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Welcome to the Banchan Noonas! We’ve got laughs, questions, and a whole lot of conversation on KPop, KDramas, and so much more from the overseas perspectives. Episodes coming to you twice a month. So pour your Choice Sip while you Tune In!
40 Episodes
A Banchan Thanksgiving

A Banchan Thanksgiving


Come find out who, what, etc. Beka and Britt are adding to their Thankful Boards in honor of America's Thanksgiving!
Part 2 of K-Drama Enneagram suggestions. We cover the last 5 types: Investigator, Loyalist, Enthusiast, Challenger, and Peacemaker!
Enneagram Personality Tests and K-Drama suggestions! What could go wrong?! Part One covers the first 4 types: Perfectionist, Helper, Performer, and the Romantic.
Hallyu Halloween

Hallyu Halloween


Nothing to do on Halloween? The Banchan Noonas have you covered! We are sharing our favorite spooky themed content from Idol groups, dramas, and more.
Need some Halloween costume ideas? Or costume ideas for your next social media or photo series? The Banchan Noonas have you covered because we are sharing some style ideas from our favorite K-Dramas!
Another October full of debuts, comebacks, and concerts...Let us help you not just survive the month, but thrive in it! Sharing our tips and tricks to navigating the full schedule of October!
Digging deeper on selecting a bias with some of the new groups we are discovering including A.C.E. and Treasure!
Brief Trending SoMaek

Brief Trending SoMaek


A brief recap of REVLRI and some of the latest K-Music news and our reactions to them.
For our last week of REVLRI, we have a very special guest! K-Dad (Britt's Dad) is here to help us gain some perspective from the parent's of K-Pop Stans! K-Dad doesn't disappoint and gives us the tools for better communication with our parents!!
In our third week of our REVLRI celebration, the Banchan Noonas explain how to build your own K-Pop friends! Because who doesn't need more K-Pop Friends!!!
We love all the content TikTokrs create and we just wanted to share some of our favorite K-Poppers, K-Drama watchers, Korean language teachers, and more with you!
Let's make our K-Drama Expectations a K-Drama Reality! On our first week of Road to REVLRI, the Banchan Noonas discuss our favorite moments from K-Dramas that we wish existed in our every day lives. Which K-Drama moment would you make a reality?!
Raise your hand if you think BlackPink deserves a better class of entertainment company! We love (well Britt more than Beka) these talented group of girls and wish their company recognized that talent as well!
Let's all gain some perspective and peak behind the curtain of a local (non-fan). Come with us while we walk a mile in our guest star's shoes and maybe introduce them to the world of Asian media!
Whether they are strong due to physical or inner strength, we love us some complex, well developed female characters! So grab your favorite drink and decide which of our favorites, you want to check out!
The Banchan Noonas are upset about apologies! Not in the way you think! Agust D-2 is everything Beka was waiting for and she can't contain her excitement! know...just 2 noonas rambling on about nothing really...Just BTS members and the way they would act in relationships.
24 Hours...8 Concerts...Little Sleep...Many Emotions...Fangirling...And So Much More! The Banchan Noonas experience BTS' Bang Bang Con and we are not holding anything back!
A little bit of everything on Solo Artists! How are they different from K-Pop groups? And who you need to stop sleeping on?
조리법: V Live

조리법: V Live


Ready for your next level of connection in fanship for your favorite K-Pop group? V Live is here to save the day! Come and learn a little bit more about this app and a few other tools with the Banchan Noonas!
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