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Dan and Noah discuss the problem of evil, why it matters, and how we could resolve it. This was originally recorded in early May of 2020.Support the show (
God Save the King?

God Save the King?


Dan and Noah discuss whether or not there should be a monarchy. Noah believes there should be a "strong sovereign" as the head of a nation, whereas Dan believes we should have no king but Jesus.Support the show (
Dan and Noah discuss the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus. What is atonement and why do we need it?Support the show (
Dan and Noah go deep into philosophy, discussing the nature of biblical inspiration and the nature of reality itself! This episode was recorded remotely via video conferencing due to the Coronavirus restrictions/social distancing. Support the show (
Dan and Noah discuss the role of morality in society and politics. Noah presents a Conservative-Libertarian position, while Dan presents a Libertarian-Anarchist position.Support the show (
Dan and Noah continue to discuss the doctrine of the Trinity. This time, Dan presents an argument for biblical Unitarianism; that God is only one person, the Father.Support the show (
Dan and Noah discuss the doctrine of the Trinity. Noah defends it, while Dan presents a different view: biblical unitarianism.Support the show (
Dan Calcagno and Noah Calcagno introduce the Variologies podcast and have a discussion on their views of what the Bible teaches about hell.Support the show (
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