”). Mildon and Rowe will also executive produce alongside Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault (“American Vandal”), Joe Farrell (Funny Or Die) as well as Jonas Prupas and Courtney Dobbins (Muse Entertainment). The series will be directed by Tim Johnson (“Virginia 12th”).FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE blends comedy and crime documentary formats for a unique take on uncovering the truth. The series will follow the search for Harold Heaven, who mysteriously disappeared from his remote cabin in Ontario, Canada, in the winter of 1934. While local police searched the nearby woods and dredged the adjacent lake, Harold was never found nor heard from again. The case was unceremoniously closed as a likely suicide. 85 years later, his great-great-nephew, Mike, attempts to solve this coldest of cold cases, with the help of his extended family and true-crime-obsessed best friend, Jackson. “The true-crime genre may never be the same as best friends Mike and Jackson rely on their real-life bond and total lack of crime-solving experience to try and figure out what happened to Mike’s great-great uncle Harold,” said Julie McNamara, Executive Vice President & Head of Programming, CBS All Access. “We couldn’t be in better hands than with this hilarious duo, ‘American Vandal’s’ brilliant Tony and Dan at the helm as executive producers, alongside the tremendous teams at Muse Entertainment and Funny Or Die, as we continue to expand our comedy slate.”. 
This week I'm talking to design director Raj Sidhu - Raj talks to me about his years being a graphic designer, having to learn to speak "business" and standing up for the value of design.   Are you a creative who feels like they have trouble focusing their ideas?  Or a creative person who doesn't do a "creative job"?  I think you'd really enjoy this episode!Music for this week's episode was by Toby Tranter and SmartfaceThe podcast is produced by Ryan Leacock
This week I enter the world of Justin Atkins.  Justin is a photographer and artist who's work is bold and vibrant.  I loved getting to know Justin, hearing about his an set alter-ego, hearing about his process, and being jealous of his high school experience.  Great one.  Do it up!Justin Atkins on Instagram Music for this episode was by Bonkers Beat Club Episode #19: Photographer: Hilary Gauld Camilleri - "Head, Heart, Gut"
Bad Waitress takes over the podcast and tells me about how they capture their delightful brand of chaos, why they are drawn to punk and raw music and I try to keep up.  They are the best and this episode is a blast.  Buckle up, it's a lot.Listen to Pre Post-Period Blues 
This week I am chatting with Los Angeles street photographer Matthew Anson - I love Matt's photos, he captures LA in a way that I really connect with and I'm so glad I got to meet and chat with him a bit. Matt and I talk (defend) tumblr, talk about what he has learned about the world taking photos on the streets, and what happens after we die.  Great chat.  Do it up.Please subscribe and review the podcast. Thanks guys.Check out Matt's photos on tumblrCheck out Matt's photos on instagramRyan's Weekend Wars tumblrFollow the Creative People Podcast on Instagram
This week I'm chatting with alt-music artist, Mandolynne.  The two of us chat about working through pain, being positive but anti-good vibes only, and Lady Gaga!  Mandolynne tells me about the role music has played in helping her work through a tough past, and how she free-writes every day.  Gooood one.Listen to The Pines by Mandolynne
Hey creative people!  Got a great one this week.  Lego artist, (And former video game tester) Jonathan Farrell is sharing his incredible perspective on following your dreams, letting go of your dreams, and finding peace in the middle.  Do it up.Check out Jonathan's incredible Lego art on Instagram:Music by PandaRapsCreative Confessions
This week I'm chatting mental health and Pokémon with illustrator Julie Campbell.  Julie, or Jushmu, is an artist that makes cute and colourful pins, prints, and stickers, and it was an absolute pleasure to get to know her.  We talk about how creativity and anxiety often go hand and hand, being complicated and drawing cute girls for cute girls' sake.  Great episode!  Check out Julie's shop    Music for the podcast was created by Jobii      Got a creative confession?   
Back at it with season 2 and we hit the ground running with a great one.  Artist, creative director, and VR preacher -  Joss Monzon in on the podcast this week, and the two of us get into all things beautiful and brutal.   Music by Matt Large     check out Joss on Instagram:
This week I am chatting with tattoo artist Anna Matheson.  She talks about opening her shop right before the pandemic, finding her lane and, tattooing stories!  Anna is a delight and I had the best time chatting with her.Check out Anna's Instagram to see all her lovely work!Has the pandemic changed how you view art?  I'd love to hear your story.  DM the pod on social or via the website with your story,
Buckle up because we're going out with a bang!  This week I am joined by baker and firecracker Lenore Johnson and I'm just holding on. haha  Lenore Johnson owns Lenjo Bakes right here the pod's hometown, Kitchener Ontario.(Check out the shop)Lenore and I barely talk about creativity but we also actually talk pretty much only about creative living.  I love Lenore's perspective and her principles - she had some excellent things to share about what she has learned working in kitchens all over the world.  How she came to her own creativity and why she thinks baking isn't all that complicated.Great one to end the season!Thank you for supporting the pod this year, it has been an honour to make a podcast about creativity and I can't wait for what's next.  
Got a good one for you today!  Soli Stardust joins me on the podcast this week!  Soli is a self-portrait artist who's Instagram is the actual coolest!  Her whole aesthetic is to die for and she was so great to talk to.  For two people without a bunch in common, I completely related to how she approaches her creativity, and the highs and lows of that. Check Soli Stardust out on InstagramIf you get anything out of this episode, laugh or even feel a little less alone - please subscribe and give the podcast a review.I'd love to hear what you thought of the episode, reach out on social media at
This week on the pod we are talking with ceramic artist Sarah Hebert of Bodies of Clay.  Sarah makes beautiful pottery that is body positive and wonderful.  We talk about the needs of different creatives, our wonderful meat suits, and the word fat.  Sarah is great, I think you're going to love this episode.Find Bodies of Clay on Insta: you get anything out of this episode, laugh or even feel a little less alone - please subscribe and give the podcast a review. I'd love to hear what you thought of the episode, reach out on social media at
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