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Simple Steps to Wellness Podcast

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Wellness does not need to be complicated. By taking small steps in the right direction you can achieve BIG results. At the Institute of Health Sciences our goal is simple - to provide you with practical and realistic advice on nutrition and lifestyle that WORKS. On each episode we will feature an expert in the field of wellness and will cover everything from nutrition, stress management, exercise and movement, sleep, coaching and more. IHS will help you reach your wellness goals one small step at a time.
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Immunity is a hot topic right now (for obvious reasons!) with more and more people looking for ways to proactively maintain their health. But is it really possible to support, or even boost immunity, with our food and lifestyle choices? And is there a ‘super’ food or supplement that will protect us from in these challenging times?So to help you sort the fact from the fiction, stop wasting money on expensive products and gain lots of simple, practical and sensible tips on supporting immune function, we spoke to IHS Nutritional Therapy graduate Debbie Devane ( And don’t forget - you can get your hands on our free ‘Immune Boosters’ recipe eBook at and can sign up for our free Stay Well This Winter online short course at Its packed full of nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you through this winter and all the challenges it is bringing.
Do you know what you need to do to feel healthier, want to do it…but struggle to maintain healthy lifestyle changes in the long term? If so then you’re certainly not alone. Why? Because change is hard and we are creatures of habit. But the good news is that the field of coaching offers many techniques and practical strategies to help us implement, and most importantly stick to, healthy lifestyle changes. And in even better news, many of them are easy to incorporate into our everyday lives.This month we spoke to IHS Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and Health and Wellness Coaching graduate Liz Holland ( and found out her favourite coaching tips, plus why she believes we often find change so hard.Don't forget IHS also run online courses in coaching - our practitioner certificate in Health and wellness Coaching, for those wishing to effectively help others towards lasting lifestyle change, and our Coaching Skills for Everyday Life short course, perfect for those wishing to use a more coach like approach to enhance their own life and wellness. Find out more at
Struggling to keep all your family happy at meal times and get a variety of healthy foods into them everyday? Then this podcast is for you.If you have a picky eater in the house then you’re not alone, as research suggests between 20-40% of children are considered picky eaters at some stage. This is something that impacts a lot of families and can cause a lot of stress around meals. It can also lead to longer term issues with food and disordered eating throughout life. Picky eating can be associated with underlying concerns such as hypersensitivities but can parents work with their children to help them enjoy a varied and healthy range of foods?To help answer that question we spoke to IHS Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching graduate and mum of 3 Clare Hegarty ( and got her top tips to help everyone in your family enjoy nutritious and varied dinners. Clare has a wealth of firsthand experience having navigated her own family, including a child with sensory issues around food, to a complete change in their diet and health- this is not to be missed.Don't forget IHS also run an online short course, Simple Steps to Eating Well, designed to help you and your family eat for optimum health. Find out more at
When was the last time you took some quality time off to do very little except recharge your batteries? Been a while? Feel too guilty? Then think again.According to recent research not taking time out is can have a negative impact on cardiovascular health and some experts, including psychologist Dr. Nava Silton, are even prescribing solo holidays, particularly for busy individuals such as mums, to help us counter daily stresses and recharge batteries.So this month IHS director Suzanne Laurie chats to Wendy Riordan, IHS Nutritional Therapy graduate and founder of Irish based wellness festival Nourish and Flow (, about the amazing stress relieving therapies she has found that will be helping her festival goers revive and restore body, mind & soul. We’ll also be covering her top tips for taking time out and managing stress within your daily life.Don't forget IHS also run a Stress Management online short course to help any of you wanting practical and science-based tips for helping master your own stress or that of others. Find out more at
The number of people switching to a plant-based diet is growing at a startling rate, with many making the decision to go fully vegan. According to a UK survey, over 2% of the UK population are currently vegan – around 1,100,000 people, a number that is set to double by the end of 2020. So this month IHS director Suzanne Laurie chats to Juanita Griffin, IHS Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching graduate and founder of Little Spoons of Happiness (, about her own vegan journey and how her whole family followed suit! Juanita shares some simple tips on how to transition to a more plant-based diet (whether thats plant-slant, pescatarian, vegetarian or fully vegan), how to avoid nutrient deficiencies and her favourite resources and sources of inspiration. Don't forget IHS also run a Fundamentals of Plant Based Nutrition online short course (which Juanita has completed!) to help any of you wanting to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet. Simply enrol at
Most of us are currently housebound due to Covid-19. These are strange and uncertain times but it has never been more important to keep well and look after our mental and physical health. This month IHS director Suzanne Laurie chats to Gwen Bastion, Nutritional Therapist and IHS team member, about their own experiences of lockdown and how they are applying their knowledge and experience in the wellness field to keep their families safe and well. This Podcast supports IHS’s free online short course ‘ Survive and Thrive @home’ which was launched to help all those isolated to their houses to maintain their wellness. From nutrition to movement, stress relievers, sleep and fun - we’ve got you covered. Simply enrol at
In the past year in the UK, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope, and approximately 60% of work absenteeism is attributed to stress and burnout. Are you one of those suffering? Or are you at risk of burnout if something in your life doesn’t change?This month we spoke to former consultant paediatrician and current Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Dr Catriona Walsh, about her own experience of burnout and how individuals can stop themselves becoming another stress related illness statistic.Catriona has founded The Food Phoenix ( offering personalised 1 to 2 and small group coaching on all areas of nutrition and lifestyle. One of her special interests is the effects and management of stress and burn-out and in this episode she offers practical tips on how avoid and manage both.
Every 3 seconds someone in the world develops dementia with an estimated 50 million people worldwide suffering from some form of cognitive decline. This number is predicted to almost double every 20 years from this point, reaching 75 million in 2030 and a staggering 131.5 million in 2050. So - is there anything we can do, and can nutrition and lifestyle help prevent dementia? That’s what we asked Nutritional Therapist and IHS graduate Edelle O’Doherty-Nickels. Edelle is the founder and director of Personalised Health Clinic, Dublin and specialises in the role of nutrition and lifestyle in cognitive decline. In this episode she offers practical tips on the foods to avoid, those to eat in abundance and the key lifestyle habits to adopt if you want to reduce your risk of dementia and keep your brain in optimal health.
In this episode we are joined by IHS graduate and Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Louisa Cooling from Enriched Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, who discusses how Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches take the stress out of achieving wellness. She also offers a 5 minute, 3 step morning routine to start your day off with a bang and a ‘5 P’ approach to making lifestyle changes that stick.
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