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Intro and important announcements; (14:37) Ceasefire in Middle East, a Black Wall Street witness gives testimony, North Carolina makes some good and bad news, the secret to a long life thrives in Australia; (37:45) RIP Paul Mooney, A$AP Rocky makes declares his love for Rhianna, Joe Rogan plays the victim, Joe Budden feels dark energy, Kimora Lee Smmons attempts a heist; (1:31:40) Kwame Brown wants all the smoke, NBA playoff discussion, Shaka brings smoke for Stephen A., a horse racing scandal gets intense, two historical hires make sports news. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
The power of the pen yields results; (17:52) The GOP middle school circus, no peace in the Middle East, the mask mandate is lifted, Sham takes a stand; (36:40) TV finale and renewal updates, Sham ponders Harry Potter, Ellen quits and Wendy throws shade, Bennifer 2.0, Tom Cruise doubles down, Friends reunion update; (1:11:30) Kentucky Derby scandal and Preakness fallout, NBA Play-in preview, Basketball HOF recap, Chad Johnson reemerges, NFL schedule reaction. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
S04 Ep. 103: Grandma Gossip

S04 Ep. 103: Grandma Gossip


Wacky Wednesday at Wegman’s; (17:34) States continue to reopen, India’s COVID fate worsens; Uncle POTUS reaches 100 days, Florida rides Georgia’s voter suppression coattails, Grandma gossip tips the Feds; (46:11) the Smith’s are back in the news, Oscars recap, TV/movie recommendations; (1:17:22) the Caps/Rangers rivalry heats up, NFL Draft recap, the NBA season “whines” down with Bradley Beal and LeBreeze leading the way. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
Intro and weekly recap; (07:00) a conviction--FINALLY, a city fails a teen, India is in crisis, can't knock the Italian hustle; (34:00) Verzus hits a new peak, KUWTK winds down, Levar Burton has a new gig, a new Captain America emerges; (1:08:26) LaMarcus Aldridge and Jordan Reed retire, NBA recap, D. Wade makes a surprising move. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
S04 Ep. 101: Grand Champ

S04 Ep. 101: Grand Champ


Shaka gets fully vaxed as we discuss Easter (13:37); Vaccine news stays positive, Uncle Joe pushes gun control, Matt Gaetz shuns cash, Prince Phillip en memoriam; (39:25) We remember DMX, "The Black Full Monty" exposes racism, Elliot Stabler returns, another legendary matchup on Verzuz, Falcon and Winter Soldier woes; (1:29:10) NCAA wrapup, Megan Rapinoe piles on Draymond, DeShaun Watson strikes back. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
S04 Ep. 100: Centennial

S04 Ep. 100: Centennial


We reflect and celebrate our 100th Episode; (10:50) Derek Chauvin’s trial begins, Samaria Rice unloads, Georgia suppresses votes, South Dakota discriminates, a racist teacher rants, vaccinations spread; (52:25) Operation Varsity Blues recap, Godzilla vs Kong preview, the Falcon and Winter Soldier heats up; Real World Homecoming headlines Paramount+ update, Twitter’s “Mayor” resigns, Derrick Jaxn is exposed, Sharon Osbourne exits The Talk; (1:48:35) Michigan’s men and UConn’s women drive the headlines, the Watson scandal widens, NBA trade deadline recap, Shaq continues his weekly embarrassment, Megan Rapinoe and others school Draymond Green. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
On this episode, we welcome retired Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins Cornerback Tim Jacobs, to discuss his current health and wellness initiatives, growing up in the DMV, the state of our socio-political nation, what he does for entertainment, and of course, SPORTS!!! He also gives us insight on his experience as an undrafted NFL free agent and pushing through the labels and obstacles to become a successful player. #stopplayinandsubscribe For more information on Tim Jacobs' health and wellness initiatives, please contact him at
Sham drops and rolls; (17:20) The stimulus finally passes, the border crisis worsens, the GOP tries to suppress votes, jury selection begins for Derek Chauvin, the Royals are in the sunken place, Cuomo rolls the dice, Uber passengers go viral; (1:01:31) Epix update, Coming 2 America recap, Versuz sells and Tyriq St. Patrick ain’t havin’ it; (1:19:45) March Madness is here without major blue bloods, Georgetown wins the Big East, Juwan Howard is ejected, Drew Brees retires, Dak gets paid, NBA All Star recap, Russ struggles at the line while the Rockets just struggle, MLB prepares to open stadiums. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
S04 Ep. 97: Shaq-splaining

S04 Ep. 97: Shaq-splaining


Sham gets a gift and reveals a hobby as we approach an unfortunate date; (16:22) The stimulus stays on track despite resistance, the National Guard chief brings HIS receipts, Andrew Cuomo faces accusations, new Texas fallout, chaotic vaccination in DC, rejection in Detroit; (47:21) Inside the NBA turns 30, a new Fyre Fest special is coming, Golden Globes recap, Operation Varsity Blues hits Netflix, the Justice League of racism, WandaVision Finale; (1:26:33) JJ Watt heads West, Dallas debates paying Dak, Shaq’s old school approach gets a new school lesson, Georgia takes a stance on transgender athletes. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
Sham avoids a trap; (06:52) Two confirmation hearings have different outcomes, House passes the stimulus, Biden makes the wrong choice, Capitol Police Chief brings receipts, CPAC lowlights, Andrew Cuomo’s reckoning, Peter Luger's Steakhouse meets Madame Tussaud, an Alaskan skier is butthurt; (47:47) Disney+ updates, Superman TV, WandaVision heats up, Frasier reboot?; (1:13:11) Russell Wilson has a wishlist, Cam Newton gets challenged, the Atlanta Dream makes it right, the Wizards surge as Lebron slumps, Primetime wins and loses. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
Shaka upgrades and Sham gets an offer; (09:37) 45 gets acquitted again, Rush Limbaugh loses his cancer battle, Texans suffer from climate change while Ted Cruz bounces, pandemic positivity; (37:37) Streaming update and WandaVision discussion, the Best Man returns, Gina Carano is fired, Anne Boleyn gets a new look, Eddie Murphy and Spike Lee take on a D.C. icon; (1:26:21) Osaka vs Williams recap, Super Bowl wrap-up, Vincent Jackson tribute, NFL hot stove, Urban Meyer fumbles again, NBA roundup. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
Weekly update and snowstorm stories; (09:26) Democrats follow through on their promise, 45’s team folds, the House makes an inside ban, voting machine companies are BIG mad, Axios is back, Uber changes the alcohol game; (46:00) We talk TV and movies and remember two big stars, Nicholas Cannon makes a reconciliation, Disney+ makes a Black Panther announcement, Lil Kim/Foxy Brown Verzuz rumors spark a debate; (1:31:52) Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal headline our NBA discussion, Jared Goff’s disrespect fuels a trade, Marty Schottenheimer is in our thoughts, a Carson Wentz trade is looming, final thought on the upcoming Super Bowl. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
We recap our week and remember a close friend; (17:40) Democrats prepare to steamroll the GOP, the vaccine rollout is still messy, Deborah Birx breaks her silence, 45 prepares for impeachment, GameStop and AMC disrupt the market; (51:32) We honor “Queen” Cicely Tyson, broadcast legend Larry King, and Temple icon John Chaney, recap on current shows and movies, Amanda Gorman continues to shine, more details from the Verzuz fallout, Trey Songz and Tory Lanez make the wrong headlines; (1:33:34) Baseball HOF comes up empty, we discuss Chad Wheeler in detail, Duce Staley headlines a disappointing NFL coaching carousel, thoughts on the Super Bowl. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
S04 Ep. 92: Uncle POTUS

S04 Ep. 92: Uncle POTUS


No news is good news so far in this supersized episode; (07:45) The Inauguration dominates the week, Uncle Joe issues orders, Uncle Tony is relieved, MyPillow gets smothered, Instacart drops the hammer, the Capitol Insurrection gets a reckoning; (45:21) Excitement about upcoming shows and movies; the latest “Verzuz” disappoints, Clubhouse stirs controversy, Sex and the City reboot, Power Book II recap; (1:20:05) We remember Hank Aaron, Dan LeBetard’s exit stirs an ESPN shakeup, NCAA basketball update, James Harden and Kyrie Irving make moves, Delonte West has an awesome update, NFL playoff and coaching carousel roundup. #StopPlayinandSubscribe
We open the 4th season joined by Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice; (09:25) We reflect on the Capitol insurrection and political landscape while reminiscing on the 90’s; (22:30) Dr. Dre’s recovery inspires an idea about union reps; (33:45) the Kardashian machine stays in the news and we break down some of our favorite TV shows; (47:01) The NBA season has begun, we revisit “The Last Dance”, LBJ vs. MJ, success of the NBA bubble; (1:00:10) the College Football National Championship is upon us and Ray shares his experience as a college athlete; (1:12:35) Ray’s thoughts on the NFL regular season, playoff predictions, tells some stories from his playing days and Super Bowl experience. https:\\ FB & IG: @thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod #StopPlayinandSubscribe
It’s Shaka’s birthday! We shoutout another local podcast and discuss Hampton connections; (9:45) The vaccine is on the horizon, Hugo Chavez steals the election; (39:51) Bobby Brown suffers another tragedy, Conan calls it quits, Warner Brothers restrategizes, Parler is the new dumpster; (57:40) NBA free agency begins, Klay Thompson's season ends before it starts, Westbrook/Wall trade rumors begin, NFL roundup. FB & IG: @thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod #StopPlayinandSubscribe
General updates for the week; (10:25) 45’s conspiracies continue, daily COVID records increase, a vaccine is announced; (41:09) Marvel gives a final word, Wiz Khalifa finds a remedy, 2 Chainz gives up on Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes drops a new album, a surprising “Jeopardy” host is suggested, fall TV is back; (1:12:08) girl power in Miami, drama in Houston and other NBA news, NFL roundup. FB & IG: thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod
Sham gives a Starbucks update; (12:40) the Presidential election is finally called, Trump’s campaign storms the Courts; black women receive praise, COVID cases surge, Biden makes a plan; (49:38) Alex Trebek leaves the world mourning, Mo’Nique keeps Oprah’s name in her mouth, Dave Chappelle returns to SNL; (1:14:39) the NBA returns in December, LeBreeze plans to cherry pick, a post-World Series celebration violates COVID protocol, tragedy strikes again in Washington, Drew Brees stakes his claim, NFL roundup.
Sham shares her woes with Lowe’s; (17:55) the debates close, coronavirus numbers resurge, a Colorado landlord intimidates his residents, Jeffrey Toobin rubs one out; (45:00) 50 Cent threatens a move, Shonda Rhimes and Disney bump heads; Quibi takes a final bow; (1:00:50) the Pelicans sign a new coach, NFL round up, the World Series is underway. FB & IG: thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: Stop_PlayinPod  
We start with updates on our increased listenership and share DMV adventures; (15:17) COVID-19 hits the first family and Harris camp, dueling townhalls make airwaves, and two well-known rappers make the news; (55:09) Phil Collins feels something in the air, reality TV roundup; (1:10:27) the Lakers don’t disappoint, several new prospects ride the NBA coaching carousel, positive COVID tests make the NFL scramble, scandal shakes up the Japanese Olympic swimming team. FB & IG: thestopplayinpodcast Twitter: @Stop_PlayinPod
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