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Fraud has been, is being, and will always be committed, even as the avenues for theft and what is stolen evolves. Where there’s a financial edge to be gained, deception and exploitation will occur. With the maturing of the digital age and the blooming of industry 4.0, workplace fraud takes on sly new shapes; from the sensational and highly televised ponzi schemes, to the banal but still destructive, phishing email.  In this episode we’re joined by former detective, Court recognised expert, and BDO Partner, Forensic Services, Stan Gallo and Executive Director, Forensic Services, Quin Rijnders. Together they discuss what modern workplace fraud looks like in 2021, how to mitigate it, what to do if it happens in your organisation, and how the profile of a white collar fraudster is changing. Covered in this episode:·        Defining workplace fraud in 2021 ·        The regularity of fraud in our workplaces·        The relationship between fraud and business size ·        Common acts of workplace fraud ·        Fraud and COVID-19 ·        The profile of a white-collar criminal ·        The case of Melissa Caddick ·        What to do if you suspect fraud in the workplace·        How to involve law enforcement ·        Workplace culture and fraud ·        Key fraud challenges in a post-COVID 19 environment.  Find out more at and send any comments or questions to Produced by BDO in Australia and The Podcast Boss
The year is 2020. Threats spread in the air, and through inboxes; the drive of industry and automated manufacturing is unstoppable. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. In this episode, BDO’s National Leader, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Ryan Pollett and Executive Director, Digital & Technology Advisory, Kane Stavens explore all things ‘Industry 4.0’, including the most pressing question; what does the latest industrial revolution mean for manufacturers, in and outside of the COVID-19 crisis; and how can Australian manufacturers adapt and survive in difficult conditions?Covered in this episode: - Defining Industry 4.0- Specific issues facing Australian manufacturers in 2020- An overview of increased cyber threats- How well Australian manufacturers pivoted during the global pandemic- How Australian manufacturers have or haven’t adopted new technology- How manufacturers can get the most bang for buck in Industry 4.0- Exploring the biggest cyber threats to manufacturers- Breaking down the impacts of the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy- Preventing value loss and unpacking the key risk indicators- The future of free trade agreements- Future forecasting; how to best prepare for the unknown. Find out more at and send any comments or questions to Produced by BDO in Australia and The Podcast Boss.
It may feel like we’re living in an episode of Game of Thrones, but in business, unlike in fiction, there are predictive models to suggest who may live and who may die. In this episode, our BDO experts interpret those models; Andrew Fielding, who leads business restructuring for BDO in Australia, and Adam Myers, a Partner in the BDO Perth office and expert evaluator of public companies. They agree, that as the business landscape continues to change, survival comes down to a resilient operational practice.  Having the expertise to interpret the data, and the acumen to employ the necessary operational response, is the difference between those who’ve barely survived and those successfully navigating the global pandemic. Covered in this episode: Defining business resilience Looking back on the pandemic and the defining operational features of businesses that have survived The intersection of operational survival and innovation What happens to business resilience when Government stimulus ends?  Insolvency predictions and merger and acquisition opportunities How long we can expect to see impacts on Australian businesses Changing metrics for businesses How to capitalise on new opportunities The global landscape’s impact on Australian businesses Issues of cross-border and interstate exchange  Best practice operational advice for businesses.  Find out more at and send any comments or questions to Produced by BDO in Australia and The Podcast Boss.
Predicting the future of business may be impossible, but preparing for it has never been more crucial. As the business landscape continues to evolve within the current COVID-19 landscape, BDO’s innovation experts explain how meeting the change with change is the key to business success. BDO’s Tanya Titman, Head of Strategic Innovation and Matt Laming, National Leader Business Services, describe ‘best practice’ models for times of uncertainty and how data-led innovation is at the heart of it. Covered in this episode: Defining business innovation How to navigate out of current uncertainty How to use the current state of affairs to your advantage, identifying innovation opportunities Examples of businesses who have adapted successfully within the COVID-19 environment The realities of returning to ‘business as usual’ post COVID-19 What does best practice look like to capitalise on innovation opportunities, during and post government stimulus packages The role customers play in leading business innovation Prioritising data-led decisions when innovating Weighing up and minimising risks while making changes How to foster a culture of innovation Thinking beyond borders, considering your global impacts How to plan for the next black swan event. Find out more at and send any comments or questions to by BDO in Australia and The Podcast Boss.
Culture happens, every business has one – it only becomes a topic of conversation when the culture is not what we want it to be. In this episode we explore the fundamentals of organisational culture; what creates it, how to shift it when it’s no longer productive, and most significantly how to manage it in times of great uncertainty.In today’s show, BDO’s National Leader of People Advisory, Jenine Waters and Associate Director of People Advisory, Dr Joe Occhino discuss all aspects of organisational culture. Both Jenine and Joe are experts in culture diagnostics and implementation, they’ve advised countless businesses on how to improve internal HR issues and subsequent profit loss through culture shifts. Their years of experience offer a timely insight in how to navigate organisational culture during times of uncertainty.Covered in this episode:-          Fundamental definitions. What is organisational culture?-          The importance of culture in the current environment.-          What we can learn about culture from the Haynes Royal Commission.-          How to identify and shift bad culture.-          How leaders influence culture. -          The relationship between culture, risk and innovation.-          How the size of organisations impact culture. -          How culture shifts over time. -          People and profits; the ROI (return of investment) when investing in culture.-          Key takeaways for businesses implementing, shifting or sustaining culture.-          The impact that new thinking around empowerment has on culture.-          The future of organisational culture post Covid-19.Find out more at and send any comments or questions to by BDO in Australia and The Podcast Boss.
How do you control what happens to your assets when you die? That’s the big question we’re answering in this episode. As we contend with contemporary asset structures like superannuation, and family groups growing increasingly diverse, in 2020 it takes more than just a Will to get your affairs securely in order. To answer these questions, we have BDO’s National Leader for Superannuation in Australia, Paul Rafton, and BDO Self-Managed Super Fund expert, Shirley Schaefer. With almost 60 years’ experience between them, they’ve seen various super-related scenarios play out thousands of times; and with a lifetime of knowledge, will help you to get your estate and superannuation in order.Covered in this episode:Will vs estate planning - busting the myth that superannuation is included in your WillWhy estate planning is so important in a superannuation environmentWhich SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) structures are most appropriate for ensuring control of outcome after deathHow to ensure your nominated beneficiaries receive your superannuation benefitsExploring the income tax consequences of superannuation death benefitsExplaining the 2017 legislative changes to Transfer Balance Cap (TBC), and how it affects youThe differences between retail, industry and SMSFsThe most common traps and problems people face when paying a superannuation death benefit in accordance with the deceased’s wishesHow to ensure that your superannuation death benefit instructions cannot be challenged or changed by a vexatious litigant.Find out more at and send any comments or questions to by BDO in Australia and The Podcast Boss.
In Business with BDO is a new podcast series where our experts share insights and expertise on the top issues and topics impacting organisations, and finance-related issues affecting individuals. Our thought leaders across business, advisory, tax and audit delve into strategy, innovation, regulation, ideas and trends to give you the edge.Find out more at and send any comments or questions to by BDO in Australia and The Podcast Boss.
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